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(en) US, Fresno, CA. Goals and Manifesto of "Occupied Territory" Anarchist Gathering June 18-20th

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2004 09:32:24 +0100 (CET)

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Goals of Occupied Territory:
1.) To create a ‘Temporary Autonomous Community’,
where anarchists and anti-authoritarians can collectively build a
non-hierarchal world together, and sustain it.
While many of us have experience with working within
collectives, and maybe even with networks and federations, many
of us have never had to exist within a large small scale community
of like minded people. While many of us have had to face the trail
by fire of anarchy in action during black blocs and
demonstrations; what about the everyday organization of simple
tasks? If we truly are interested in created a new way of living life,
here is a change to live it out with fellow sisters and brothers in a
non-hierarchal environment.

Occupied Territory will work to create, sustain, and build a small
autonomous community during the conference. We will work to
organize and freely associate ourselves into different working
groups to complete tasks, and work on different projects within
the campsite.

2.) To bring attention and spotlight to working and active
anarchist/anti-authoritarian collectives in California, and highlight
their struggles for other activists.

With many of us only seeing each other whenever ANSEWER
decides to have the next big march, we end up feeling totally
disconnected from other collectives and organizations. Displaced
from either geography, or from separate tendencies, many
California anarchists and anti-authoritarians feel alienated and
alone from the rest of the movement. By spotlighting various
collectives, from a wide range of causes and tendencies, we can
showcase the wide range of communities and causes that our
movement in California is working on at this moment. This
spotlight will give hopefully give new people inspiration on
different projects they could be working, give other groups
chances at networking, and also show seasoned activists some
new ideas.

3.) To create dialog and networking that would allow for creating
greater power within the anti-authoritarian community.

With the gathering focusing on brining together different
tendencies, spotlighting collectives, and also working together, we
hope this gathering will create dialog that will lead to new
formations of groupings. Whether this takes a more organizational
or anti-organizational route, we will not dictate or predict, but we
hope to bring up discussion and talk about stepping forward with
our movement.

The gathering will include “fireside chats”, that will help
us tackle these issues of moving forward, (and a variety of other
topics). These talks will be directed by no group or individual, with
the direction moving with whatever way the group wants it to go.
Hopefully with this free open discussion, and with also the
presentations of established federations, networks, and collectives,
we can more forward towards something better than we have at
this point.

is a tract of land dominated by a foreign state or settlers of another
land. Palestine is an occupied territory. Palestinians are being
forced off land which they have been living on for many years.
Land areas have been taken and controlled by the Israeli Army,
the lands then are occupied by new settlers. In Iraq American
armed forces are enforcing chaos and fear amongst the
inhabitants and occupying territory in Iraq, with plans of
exploiting Iraqi workers and resources. Occupied territory is the
grass beneath our feet, stolen by European religious zealots
coming to cleanse the land for the Christ-god and establish a new
Christian state with the doctrine of manifest destiny. Since the
inception of the United States, the inhabitants of the great Turtle
Island numbered around 15 million, through force and
manipulation by 1890 fewer that number was estimated to be
250,000 indigenous peoples remained alive. In California alone
from 1800-1890 the number of indigenous people decreased from
300,000 to fewer than 20,000. As a part of the struggle to
understand the binds of oppression and restrictions that surround
us its vital to recognize how we got here, to this place that
separates by class, race, gender, sex, etc. Only knowing the
history of this land can we honor those who came before and plan
how to participate in our emancipation from this greedy
capitalistic systems. Occupied Territory is a private* gathering of
like-minded individuals who dream of freedom from the alienation
of capitalism and force of the state. For a moment we can gather
to organize theories of community and autonomy into a active and
effective revolutionary movement involving the various of trends
of anarchism that exist today. To have an effective revolutionary
movement we must prove we can live as a community to benefit
each other. Without a model to compare to, all we have are dusty
relics of the past to look back to with longing eyes. Occupied
territory is based upon the principal of temporary autonomous
community. A T.A.C is a temporary community of
non-hierarchical autonomy based on free associative mutual aid to
ensure that a community, solely comprised of individuals, can
work with each other without coercion, to sustain a community
for days, weeks, or months. Occupied territory is just more than a
conference but an experiment in autonomous existence. To
achieve permanent autonomy, we, us like minded* individuals
must create a network of those opposed to capital and hierarchy in
one of the most influential and expansive areas in the world. To
build a cohesive autonomous community in the shell of the old,
we will need to make sure that our activism relates with the
majority of people, and addresses issues that exist within our own
communities. We will bring spotlight to working
anti-authoritarian collectives, giving those alienated by geography
inspiration and ideas into working within their own communities.
We will also engage in open dialog with each other, to talk and
work out how we can greater organize ourselves to unchain
ourselves from cohesion and all of it’s forms. This gathering
will take place June 18-20th in the mountains to east of Fresno.
Soon a website will be up to bring up to date the workshops, initial
convergence spot, things to bring and other morsels of
information. To get informed of developments first, subscribe to
the gathering’s list serve at: occupiedterritory@riseup.net

* This gathering is for like-minded Anarchist, Anti-Authortians
etc. Those who have employment or membership in law
enforcement agencies, corporate news agencies, political parties
or Racist organizations - are strictly forbidden to come to the
occupied territory gathering June 18-20th. Those who purposely
and maliciously disrupt this gathering, by coming will be removed.
posted by OT Organizing Collective on infoshop.org

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