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In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas.
These include workplace, environmental and anti-imperialist struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

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The A-Infos news lists are democratically self-managed by an international organizational collective. Here's how to participate. We especially encourage women, non-english speaking people, and those living outside of Europe and America. Here is a list of our policies.


The A-Infos Project is coordinated by an international collective of revolutionary anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist activists, involved with class struggle and who regard it as a total social struggle.

These are people who conceive themselves as revolutionary class struggle social anarchists, anarcho-communists, libertarian communists, syndicalists and others who hold similar opinions but use other labels.

A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl Marx from the First International for criticizing his authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the masses of The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the capitalist system.

A-Infos work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle. These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also distributes news on indigenous peoples anti-colonialist fight against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists who are involved in the various social struggles against the capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything "we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved in the struggle.

A-Infos workers do not think we are the ones who should decide who, on the social anarchist camp, is a "real" anarchist or not. However, as resources are limited, we have the right and duty to (autonomously) choose what we distribute what we feel is best among the contributions and contributors. The freedom of association the A-Infos collective is based on means nothing without the freedom not to associate, if workers so choose.

A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement. Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of the few international organizational tools of the movement. But to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be posted.

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community -- mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by, about and of interest to anarchists."

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(en) Britain, May Day 2014 – Call for Anarchist Action and news on Mayday actions in Cardiff and London
Fri Apr 18 18:16:30 GMT 2014

On Mayday 2014 Anarchist Action Network is calling for anarchists to unite in One Common Struggle. We are calling on you to join fellow anarchists and remember the victims of the system’s oppression, take action against the symbols of the state and capitalism and hold events highlighting the need to struggle for a better world. ---- May Day was first celebrated as a day of international workers’ solidarity in 1890. It was called to commemorate the murder of four anarchist workers in Chicago by the US government. ---- On this May day in 2014 let us unite our struggles in looking back to the Anarchist origins of May Day and take action in memory of all who are dying every day at the hands of the capitalist system. Let us also remember those who have died or been imprisoned fighting it. From the Mayday Anarchists in Chicago to Carlo, the young man executed by police at ...

(pt) UNIPA, VIA combative #3 - O Levante dos Marginalizados:análise sociológica dos protestos e manifestações populares no Brasil
Fri Apr 18 17:07:39 GMT 2014

"Pela flor do proletariado, eu entendo sobretudo esta grande massa, estes milhões de não civilizados, de deserdados, de miseráveis e de analfabetos que o Sr.Engels e o Sr. Marx pretendem submeter ao regime paternal de um governo muito forte... Por flor do proletariado, eu entendo esta carne para governo, esta grande canalha popular que, estando quase virgem de toda civilização burguesa, traz no seu seio, nas suas paixões, nos seus instintos, nas suas aspirações, em todas as necessidades e misérias de sua posição coletiva, todos os germes do socialismo futuro, e que só ela é suficientemente forte para inaugurar e para fazer triunfar a Revolução Social" -- Mikhail Bakunin ---- Uma analise teórica é necessária do presente levante popular. A dimensão e significado que o levante assumiu já o torna um dos eventos mais importantes da história da classe trabalhadora e ...

(de) FdA-IFA - Gai Dao #40 - Rote Hilfe? Wer hilft da eigentlich wem.-- Kritik an einem Spendenaufruf für Aktivist*innen in der Urkaine -- einige Anarchist*innen aus der Ukraine und Ex-SowjetUnion
Fri Apr 18 17:07:16 GMT 2014

Einige Wochen ist es schon her, dass die Rote Hilfe (RH) einen Aufruf veröffenticht hat, hat Spenden für die Antifaschist*innen und Linke in der Ukraine zu sammeln. Wem will die RH konkret unterstützen? Sie selbst nennen zwei Organisationen, die sie als links und antifaschistisch bezeichnen: KPU und Borotba. ---- KPU ist die ukrainische Nachfolgerin von KPdSU und benutzt gerne die Selbstbezeichnung "kommunistisch". In der Tat vertritt die Partei die Einstellungen, die sich viel besser als rechts bis extrem rechts sich beschreiben lassen. In der Fragen Frage des Areiter*innenkampfes steht die KPU kontinuierlich an der Seite des Kapitals. So zum Beispiel mit ihrer Abstimmung für die Einschränkungen der Arbeiter*innenrechte im Parlament oder ihrer Reaktion auf den Aufstand in Zhanaozen(Kasachstan), wo ein Streik im Blut erstickt und mehrere Arbeiter*innen von ...

