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(en) Russia, Perm, Update, Send a fax to protest against police brutality

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 05:52:35 +0200 (CEST)

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10th of August 11:40 PM, 14 participators of a protest action
against dismantling ballistic missiles in Perm were taken to police
station of Lenin district in Perm, 3 arrested juvenile offenders were
sent to Center of Social Adaptation. Photos from original action are
available at http://russia.indymedia.org/front.php?article_id=10322
Police and OMON (special forces of ministry of interior) brutalized
people already during arrest, and beatings were continued in the
police station. 8 of the arrested were beaten to stomach to ribs,
arms were bent and electric shocks were given. Vice chief of security
department of Perm police, Konstantin Strogiy was guarding torture.

11th of August a court was organized against participators of the
protest action in district court of Perm. 7 participators of the
meeting were sentenced to 3 days in prison, two participators got 5
days in prison and one person got one week. One female arrestee
was released, two others got 1000 rubles in fines - they protested
strongly against sexism of the court.

Court was closed; journalists and representatives of public were not
let to court. Few persons demanded judge to organize medical
investigation on torture wounds, but this appeal was ignored. As a
protest against ignorance of the judge, Roman Yushkov spoke
poems of Brodskiy loudly, after which he was removed from court.
He will be judged for disrespect of court later on.

Currently jailed anarchists and radical ecologists are doing their
sentence in jail for administrative offenders in jail. 5 of the arrested
have announced a dry hunger strike as a protest against injustice
and police brutality, they are

Roman Yushkov (from Perm, sentence - 7 days)
Aleksandr "Mertviy" Potapov (from Perm, sentence - 3 days)
Andrei Malkov (from Kirov, sentence - 3 days)
Aleksandr Lashmankin (from Samara, sentence - 3 days. In court
he was in a very bad condition, he could hardly stand on his feet).
Dmitri "Asper" Ostrovski (from Perm, sentence - 3 days)

Two girls who were fined announced that they will pay fines with

It is important to protest against sentences and torture to Perm
oblast administration, since obviously police and OMON were
following orders given from the top. Fax number of Perm oblast
administration is the following.

You may use the following sample letter,
but it is recommended that you write your own.

Dear mr. Chirkunov

We are extremely concerned for treatment of people arrested during
protest of 10th of August in custody. We are aware, that 8 of the
arrested were tortured, by beating and electrocuting, and were
denied medical aid. Vice chief of security department of Perm
police, Konstantin Strogiy was guarding torture - thus this may not
be seen as an incident of certain officers bypassing their powers, but
as a strategy which authorities of Perm had chosen to deal with
legitimate concern of Perm inhabitants about their health and
environment and future.

We do not tolerate this kind of approach to grassroots protest
movement. We demand release of arrested activist and canceling
project to dismantle ballistic missiles in Perm, since obviously
inhabitants of Perm and Zakamsk suburb are denied right to raise
concerns about the project in public.

Yours sincerely,


Background of the problem

In accordance with international disarmament treaties, Russia has to build
certain amount of factories to dismantle old missile engines and their
fuel, in practice this is done with American technology and money. Not
that we have anything against disarmament, but this must be done taking
into account health and welfare of local people, which currently seem to
have no any value whatsoever to military-industrial complex. 3 years ago
in Votkinsk, they failed in an attempt, to build missile dismantling plant
8 kilometres from a city with 100 000 inhabitants, this time, according to
plans, a similar extremely dangerous object is planned to be located right
into 100 000 inhabitant suburb of a city with more than one million
inhabitants! Officially, no one admits that project in Perm will replace
Votkinsk project, which is currently freezed. In practice, missiles
planned to be dismantled in Perm are the same which were planned to be
dismantled in Votkinsk. Actually this is already 3rd round of the fight,
Votkinsk factory was originally planned to be located to Perm, but in late
nineties these plans had to be cancelled due to local protests!

FGUP Perm Factory Mashinostroitel has been given a license to be leading
company in Russia in field of dismantling missiles using solid fuel, most
importantly SS-22 "Scalpel" missiles which have flight radius of 10 000
kilometers and each of which may carry 20 nuclear warheads of 550 kilotons
(46 times Hiroshima bomb). Missiles to be dismantled do not have nuclear
warheads anymore, and although missile corpuses are also slightly
radioactive main problem is the extremely poisonous fuel they are loaded
with. They plan to build a site inside factory of S.M. Kirov, which
currently both builds and tests engines of strategic missiles.
Mashinostroitel decided to fulfil its task with means of anti-ecological
direct action, considering necessary permissions and environmental impact
assessments as a waste of time.

American funding, given in the framework of 13-year-old Lugar-Nunn
legislation is very crucial for realisation of the project. Actually
regional powers have already wasted lions share of the money given 7 years
ago already, and currently social budget has to be shrinked in order to
have project finally realized and not to have Americans asking to whose
pocket this money ended up back then. Money is channeled through
transnational Washington Group International (http://www.wgint.com/). They
are a huge corporation, operating in more than 30 countries with 26000
employers. American Congressman Richard Lugar himself visited Perm last

Dismantling missiles having solid fuel happens in temperature of 3500
degrees of Celsius, according to Russian and American specialists
poisonous dioxins will form in cooling stream of gas during the process.
Even smallest doses of dioxins are poisonous; they easily accumulate in
food chain, hurt embryos and cause cancer. They are chemically stable, and
stay lethally dangerous during several decades. Technology for safe
utilization of missile engines using solid fuels just does not exist.

Goal of the protest camp is a total revoke of criminal program to utilize
rocket engines and their fuel in Perm. Protest camp will last until
decisive victory, or at least until beginning of the September.

Protest camp is organized by Anarcho-Ecological Resistance of Perm, Union
for Chemical Safety, Autonomous Action, Yekaterinburg Movement
Against Violence and Rainbow Keepers.

Additional information:

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