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(en) Australia, Anarchist Age Weekly Review Number 613 4th to 10th October 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Wed, 6 Oct 2004 17:16:06 +0200 (CEST)

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It's good to see that the Federal Labor Opposition has adopted the
Gold Medicare Card for people over 75, one of Defend and Extend
Medicare's major recommendations as their central re-election policy.
The thinking behind Defend and Extend Medicare's strategy and policy
initiatives is based on equity. The group was formed around one principle,
that access to health care should be a right not a charity or a luxury.
The health care initiatives that have been implemented by the Howard
government over the past 9 years have destroyed what little equity has
existed in Australia in accessing the health care delivery system.

The Howard government has created a two-tier user payer health
care delivery system that is heavily skewed to publicly subsidise
the health care costs of the richest Australians at the expense of
the rest of the community and the public hospital sector.
Howard's carping about freedom of choice is directly related to the
disposable income people have at their fingertips. The more
people earn, the greater the amount of choice they have. The
introduction of Medibank in 1974 allowed all Australians,
irrespective of where they lived, how much they earned and how
sick they were, access to both the out of hospital private and
public health sector.

The introduction of a Medicare Gold Card for Australians over 75
years of age, a policy initiative that was initially proposed by
Defend and Extend Medicare over a year ago and that has been
aired in a number or pre-selection public forums by Dr. Joseph
Toscano Joint National Convenor of Defend and Extend
Medicare, puts choice and equity back on the political and social

Australians 75 years and over will, if Labor is elected into office on
the 9th of October, be able to access both public and private
hospital networks irrespective of how much disposable income
they have. Their admission to both the public and private hospital
network will be determined on the basis of need, not on the
amount of disposable income they have. Access to the health care
delivery system should be a right that everybody living in this
country should enjoy.

Parliament and the major political parties should not have the
power to turn the tap on and off to suit their short term electoral
strategies. The idea that access to health care is a right that should
be enjoyed by all Australians should be enshrined in the
Australian Constitution.

At the next Federal election in 2007, the question that access to
health care is a right should be put to the Australian people in a
referendum. If the referendum is successful, no future Australian
government will be able to deny citizens access to the health care
delivery system because of their geographical location, how much
they earn or how sick they are.


Family First's entrance into the Australian political arena is an
ominous sign that this country's religious fundamentalists are on
the move. In a worrying trend that is being played out around the
world, religious bigots are attempting to capture State power to
impose their moral viewpoints on all citizens within a particular
country. Muslim fundamentalists, Christian fundamentalists,
Hindu fundamentalists and Jewish fundamentalists are involved
in political struggles that have seen many of them capture State

From Iran, to Israel to the former BJP in India and the Taliban's
Afghanistan, the world has seen what happens when religious
bigots capture State power. The imposition of the moral teachings
of religious groups is nothing new. Human history is littered with
examples of what happens when religious groups capture the
State and use that power to impose their moral codes and religious
teachings on everyone within their sphere of influence.

Tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of people have been
sacrificed and continue to be sacrificed on the altar of religion.
The gains that have been made through the rise of secular
political and social movements that believe that the individual
should be free to pursue cultural, lifestyle and social options that
do not oppress other people are under threat.

Religious bigots who want to use the State apparatus to impose
their views on communities are one of the most serious threats
that 21st century society faces. The resurgence of religious
fundamentalism is a major threat to those freedoms that have
been won as a result of the separation of powers between the State
and religion. The overt political manipulation of the political
process by Family First needs to be exposed for what it is. The
Howard government's exchange of preferences with Family First,
an exchange that was personally negotiated by the Prime
Minister, needs to be placed on the political agenda.

It's important that before the election next Saturday, Australian
electors know what secret deals have been struck between Family
First and the Howard government. Allowing religious bigots to
dictate government policy is a dangerous precedent that will lead
to the loss of many of the freedoms that Australians currently take
for granted.


Remember last year when the former Federal Health Minister Kay
Patterson and the current Health Minister Tony Abbott used all
the means at their disposal, including their very close association
with Murdoch's Melbourne mouthpiece The Herald Sun, to
launch a vicious and scurrilous attack on Defend and Extend
Medicare Australia.

Well it seems that the Howard government is not only willing to
use all the means at its disposal to discredit its critics, it's also
happy to give away taxpayers money to private companies if they
take legal action against the governments critics.