(en) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Anti-patriarchal dict: What is "gender studies"? (fr, pt) [machine translation]
Fri Apr 18 17:06:37 GMT 2014

Each month, a word or vetted by Irene expression. ---- The sociological concept of "gender" is gradually emerging in the 1970s, especially in the work of the British sociologist Ann Oakley. This term had been used since the 1950s by a sexologist who was interested in the case of intersex children. The concept of gender means from there the difference between sex and male or female social role. ---- The term "gender" is playing an increasingly decisive in " women's studies "(women's studies). With the establishment of the theory queer , particularly by Judith Butler, the concept of gender is beyond the scope of women's studies. The gender studies focus on the social construction of male and female roles not only in the relations between men and women, but also for example in the lesbian community, gay, transsexual and intersex (LGBTI). Gender studies academic acquire ...

(pt) France, Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Dict Anti-patriarcal: O que é "estudos de gênero"? (en, fr) [traduccion automatica]
Fri Apr 18 17:06:33 GMT 2014

A cada mês, uma palavra ou expressão avaliados por Irene. ---- O conceito sociológico de "gênero" está emergindo gradualmente na década de 1970, especialmente no trabalho do sociólogo britânico Ann Oakley. Este termo tinha sido usado desde a década de 1950 por um sexólogo que estava interessado no caso de crianças intersexuais. O conceito de gênero significa que a partir daí a diferença entre sexo e masculino ou papel social feminino. ---- O termo "gênero" está jogando cada vez mais decisivo na " estudos da mulher "(estudos de mulheres). Com o estabelecimento da teoria estranha , principalmente por Judith Butler, o conceito de gênero está além do escopo de estudos das mulheres. Os estudos de gênero se concentrar na construção social dos papéis masculinos e femininos, não só nas relações entre homens e mulheres, mas também, por exemplo, na comunidade de ...

(fr) Alternative Libertaire AL #237 - Prisons et liberté : Notre amour de la liberté est plus fort que vos murs (en, pt)
Fri Apr 18 17:06:24 GMT 2014

Aujourd'hui l'État use de tous les systèmes qui lui sont accessibles pour mettre à l'écart les personnes qu'il juge indésirables ou pouvant nuire à «l'ordre républicain»: notamment les «marginaux» et les mal-normé-e-s dans les prisons. Mais au juste, la prison, c'est quoi? ---- Qu'ils soient de «gauche» ou de droite, les gouvernements successifs s'appuient sur un système carcéral liberticide et déshumanisant pour mater un peu plus les populations: «Entre 2001 et 2013, la population sous écrou (prison, semi-liberté, bracelet électronique) a augmenté de 70 % (de 47 000 à 80 700)» [1]. Les conditions de détention empirent de jour en jour. Si cela ne suffisait pas, les mesures mises en place au sein des prisons sont de plus en plus strictes: interdiction de visite à la moindre «révolte», renforcement des caméras ou bien encore complexification des démarches des proches pour ...

