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(en) US, New FRAC Poster: COME NOVEMBER WE DEMAND A FUTURE - No More Regimes!

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 06:19:13 +0200 (CEST)

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This is the second poster produced by the Federation of Revolutionary
Anarchist Collectives of the Great Lakes Region (FRAC). We are anarchist
revolutionaries who struggle to put militant grassroots action at the
heart of social movements in our region and across North America.
This poster has been issued to correspond with the upcoming
presidential election and specifically the RNC to be held at the end
of August in NYC. It examines the agenda of the Bush
administration and attempts to highlight the interests of this regime
and its effects on us and our communities – locally and across
the globe. We also hope to highlight the ways that the system we
live under enables those on top (politicians, bosses and cops) to
take power away from the people, and some suggestions for a
different, more fundamental way of organizing society rather than
putting our trust in regimes like those of Bush and his counterparts
up on Capital Hill within the walls of power and privilege - far away
from where we live and struggle.


The elections of 2000 saw 8 years of Clinton and his administration
end. Gore, Clinton’s anointed successor, was denied the office
of Commander-In-Chief and instead the administration of George
W. Bush was installed. The administration of Bush heralded in a
new campaign for capitalist domination – here at home and
across the globe. With the disappearance of the USSR 10 years
earlier, the Western US capitalist class could now move virtually
unhindered. However, factions within the ruling class thought
Clinton had hesitated at taking advantage of the new possibilities for
capitalism to expand and conquer global markets. With Bush now
at the helm there would be no hesitation. He would push forward
and seek to take control of the Earth, its peoples and its resources
– there would be no pause in this quest. We’ve seen the
Bush administration let loose an agenda on the world that has
pushed onward with little regard for risk or cost.

From the start the Bush regime has pursued a course that has
fanned massive fires of anger and protest across the world. Under
the direction of Bush the United States government launched an
attack against Iraq – supposedly in response to Saddam
Hussein’s role in aiding the Al Qaeda movement in its attacks
on US capitalist and military targets, as well as possessing weapons
of mass destruction. Saddam, a brutal dictator responsible for mass
murder and torture of Iraqis and Kurds, has however been
determined to have had no connection to Al Qaeda. No weapons of
mass destruction were ever found. The argument for the war has
officially been debunked. The information that was supposed to be
the basis for the war has been chalked up to bad intelligence and
faults of the CIA, but there are deeper dimensions at play. Iraq is
now seen by Bush and the Neo-Conservatives as the strategic front
for a broader war and invasion of the Middle East. Culturally,
politically, economically – Bush and his people want to capture
this region and bring it under the domination of western capitalism.

In the meantime the war continues to devastate the lives of
thousands of Iraqi and American people. In Iraq people are having
their families, children, towns and infrastructure destroyed.
Thousands of civilians have been killed by U.S forces. Here in the
States, despite the “Handover”, families continue to lose
their daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to graves and VA

The war stands as the main polarizing act in our world. For Bush
and the government it is the main issue at hand. It must be a
priority for us as well. Its course will impact us on every level. But
the global damage done by Bush extends beyond just the war for
Iraq. Adding to this injustice is a list of other destructive acts such
as the Bush Administrations pursuit of widely unpopular trade
agreements like the Free Trade Area of the Americas. There is also
the case of Bush Administration advising the US pull out of the
Kyoto Agreement (itself a mild band aid accord designed to slow
down the environmental devastation caused by governments and
corporations), and has instituted what is known as the global gag
rule that has had the effect of shutting down funding for
women’s health clinics around the world and is leading to the
deaths of untold numbers of women.


It’s not just internationally that Bush and Co. are waging their
agenda. Domestically there has been an unleashing of repression
that is responsible for attacking the labor movement - informing
bosses how to get around overtime-pay laws and supporting the
employers during Strikes and slowdowns. A major example was
when locked-out west-coast Longshore workers staged protests
against the War in Iraq. In Oakland, California Longshore workers
and their supporters were shot with rubber bullets by police and
arrested for their actions.

Under Bush’s lead there has also been an intensification of the
war against women by not only removing information about
women’s health from government websites but also by signing
the late-term abortion ban. This legislation further denies women
control of their bodies and the access to safe and legal abortions.
Women in states like Ohio must travel for hours for basic
counseling and abortion services, yet funding for sex education and
pregnancy prevention is diminished in our schools. Government in
any incarnation has sought to control women, but Bush has
ushered in a wave on attacks that are reversing decades of struggle.