In an extraordinary Cabinet decision made in 2002, the Howard
government gave $36 million to Southern Pacific Petroleum
(SSP), a company that is now in receivership that was attempting
to extract oil from shale in central Queensland on the condition
that they launched legal action against Greenpeace. SSP had
taken legal action in 2000 against Greenpeace when it sought an
injunction to have Greenpeace protestors removed outside its
shale-mining project near Gladstone in central Queensland.

Greenpeace has been involved over the past few years in a
freedom of information search to find documents that could link
the Federal government's grant to S.S.P. in 2002 to it taking legal
action against Greenpeace. In their search for a paper trial, they
have come across an email written by Department of Industry and
Resource Manager Morie Taylor that refers to the Howard
Cabinet giving $36 million to SSP on the condition they launch
legal action against Greenpeace.

Although legal action was never taken because the company went
into receivership, it's extraordinary that Cabinet decided to hand
over $36 million in subsidies to SSP on the condition that it used
some of the money to launch legal action against Greenpeace, a
group that was involved in legal and legitimate protest activity to
stop a company damaging the environment through inappropriate


It's extraordinary to think that the Australian political process is
ultimately based on faith. In an era when the community has
minimal trust in the truthfulness of politicians, they are being
forced by legislation to cast a ballot for a political representative,
who if elected, has no legal, ethical, or moral obligation to honour
one of the plethora of promises they have made.

In no other field of human endeavour, except possibly religion, so
much hinges on blind faith. It's perplexing to think that
democracy rule of the people, by the people, for the people, a
concept that has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with
people governing themselves has been reduced to an act of faith.

Why is it considered to be normal and sane behaviour to hand
over a blank cheque to a political representative at the ballot box,
while it's considered to be insane behaviour to hand out blank
cheques on a street corner. No wonder compulsory voting was
introduced into Australia in 1924. No sane person can be expected
to cast a ballot in a political process that is solely based on faith.

In this election, as in past elections many people won't vote, or
will vote informal because they are not willing to support a system
that is ultimately a farce. Democracy is more than a two minute
ritual that people are forced by legislation to participate in every 3
years. Democracy is based on the idea that people are able to
actively participate in every level of their community. It's based on
the idea that they make the decisions and elect, or appoint
delegates to carry out those decisions, not elect representatives to
make decisions on their behalf.


The community's disgust, disbelief and anger of allegations about
child pornography and child sexual abuse is resulting in people
being publicly named and vilified by the media before charges and
laid. The Anglican Church has at the general synod in Fremantle
supported the idea of adopting a national register of church
workers who have been accused of but have never been charged
with a sexual offence.

Earlier on in the year, the AFL handed over the names of
footballers that were being investigated for a sexual assault case
before charges had been laid. In that case, no charges were ever
laid. The media has publicly named a number of people, including
a teacher in a Catholic school in Melbourne's eastern suburbs,
before charges have been laid.

The understandable community revulsion at the extent of child
sexual abuse and child pornography in the community is being
exploited by a media that has little if any interest in the plight of
the victims and less interest in the rights of people that the
allegations have been leveled at.

The media fed hysteria surrounding the current batch of
allegations paradoxically has the potential to stop charges being
laid against individuals who are currently under investigation by
the police. Trial by media, irrespective of the nature of the
allegations made, should always be taken with a grain of result
because the media plays on the community's disquiet, not
because editors want to help victims or the community decrease
child sexual abuse, but because they want to increase their market
share by exploiting the situation.


A. Jobs, jobs, jobs!! Jobs, jobs, jobs? Yes, jobs, jobs, jobs. Both
the Australian Prime Minister and the Opposition leader are in a
quandary about how to stop the logging of old growth forests. If
they call a halt to logging, the workers involved in the industry will
lose their jobs and their local communities will suffer. The
dilemma faced by the government and the opposition is a very
good example of the limitations of capitalist economics.

An economic system that is based on both a wage system and the
need to continually increase profits, irrespective of the human and
social costs, cannot deal adequately with environmental questions.
Workers who lose their jobs in a capitalist society normally only
have 6 to 8 weeks cash in reserve. If they can't find another job,
they face financial ruin. Trade unions have no incentive to work
for environmental solutions, if they did, their members would be
put out on the scrap heap by companies that must consider their
bottom line if they want to continue trading.

In an anarchist society, the economic system is based on the
satisfaction of human needs, not the creation of profits for profits
sake. In an anarchist community people share in the
'commonwealth' because they are a member of that community,
not because of what they do in that community. An anarchist
society has the flexibility to make radical changes in the way it
approaches particular decisions because no ones livelihood is
effected if they are no longer required to perform particular tasks.

