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(en) Italy: Letter from Massimo in prison (it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 18 Dec 2003 13:56:33 +0100 (CET)

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I was arrested at dawn on 18th October last. First searched, then arrested. I was
brought to the Regina Coeli prison in Rome where I was kept in isolation for a week.
The charge against me is of violence against a carabiniere who had infiltrated the
march-mobilization on 4th October in Rome on the occasion of the preparatory
inter-governmental meeting for the signing of the European constitution.
The evidence of my participation in the beating is supposed to be
two photos taken by some infamous jackal, a professional peeping-tom.
During the search, they confiscated some clothes which were held to be
interesting, with the aim of comparing them to the clothes worn by the
people photographed in the act of the attack.

The operation is under the control of the state investigator Vitello
together with the Digos (special police unit) and Ros (special
carabinieri unit) from Rome, working with the Viterbo Ros who for years
have been "producing" accusations against me. The results of the
search: trousers, shoes, bandana, martial arts equipment, fragments of
a clothes peg, low-voltage lightbulbs, used batteries, work diary.

Up to now, this has been enough to validate my arrest. On 5th November
the Tribunal of Liberty (a contradiction in terms) rejected a request
for release from prison.


I am an anarchist, a revolutionary, and anti-authoritarian, in ideas
and in practice. Like many others I work in various environments:
solidarity with prisoners, anti-prison work, work in the social
struggles, and I am active in my area with other comrades.

I live, love, hate, like all human beings.

In the custody order, I am described as "an individual with a violent
personality in any situation, inclined to manifestations of violence
and intolerance towards the institutions of state (...) who has
recourse to urban guerrilla warfare". Where is the connection between
the beating up of an infiltrator and the insinuation that I am
responsible or at least linked to the recent parcel bombs? Because this
is what the TV and newspapers have concentrated on!

Maybe a clothes peg, a common video case (lifted from a pile of other
cases, some full, some empty) and some lightbulbs can be classified as
objects of interest in connection with an investigation on parcel
bombs? Who does not have these in their homes? Or is it maybe that in
years of intimidatory searches, the plain-clothes pigs have never found
anything valid? And as a result of their torment about this, they
waited for the influential head of the Digos and an idiot public
prosecutor in order to cage me ... shame on you, cretins!

Or maybe it was the Ros who put their (pigs') feet in it??

Maybe someone has forgotten that General Ganzer, at present under
investigation together with other officers for the falsification and
"production" of evidence and for "association with the aim of commiting
acts of delinquency", still continues to pull the strings of

...Shame on you, bastards!


It is, therefore, an arrest designed to give an example. A name and a
face to show everyone. Tomorrow it will be someone else's turn.


Innocence and guilt: two concepts which are dear to the administrators
of justice of the State. Empty words, fathered by the dominant class.

I am an anarchist, hostile to authority, to poverty, to exploitation,
to privilege, to capitalist wars which bring hunger and death, to the
subjugation of peoples who seek self-determination.


SHould those who are enamoured of bourgeois right be able to
demonstrate that it was me who gave a badly-disguised imbecile a
lesson, well, I'll just have to accept my responsibilities. At the same
time, though, the bourgeois reactionary will have to assume his
responsibilities as the servant of Capital, for those comrades who are
arrested and beaten and for the misery and repression of the
proletarian class.


Hunger, exploitation and repression are the causes of politics. Pension
reform - a slap in the face for all those who have slaved for a
lifetime. And what about the insult to those who work with asbestos?
Either we fire you or you work for a kick in the arse and not a penny
in your pocket.

And what about the bombardment-murder of thousands of Iraqis following
the occupation of their land? And the mass-murder of the Palestinians?
And the deaths of Russian miners? And the mass arrests of football fans
at the stadiums? And the migrants who die at sea? And the
"legitimately" beaten comrades? Legal crap. The policies of Capital.

With all this going on, I say that every prisoner is a political
prisoner. Every prisoner is the victim of the class which deprives him
or her or his or her liberty and dignity. People of the same cut who
are locked up in order to protect the bourgeoisie from wherever.


The reality is that repression manifests itself in a more or less
aggressive way, depending on the attack which is being directed and the
social situation.

The workers pay with temporarization and programmed deaths in the
workplace. The rebels pay with prison and/or death on the battlefield.
Migrant pay with concentration camps. All of society is repression.
Prison on the outside, more total prison on the inside. And those who
pay the price are the migrant proletarians, the workers who are
fighting against the choices of the neo-corporative restructuration of
the bourgeois unions, the sectors who work in defence of the exploited


Revolutionaries are having to serve out isolation as a result of
defamatory media-terrorist campaigns and a low level of involvement in
the struggles of the exploited. Absent, excluded from the formalized
processes of proletarian organizations and from the conflicts
themselves. Ideological self-importance? Perhaps.

Difficulty in intervening because of the miserable demands which come
from the world of production? Probably. The work is hard: not one step

The proletariat is either revolutionary or it is nothing!


We have to climb steep roads, we have to make more of an impact through
effective intervention, avoid the "working to demo deadlines" (street
demos are not the be all and end all of everything), and work
methodically and from the heart and come out of the invisible ghetto.

In this way we will no longer be just a "militant body" or "political
class" ... but a social body within the exploited masses - like fish in


Being revolutionary means believing that this society is old and
putrefying and that only a social revolution of an anti-authoritarian
nature can lift the capitalist yoke from humanity's shoulders. We are
not saving anything of this world...

"The most beautiful words can only be written on a blank page..."


Our enemy is Capital: the cause of imperialist wars for geopolitical
control and responsible for the counter-revolutionary project of
neo-corporative economic and social re-modelling to reform the State.

Our road is the class struggle, not in the politicking and
specializationism, but side by side with individuals and collectives in
struggle, side by side with the Arab masses who, together, constitute
the natural ally of the West's exploited. Capital has neither a heart
or a soul. It must be fought day by day, fighting against sexism,
racism and all authority, through the practice of direct action, of
wildcat strikes, of interference with production and "services".


This, then, is the infamous State vendetta: locked up, from 6 to 8 I
undergo body searches every day and 2 to 3 cell searches a week, they
give me "special" treatment which in substance is in effect a form of
torture designed to weaken me emotively and psychologically.

This treatment has got to stop now!


Onwards, proud and brave comrades ... sunny days are close at hand!

* Onwards always for the freedom of each and every one
* Death to those who stand in the way of the exploited and the path to
freedom (N. Makhno)
* Honour and dignity for all comrades who fight against Capital
* For self-defence, resistance and direct action

Massimo Leonardi,
Sardinian anarchist prisoner,
Rebibbia Prison, December 2003.


-Massimo Leonardi, Carcere di Rebibbia, via Majetti 70, 00156 Roma.

On 3rd December, another comrade, Marco, was arrested with the charge
of having assisted Massimo in the beating up of the cop who infiltrated
the march in 4th October in Rome.

-Marco Ferruzzi, Carcere di Regina Coeli, via della Lungara 29, 00165

[translation by nmcn/ainfos]

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