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From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 14:34:54 +0100 (CET)

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From: Andrew <andrew-A-flag.blackened.net> Hi folks,
I seem to have forgotten top post a 'what new' listing since late Oct. Sorry for this,
lots of new pages sincde and also a bit of a new look with the addition of some new banners etc.
All pages can be accessed via http://struggle.ws/new.html
Information for Irish women about abortion services in the UK and Europe
This website has been set up by pro-choice activists to provide Irish
women information about abortion services in the UK and Europe
Looking like a right tit
What Janet Jackson's breast tells us about the Bush White House. And why
anyone believing the nonsense of the Bush Junta suffers from a massive
failure of intelligence...
A Whiter shade of White
An article on the whitewash called the Hutton Report. Did not predict the
extent of the backlash as it was written the day after it came out.
Building the new world...
On why anarchists should support co-operatives as a practical alternative
to privitisation and nationalisation.
There is power in a union!
A few comments on anarchism and the labour movement, with some suggestions
of what we should be doing to spread anarchist ideas in it.
After the New Economy
A review of Doug Henwood's excellent new book on the US bubble of the
1990's. Highly recommended.
"How Revolutions must not be made" -- and the alternative
A review of two recent reprints of anarchist classics: Emma Goldman's "My
Disillusionment in Russia" and a collection of Peter Kropotkin essays
called "Anarchism." Both are essential reading for anarchists today.
The question of how we get to a primitivist utopia
Primitivists don't want to go back to the Stone Age, they just imply they
do. They also consider peasant life a "return to a life of drudgery," but
also "argue for" it.
Diary on Irish racism
This is an unofficial account of some events, political decisions, and
actions related to the rise in racism in Ireland from 1997 to 2000.
Nigeria's police: The horrifying truth
Article was written by Ede Ahmed an asylum seeker based in Ireland.with
the intention of highlighting the reasons why the Minister of Justive is
not justified in colluding with the corrupt Nigerian police
Tunde Adekiyesi
Arrested at Dublin Airport for apparently having no ID,, charged under the
Illegal Aliens Act, 1935. He works at Dublin Airport packing in-flight
30 days in prison for wanting to see his child
Steve Oladeja was a policeman in Nigeria. He had moral objections to
enforcing the murderous policies of the then government, and was
imprisoned in horrific conditions after voicing his objections, and
refusing orders
Ike Vincent
Jailed for committing the 'impossible crime'
Anarchism and the European Union
An index of articles and links on the European Union and opposition to the
construction of a bosses Europe. Includes details of forthcoming protests
in Ireland.

Index of Workers Solidarity for 2004
Including the latest issue
PDF file of Workers Solidarity no 79
For you to print out

A busy year for the anarchist bogeyman
On virtually every occasion that anarchists were mentioned in the media in
2003, it was in the context of a scare story about threatened violence.
The reality of anarchist activity was far, far different. While we were
arrested, fined, injuncted and jailed in significant numbers for taking
part in peaceful protests, we did not thrown a blow at a single person.
Never once were we given a chance to give our side of the story.
Anarchism on the Move
Kieron Barry reviews 2003, a busy year for Irish Anarchists. A small but
growing number of anarchists are building opposition to the status quo
based on the politics of freedom and equality
Thats capitalism
Health, education, housing, employers and MEP's
Bertie's European Act
Over the next six months you will be hearing a lot about the European
Union (EU). Part of the reason for this is that Ireland is taking over
'The Presidency' of the EU, but the other part is that in June elections
will be held for the European 'parliament' in Brussels.
The final victory will be the people's
An interview with Farzad, an Iranian Dissident in Exile in Ireland.
Restlesness in the Andes
The Bolivian people suffer from one of the most blatant and shameless
exploitations in the world by both their local and foreign rulers. They
have a long tradition of organisation and direct action.