(fr) Organisation Communiste Libertarie (OCL) - Courant Alternatif, CA #237 - MOBILISATION PARISIENNE DES KURDES EUROPÉENS POUR SAKINE, ROJBIN ET LEYLA
Fri Apr 18 17:05:56 GMT 2014

Ce 11 janvier 2014, environ 30000 manifestants, se sont rassemblés à Paris pour demander justice et vérité à l'État français mais aussi aux institutions européennes. D'autres camarades ont évalué à 80 000 le nombre, ce qui nous paraît exagéré(1). ---- UNE JUSTICE FRANçAISE AUX ABONNÉS ABSENTS ---- Dans tous les cas , cette manifestation a permis de voir la capacité de la diaspora Kurde européenne à se mobiliser pour défendre une égalité de traitement devant la justice française pour résoudre ce triple assassinat. ---- Un an après l'assassinat de Sakine, Rojbin, et Leyla, trois militantes du peuple Kurde, un éclaircissement concernant l'identification des commanditaires n'a toujours pas été faite. ---- En effet jusqu'à ce jour, seul le présumé coupable, Ömer Güney, est emprisonné(2).

(fr) Suisse, Organisation socialiste libertaire (OSL) - REBELLION Feuille d'information - Analyse de la récente votation xénophobe - I. + II.
Fri Apr 18 16:55:33 GMT 2014

I. Première analyse de la récente votation xénophobe ---- IL N'Y A PAS D'IMMIGRATION DE MASSE, JUSTE UNE URGENCE DE LUTTE ---- L'Union démocratique du centre (UDC - extrême-droite nationale libérale) contre tous les autres ? Tel serait le clivage que suscite l'initiative contre l'immigration de masse. En fait, cet affrontement cache des convergences fondamentales. La bourgeoisie, les forces politiques institutionnelles, le social-libéralisme dans toutes ses déclinaisons, l'appareil d'Etat lui-même, tout cela converge dans une défense de l'ordre dominant. ---- L'UDC, cette avant-garde bourgeoise ---- L'UDC est le parti de l'avant-garde bourgeoise, le parti de lutte des classes privilégiées. Les blochériens sont plus que les alliés stratégiques de toutes les forces bourgeoises qui combattent aujourd'hui leur initiative, ils sont le détachement d'assaut ...

(de) Anarchistisches Forum Köln -- Interview mit Anarchist/innen aus Syrien (en)
Fri Apr 18 14:10:24 GMT 2014

Das An­ar­chis­ti­sche Forum Köln hat ei­ni­ge Fra­gen an Ge­noss/innen aus Sy­ri­en ge­schickt und fol­gen­de Ant­wor­ten be­kom­men: ---- Wie sind eure Be­zie­hun­gen zu der Frei­en Sy­ri­schen Armee (FSA), dem Re­gime und der kur­di­schen Au­to­no­mie­re­gie­rung? ---- Ant­wort: Wir un­ter­stüt­zen die sy­ri­sche Re­vo­lu­ti­on für Frei­heit und Würde gegen die Dik­ta­tur von Bas­har Al Assad und der Baath-Par­tei. Wir un­ter­stüt­zen sä­ku­la­re und de­mo­kra­ti­sche Ele­men­te der FSA und das Recht aller Men­schen auf Wi­der­stand gegen Ty­ran­nei durch be­waff­ne­ten Kampf. Aber zur Zeit ge­win­nen is­la­mis­ti­sche Grup­pen in­ner­halb der FSA an Zu­wachs und Do­mi­nanz, was wir nicht un­ter­stüt­zen kön­nen und wir sind vor­sich­tig ge­gen­über ihren Pro­gram­men (diese wer­den als immer noch ge­trennt von kon­ter­re­vo­lu­tio­nä­ren, ...

(en) The Anarchist Forum Cologne: Interview with Anarchist inside of Syria (de)
Fri Apr 18 14:10:17 GMT 2014

The Anarchist Forum Cologne sent a few questions to comrades / inside Syria and get the following answers: ---- How are your relations with the Free Syrian Army (FSA), the regime and the Kurdish autonomous government? ---- Answer: We support the Syrian revolution for freedom and dignity against the dictatorship of Bashar Al Assad and the Baath Party. We support secular and democratic elements of the FSA and the right of all people to resist tyranny through armed struggle. But at the time win Islamist groups within the FSA to growth and dominance, which we can not support and we are cautious about their programs (these are still regarded as separate from counterrevolutionary, extremist jihadist groups such as ISIS and Jabhat Al Nusra against which spend most Syrians / inside). We support the Kurdish rights to self-determination and our Kurdish companions / inside in combat. We ...