If a group of workers within an anarchist community are
performing works that endangers the environment, they can stop
what they're doing and be retrained to do another job. At no time
is their livelihood affected because as a member of that
community they continue to share in the commonwealth
produced by that community. An economic system that is based
on satisfying real human needs and is not tied into the wage
system is one way communities can look after the environment
and the interests of the people living in that community.


The election on the 9th of October is a watershed election because
it provides an opportunity for electors to raise questions about the
democratic process.

Joseph Toscano and Steve Reghenzani are standing as Senate
candidates in Victoria on the platform of encouraging people to
follow their conscience when they cast their ballot this Saturday. If
electors think exercising two minutes of illusory power is what
democracy is all about, then they should vote for the candidates of
their choice, giving their representative power to make decisions
on their behalf for the next three years. If they're happy giving a
politician a blank cheque for the next three years to act in
parliament on their behalf, they shouldn't expect too much from
their participation in the political process, because real power does
not lie in parliament it lies in the boardrooms of national and
transnational corporations. If their political representatives
pre-election wish list, threaten the power of this very small
minority, it's highly likely that irrespective of how many people
voted and whoever is elected into office their promises will never
see the light of day.

This year as in the 2001 election Mr. Stephen Reghenzani will be
voting informal and Dr. Joseph Toscano will not be voting. They
will be promoting direct democracy as an alternative to
parliamentary rule. Although standing as a Senate candidate Dr
Joseph Toscano is not on the electoral roll. Although not on the
electoral roll he is entitled to stand as a senate candidate as a
consequence of Section 34 of the Australian Constitution that
allows Australians who are entitled to vote who are not on the
electoral roll to stand for parliament.

Dr. Toscano also believes that although compulsory voting was
introduced 80 years ago and that under the Commonwealth
Electoral Act, Section 245(1), 'It shall be the duty of every elector
to vote at each election', that this section of the electoral act is
unconstitutional because under Section 41 of the Australian
Constitution, voting is a right.

As the difference between a 'right' and a 'duty' is choice, the
Commonwealth parliament may not have had the power to
introduce compulsory voting in 1924.

Interestingly although both candidates have been dismissed in the
past as 'irrelevant crackpots', more and more Australians are
listening to what they are saying. At the last Federal Election in
2001 the informal vote for the senate in Victoria rose to an
extraordinary 5.6%.

The national informal senate vote was just 3.2%. The Victorian
Senate informal vote was about 60% high than in any other State
of the Commonwealth. The significant difference between the
Victorian informal senate vote and the informal senate vote of the
rest of the country, was most likely due to the fact that no other
candidates in Australia conducted a vote informal campaign
during the 2001 Federal election.

Politics is more than a triennial ritual. What types of laws are
passed, how society functions are determined by the day-to-day
participation of ordinary citizens in the political process. Reforms
and political change does not come from just casting a ballot, it
comes from people becoming involved in public meetings,
demonstrations, vigils, strikes, work to rule campaigns,
occupations and a host of other extra parliamentary activities. The
more politically active Australian citizens become, the more
reforms and political changes will occur in this country.

The Massacre Begins

Within a few minutes the mounted troops and police had
surrounded the Stockade, escape became difficult, surrender was
impossible. Lalor, although his shoulder had been shattered,
advised the remainder of the miners to flee before he was hidden
under a pile of wooden slabs while the battle raged around him.
Those miners that tried to escape were shot down, those that held
their ground were soon overpowered by the better armed and
more numerous government force. Within 20 minutes of the
battle beginning, the miners had been routed.

Captain Ross, the bridegroom of the Southern Cross, lay seriously
wounded at the foot of the hastily erected flagpole. Peter Lalor
continued to hide under the wooden slabs he was placed under.
The air was filled with the groans and screams of the dying and
wounded. Mainly the 112-foot soldiers from the 12th and 40th
Regiment had conducted the battle. The mounted soldiers and
police as well as the 34-foot police had played a minimal role in
the initial assault. Three, foot soldiers Michael Rooney, Joseph
Wall and William Webb had been killed, 12 were injured. Captain
Wise, the second in command lay on the ground seriously

As the battle proper drew to a close, the butchery began, it
continued for up to 1.5 hours after the battle had ended. Innocent
bystanders up to a half a mile from the Stockade became targets
for a police force that was intent on reeking revenge for the
humiliations they had suffered at the hands of the miners. What
began as a battle, ended as a police riot and massacre. The bodies
of dead and dying miners were pierced with countless bayonet

The attacking soldiers fought with some discipline, the police ran
riot. 15 of them bayoneted the body of John Hafele, the
blacksmith who had the top of his skull slashed off by Lieutenant
Richards' sabre, as he attacked Richards and his horse with one of
his own home made pikes. Police parties, both mounted and on
foot, roamed the area for the next 90 minutes shooting men on
sight, ordering women and children out of their tents and setting
fire to them while wounded miners lay in them.

