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In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas.
These include workplace, environmental and anti-imperialist struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia.

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A-Infos is organized by people who feel anarchism is a social theory, and that a revolution is necessary to bring about the new class-less social order, and that this revolution can only be made by the vast majority of the working people.

The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and promote is the anarchism of the Haymarket martyrs and those expelled by Karl Marx from the First International for criticizing his authoritarianism and the elitist, vanguardist degradation of the masses of The specific kind of anarchism we talk about and the working class...

We do not support the kind of anarchism proposed by some pseudo-modernists and pseudo-"revolutionaries" who regard symbolic activity as substitute to mass struggle, or the kind of anarchism of "humanists" who hold other tasks as equal or more important than the revolutionary struggle for abolishing the capitalist system.

A-Infos work is not inspired by egoistic and egocentric individualism, primitivism, "free capitalism without a state" or even a state without free capitalism - who oppose the present capitalist order but do not offer instead a viable model of modern social order of freedom, equality, and solidarity.

It is not enough for individuals and groups to use an anarchist label for their texts to be distributed by A-Infos.

In the struggle for a free society, we distribute news and articles in several languages, covering a wide range of areas of struggle. These include workplace and environmental struggles as well as the fight against racism, sexism and homophobia. A-Infos also distributes news on indigenous peoples anti-colonialist fight against settlers, occupation and marginalization, as well as anti-nationalist and anti-regional separatist struggles, because workers have no country but the world as a whole....

A-Infos is specialized press agency, in the service (as we see it best) of the movement of revolutionary anti-capitalist activists who are involved in the various social struggles against the capitalist class and its social system.

A-Infos is not an open "liberal" service that distributes anything "we" are sympathetic to -- it is not Indymedia. It is first of all a free distribution tool for information from and about collectives of anarchist (and other anti authoritarian revolutionaries) involved in the struggle.

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A-Infos has a role to play in the world anarchist movement. Information is strength. A-Infos helps to build a sense of an international movement. A-Infos is, to a certain extent, one of the few international organizational tools of the movement. But to keep this role it must stay a tool in the service of the movement and not a free-for-all information service.

A-Infos is not just an internal movement tool. Like the Anarchist FAQ, it's also a means to present the movement to the wider audience and to a new generation, and acquaint them with international aspects of the movement.

A-Infos is an autonomous anarchist press agency that is not the bullhorn of any "social" movement. Even when self-proclaimed anarchists (or even if real ones) are involved is not a guarantee A-Infos will distribute contributions. Even if we ourselves sympathize with given movements is no guarantee articles will be posted.

Thus, A-Infos distributes the news and analysis its workers want to share with the world non-authoritarian activists community -- mainly posts from anti-authoritarian revolutionary collectives and reports about direct action of social struggle both of activists and of common people in their daily life.

Anyone who is not satisfied with the services we provide, is welcome to use other services or build her/his own.

A-infos is both an organizational tool, a propaganda tool, and an information tool of the movement -- and is not merely "news by, about and of interest to anarchists."

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(pt) [Alemanha] Trabalhadores sazonais forçam os chefes das fazendas a pagá-los By A.N.A.
Fri May 29 05:36:18 GMT 2020

Credores que haviam assumido a fazenda de aspargos Spargel Ritter em Bornheim, Bonn, pensavam que poderiam fugir sem pagar o que deviam aos trabalhadores mal pagos, mas uma campanha sólida organizada com o sindicato da FAU[União de Trabalhadores Livres, anarcossindicalista]logo desiludiu-os dessa noção. ---- O problema com Spargel Ritter começou dois meses antes da temporada de colheita que estava para começar em abril deste ano, quando os credores iniciaram processos de falência contra os proprietários Claus e Sabine Ritter. Trabalhadores imigrantes já estavam sendo contratados, principalmente da Romênia, apesar de uma evidente degradação do local, quando os Ritters entraram em problemas financeiros mais profundos.
Um relatório da situação do local em fevereiro descreveu uma bagunça repleta de lixo, onde os contêineres para os trabalhadores não estavam sendo nem mesmo vagamente mantidos e as atividades foram cortadas ao mínimo, uma situação que certamente não melhoraria quando os credores, liderados pelo escritório de advocacia Dr. Schulte-Beckhausen & Bühs se envolveram.

(en) Britain, Class War Daily MaY 25 - Cummings and Goings
Fri May 29 05:35:58 GMT 2020

Today in Class War Daily: https://classwar.world/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/CW-Daily-34-200525.pdf ---- Free mask for those wanting to visit their family during lockdown! ---- Cummings and Goings ---- Letter to the Editor
Letter to the editor... ---- Dear members of the Public, let's be clear, this is how Power works. Not only in this lockdown situation -but in any situation at any time. The laws and rules the Elite make are only applicable to the mugs at the bottom of society, -Us. This issue isn't about a scummy pal of Johnson's breaking a "rule", it's an illustration of how the elites who run the Capitalist system operate on a daily basis. In other words, they treat us with the utmost contempt, and it's time we returned the favour. And please don't be mislead into "demanding an inquiry" as a Labour MP said tonight, instead let's demand their heads on pikestaffs. Signed, A well wisher.


(en) Britain, ACG statement on the lockdown and its easing
Fri May 29 05:35:46 GMT 2020

For many in the working class the lockdown has never truly existed, because society relies on our class, many have not been able to stop working, either being forced to work at home or in many cases and more worryingly having to still go to their place of work. Some of these are quite rightly seen as essential jobs however the pay and conditions do not reflect this, while others such as builders who are building office blocks and luxury apartments are clearly only essential to the benefit of the capitalist system. ---- The contempt our rulers have for these key workers is shown by the proposed public sector pay freeze, and the fact that many of these key workers are paid the minimum wage (grandly and wrongly referred to as a ‘living wage').
Capitalism always runs on the dead bodies of workers. Right now, we are seeing how willing the Conservatives are to throw more bodies under the wheels of the economy. What is currently happening in care services, social care and hospitals is democide against the working class, the vulnerable, elderly and disabled. Our leaders hope to throw teachers and those who provide support in schools, as well as construction workers (amongst others) back into the virus's path. ...

(de) fda-ifa: Verkehrswende jetzt! Blockade der Unionbrücke in Offenburg von nigra
Fri May 29 05:35:24 GMT 2020

20 Aktivist*innen des Ortenauer Klimabündnisses blockierten für eine dreiviertel Stunde die Unionbrücke in Offenburg und forderten im Rahmen des Umbaus des Bahnhofsviertels ihre Sperrung für den Individualverkehr. ---- Der Kampf gegen die Klimakatastrophe muss auch konkret und sichtbar sein, die Verkehrswende muss auch vor Ort in zäher Arbeit auf der Straße und im Gespräch mit den Menschen erkämpft und durchgesetzt werden. Diese Aufgabe hat sich das Ortenauer Klimabündnis gesetzt. 20 Gruppen und Organisationen und viele Einzelpersonen organisieren sich im Bündnis, um gemeinsam im Kleinen wie im Großen für eine lebenswerte Zukunft zu kämpfen. ---- In Offenburg soll in den kommenden Jahren das Viertel westlich des Bahnhofes umgestaltet werden. Wird dies wie bisher auto-optimiert getan oder zukunftsorientiert: Das heißt klimafreundlich, menschengerecht und ausgelegt auf Fahrad- und Fußgänger*innenverkehr?