More repression here at home has been the Bush Administrations
coming down hard on immigrants through measures such as the
mandatory registration of immigrants from Middle Eastern and
Muslim Countries, the indefinite detainment immigrants (example:
Ashraf Al-Jaliani of Kent, OH), and the deporting of hundreds of
immigrants (example: Amina Silmi of Cleveland, OH). 9/11 was
used as an excuse by Bush to begin instituting police state-like
measures such as the PATRIOT Act, which many communities
have found to be so repressive that it has forced them to declare
themselves “PATRIOT Act-free cities.”

Meanwhile, the Bush administration works toward making the
PATRIOT Act permanent and trying to enact an even more
repressive bill dubbed PATRIOT Act 2.


Given how much anger has been brought about towards the Bush
regime, many people have begun to look for alternatives. Many are
turning to John Kerry. They are taking the stance of “Anybody
but Bush” while ignoring the facts that John Kerry not only
wants to increase the occupation of Iraq in both size and length of
time, but has also supported the PATRIOT Act, the creation of the
Department of Homeland Security, the same policies of Bush
towards Palestine and immigrants, and even said that he is not
opposed to nominating anti-choice judges. Many people see the
flaws with Kerry, the two-party system, and the influence of the
rich on the system and elections so they turn to supporting smaller
independent groups like the Greens or Reform Party. We say that
the problem isn’t who is in charge of the system. The problem
is the entire system of capitalist representative democracy.


This November 2nd they say we have choices. They say we can
change things. But come November 2 our only real choice will be to
continue to organize in our communities, our schools, in our places
of work and on our streets for real power. We must organize for
what our supposed “choices” will not allow us - a future, a
future with no more regimes! Left, Right or center.

Under both parties - Republican and Democrat - our communities
have been racked with increasing unemployment, cuts in schools
and increasing health care costs. Representative
“democracy” forces us to choose a set of rulers to control
our communities and our lives. The myth that is perpetuated is that
these politicians represent your views in the decision-making
process. In reality you are voting for someone based on what they
say they believe on one or two issues. Then you are supposed to
cross your fingers and hope that they actually do what they say they
will do on those few issues that you are somewhat in agreement
with. As for the rest of the issues that you are in disagreement with
their views, you are out of luck. This is because it is impossible for
one person to genuinely and fully represent the views of someone
else, let alone a whole community.


The control of our lives isn’t just stolen from us on a political
level. It’s taken from us in every area of our lives. We have no
power when the police are beating and killing our neighbors. We
have no say in the prison-industrial complex when it’s locking
up our family. We have no control over our workplaces which are
run like mini-dictatorships with the boss on top and us on the
bottom. To top it off, these are only symptoms of even bigger
problems. Under the current system there is nothing we can do to
put an end to patriarchy, white supremacy, or capitalism. These are
problems that cannot be solved by electing someone new into


If we want to work towards having more control over our lives, we
must do more than casting ballots. There are other, more direct
ways to protest the unjust things politicians are doing on local,
state, and national levels. We cannot remain silent while our
government wages war. We cannot step back and ignore attacks on
the poor, people of color, immigrants, and women. We have to
make our voices heard, but reacting is not enough.

Our goal is to create a new society in which decisions are made by
the people who are affected, and where society as a whole has
power and responsibilities. Projects and public services would be
organized from the bottom up instead of the top down. This would
include guaranteed housing for everyone, adequate health care, and
workplaces where decisions are made through workplace
organizations comprised of those who are actually doing the work
themselves, not management and company bureaucracy. All of
these things would be accomplished by groups of people with
common interests who are working towards specific ends. These
groups would be linked up with others within their region to reach
their ends. This is nothing short of a true grassroots movement of
people acting for themselves and their communities.

This might seem like a long way off, but we can start now by
building alternatives to the institutions that the government is built
on - institutions that perpetuate white supremacy, patriarchy, and
capitalism. By working with our friends, neighbors, and coworkers
on the problems that we face, we can begin to initiate responses to
problems on personal and then community levels. In doing so, we
can build community networks of resistance, and then use those
networks to forcibly oust the structures of hierarchy that are in
place now.

It is these struggles that make possible a society organized around
cooperation and need. Instead of one based on domination,
exploitation, and profit, we can create a society that is based on the
interests of humanity and the uplifting of all. It is this future that we
choose to organize and fight for!

Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives-Great Lakes
Region Summer 2004

FRAC PO Box 4502 East Lansing MI 48826 frac@mutualaid.org

Link: http://www.frac.ws
Source: http://www.frac.ws

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