Book Review - Do or Die - vol 10
Voices from the Ecological Resistance
An important principle of anarchism and one that more than any other
differentiates it from other types of socialism is its emphasis on freedom
and non-hierarchical social relations. Central to anarchism is the
rejection of any power hierarchy between men and women.
The Fight for a Free Iraq
What is life like for the Iraqi workers caught under the occupation and
all too often in the cross-fire? The US/UK occupying force is not too
happy that Iraqi workers are organizing themselves rather then obeying the
puppet Iraqi Governing Council
Wages Up 23%!
(of course not - only the bin-tax jumps up like that) The anti-bin tax
campaign fought a long, hard struggle in 2003 involving pickets, blockades
in estates and outside depots.
Glossary of terms used on this web site
The start of what should expand into a detailed glossary of terms used on
this site of particular use to those outside of Ireland
We were right all along
An overview of what has happened in Iraq, indicating that anarchist
analysis and predictions have, sadly, been confirmed.
Kilroy-Silk is an idiot
A few comments on Kilroy-Silk's racist article on Arabs and why freedom of
speech must be defended while combating bigotry.
Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia...
On Rumsfeld revising history in September 2003 to deny he ever said the
Iraqi's would welcome the US invasion with open arms.
Out by 20 years...
An analysis of Bush's 2004 "State of the Union" address. Exposes its
hypocrisy and suggests it is even more Orwellean that we have come to
expect from him.
Something to really swear about!
A few comments on the insulting and illogical "oath" the Blairites want to
make immigrants swear.
Letter to Anarchy (1)
Replying to distortions by one of the then two editors of the UK's "Green
Anarchist" magazine on the Scottish Anarchists. Then a discussion why the
unabomber is not an anarchist and why "primitivism" is flawed. From 2000
(I think)
Letter to Anarchy (2)
Replying to the pretty crap responses of Bob Black and the editor of
"Green Anarchist" to my first letter. Discussing the authoritarian and
down-right sick ideas of "Green Anarchist." Again, from 2000.
Letter to Anarchy (3)
Replying to (the just as bad as the first one) response of Black and the
(then) other editor of "Green Anarchist"). Indicating that even their
attempts to distance themselves from their original ideas fails. Again,
from 2000.
Making history or just repeating it?
A plea for Marxists to stop repeating the mistakes of history and for them
to reject parliamentarianism. The alternative is community and workplace
organisation and struggle.
Fight Fibs! Fight Inventions!
A short article pointing out the lies of the UK based Revolutionary
Communist Group and the fact they did not print my letter refuting them.
Free Trade benefits all?
A short article from 1999 looking at growth in Brasil to see the effects
of "globalisation"
Clinton, workers' rights and reality
A short article written after the Seattle protests showing how direct
action, not discussing "Labour standards" at the WTO, was the only way to
improve workers' rights.
Italian Syndicalism and Fascism
Article refuting Bob Black's claims that the "Italian syndicalists mostly
went over to Fascism." In fact, they fought fascism tooth and nail.
Printed in Black Flag 217
Reply to Bob Black
Letter in reply to Black's comments on the article "Italian Syndicalism
and Fascism." From Black Flag 219
N30 in London
My experiences at the N30 demo in London. From 1999.
Reaping the profits
On the Bush Junta's barring non-Coalition based companies from contracts
in Iraq.
What a surprise!
A short piece on why lack of WMD protection of UK troops shows that either
Blair is a liar or his is really evil.
What a surprise! (long version!)
On how the recent announcement that British troops invaded Iraq without
WMD shows that Blair lies. Plus the Bush Junta's announcement that it
would bar companies from non-Coalition states from tendering for Iraqi
reconstruction contracts shows that plunder was the real reason.
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining
In spite of the lack of WMD in Iraq, corporations are making money out of
the search for them.
The return of Mini-Me...
On how the US has replaced Saddam's dictatorship by its own.
Doing our job for us...