Mit der Blockade sollte der Planfall 4 in's Licht gerückt werden, der eine

(de) halle.fau: Solidaritate cu grevistii! - Soligrüße von der FAU Halle mit den Streikenden in Bornheim!
Fri May 29 05:35:12 GMT 2020

Update 22.05.2020: FAU Bonn prüft 180 Gerichtsverfahren gegen Insolvenzverwalter https://www.fau.org/artikel/arbeitskampf-in-bornheim-die-vorlaeufige-bilanz https://www.neues-deutschland.de/artikel/1136978.erntearbeiter-teilerfolg-fuer-feldarbeiter-in-bornheim.html ---- Die FAU Bonn unterstützt aktuell streikende rumänische Erntearbeiter*innen in Bornheim. Der Kampf ist hart, viele Betroffene stehen vor dem Nichts, spätestens seit dem 18.05.2020 erreichte der Fall bundesweite Aufmerksamkeit. ---- Der Insolvenzverwalter RA Andreas Schulte-Beckhausen bezahlte bisher nicht den vertraglich zugesicherten Lohn für dieses Jahr. Die Unterbringung im Containerdorf ist dreckig, vermüllt, die Arbeiter*innen berichteten von schimmligem Essen. Weiterhin ist unklar, ob Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall besteht. Es gibt immer wieder Arbeitsunfälle auf dem Hof.
Nicht nur in Bornheim existiert eine systematische und rassistische Ausbeutung und mießerable Unterbringung von Erntearbeiter*innen.

(ca) Periódico de la Federación Local de CNT-AIT Madrid [Nº7 Mayo/Junio 2020] ¿Elegir Salud o trabajo?
Fri May 29 05:34:52 GMT 2020

Estos dos meses de pandemia mundial han puesto a la sociedad actual ante el dilema de elegir entre la economía y la vida. Aunque estamos viendo que no es así en otros países como Brasil o Estados Unidos, en España durante los momentos más duros de la epidemia solo unos pocos se atrevieron a decir que la economía era lo primero. Pese a que todas sabemos que para las élites económicas nuestra vida solo tiene valor en cuanto al beneficio que puedan extraer de ella. ---- Cuando parecen haber pasado los momentos más duros de la epidemia, se presenta un panorama donde la organización de la clase trabajadora se hace más imprescindible que nunca para encarar la nueva crisis que las élites intentarán hacer recaer en el pueblo trabajador. Todo pese a que la crisis ha evidenciado de una manera descarada dos cosas: primero, que un país puede vivir sin Amancios Ortegas, ni Felipes VI e incluso sin políticos (al fin y al cabo, los diferentes partidos políticos han pugnado bochornosamente por una gestión más desastrosa mientras los hospitales se autoorganizaban para salvar todas la vidas posibles), pero, sin embargo, un país no puede vivir sin personal sanitario, sin transportistas, ni trabajadoras de tiendas de alimentación, jornaleras, etc. En segundo lugar, la economía, es el término bajo el que se esconde la palabra capitalismo, ha demostrado que no se ...

Fri May 29 05:34:36 GMT 2020

Siguen siendo imperiosamente necesarias todas las medidas que Solidaridad Obrera ha venido proponiendo a la Dirección desde que se inició el estado de alarma, como son las desinfecciones en trenes de forma mas periódica (cada vuelta o cada hora), desinfecciones en toda la red y en las dependencias (que aún no se realizan adecuadamente); el incremento de la plantilla del personal de limpieza, la señalización en estaciones de las recomendaciones sin balizamiento (la actual es totalmente insuficiente); el reparto y dotación de EPIS suficientes para todo elpersonal (sobretodo de operativos sabiendo que estos son un riesgo en el más que lógico y previsible aumento de viajeros); medidas de protección real de la salud de los trabajadores con especial sensibilidad; la realización de tests (PCR) que garanticen, al menos, la reincorporación de trabajadores que han sido positivo, han sufrido síntomas o han estado en contacto y realizar test serológicos al total de la plantilla de Metro, posibilitando con ello tener una información real de la situación; la adquisición detrenes y la contratación de personal (la incipiente falta de maquinistas, de personal de mantenimiento en trenes e instalaciones fijas y del necesario para cubrir todas las estaciones, los depósitos, etc;); la organización y el control de aforos; etc... ...

(tr) yeryuzu postasi: Ispanya'da saglik çalisanlari çalisma sartlarini protesto için is birakti
Fri May 29 05:34:03 GMT 2020

Yeni tip koronavirüs (Kovid-19) salgininin en yogun görüldügü ülkelerden Ispanya'da baskent Madrid'deki hastanelerde görevli saglik çalisanlari, çalisma kosullarini protesto etti. ---- Madrid genelinde aksam saatlerinde kisa süreligine is birakan saglikçilar, çalistiklari hastanelerin önünde eylem gerçeklestirdi. ---- Sorunlarinin yeni olmadigini, yillardir mücadele verdiklerini belirten saglikçilar, "onurlu sözlesme, daha fazla personel ve saglikta kamu kuruluslarinin güçlendirilmesi" taleplerinde bulundu. ---- Kovid-19'dan hayatini kaybedenler için 2 dakikalik saygi durusunda da bulunan saglik sektörü çalisanlari, maske ve eldiven takarak, sosyal mesafeye de özen gösterdi.
Saglik Bakanliginin güncelledigi son verilerde, Kovid-19'dan simdiye kadar 26 bin 834 kisinin hayatini kaybettigi ve ülkede toplam vaka sayisinin 235 bin 400'e çiktigi bildirildi. Ülkede koronovirüsün bulastigi 50 binden fazla saglik çalisanindan 76'si hayatini kaybetti.


(pt) France, Union Communiste Libertaire AL #305 - Sindicalismo, Número de telefone gratuito da União: Olá camaradas, boho... (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Fri May 29 05:33:44 GMT 2020

Assim como a CGT, a Union Syndicale Solidaires abriu, desde os primeiros dias de confinamento, uma linha direta. Centenas de trabalhadores que queriam se defender ligaram para ela. Primeira avaliação da experiência. ---- " Olá, estou ligando para você, porque sou carpinteiro em uma empresa de construção e preciso de informações. Temos um colega doente da Covid-19 onde trabalho, o chefe diz que, como tudo foi limpo, podemos continuar trabalhando, mas, na equipe, temos medo, gostaríamos de saber o que que nós podemos fazer. " ---- Esse é normalmente o tipo de recurso que a "linha direta" do Solidariedade recebe todos os dias. Desde 30 de março, centenas de trabalhadores, principalmente do setor privado, mas também do serviço público, o chamavam para descobrir seus direitos e pedir ajuda para proteger suas vidas e suas condições de trabalho. trabalho. Isso mostra a utilidade desse tipo de ferramenta.

Atingindo as margens mais ameaçadas da força de trabalho

(pt) federacao autonoma FAT: CAMPANHA DE SOLIDARIEDADE AOS CATADORES DE APARECIDA! -- Os Catadores de Aparecida precisam de Você!
Fri May 29 05:33:24 GMT 2020

O Comitê Sul e Aparecida, da Federação Autônoma dos Trabalhadores (FAT/GO), está realizando campanha de solidariedade junto aos catadores de Aparecida de Goiânia do MNCR-GO. A Ajuda vai para duas coperativas a Coocap e a Coorfap que é uma coperativa de Mulheres. ---- O objetivo da campanha é arrecadar alimentos que serão destinados para famílias que sofrem com escassez de assistência e estão em condição de vulnerabilidade em tempos de pandemia. ---- Link da Vakinha online:https://www.vakinha.com.br/vaquinha/solidariedade-aos-catadores-de-aparecida-de-goiania ---- A campanha é autônoma, realizada pelo Comitê Sul e Aparecida da FAT/GO e o mesmo será responsável pelo levantamento, contato, distribuição e prestação de contas das doações. ---- SÓ O POVO SALVA O POVO!