(pt) Anarkismo.net: Poder e Anarquismo by Felipe Corrêa
Fri Apr 18 14:01:25 GMT 2014

Aproximação ou Contradição? ---- Artigo que discute, desde uma perspectiva histórica e teórica, a relação entre anarquismo e poder e entre anarquismo e poder popular. ---- O debate latino-americano e a Europa ---- Antes de tudo, gostaria de agradecer o convite dos companheiros da revista Ekintza Zuzena que, por meio da leitura do livro Anarquismo y Poder Popular: teoría y práctica suramericana[1], interessaram-se pelo debate ali exposto e resolveram aprofundá-lo entre catalães e espanhóis. Para mim, e para a corrente anarquista da qual faço parte, o anarquismo especifista, o debate sobre o poder em geral e o poder popular em particular é de suma importância, não somente para uma releitura dos clássicos anarquistas, mas para a prática política de intenção revolucionária. Por isso, a iniciativa em questão deve ser saudada e parabenizada. ...

(nl) Australie, The Platform #1* - Wereldwijd vuur - De Zuid Afrikaanse schrijver Michael Schmidt over de wereldwijde invloed van het revolutionaire anarchisme [en]
Fri Apr 18 13:41:28 GMT 2014

Michael Schmidt is een onderzoeksjournalist, een anarchistische theoreticus en een
radicale historicus uit Johannesburg, Zuid Afrika. Hij is een actieve medewerker geweest
in het internationale anarchistische milieu, waaronder het Zabalaza Anarchist Communist
Front. Zijn voornaamste werken zijn onder andere 'Cartography of revolutionary anarchism'
(2013, AK Press) en, met Lucien van der Walt, 'Black flame: the revolutionary class
politics of anarchism and syndicalism' (2009, AK Press). ---- In je recente boek,
'Cartography of revolutionary anarchism' stel je dat anarchisten er vaak niet in zijn
geslaagd inzichten te krijgen over anarchistische bewegingen buiten West Europa. Welke
lessen heeft de wereldwijde geschiedenis van het anarchisme te bieden voor degenen die nu
in strijd verwikkeld zijn?

(tr) Ästanbul AnarÅi Änisiyatifiânden 1 MayÄsâa ÃaÄrÄsÄ
Fri Apr 18 11:04:53 GMT 2014


Birlik beraberlik, dostluk kardeÅlik, yolluk yoldaÅlÄk. vs. vs. vs. âââââââââââ

Onu bunu bÄrakÄn da ââDÃz ayak Ãivit badanalÄ bir kent nasÄl kurulur abilerââ *

TarlabaÅÄnda merdiven altÄ bir atÃlyede zehir Ãekip kahÄr Ãfleyen soluklarda, zonguldakta yerin yetmiÅ kat dibinde kararmÄÅ yÃzlerde, ÄÅÄl ÄÅÄl vitrinlerin ardÄnda bir bankoya sÄkÄÅmÄÅ ayaklarÄn huzursuzluÄunda, babalarÄn tokadÄndan gÃl bahÃesine dÃnmÃÅ yÃzlerde, kocalarÄn sevgisini taÅÄyan morarmÄÅ sÄrtlarda, aÄabeylerin kanattÄÄÄ incecik erkek kaÅlarÄnda, hocalarÄn bilgiye koyduklarÄ ipotekte gizlidir mavi Ãivit badanalÄ birer kent. Kendine mÃnhasÄr, kendine yeter, kendine mavi her kent.

Oysa bÃyÃktÃr Ãfkeler. Kendisinden daha fazla, kendisinden daha mavi, kendisinden daha yÄkÄcÄ.