An article on how New Labour has confirmed the anarchist case against the
state. What better advertisement for libertarian ideas can there be than
1 in 5
More 1 person in 5 are live in poverty in the UK. 1 in 5 workers have
suffered a pay cut in the last 10 years. Strong unions stop this. Time to
1 in 5 (longer version)
More of the same, plus more on social perspectives under new Labour and
the self-defeating nature of "individualism"
Capitalism is losing its Barings?
Old article (early 1990s) on globalisation and what it means for social
Anarchist Organisation and the Organisation of Anarchists
An article from the early 1990s on ideas how the Glasgow Anarchist Group
should organise itself.
Bakunin and the Invisible Legions, revisited
Lengthy article on Bakunin's "invisible dictatorship." How Marxists quote
out of context to smear his ideas and anarchism in general.
Lula's "Tropical Blairism" in Brazil
On Lula's continual right-wing fall into opportunism. Anarchism vindicated
yet again.
Text of a leaflet explaining the anarchist origins of May Day.
Wildfire reply (sent)
Reply to the primitivist Wildfire collective's letters on my critiques of
their Bulletins. Concentrates on the 9key issues why primitivism is pants.
Sent to Freedom.
Wildfire reply (Unsent)
Long reply to the primitivist Wildfire collective's letters on my
critiques of their Bulletins. Not sent as replying in kind to their
insults hide the real issues.
One people! One planet! One struggle!
Text of an anti-fascist leaflet handed out in Glasgow
Draft SFA aims and principles, including preamble.
I was involved in drafting these Aims and Principles for an anarchist
federation in Scotland in the early 1990s.
Nevermind the Ballots!
Short anti-election leaflet from 1997. New Labour got in and proved it
Wishes of pregnant girl must come first says pro-choice group
The pro-choice group 'Alliance for Choice' today said that the case of the
pregnant 14 year old girl in the care of the Midland Health Board again
shows how the ban on abortion in Ireland creates huge problems for women
with crisis pregnancies, and for those responsible for the care of girls
with crisis pregnancies.
Small bin tax victory in Dun Laoghaire
Every Wednesday morning I arise at 7 am. Our mission to make sure that
every bin on the Granville Road, Doonsalla, Watsons road is lifted whether
they have paid some, all or no bin tax.
Red and Black Revolution
Indes of all issues of this Irish anarchist magazine
Red and Black Revolution No 7
PDF file of Red And Black Revolution 7
Has the Black Block tactic reached the end of its usefulness? by Severino
(Barricada Collective)
As class struggle anarchists who recognize the importance of a diversity
of tactics in order to attack Capital, the State, and oppression in an
effective manner, we see the black bloc as an important tool of struggle.
Only one tool among many, but an important one nonetheless.
Where to Now? Anti-capitalist protest - global and local by Gregor Kerr
It is certainly hard to avoid the conclusion that anti-globalisation
protests that avoid direct action will kill off the movement, or at least
greatly reduce participation in it.
Repressing Abortion in Ireland by Mary Favier (Doctors For Choice)
The Republic of Ireland has one of the most draconian abortion laws in the
world. At present abortion may only be performed where continuation of
pregnancy poses a 'real and substantial' risk to a pregnant woman's life -
about 5 cases per year of 50,000 pregnancies
Direct Action against the war in Ireland by Andrew Flood
In every country after February 15th the anti-war movement was thus faced
with the question of what to do next. In Ireland almost all of the direct
action protests were targeted on Shannon airport. More than half dozen
successful actions took place, ranging from a large scale breach of the
fence in October, to physical attacks on planes as the build up to war
The IAWM's dismal leadership" A critique of the politics of Trotskyism by
Dec McCarthy
After months of regularly attending the Irish Anti-War Movement's marches
and particularly after months of listening to the speeches of the leading
lights of the IAWM my head is buzzing with cant and rhetoric and I have
that dejected feeling you get when you know you have just lost a chance
that won't be coming around again for a long time.