Fri May 29 05:33:08 GMT 2020

USI Parma sta raccogliendo la forte preoccupazione delle iscritte e degli iscritti circa il futuro prossimo all'interno delle cooperative sociali. Comprendiamo la difficoltà del periodo, e molto è stato fatto, anche grazie alla mobilitazione immediata e continua. ---- Riguardo la ventilata ipotesi della riapertura degli asili e centri estivi, pur capendo il bisogno delle famiglie, si evidenzia la mancanza, ad oggi, di chiarezza sugli obbiettivi pedagogici e di come potrà svilupparsi un'adeguata relazione in un contesto così particolare. Allo stesso tempo, forte è la preoccupazione circa la sicurezza di bambini e di chi lavorerà, e alta sarà la vigilanza in merito.
Pertanto, riteniamo che le coop. debbano dare piena facoltà, per tutto il periodo estivo, agli educatori sia di poter lavorare a chi lo richieda, aldilà dei discutibili contratti con "sospensione" di essi, sia di permettere a chi ne faccia richiesta di potersi esentare dal lavoro, utilizzando non solo i permessi straordinari parentali covid a chi ne avesse i requisiti, ma come gli anni scorsi anche con l'astensione non retribuita. In una situazione come questa, ogni timore è legittimo e deve trovare ascolto.

(it) PONTE DELLA GHISOLFA - COVID-19: emergenza e controllo (VIII parte)
Fri May 29 05:32:54 GMT 2020

La scuola al tempo del COVID-19. ---- Conferenza con Fabrizio Eva. ---- La scuola oggi e possibili scenari futuri. ---- DOMENICA 24 MAGGIO 2020 DALLE 16:00
su https://meet.jit.si/ScuolaEva
Per partecipare alla video-assemblea è sufficiente fare click sul pulsante PARTECIPA qui sotto (oppure seguire il link https://meet.jit.si/ScuolaEva Vi verrà chiesto di abilitare il microfono e la telecamera del vostro computer. Chi accede da smartphone o da tablet dovrà invece scaricare l'app Jitsi Meet.
Vi aspettiamo domenica 24 maggio alle 16:00!

(it) France, Union Communiste Libertaire UCL AL #305 - Riflettore, Aiuto reciproco: brigate militanti per la solidarietà di classe (en, fr, pt)[traduzione automatica]
Fri May 29 05:32:42 GMT 2020

"Solo il popolo salva il popolo": questa è l'idea che ha motivato le Brigate di solidarietà popolare, squadre di mutuo soccorso nella direzione degli strati più precari delle classi popolari. ---- Constatant que le désordre capitaliste avait conduit à la pandémie de Covid-19, et que l'État n'aiderait ­guère les classes populaires, qui seraient pourtant les premières à en payer le prix, des réseaux de solidarité directe se sont spontanément mis en place en zone rurale comme en zone urbaine. Pour combiner action de solidarité de proximité et revendication politique, des camarades proches du média militant ACTA ont, les premiers, lancé un appel à former des Brigades de solidarité populaire (BSP), suivant le modèle des Brigate Volontarie Per l'Emergenza («brigades de volontaires pour l'urgence») lancées à Milan, en Italie.

Rapidement, de nombreux groupes se sont constitués dans toute la France, et des militantes et militants de l'UCL y participent en plusieurs ...

(en) Greece, "dynian horse" APO: [PATRAS] Solidarity rally for hunger strikers to death in Turkey [machine translation]
Fri May 29 05:32:20 GMT 2020

SOLIDARITY TO THE UNEMPLOYED PINES UNTIL DEATH IN TURKEY -- IMMEDIATE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR REQUIREMENTS ---- PRICE TO HELIN BÖLEK, MUSTAFA KOÇAK AND RABRAHIM GÖKÇEK ---- SOLIDARITY TO THE 11 PLANNED TURKS AND KOURDOUS STRUGGLERS FROM THE GREEK STATE ---- On April 3, 28-year-old contestant Helin BYlek, a member of the band GrupYorum, who was on her 288th day of hunger strike in resistance to the fascist Turkish state, struggled to justify the band's demands for a strike to lift the ban. stop the attacks on the Idil cultural center, remove the members of GrupYorum from the list of Turkish counter-terrorism declarations, stop the persecution against them and release all their members imprisoned in prisons. Her partner, Ibrahim Göckçek, died on May 7 after a 323-day hunger strike, but his body could not stand it. It was preceded on April 24 by the death of Mustafa Koçak, a member of the Popular Front, after 297 days of hunger strike inside Turkish prisons, which he continued after his release with a request to abolish the special courts for political prisoners. We stand in solidarity with the struggle and the just demands of Grup Yorum, until the music of the resistance, the fighters, the strikers, the protesters is not persecuted by the Turkish state, until the narration of the struggles of the oppressed through their songs is free. ...

(en) US, WSA ideas and action: Slaughterhouse Fight: A Look at the Hormel Strike By Steve Boyce, Jake Edwards and Tom Wetzel
Fri May 29 05:32:05 GMT 2020

Note: As the COVID crisis endangers us in our work places, we fight in solidarity with our fellow workers in the meat packing industry who face this virus with little or no protections. We have been looking for past analysis of tactics as part of our solidarity work and we saw that on the IWW website they re-posted the following article originally published in Ideas and Action # 7. We are grateful for their re-posting of this, and it prompted us to read it over again in relation to current struggles in the meat packing industry. ---- In this article, the authors examine the Hormel Meat Packing Strike in the mid 1980's; one of the most important struggles against concessions in that decade. It was fought out at the beginning of a downward slide in wages and conditions in the meatpacking industry, which has led to the conditions that existed both leading up to COVID-19 and that continue during the crisis.

The Hormel Strike led to an effort of meat packing workers to form a new, national worker controlled union in that industry - based on ...

(de) anarkismo.net - Podcast (in Englisch): Massenbewegungen in Lateinamerika by Libertäre
Fri May 29 05:31:38 GMT 2020

Woher kommen sie? Wo stehen sie? Wie geht es weiter? ---- Ein Mitglied der Anarchistischen Föderation Rio de Janeiro erzählt von den Entwicklungen und Geschehnissen in Lateinamerika der letzten 30 Jahre. Zur Sprache kommen der «Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts», das erneute Aufkommen des Neoliberalismus, die momentane Welle an Aufständen in der Region und ein Ausblick in die Zukunft. ---- Download-Link: https://wolkig.ch/index.php/s/PxQj9NBc8JRYd7P ---- Der Podcast wurde aufgezeichnet an einem öffentlichen Vortrag von einem Mitglied der der Anarchistischen Föderation Rio de Janeiro, gehalten in Englisch am 24. Januar 2020 in Bern. Organisiert wurde die Veranstaltung durch die Libertäre Aktion (libertaereaktion@immerda.ch).
Nachdem die Militär-Diktaturen in den späten 80er-Jahren gefallen sind, hat Lateinamerika ein turbulentes Jahrzehnt durchgemacht. In dieser Zeit machte die politische Halbfreiheit und die aggressive Neoliberalisierung neuen sozialen Bewegungen wie den revolutionären Zapatist*innen in den 90ern und den massiven Aufständen 2001 in Argentinien Platz.