Elleri taÅ, yÃreÄi nasÄrlÄ, vicdanÄ kÃr, allahÄ belalÄ bir devdir her iktidar. Yerin altÄnda gizli isyanlardan korkar. KulaklarÄnÄ kapÄlara, gÃzlerini odalara dikmiÅ izler her daim. Bilir ÃÃnkà isyanÄn her vakit bir varolma hali taÅÄdÄÄÄnÄ. Bir volkan gibi dipten dibe kaynadÄÄÄnÄ. Onun iÃin saldÄrÄr iÅÃinin emeÄine, kÃylÃnÃn deresine, yoksulun mahallesine. Onun iÃin Alexisi on altÄsÄnda, Berkini on dÃrdÃnde alÄr bizden.

Ama biz biliriz, bisikletsiz bir ÃocuÄun hayata kÄrgÄnlÄÄÄnda gizlidir Ãivit badanalÄ o kent. SokaklarÄnda arabalarÄn gezinmediÄi ve bÃtÃn yollarÄn bisikletlere amade olduÄu koca bir kent.

Åimdi bÃtÃn bu yÃrÃyÃÅler, sokaklarÄ birbirine duvarlarla baÄlanmayan o kentlere doÄrudur. 1 MayÄsta da bunun iÃindir atÄlacak her adÄm. Rengi farklÄ olana karÅÄ birleÅilen beraberliÄe, dili farklÄ olana karÅÄ sarÄlÄnan kardeÅliÄe, yolu baÅka olana karÅÄ silah edinilen yoldaÅlÄÄa karÅÄdÄr attÄÄÄmÄz her adÄm.

Devletin korktuÄu her Ãfke bizimdir, yÄlÄn 364 gÃnà olduÄu gibi 1 MayÄstada. Evinden atÄlmÄÅ her mÃlksÃz kadar yÄkÄcÄdÄr Ãfkemiz. KÄrmÄzÄ bir aÄaà dÃÅleyen her Ãocuk kadar hayalperesttir isyanÄmÄz. EmeÄinin peÅi sÄra koÅturan her iÅÃi kadar iÅgalcidir adÄmlarÄmÄz. Gri duvarlarÄn iÃinde bir masa baÅÄna hapsolmuÅ her genà kadar apansÄzdÄr haykÄrÄÅlarÄmÄz.

Mavi Ãivit badanalÄ bir yeryÃzÃne ulaÅana dek tÃm mÃlksÃzlÃÄÃmÃzle sokaklardayÄz bu 1 MayÄsta da. Sokaklara vurulan her maviyle birlikte sendeleyen iktidarlara karÅÄ ÃzgÃr varoluÅlar ve bir tahakkÃm unsuru olmayan her rengin kendini var ettiÄi koca bir Åenlik alanÄna dÃnÃÅtÃrmek iÃin sokaklarÄ, isyanÄn binbir coÄrafyalÄ dilindeyiz.

Älk taÅÄ en hayalperestiniz atsÄn.

*Ece Ayhan, Mor KÃlhani.



(gr) Αναρχική και διεθνής αλληλεγγύη ενάντια στη Ρωσική κρατική καταστολή
Thu Apr 17 12:19:31 GMT 2014

Μέρες μετά τους Ολυμπιακούς Αγώνες του Σότσι, κατά τη διάρκεια των οποίων η δικτατορική Ρωσική κυβέρνηση επέτρεψε πολυεθνικές επιχειρήσεις και άλλα Κράτη να ικανοποιήσουν τις καπιταλιστικές τους ορέξεις με φίμωση της αντιπολίτευσης και την απαγόρευση των διαδηλώσεων, η καταστολή των αντικαπιταλιστών, αναρχικών, συνδικαλιστών ακτιβιστών καθώς και του φεμινιστικού και του κινήματος ενάντια στην ομοφοβία βρίσκεται ακόμη σε εξέλιξη. --- Στις 24 Φεβρουαρίου 7 αντίπαλοι του καθεστώτος καταδικάστηκαν για τη συμμετοχή τους σε μια διαδήλωση κατά του Πούτιν το 2012, μια διαμαρτυρία που κατήγγειλε τον καθορισμό των προεδρικών εκλογών από το κράτος. ...


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