Only about 15 miners had been killed during the actual battle
about another 15 to 20 others were killed by rioting police once
the battle had ended and at least 6 innocent bystanders were
bayoneted and shot dead by the 'Joes'. ('Joes' -slang used by the
miners that was interchangeable with the word police - derived
from the middle name of Victoria's 1st Governor Charles Joseph
LaTrobe, the Governor who established the colonies reformed and
new police force in 1853).

NEXT WEEK: The Massacre Continues

History of Humanity from Antiquity to the Present'
By ROY PORTER, Harper Collins 1997, ISBN 000 215173 1

Time, time, time is the critical element you need to read this
extraordinary 831-page treatise on the role of medicine in human
history. Roy Porter dips into a medical swamp pulling out gems
that would gladden the heart and stir the soul of anyone who has
even the slightest interest in history. Medicine is given its rightful
place in the march of human progress. Lay healers jostle for their
place in history with professional quacks, religious bigots,
charlatans, innovators, self-promoters and men and women of

The epidemic, the single greatest product of human civilisation is
given its rightful place in the annals of human history. The
microbe, the hidden hand behind extraordinary military successes
and the failures are exposed to the light of day. Napoleon's
triumphant march into Moscow thwarted by Typhus, Nelson's
victory at Waterloo, a victory for lemons rather than a victory for
the British. The European discovery of the 'New World' was
followed by an exchange of microbes between two cultures that
saw Europe export measles, tuberculosis and smallpox in
exchange for syphilis.

The book ploughs through disease after disease, putting into
context practices that seem bizarre today but perfectly normal if
viewed in their social and historical context. Biological warfare
didn't begin when squatters gave smallpox-encrusted blankets to
Australia's indigenous people. It began in the origins of the Great
Pestilence 1347-1351 that killed over 20 million in Western
Europe alone. It originated in China and spread to Europe as a
consequence of fighting between Tartars and Genoese merchants
in Crimea. Plague forced the Tartars to raise their siege of the
Italian merchants in the citadel at Kaffa. As they lifted their siege,
they catapulted corpses of plague victims into the citadel infecting
the Christian traders. When the Genoese escaped in their galleys,
they brought the plague to Messina and Genoa. The rest is

The mind, the body, Indian, Muslim, New World medicine,
surgery, anatomy, philosophers, quacks, the role of medicine in
human history from Mesopotamia to modern theories about
sexuality and the triumph of the surgical model in the late 20th
century western medicine, are just a few of the many topics raised
and covered in this extraordinary melding of thousands of years of
humanity's struggle against mortality. This is one of those books
that anybody interested in the human condition needs to read,
digest, remember and use.

I obtained a hardcover copy of this marvellous addition to the
human story for AUD$9.95 from a bookseller who had despaired
of selling it at its marked price of AUD$54.95. On the book jacket
it states that it normally retails for 24 English pounds and 99

'The Greatest Benefit to Mankind' is a wonderful Reference book
for those who don't want to waste their lives browsing through
libraries or looking for the information they want on the world
wide web.


Spring is late this year, or has it arrived on time? I don't know if
you've noticed but this year's winter rains have unleashed a flurry
of activity. Plants, that for years struggle to survive, have put on a
spectacular show. One little bush that I thought was going
nowhere has put out a profusion of perfectly symmetrical red
flowers. Others have sprung up in areas where nothing has
bloomed before. When you think about it, it's amazing how a little
steady rain can unlock life that for all intentional purposes didn't

For generations human beings have relied on these natural cycles.
The rain came, the land bloomed, insects, plants, ocean life and
the animals prospered. Human beings took advantage of the
natural bounty, reproduced and flourished. The groups that
incorporated the vagaries of nature in their cultural memories
survived and prospered. Those that forgot died. The elderly's
experience earned them an important cultural position in their
community. The good times followed the bad, the bad the good.
When the creek beds dried up, the elderly knew where the
waterholes would be. Cycles in cycles were incorporated in the
pattern of everyday life.