(de) FAU Dresden: Leere Häuser bewohnen und beleben, nicht Besetzer:innen bestrafen! Solidarität im Putzi-Prozess
Fri May 29 05:31:23 GMT 2020

In der Corona-Krise können immer mehr Menschen ihre Miete nicht zahlen. Wer schon vor Corona auf der Straße leben musste, oder wer sich in seiner Wohnung nicht sicher fühlen kann, sah sich konfrontiert mit der zynischen Aufforderung, zu Hause zu bleiben, um sich und andere zu schützen. Eigentlich sollte spätestens das die Augen dafür öffnen, wie absurd die Wohnungsfrage von einer kapitalistischen Wirtschaft beantwortet wird. Hotels, Ferienwohnungen, Airbnb-Appartements und Häuser stehen leer, während Geflüchtete in Lagern und Unterkünften zusammengepfercht leben müssen, andere ungeschützt auf der Straße. Auch Räume für diverse kulturelle Aktivitäten fehlen oft, doch Platz für ein Parkhaus findet sich immer noch irgendwie.
Nun gibt es einige Leute, auch genannt "Tiere", die aus all diesen Absurditäten den Schluss ziehen, in leere und ungenutzte Häuser einzuziehen, sie zu bewohnen und zu beleben. Das geschah zum Beispiel im Januar diesen Jahres in der "Putzi" in der Königsbrücker Straße. Viele fanden das super, doch nicht alle. Nach vier Tagen räumte die Polizei die Gebäude. In der Folge erhielten einige Beteiligte Strafbefehle wegen Hausfriedensbruchs und gemeinschaftlicher Sachbeschädigung. Gedroht wird auch mit hohen Geldstrafen. Auch Mitglieder der ...

(ca) CNT-AIT, Cádiz: por una Sanidad Pública, sin privatizaciones ni recortes
Fri May 29 05:31:06 GMT 2020

El lunes 25 de mayo se realizó una concentración a las puertas del Hospital Puerta del Mar de Cádiz, por parte de los sindicatos de CNT-AIT de Cádiz y Chiclana, en apoyo de la Sanidad Pública, contra privatizaciones, recortes y precariedad en el Sector. ---- La pandemia del coronavirus ha puesto de manifiesto la precariedad de la sanidad en España debido a los recortes y las privatizaciones realizadas por políticos sin escrúpulos que ha convertido la salud en un negocio.---- La CNT- AIT de Cádiz reclama que se refuerce la Sanidad Pública para acabar con las listas de esperas y se garantice la mejor atención posible a todas las personas que la necesiten y que se pueda responder adecuadamente ante una pandemia como la padecemos que ha puesto de manifiesto la debilidad de nuestro sistema sanitario, debido a décadas de recortes y privatizaciones.

Exigimos condiciones laborales dignas, que se doten de los medios de protección necesarios para que los profesionales de la sanidad puedan ...

Fri May 29 05:30:40 GMT 2020

Intentaremos aquí dar una respuesta breve y lo más clara posible a las diferentes situaciones que se puedan ir produciendo en relación con la situación provocada por la crisis del COVID-19. (Puedes descargar este documento en el PDF adjunto al final). ---- FUNDAMENTAL: cualquier cosa que la empresa os comunique, que lo haga por escrito dando una copia a la persona trabajadora a quién vaya dirigida. Y por supuesto, si la empresa "se empeña" en que tenemos que firmar, se indica: NO CONFORME, fecha y hora, en ambas copias del documento (la de la empresa y la nuestra). ---- Cualquier solicitud que entregues a la empresa, deberás hacerlo por escrito, duplicado y que la empresa firme y selle tu copia, que deberás guardar. Si tienes dudas al redactar cualquier documento, consulta con nuestra asesoría.

TELETRABAJO. El teletrabajo o trabajo a distancia es la opción prioritaria a la cesación temporal o reducción de actividad, siempre que por ...

(en) awsm.nz - Australia: Jura Targeted
Fri May 29 05:30:16 GMT 2020

AWSM Note: The following is an excerpt from the latest newsletter produced by Jura Books, an Anarchist bookshop in Sydney, Australia. ---- A few weeks ago someone smashed a window at Jura Books. We don't know the identity of the culprit, but it wouldn't be the first time the shop's been targeted by Nazis, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last. While the rest of us are busy organising mutual aid, fighting evictions, and fundraising for workers who've lost their jobs, it seems like the local fash have nothing better to do than break Jura's windows. ---- We'd like to thank all the neighbours who got in touch to let us know about the window, and helped us board it up. We're so grateful to be part of a strong supportive community of folks who look out for each other! ---- Thankfully it was just a window this time, and windows are easily fixed. But please keep your eyes open and beware of any far-right and White supremacist activity in your neighbourhood.


(en) France, Union Communiste Libertaire AL #305 - Syndicalism, Union freephone number: Hello comrades, boho... (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Fri May 29 05:29:41 GMT 2020

Like the CGT, the Union Syndicale Solidaires has, from the first days of confinement, opened a hotline. Hundreds of workers wanting to defend themselves called her. First assessment of the experience. ---- " Hello, I'm calling you because I'm a roofer in a construction company, and I need information. We have a colleague who is sick from Covid-19 where I work, the chief says that since everything has been cleaned up, that we can continue to work, but we, in the team, we are afraid, we would like to know what that we can do. " ---- This is typically the kind of appeal that the "hotline" of Solidarity receives each day. Since March 30, hundreds of workers, mostly from the private sector, but also from the public service, have called him to find out about their rights and ask for help to protect their lives and their working conditions. job. This shows the usefulness of this kind of tool.

Reaching the most threatened fringes of the workforce

(fr) Alternative Libertaire #305 (UCL) - Essai numérique: Un virus très politique
Thu May 28 18:44:21 GMT 2020

En pleine période de pandémie et de confinement, les éditions Syllepse proposent en téléchargement libre et gratuit sur leur site Syllepse.net Covid-19, un virus très politique qui entend dévoiler au niveau international l’envers social et politique de la crise. Le texte est remis à jour toutes les semaines, et prolongé à chaque fois de nombreuses nouvelles analyses. ---- Outre plusieurs contributions, l’ouvrage propose une Éphéméride sociale de la pandémie qui égrène, pays par pays sur tous les continents, jour par jour, les luttes et mobilisations sociales contre « la faillite des États à gérer la crise sanitaire qui est de plus en plus béante et le capital qui défend ...

(fr) Monde Libertaire - Le Programme de juin 2020 de l’émission Femmes Libres
Thu May 28 18:43:53 GMT 2020

L’émission Femmes libres est un espace de réflexion et d’étude de l’oppression spécifique des femmes dans une société patriarcale et capitaliste fondée sur la domination masculine. Cet espace valorise les stratégies de défense, de dénonciation et de reconstruction mises en œuvre par les mouvements féministes, à la lumière de l’analyse des rapports sociaux de sexe. Chaque émission comprend, le plus souvent, trois parties: des invités.es; des informations militantes: réunions, colloques, publications, films, expos...; des rubriques qui varient chaque semaine: La tribune libre, D’Eve à Philomène sans oublier les autres... ---- Chaque mois, le programme prévu est diffusé dans le ...

(fr) Socialisme Libertaire - Les états, c’est la guerre permanente!
Thu May 28 18:43:34 GMT 2020

Mikhaïl Bakounine: Les États, c’est la guerre permanente! (1870).   ---- « La loi suprême de l’État, c’est la conservation quand même de l’État; et comme tous les États, depuis qu’il en existe sur la terre, sont condamnés à une lutte perpétuelle: lutte contre leurs propres populations qu’ils oppriment et qu’ils ruinent, lutte contre tous les États étrangers, dont chacun n’est puissant qu’à condition que l’autre soit faible; et comme ils ne peuvent se conserver dans cette lutte qu’en augmentant chaque jour leur puissance, tant à l’intérieur, contre leurs propres sujets, qu’à l’extérieur, contre les puissances voisines, – il en résulte que la loi suprême de l’État, c’est l’augmentation de sa ...