Industrial Collectivisation during the Spanish Revolution by Deirdre Hogan
Within hours of the start of the Spanish revolution workers had seized
control of 3000 enterprises. This included all public transportation
services, shipping, electric and power companies, gas and water works,
engineering and automobile assembly plants, mines, cement works, textile
mills and paper factories, electrical and chemical concerns, glass bottle
factories and perfumeries, food processing plants and breweries.
If you want to create Socialism - it must be based on Freedom by James
Anarchists also seek to create communism. But for us freedom plays a
central role, not only in the future society, but in how we try to get
there. That is why, when we talk of communism, we talk of libertarian
Open Borders: The case against immigration controls reviewed by Conor
Most mainstream groups eventually come down clearly in favour of
immigration controls and deportations, though arguing for "generosity."
This book takes a position that so far has only won over a small but
growing minority and argues for the immediate ending of all border
The trouble with Islam by Andrew Flood
The September 11 attacks, the Afghan war that followed from it and the
ongoing war in Israel/Palestine have once again raised the issue of Islam
in the minds of many anarchists in Ireland and Britain. Not just because
of the role Islam has in shaping those conflicts but also because militant
Islam has become a far more noticeable presence on solidarity
Dec 6 2003 - Blockade of Shannon warport (with photos)
December 6th saw the largest anti-war demonstration at Shannon airport
since Aprilof last year. Some 400 people took part in what the Irish Anti
War Movement (IAWM) had advertised as a blockade of the airport.
Marxism or Anarchism?
A talk given as part of a debate organised by the Trotskyist party
"Alliance for Workers' Liberty." A basic introduction to why anarchism is
better than Leninism.
The integrity of protest, the hypocrisy of power
A few comments on the rhetoric used by Bush and Blair before the latter's
state visit to London in November. Why the protestors were right, in other
Fawkes pas...
The irony of the Scottish Socialist Party's attempts to appropriate
libertarian rhetoric in the run up to Guy Fawkes night.
A second letter to FRFI on the Makhnovists
Correcting why more Leninist lies about the Makhnovists, this time by the
UK based RCG.
Letter to Weekly Worker (4)
Yet more on the Russian Revolution and whether paraphrasing Bakunin means
breaking with "consistent anti-statism"
Letter to Weekly Worker (5)
Replying to disgraceful revising of history by a Marxist about the
Makhnovists as well as clarifying why a free federation of workers'
councils can never be a state.
Critique of Green and Black Bulletin no. 1
Letter to Freedom critiquing the first primitivist bproudhon2.htmlulletin
published in its papers. Discusses why primitivism is silly.
Critique of Green and Black Bulletin no. 2
Letter to Freedom replying to a primitivist article on why "mass society"
must be destroyed. Exposing its contradictions as well as its
Letter to Freedom on class struggle (1)
Old letter on why class and class struggle are key ideas in anarchism.
Letter to Freedom on class struggle (2)
Another old letter on why class and class struggle are key ideas in
Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (1)
An old letter from 1999 defending anarchist ideas about private property
from attacks by a mutualist-anarchist (who later rejected anarchism to
become an "anarcho"-capitalist)
Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (2)
More clarification from 1999 on the anarchist position on private
property, showing that to call two different things as possession and
private property the same name is a bad idea...
Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (3)
More from 1999. Correcting an obvious distortion of Proudhon's ideas by
his mutualist "defender" as well as repeating the anarchist case against
private property and for possession. And why anarchists should be
(libertarian) communists.
Letter on Property and Anarchist Communism (4)
Yet more from 1999. Refuting the claims that Proudhon wanted private
property (as opposed to possession) in land. A discussion on resource use
in communist-anarchism and why private property and anarchism do not go
Letter on why "property is despotism"
Another old letter to freedom on why "anarcho"-capitalist denial of "group
issues" generates despotism, not freedom. Shows why capitalism and
anarchism do not go together. Also shows that Somalia is hardly the
capitalist system "anarcho"-capitalists like to say it is.