Genetic changes were slowly incorporated into people's D.N.A.
People that were genetically predisposed to deal with the boom
bust natural cycles passed on this advantage to the next
generation. Human beings adapted genetically to deal with the
vagaries of the natural cycle.

The march of civilisation has paradoxically been both a boom and
a curse. Clean water from taps, an abundance of food in every
season. People that can't genetically cope with a constant
abundance of food, battle with the processed richness of post
modern every day life.

Obesity has become the number 1 health problem in large parts of
the Third World and the poorer sections of Western society.
Diabetes, heart disease, renal failure, the legacy of a society that
has created abundance by manipulating natural cycles to create
ever expanding pools of profit. Capitalism triumphs, human
beings LIVE-LONGER, become sicker, indigenous populations and the
Third World are plunged into a crisis that humanity's genes are
not able to cope with.

Welcome to the 21st century, the century when nature will strike
back, the rains will come and go and the human race will be called
on to pay the price for a culture that destroys everything to create
ever increasing profits for a diminishing but increasingly powerful
ruling class.


I've been surprised at the tepid and one-dimensional debate
surrounding the election that has been conducted in the pages of
The Sunday Age over the past 6 weeks. Every major
commentator, including experienced hands like Michelle Gratton
and Terry Lane, assume that the Federal election had something
to do with the democratic process 'rule of the people by the people
for the people'.

Democratic democracy is little more than 2-minutes of illusory
power. Every 3 years, Australians of voting age are forced by
legislation to turn up at the polling booths. The more sensible
among them stay away or have their names crossed off and do not
cast a ballot or vote informal. The rest, about 90% of registered
voters and around 80% of eligible voters (about 10% of voters who
are eligible to vote do not register), take a huge leap of faith. Every
3 years they give representatives a blank cheque to make decisions
on their behalf for the next 3 years. If their representatives don't
keep one of their promises, there is nothing they can do about it
for another 3 years.

What is extraordinary about this process, is that people still get
excited about voting, believing how they cast their ballots will
determine what happens to them for the next 3 years.
Unfortunately real power doesn't lie in parliament; it lies in the
boardrooms of both national and transnational corporations.

Irrespective of what the professional politicians promise,
irrespective of who is elected into office, what promises are kept
are determined not by people casting a ballot in a tri-annual ritual,
but by people becoming involved in the day to day affairs of the
communities they live and work in. Pushing and shoving
becoming involved in demonstrations, picket lines, vigils, strikes
and occupations, the greater the political pressure they are able to
exert on their relatively powerless political representatives, the
more reforms and benefits will be wrested from those who wield
real power in Australian society.

Joseph TOSCANO / Libertarian Workers For A Self-Managed


-L'HOMME LIBRE, No.179 APRIL/JUNE. '04, Recherche d'une
psychologie libertatrice, Marcel Renoulet, B.P. 205-42005,
Saint-Etienne, FRANCE. Cep.hommelibre@laposte

-TIERRA Y LIBERTAD No.193 AUG 2004, Periodico
Anarquista, Apartado 7.056 de Madrid, 28080 SPAIN,
Tel:917970424, Fax:915052183, tierraylibertad@nodo50.org

-UMANITA NOVA Vol 84 No.26 EL 6TH SEPT 2004,
Settimanale Anarchico, C.50 Palermo 46, 10152, Torino ITALY.
tel/fax (011) 857850 Mobile 338-6594361 email:fat@inrete.it


Vol.29, No.7 July 2004, P.O. Box 1911, Sante Fe NM
87504-1911, UNITED STATES.

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The govt allowed refugees' claims to be assessed by a racist who
had formerly worked for an Afghan warlord & supporter of Osama
bin Laden, according to a new report. The Aust Financial Review
reported members of Aust's Afghan community as saying that
during the 80s Malyar Dehsabzi worked for warlord Ghulbuddin
Hekmatyar. The report also said Dehsabzi was hostile to the
Hazara minority. Despite his background & views, Dehsabzi was
employed by the immigration dept as an interpreter at Aust's
refugee detention centre on Nauru, handling appeals for asylum
by Afghan Hazaras. An Int'l Org for Migration officer who worked
on Nauru at the time told the AFR: "Interpreters were assigned 15
or so cases at a time. Malyar would regularly declare 10 out of his
15 to be Pakistani. Other interpreters found either none or one at
most." "The consequences of a declaration of ethnicity could
prove fatal to an asylum seeker's chances of finding protection in
Aust, b/c these remarks would become part of the application
process." In the second half of 02, with the govt's launch of its
plan to voluntarily repatriate Afghan asylum seekers, Dehsabzi
was also said to have sent emails to people in Nauru falsely
claiming that Afghanistan was "peaceful and safe". (Source:
Green Left Weekly)