(fr) CNT-F Fédération des Travailleuses/eurs de l'Education - T39. Manifestations du 30 mai: conférence de presse en direct jeudi 28 mai
Thu May 28 18:43:09 GMT 2020

Régularisation des Sans-papiers, fermeture des Centres de rétention, … pour l’égalité des droits, manifestations à Paris et en régions samedi 30 mai. Une conférence de presse est organisée en direct aujourd’hui à 18h. Elle est relayée par plusieurs médias. ---- Des initiatives de rue (manifestations, rassemblements, actions) sont prévues dans de nombreuses villes: Paris, Rennes, Nantes, Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg, Rouen, Le Havre, Nîmes, Poitiers, Valence, Metz… mais aussi à Bologne en Italie. ---- Le texte d’appel  aux manifestations du 30 mai a été publié le 29 avril sur notre site. Il est là: http://www.cnt-f.org/fte/2020/04/29/t24-foyers-cra-sans-papiers-des-mesures-immediates-contre-la-bombe-sanitaire/ ...

(fr) FA Commune de Paris - Mémoires d’une communarde mais pas seulement!!
Thu May 28 18:42:51 GMT 2020

Encore un livre sur la Commune de Paris! N’a-t-on pas déjà tout dit et tout écrit sur ces 72 jours du printemps 1871? Justement les « Souvenirs d’une morte vivante » de Victorine Brocher ne se limitent pas à ces quelques jours mythiques. Paroles de femme, paroles de famille républicaine, paroles de témoin. Voilà la force de ce livre! Les ouvrages écrits de nos jours ont l’avantage d’embrasser plus largement ou de faire œuvre de synthèse pour mieux mesurer l’impact de la Commune. Mais le récit d’une femme du peuple, de ce peuple républicain qui se soulève contre les prussiens, la réaction bourgeoise, pour les franchises parisiennes, donne une chaleur humaine et militante et invite ...

(ca) cgt.org.es - Nota de prensa: ING BANK colabora con ServinForm para atentar contra los derechos de su plantilla
Thu May 28 06:41:58 GMT 2020

En menos de un mes han sufrido una movilidad geográfica en medio de la pandemia y ahora un ERTE de un año por el Covid-19 con el único objetivo de que rescindan sus contratos y puedan ser sustituidos por trabajadores de telemarketing ---- Desde que comenzó la pandemia, hemos visto como algunas empresas sin escrúpulos han utilizado el coronavirus para degradar los derechos laborales que tienen sus trabajadores. ---- Aunque en ningún caso es justificable, sí que se suele identificar este tipo de comportamientos con empresas de dudosa reputación. Quizá por eso, sorprende especialmente en este caso que toda una multinacional de banca como es ING, esté colaborando en la sombra con una de sus subcontratas de servicios, Servinform, para presionar y maltratar de forma sistemática a una parte de su plantilla, con el único fin de que rescindan voluntariamente sus contratos.

Se da la particularidad de que estos trabajadores que han formado parte de la plantilla de ING durante una media de 15 años, fueron ...

(en) Spaine, alasba rricadas: From the "Cayetan" to the working class neighborhood: In defense of mutual support in times of pandemic (ca) [machine translation]
Thu May 28 06:41:42 GMT 2020

At the end of the third week of May 2020, a series of protests directed against the current government of the capital began in Calle Nuñez de Balboa, in the Goya neighborhood of the Salamanca district (one of the highest-income districts of the capital). PSOE and Podemos. Over the days, attempts have been made to spread these protests to other districts of Madrid and other cities in the state without a clear objective, beyond demonstrating "until the confinement lasts." ---- These demonstrations, far from his speech that they are of "apolitical citizens pissed off" by the restrictive policies of the government that try to make us believe, have a deep class background. They take to the streets to defend their class privileges and power, encouraged by the political parties that represent their interests. These mobilizations are frequented mostly by businessmen and people who live from the exploitation of private properties, which amounts to parasites that live on the work and money of others. You will never see them in any mobilization that has to do with a social or labor demand. Many are part of various economic lobbies, so the government legislates in their favor, and they benefit from anti-worker policies promoted by political and economic powers. ...

(it) comunismolibertario.it: QUANDO TI AFFIDI ALLA LEGGE LA SCONFITTA É CERTA - 20 MAGGIO 1970 - 20 MAGGIO 2020
Thu May 28 06:41:10 GMT 2020

Il 20 maggio del 1970 veniva approvata la legge 300, conosciuta come Lo Statuto dei Lavoratori. A cinquanta anni da quella data è utile ricordare l'intestazione esatta di quella legge per comprendere nella sua interiezza il significato che il legislatore le volle assegnare. Il titolo recitava testualmente "Norme sulla tutela della libertà e dignità dei lavoratori, della libertà sindacale e dell'attività sindacale nei luoghi di lavoro e norme sul collocamento." Prima di vedere cosa rimane oggi dell'impianto originale è necessario, per comprendere l'importanza di questa legge nella storia recente del movimento dei lavoratori in Italia, ripercorrere alcuni passaggi che condussero a quelle scelte. Nel 1970 la guerra era oramai alle spalle da venticinque anni, il paese era passato dalla monarchia e dal fascismo a una repubblica parlamentare, le nuove basi giuridiche che furono messe alla base della novella democrazia erano innervate nella sua legge fondamentale, la Costituzione del 1948 alla quale contribuirono sia i partiti popolari e liberali, sia i partiti socialisti e comunista.

(en) fal.cnt.es: Wednesday, May 27: digital meeting with Carlos Taibo (ca) [machine translation]
Thu May 28 06:40:56 GMT 2020

Next Wednesday, May 27, from 6:00 p.m. , we will have the opportunity to chat with Carlos Taibo. The meeting will be broadcast live on CNT's YouTube channel, under the title The Collapse Next . ---- The coronavirus crisis , and the repressive and social pandemics that accompany it, have put the discussion about a general collapse of the system that we are suffering at the center of many debates . It makes sense to reflect on what that collapse means and seek clues that allow us to relate what is happening at this time with a general crisis of capitalism and its rules. ---- That is why this digital meeting, as a chat and interview, will allow us to know a reflective and critical point of view on the current scenario we are going through. ---- In the meantime, we encourage you to view this other interview with British filmmaker Ken Loach ,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-uucoajais who reviewed some key questions about his film Land and Freedom .

Carlos Taibo has been until 2018 Pro

(en) Die Plattform Ruhr: Wild strike by harvest helpers in Bornheim | The Ruhr platform (ca, de)
Thu May 28 06:40:48 GMT 2020

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXt5TcpPoIQ ---- What we experienced on the 18th of May during the wildcat strike of the harvest workers in Bornheim near Bonn is difficult to put into words. Also this video can only give a small impression of the outstanding character of this struggle. On the other the inhumane treatment of the workers by the bosses. On the other hand the incredible anger of the workers over these conditions. The exhaustion after days of struggle, the endless hours under the blazing sun, the tumultuous events, the constantly changing situation and then the class traitor cops who fulfill their function and through that are on the side of the bosses. This time there is no analysis, no evaluation, no further considerations and no big words from us - only recognition for the fighting workers and for the comrades of the FAU for what they achieve in this fight. As well as the hope that the small counter-power from below that is opening up here will help the demands of the workers to break through, that through this struggle there will be a real material effect for all in the end. The gained experiences of solidarity and self-empowerment cannot be taken away anyway... UP WITH THOSE WHO FIGHT!