Letter on "Capitalist Acts" in anarchy
Yet another old letter to Freedom on why an anarchist society need not
fear "capitalist acts" between people. Also on how capitalism bans
"capitalist acts" between people every day, not to mention socialist acts,
on private property. Plus how capitalism was, in fact, the product of
state violence.
Big Black Coffin laying on the steps of Greek house
Report on Dublin solidarity protest with Thessaloniki 7
[The anarchists are coming]
PDF file on bin tax including the articles below
Sunday Independent claims anarchists are 'infiltrating' bin tax campaign
The mouthpiece of millionaire Tony O'Reilly, the Sunday Independent, got
terribly excited when it 'discovered' there were anarchists involved in
the bin tax campaign
Service Charges Taking from the poor to give to the rich
One of the main reasons that we are fighting against the bin tax is
because it is another attempt to transfer wealth from workers to the rich
Government announces new 'turd tax'
Minister for the environment Martin Cullen today announced a new tax on
visits to the toilet, which has already been dubbed the 'turd tax'.
Anarchists, the bin tax & direct action
There are many political groups and individuals involved in the campaign
against the bin tax. Many of them see the campaign as little more than a
way of getting votes in the local elections of June 2004.
The Bin Tax & Privatisation
It is no secret that the government wants to privatise the bin service in
Dublin. The service has already been privatised in thirty-seven Local
Authorities around the country
Cork Against the Bin Tax
The campaign in Cork and contact detials for anarchists active in the
campaign in Dublin\
Class, Ecology and the bin tax
As long as we live in a world ruled by a small elite that not only has the
wealth to escape from environmental degradation but actually makes a
bigger profit by not doing anything about it the 'environmental problem'
will never be solve
Ballyphehane organises against the service charges
About 30 people gathered in the Ballyphehane Community centre in Cork on
Monday night to discuss opposition to the latest threat by the city
council to begin non-collection of refuse.
Workers Solidarity 78
PDF file of WS78
1 (no) law for the rich
The last months in Dublin have seen the jailing of ordinary working class
people for protesting against the bin tax. A tax whose introduction was
not only opposed by most people but which tens of thousands are refusing
to pay.
Palestine and the International Solidarity Movement
The ISM has had a good deal of success in helping out in some of the day
to day situations faced by ordinary Palestinians
Thinking about anarchism - Unequal power, unequal pay
During the year a spate of reports have 'discovered' what a lot of workers
already know - that equal pay for equal work just doesn't exist.
Robert Emmet and the rising of 1803
A review of the book by Ruan O' Donnell on the 1803 rising
Debate on Iraq war
An (Iraqi) Kurd living in Ireland replies to us on democracy and the war
in Iraq. This is a longer version of his letter than the one that appears
in the printed/PDF editions
The Social Forums: Abandon or Contaminate?
The social forums can be stage-managed election and recruitment platforms
for authoritarians and reformists. At the same time the social forums have
attracted hundreds of thousands of people seeking a way to change the
world we live in
Bin Tax - what has been going on
The campaign against the bin-tax in Dublin has seen an upsurge of
community resistance to the government
Chile: 30 years of 9-11 protests
Throughout the country Chileans commemorate September 11th 1973, the day
of Pinochets bloody (US facilitated) coup. This is a longer version of the
article than the one that appears in the printed/PDF editions
"Direct Action" and "A Day Mournful and Overcast"
We review two Anarchist History Pamphlets from the Kate Sharpley Library-
HASC meetings in Cork
About fifty people gathered in Mayfield GAA club in the first of a series
of meetings re launching the campaign against the refuse charges in Cork
city. This is a longer version of the article than the one that appears in
the printed/PDF editions
That's Capitalism
>From schools to napalm capitalism makes a mess of the world
David Begg: Bertie's new partner
ICTU general secretary David Begg condemned the anti-bin tax campaign. He
did this at the same time that the state was jailing protesters and
refusing to collect rubbish from thousands of households in Dublin.


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