The govt offered a $36 million annual grant to an oil company, on
condition that it sue an environmental group, according to an
email obtained under freedom of information laws. The email by
Marie Taylor, the Department of Industry, Tourism & Resources
manager, refining & fuels, referred to a 2002 cabinet decision to
provide Southern Pacific Petroleum with the subsidy "subject to
SPP taking legal action against Greenpeace." (Source: The Age)
A Redfern police Aboriginal liasion officer says his house was
burned down & the police made death threats to try & stop him
coming speaking at an enquiry into the death of local teenager TJ
Hickey. Paul Wilkinson, a civilian employed by the police to
promote better relations with the Aboriginal community also said
1 constable said when he heard a scream: "I hope it was a coon
underneath our tyres." Another liasion officer, Derek Wilson,
criticised the police's internal report, which found police didn't
receive enough warning of the riot that followed TJ's death. Mr
Wilson says he warned Inspector Bob Emery trouble was brewing
more than 24 hours before the riot. (Source: Courier-Mail, ABC
News website)

Private schools have not used govt funding to reduce fees & so
allow them to take students from less wealthy families but to
"position themselves in the market" for rich families, a new study
has found. The study by the Aust Nat'l University & the Uni of
Canberra looked at how govt policy has affected the growth of
private schools. The study said the growth in the number of
students attending 'independent' schools has far outstripped either
public or Catholic schools, with such schools using their funding
"to position themselves in the market for high-SES
(socio-economic status) students". The study warned, unless the
trend is reversed, the public school system may cease to be viable.
Aust Secondary Principals Ass president Ted Brierley said govt
schools were unable to meet national schooling goals b/c they
received about $2000 less per student than non-govt schools.
(Source: The Age)

A Filipino man has lost his job with a pharmaceutical
multinational, b/c he married a woman who worked for a rival
firm. The man was transferred from his job with Glaxowellcome,
after first being told his wife should quit her job. He's lost a court
case challenging the policy. (Source: The Age) QUOTE OF THE
WEEK: "In order to become the master, the politician poses as
the servant." Charles DeGaulle. More quotes
-www.apolitical.info/quotes Whenever people say 'We mustn't be
sentimental,' you can take it they are about to do something cruel.
And if they add 'We must be realistic,' they mean they are going
to make money out of it." Brigid Brophy. "You hear about
'constitutional rights,' 'free speech,' & the 'free press'. Every time
I hear these words I say to myself, 'That man is a Red....' You
never hear a real American talk like that." US politician Frank

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Awarded to the fourth estate for their one-dimensional value
encrusted monologue on the tri-annual two-minute exercise in
futility that is laughingly called democracy - the Federal election.


VIC, AUSTRALIA Email: asf-east@yahoo.com.au Web:
www.asf.anarki.net Anarcho-syndicalism - Rank & file unionism
with no bosses or bureaucrats. Do away with capitalism & the
State but build up a libertarian alternative in the meantime


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We now have a Trivial Pursuit Master to organise the questions
and festivities.


We NEED A HALL IN MELBOURNE - Can anyone help?

(We are looking for a hall that has tables and chairs for at least
150) We need YOU to organise a table of 10. Cost for a table of 10
= $100. If you can't organise a table, don't worry, cost per person
$15 - (wage earners) -$10 - (non wage earners)

We are taking advance bookings from now. Make out cheques or
money orders to LIBERTARIAN WORKERS and send to PO
BOX 20, PARKVILLE 3052, VICTORIA I f you can help with
the venue / hall call us ASAP ON 03 8508 9856 OR Email us at




(Cnr Stawell & Eureka St) BALLARAT

To celebrate the 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE EUREKA
REBELLION at the site and time it occurred. Community
breakfast after dawn gathering. 9.00am - Walk to the Old Ballarat
Cemetery to pay our respect to the dead, then we walk through
Ballarat to Bakery Hill to reaffirm the Eureka oath, then we will
walk back to Eureka Park for a community lunch and conver

Email: anarchistage@yahoo.com

Write: P.O. BOX 20, Parkville, Victoria, AUSTRALIA For a
poster, pass it on to your friends. Join us on the day. Reclaim your
history, change the future. Join us at Ballarat at 4.00am on
FRIDAY 3RD DECEMBER 2004 If You Like What You Have
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