Thu May 28 06:40:36 GMT 2020

Die FAU Kaiserslautern hat der Ausbeutung von Leiharbeiter*innen den Kampf angesagt. Die Klage eines Leiharbeiters mit Hilfe der FAU auf gleiche Bezahlung ist ein erster Schritt - das Ziel bleibt ein Grundsatzurteil. ---- Betrieb & Gesellschaft Von: Benjamin Gnaser. ---- Leiharbeiter*innen haben in der Regel unsichere Jobs, schlechtere Arbeitsbedingungen und werden dafür bei gleicher Arbeit schlechter bezahlt. Leiharbeiter*innen erleiden häufiger Arbeitsunfälle als Festangestellte. Die Arbeit ist oft nicht nur hart, sondern aufgrund der Unsicherheit auch psychisch sehr belastend. Nicht grundlos halten viele Deutsche Leiharbeit für moderne Sklaverei. Aber die Branche boomt: Im Jahresdurchschnitt von Juli 2018 bis Juni 2019 waren in Deutschland 950.000 Leiharbeiter*innen gemeldet.

Schon am 1. Mai 2019 läutete die FAU Kaiserslautern eine Kampagne gegen Leiharbeit ein. Um über die Hintergründe und die rechtlichen Umstände der Leiharbeit aufzuklären, erstellte und verbreitete sie eine Informationsbroschüre. Mittels eines Stadtrundgangs informierte sie ...

Thu May 28 06:40:27 GMT 2020

Gewerkschaft prüft Anstrengung von 180 Gerichtsverfahren gegen Insolvenzverwalter des seit einer Woche bestreikten Spargelbetriebs in Bornheim ---- Betrieb & Gesellschaft ---- Bornheim, 22. Mai 2020. Die Gewerkschaft FAU Bonn prüft derzeit die Eröffnung von etwa 180 Gerichtsverfahren gegen den Insolvenzverwalter des Bornheimer Spargelunternehmens Ritter. Dort begann letzten Freitag ein Streik von hunderten rumänischen Erntearbeiter*innen, da der Bonner Insolvenzverwalter Andreas Schulte-Beckhausen ihre Löhne für bereits geleistete Arbeitsstunden zurückhielt. Im Laufe der Woche wurden den meisten Arbeiter*innen geringe Teile ihres Lohnes ausgezahlt. Zur Durchsetzung ihrer Ansprüche vermittelte die FAU ihnen Anwälte und übernahm die gewerkschaftliche Vertretung einer Betriebsgruppe. Die Gewerkschaft rechnet damit, insgesamt etwa 180 einzelne Verfahren anstrengen zu werden, teilte sie auf einer Pressekonferenz mit.


(ca) cgt aragon la rioja: FASE II EN ARAGÓN - LA RIOJA
Thu May 28 06:40:14 GMT 2020

A partir del 25 de mayo, Aragón y La Rioja entran en la FASE II de la desescalada. En el archivo adjunto puedes descargarte el BOE. En el mismo se indican las intrucciones de apertura de establecimientos, las medidas de seguridad y salud que deben respetarse, así como otras modificaciones varias sobre las condiciones del confinamiento de estos territorios a partir de este lunes:
BOE https://www.boe.es/eli/es/o/2020/05/16/snd414/con

De, Por y Para Anarquistas

Thu May 28 06:40:05 GMT 2020

El primer intento de organizar a la clase trabajadora a nivel internacional se concretó con la creación de la Asociación Internacional de Trabajadores (AIT) en 1864. En el Congreso de Basilea (1869) una resolución estimaba que "todos los trabajadores deben afanarse en crear sociedades de resistencia[sindicatos]en los diferentes cuerpos de oficios"[1]. La huelga general era establecida como una táctica indispensable. La influencia del asociacionismo obrero internacionalista, particularmente el de tipo bakuninista, fue clave en el desarrollo posterior del sindicalismo revolucionario francés.[2]En España el influjo del revolucionario anarquista ruso Mijaíl Bakunin resultó esencial en la creación de la Federación Regional Española de la AIT en 1870, con la que se inició una rica tradición combativa que se extendió durante décadas hasta culminar con la creación de la Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT) en 1910.[3]

Esta tradición fue interrumpida tras la derrota sufrida en la guerra civil en 1939. Mucho ha llovido desde entonces: exilio, dictadura ...

(tr) meydan.org: ABD'deki Anarşist Örgüt Black Rose'dan "Normalleşme" Afişleri
Thu May 28 06:39:41 GMT 2020

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri'nde (ABD) örgütlü bir şekilde çalışmalarına devam eden Black Rose, "normalleşme" adı altında devletin yürüttüğü işlemlere karşı afiş çalışması gerçekleştirdi.
Patronların, insan sağlığını hiçe sayarak ekonomiyi yeniden açmak için acele ettiklerine vurgu yapılan afişlerde kendimizi güvende hissetmek için çalışmanın ve örgütlenmenin önemi öne çıkarıldı.
Afişlerde sağlığımızı bozanın kapitalizmin kendisi olduğu belirtilirken çarenin dayanışmada olduğu ve güvenlik yoksa çalışmanın da olmayacağı belirtildi.


(pt) [Itália] Por que a Anarquia é necessária hoje (e sempre) By A.N.A.
Thu May 28 06:39:30 GMT 2020

A crise de saúde devido à pandemia do Covid-19 tem multiplicando doenças que normalmente requerem hospitalização severa em emergências cardiorrespiratórias em casos graves, o que tem colapsado os sistemas de saúde de muitos países, particularmente aqueles que aplicaram com mais rigor as prescrições neoliberais para o sucateamento da saúde pública: este é o principal tema de discussão tanto na esfera pública quanto na privada. Agora que em vários países o medo da morte, dos entes queridos e de si mesmo, está gradualmente diminuindo à medida que o número de novas infecções diminui em muitos países, as mortes estão caindo e, gradualmente, sobretudo, os leitos de terapia de emergência estão sendo novamente libertados da superlotação que ocorreu nos piores momentos, embora um novo medo esteja tomando conta: o de uma crise econômica sem precedentes na memória de quase todos os que hoje vivem no planeta.

Neste período, de fato, o colapso da saúde pública fez com que a segregação social se tornasse inevitável em quase todos os lugares para ...

(pt) France, Union Communiste Libertaire AL #305 - Antipatriarcado, Contenção: Meu corpo, minha escolha, exceto no período corona ? (en, fr, it)[traduccion automatica]
Thu May 28 06:39:26 GMT 2020

A atual crise da saúde amplia as consequências da sociedade patriarcal. À medida que a violência doméstica aumenta, a polícia assedia os que saem para comprar testes de gravidez e proteções higiênicas, enquanto o acesso ao aborto é complicado e a OMS anuncia falta de preservativos. ---- A violência contra as mulheres, desde o início do parto, aumentou mais de 30% e continua aumentando. Não se pode dizer o suficiente que a maioria da violência (física, sexual e psicológica) sofrida pelas mulheres ocorre em casa. Em um contexto de total isolamento, as mulheres se vêem trancadas com seus agressores, sem possibilidade de fuga. O mesmo se aplica a muitos jovens LGBTI forçados a voltar para famílias para as quais a não aceitação corre o risco de violência.

A violência patriarcal também inclui a da polícia. Testemunhe as mulheres, muitas vezes raciais e trabalhadoras, vítimas de violência e ameaças policiais por simples compras. Várias mulheres contam a história[1]de ameaças de multas e intimidação porque foram comprar proteções ...

(it) USI/SANITÀ SAN RAFFAELE - MILANO: Resonconto dello Sciopero dell'11 Maggio 2020 all'Ospedale San Raffaele di Milano
Thu May 28 06:38:54 GMT 2020

Presso l'ospedale San Raffaele di Milano lunedì 11 maggio si è tenuto uno sciopero di due ore con garanzia della prestazione lavorativa proclamato da USI-Sanità. Diverse centinaia di lavoratori hanno lavorato con attaccato sulla divisa l'adesivo che li qualificava come lavoratori in sciopero benché al lavoro. Gli adesivi riportavano le motivazioni dello sciopero. La ragione principale di tale azione è la rivendicazione del mantenimento del Ccnl attualmente applicato, ovvero il Ccnl Sanità Pubblica compatibilizzato con la natura privatistica dell'ospedale. Tale Accordo era in scadenza ---- il 31 marzo 2020 e, contro la volontà della Proprietà dell'Ospedale di passare al nuovo CCNL AIOP dal giorno 1° aprile 2020, era stato indetto da USI-Sanità, dalla RSU e da altre OO.SS. uno sciopero per il giorno 27 febbraio u.s.

Questo sciopero è stato revocato, in maniera unilaterale e senza negoziare alcuna contropartita, in data 24 febbraio ai primissimi sentori del concretizzarsi della presente emergenza sanitaria e contestualmente è stato chiesto alla dirigenza dell'ospedale analogo segno di ...

(it) Sicilia Libertaria April: Campagna internazionale per la musicista Nudem Durak, condannata a 19 anni per aver cantato canzoni curde.
Thu May 28 06:38:45 GMT 2020

(testo ripreso da www.retekurdistan.it) ---- Con una campagna internazionale si chiede la liberazione della musicista curda Nudem Durak incarcerata in Turchia. La musicista curda Nudem Durak è stata arrestata nel 2015 e condannata a 19 anni di carcere. La sua unica colpa è di aver cantato canzoni curde. Oggi ha 32 anni e si trova nel carcere di Bayburt. ---- Per ottenere la sua liberazione in Francia è stata avviata una campagna internazionale alla quale partecipano artisti e intellettuali da Gran Bretagna, USA, Svezia, Senegal, Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Guadalupe e altri Paesi. ---- Come hanno fatto sapere gli organizzatori, personalità note a livello internazionale come Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Ken Loach, David Graeber, Peter Gabriel e Roger Waters chiedono la liberazione di Nudem Durak. Il filosofo ecosocialista franco-brasiliano Michael Löwy in un messaggio di solidarietà scrive: «Le sue canzoni fanno parte della tradizione degli oppressi e della cultura curda conservata per secoli. Per coloro che ancora credono nella pace, nella libertà e nella dignità umana, la carcerazione di Nudem Durak è un'offesa insopportabile. Per questo deve levarsi un grido in tutto il modo, a Parigi, New York, Rio, Santiago, Berlino». ...

(it) France, Union Communiste Libertaire AL #305 - sindacalismo, Numero verde dell'Unione: Ciao compagni, boho ... (en, fr, pt)[traduzione automatica]
Thu May 28 06:38:00 GMT 2020

Come la CGT, l'Unione Syndicale Solidaires ha aperto fin dai primi giorni di confino una linea diretta. Centinaia di lavoratori che vogliono difendersi si chiamano. Prima valutazione dell'esperienza. ---- " Ciao, ti chiamo perché sono un roofer in una società di costruzioni e ho bisogno di informazioni. Abbiamo un collega malato di Covid-19, dove lavoro, il capo dice che, dal momento che tutto è stato ripulito, possiamo continuare a lavorare, ma noi, nella squadra, abbiamo paura, vorremmo sapere cosa che possiamo fare. " ---- Questo è in genere il tipo di appello che la "hotline" di Solidarity riceve ogni giorno. Dal 30 marzo, centinaia di lavoratori, principalmente del settore privato, ma anche del servizio pubblico, lo hanno chiamato per conoscere i loro diritti e chiedere aiuto per proteggere le loro vite e le loro condizioni di lavoro. lavoro. Ciò dimostra l'utilità di questo tipo di strumento.

Raggiungere i margini più minacciati della forza lavoro

(en) ait russia: France: Yellow Vests Demonstrate Despite Bans [machine translation]
Thu May 28 06:37:42 GMT 2020

Despite the fact that on the eve of the French authorities in most major cities banned the holding of any demonstrations of "yellow vests", the activists still took to the streets, staging small protests and challenging totalitarian bans under the pretext of "quarantine". ---- In Paris, 10 people took to Republic Square, where they were immediately surrounded by 50 CRS police special forces armed with firearms (https://www.facebook.com/giletsjaunesinfos/videos/293576868329808/) ---- In Montpellier, dozens of "yellow vests" came, as usual on Saturdays, to Comedy Square. Having passed between the prefecture and the square, they chanted slogans. The police checked the documents of several demonstrators, but the case went without arrest (https://www.midilibre.fr/2020/05/23/montpellier-les-gilets-jaunes-mobilises,8900110.php)

In Lyon, a small group of protesters gathered in Place Bellecour under the supervision of 20 CRS cars. One of the demonstrators, dressed in ...

(en) Union Communiste Libertaire Bruxelles - In Health as in STIB: let's build union struggle and self-management! (fr, it, pt)[machine translation]
Thu May 28 06:37:26 GMT 2020

By the Front Syndicalistes Révolutionnaires of UCL Brussels ---- The latest press release from La santé en Lutte illustrates the importance of the balance of power created by the autonomous mobilization of caregivers which forces the government, with the benevolent contribution of the unions, to reactivate the so-called social concertation to obtain social peace. ---- As this press release very well concludes, it is essential to remain mobilized in the struggle because only the pressure of workers will force the state to capitulate in the face of their demands: " Mobilization is the ultimate weapon to obtain victories! Greater achievements are within our reach! We therefore call on all colleagues in the sector to continue the actions and take advantage of strike notices to maintain the balance of power. Otherwise, negotiations are unlikely to lead to real progress. "

The events of the past few weeks at STIB and in the public health sector have been instructive on the role of trade unions.

(de) evibes: Absage Demo Annaberg-Buchholz
Thu May 28 06:37:04 GMT 2020

Erzgebirge, Feminismus, Fundamentalismus ---- Hallo zusammen, ---- vor einigen Tagen erreichte uns die Nachricht seitens der Versammlungsbehörde, dass die Fundis ihren Schweigemarsch, der für den 06.06.2020 in Annaberg-Buchholz geplant war, abgesagt haben. Nach einiger Überlegung haben wir als Bündnis beschlossen, unseren Protest damit ebenfalls ausfallen zu lassen. Es erschien uns unsinnig, ohne konkreten Anlass eine feministische Demo in Annaberg-Buchholz zu organisieren, ohne dass wir den Rest des Jahres vor Ort aktiv gewesen wären. Selbstverständlich sind wir froh darüber, dass die Fundis ihren antifeministischen Blödsinn dieses Jahr nicht auf die Straße tragen. Jedoch sind wir uns bewusst, dass patriarchale Strukturen in den Köpfen, sowie in der Gesellschaft weiterleben. Unsere Arbeit ist trotz dieser Absage noch nicht beendet.

Für eine emanzipatorische Praxis!

(de) Die Plattform Ruhr: Wilder Streik von Erntehelfer*innen in Bornheim | Die Plattform Ruhr (ca, en)
Thu May 28 06:36:47 GMT 2020

https://youtu.be/qXt5TcpPoIQ ---- Die plattform - anarchakommunistische Organisation ---- Das was wir am 18. Mai beim wilden Streik der Erntehelfer*innen in Bornheim bei Bonn erlebt haben, lässt sich schwer in Worte fassen. Auch dieses Video kann nur einen kleinen Eindruck von dem herausragenden Charakter dieses Kampfes trasportieren. Die unmenschliche Behandlung der Bosse den Arbeiter*innen gegenüber. Auf der anderen Seite die unglaubliche Wut der Arbeiter*innen über diese Zustände. Die Erschöpfung nach Tagen der Auseinandersetzung, die unendlichen Stunden unter der Prallen Sonne, die sich überschlagenden Ereignisse, die sich stendig verändernde Situation und dann noch die Klassenverräter*innen Cops die ihre Funktion erfüllen und damit auf der Seite der Bosse stehen. Von uns gibt es hier diesmal keine Analyse, keine Auswertung, keine weiteren Überlegungen und keine großen Worte - nur Anerkennung für die Genoss*innen der FAU was sie in diesem Kampf leisten. Sowie die Hoffnung, dass die kleine Gegenmacht von unten die sich hier auftut den Forderungen der Arbeiter*innen zum Durchbruch verhelfen, dass durch diesen Kampf am Ende ein realer materieller Effekt für alle steht. Die gewonnenen Erfahrungen der Solidarität und der Selbstermächtigung lassen sich sowieso nicht mehr nehmen... HOCH MIT DENEN DIE KÄMPFEN! ...

(de) Die Plattform Ruhr Infostand in der Innenstadt trotz Naziangriff
Thu May 28 06:36:39 GMT 2020

Als Plattform Ruhr wollten wir am 22.5. einen Infostand zum Thema "Die Corona-Krise wirft Fragen auf" in der Dortmunder Innenstadt durchführen. ---- Voll beladen mit Tischen, Pavillion, Soundbox und weiteren Materialien kamen wir an der Haltestelle Reinoldikirche mit der Bahn an, als wir auf 3 Faschist*innen trafen. Namentlich Michael Brück, Pascal Ostholte, sowie einer weiteren für uns unbekannten weiblich gelesenen Person. ---- Gegenseitig wurde sich unvermittelt erkannt und einige Anfeindungen ausgetauscht. Beim Aussteigen aus der Bahn kam man sich sehr nahe. Daraufhin schlug Pascal Ostholte einem unserer Genossen, der gerade die Hände mit einer großen Soundbox voll hatte unvermittelt ins Gesicht, woraufhin die Box zu Boden fiel.
Daraufhin verteidigen wir uns, was dazu führte, dass Pascal Ostholte Bekanntschaft mit dem Boden der U44 machte, wobei einer unserer Infotische zu Bruch ging (er konnte die Eröffnung des Infotisches wohl nicht abwarten). Pascal verließ hiernach die U-Bahn schneller als Usain Bolt.

(ca) HIGINIO CARROCERA: IFA: Frente a una crisis de salud global -- [el Estado y el capitalismo no funcionan, la solidaridad sí]
Thu May 28 06:36:11 GMT 2020

La Comisión de Relaciones de la Internacional de Federaciones Anarquistas (IAF-IFA) continúa llevando a cabo sus actividades durante la actual pandemia mundial. En todos los territorios, los delegados de nuestras federaciones se han reunido virtualmente para señalar el compromiso del anarquismo social y organizado en esta crisis mundial. ---- El saqueo y la destrucción de la naturaleza, la explotación y el empobrecimiento de sociedades enteras, las operaciones de guerra, la muerte de millones de personas por hambre y privación, la exclusión y el confinamiento de personas en campos de concentración y prisiones revelan la naturaleza criminal del sistema de estado-capitalista. La brutalidad de este modelo autoritario de organización social se vuelve hoy, dentro de la pandemia global, aún más flagrante.
Mientras nuestros activistas intentan mantener vivo su trabajo social y político en diferentes formas y, principalmente, gracias a la tecnología a pesar de las reglas de confinamiento generalizadas, se han compartido algunas cuestiones comunes, de la siguiente manera:


(ca) Nota de prensa: CGT manifiesta que el fascismo no solo sigue en las calles, sino también en las instituciones
Thu May 28 06:35:58 GMT 2020

Los anarcosindicalistas animan a no perder la esperanza en estos últimos días para volver a tomar las calles ---- La Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) ha emitido un comunicado para denunciar el bochornoso espectáculo de la derecha y la extrema derecha en las calles cuando aún no se ha superado la pandemia provocada por la aparición del Covid-19 en nuestro país y que tantas vidas se ha llevado por delante. ---- CGT ha tildado de "irresponsables patriotas" a quienes envueltos en banderas rojigualdas, a bordo de vehículos de lujo o bien a golpe de cubertería de plata, están poniendo en riesgo la salud del conjunto de la ciudadanía que ha asumido y respetado las normas de las autoridades sanitarias para frenar la expansión de una enfermedad para que todavía, desgraciadamente, no hay una cura y que por lo tanto, nos hace muy vulnerables en caso de producirse un rebrote.

CGT critica que, ante estas conductas de "exaltación patriótica", a estas personas no se les apliquen las leyes mordaza que tanto ...

(en) Britain, anarchist communist group ACG: Food, Health and Capitalism: Covid-19 and Beyond - new ACG pamphlet out soon!
Thu May 28 06:35:45 GMT 2020

This pamphlet goes to the roots of the current pandemic, locating the causes in capitalism, including land use, the way we organise food production, and what we eat. It starts by looking at zoonotic diseases - those that have moved from animals to humans - and discusses how capitalism created the environments for lethal human-animal interactions. It moves on to discuss industrial agriculture, its use of antibiotics, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and its impact on health. The pamphlet then continues with a look at food consumption and the role of capitalism in facilitating not just zoonotic diseases but also non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Unhealthy diets are discussed in the context of food insecurity, domination by global food corporations and class inequality. The pamphlet takes a critical look at meat eating in creating a range of health and environmental issues.

Price: £3.50, including postage, for this 44 page pamphlet.

(en) Greece, liberta salonica: Solidarity with Turkish hunger strikers | March to the Turkish Consulate [machine translation]
Thu May 28 06:35:36 GMT 2020

The state of emergency in Turkey after the failed coup in July 2016 is in full force. The Erdogan regime is trying to purge its internal enemies. But apart from his rivals in the ruling camp, he is attacking the social base, the people of Turkey and their organizations. However, these attacks are not an unprecedented situation for the resistance movement in Turkey. Although Erdogan wants to overcome Kemalism, he is following his worst traditions of dealing with the left in the country. Part of this attack is the case of the revolutionary band Grup Yorum and the "People's Advocates". ---- In recent months, three militants have died after a grueling hunger strike. Help Bölek, singer of Grup Yorum, fell after 288 days of hunger strike. It was followed by fighter Mustafa Koçak after a 297-day hunger strike, with Grup Yorum bassist rahimbrahim Gökçek being the last to die in 323 days. All of them were imprisoned on false charges and tortured several times, while the Turkish state tried to force them to eat, a practice that is also considered torture under international conventions. But none of them bowed. Until the last moment, they remained unwaveringly committed to the cause of the liberation of the working class and the people of Turkey, not hesitating for a moment to give their lives for this purpose. The Turkish state's stance against them is so great that ...


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