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(en) Serbia, First report on the European PGA conference in Belgrad July 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:52:35 +0200 (CEST)

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Brief personal/local report about PGA conference
So, the Peoples Global Action conference in Belgrade is finally over. There
had been many interesting innovations regarding PGA structures in Europe-
reformulation of the global days of action, establishment of "global
estaffete" and "global launch", with "torch of rebellion", which I find to
be very nice ideas- then new infopoints, new collective willing to organize
a winter meeting, decision about global conference in Nepal, report from
Asia where the process was never so strong as it is now, very successful
model of spoke council ( first time introduced on pga conferences), new
model of convernorship... My feeling is that PGA is definitely on the
upswing. Conference leaves PGA in a much healthier place. As a comrade from
PGA wrote, "PGA is about as difficult to nail into a coffin as the
proverbial phoenix. Hopefully, we are witnessing now its actual state of

Few people are working on a report from the conference. Coming soon.

On the downside, problems of the conference were: Eastern European outreach
( not so many activists from Eastern Europe, certainly less then we
expected, with the notable exception of Greek activists), stark difference
between lifestylist anarchist on one side and social anarchists and
libertarian Marxists on the other, many week points in logistic preparation
of the conference....

>From the local point, the one of the local convenors, the conference was a
huge local success.


- During the conference there was a workers assembly organized, with
participation of seven struggling workers communities from all over Serbia.
Around 200 workers attended the meeting. Interesting international debate
with workers from Greece and Belgium. Workers established a "coordination
for the fight against the privatization" and there was a common press
declaration as well as establishing a time table of direct actions and
meetings, beginning from 1st of September .

- Refugee assembly was organized in one of the camps- there sre 484 refugee
camps in Serbia- which was carefully prepared, together with an
international debate between local refugees and international friends from
Universal Embassy.

- A whole series of meetings with different Roma communities were organized
and local coordination was formed.

- There has been a really good debate about the Balkans, with around 100
people present, and there is a proposal about new Balkan anti capitalist
coordination based on pga hallmarks. First meeting is going to be held, most
probably, in Thessalonica.

- We had a really interesting presentation of the "Erased" ("rubbed out")
from Slovenia.

- Excellent gender day with participation of a good number of post YU
feminist and gay and lesbian groups.

- Debate was organized with asylum seekers, Chinese migrants and Romanian
undocumented workers.

- Nice samba direct action at the last day, with reclaim the streets kind of
an action.

As for the mainstream press...

Situation is not naive. Almost all front-pages of Serbian dailies are full
of pictures of rioters (from Genoa and other places) saying that "Peoples
Global Action is training the workers, giving them tips how to block roads
and deal with police....". PGA is, according to right wing press, "behind
all demonstrations in Serbia".

We are in a very uncomfortable position. On one hand, it is almost funny,
because I don't think that PGA was so much promoted in right wing press
since Geneva in 1998. ( almost every daily has a report about
blocking whole Serbia"- one title among so many) and on the other it is
ominous because it is, of course, an action of big business lobby with
intention to distract the attention from the real causes of the protests,
discovering an "organizer from abroad" ( old technique state was
entertaining in 70's when "communist busses" were coming to Germany to
"train workers in strike"); this could be an introduction to more serious
state repression. There is already some attempts in this regard.

In any case, PGA made headlines here. Big time. Visibility, heh?

But, more seriously, this could turn out to be a very dangerous game.

We'll see.

I am attaching some reports/announcements re "off Broadway" debates held in
Cultural Center.


Student Cultural Centre, Kralja Milana 48, Belgrade
phone: +381.11.2682.351, fax: +381.11. 360.2025

Tuesday 27th of July 2004 at 21h: Transit migration
project presentation,video and audio performans, discussion with the authors
of the YU-related part of this international transdisciplinary research,
film and exhibition project.

Wednesday 28th of July 2004 at 21h The Erased of Slovenia
Pre-premiere of the movie directed by Dimitar Anakiev, followed by a
discussion with Aleksandar Todorovic, it's main protagonists, and the
activists from Dostje!

Thursday 29th of July 2004 - 18h to 24h: Peoples` Global Action
Visibility day of the 3rd European conference of the PGA network in Belgrade


Garden of the Student Cultural Centre
Kralja Milana 48, Belgrade
Tuesday 27th of July 2004 at 21h

Transit migration
Dont Rhine (Ultrared, Los Angeles)
Manuela Bojadziev (Kanak Attak, Frankfurt)
Rutvica Andrijasevic (Transgenderation)

project presentation...
...video and audio performans...
...discussion with the
Transitmigration is an international transdisciplinary research, film and
exhibition project. It is focused on the links between the new European
border controll systems and the transnational migration movements cross
those borders. It explores the issue of the transnatiolnalization of Europe
from the viewpoint of it's peripheries, as well as fhe strategies of
distancing the 'Fortress Europe' from its eastern and southern territories.
Transmigration is to result with textual material, workshops, international
symposia in Athens and Cologne, script for a migrative tele-novella, a film,
artistic and photographic works, and finally with a show show in cooperation
with DOMIT e.V. and the Kölnischer Kunstverein.
visibility of borders ...
... invisibility of border controll systems....
...authonomy of

Transit Migrations: http://www.transitmigration.org/homekonzept_e.html
Rutvica Andrijasevic: http://www.let.uu.nl/~Rutvica.Andrijasevic/personal/
Ultra-red: http://home.earthlink.net/~dontr/id1.html
Kanak Attak: http://www.kanak-attak.de/

Garden of the Student Cultural Centre
Kralja Milana 48, Beograd
Wednesday 28th of July 2004 at 21h

The Erased of Slovenia
Pre-premiere of the movie directed by Dimitar Anakiev, followed by a
discussion with Aleksandar Todorovic, it's main protagonists, and the
activists from Dostje!

In 1992 the Slovene state erased 18305 people from the register of permanent
residence {according to the official data of the Slovene Ministry of
Internal Affairs}. The majority of the erased originate from other republics
of the former Yugoslavia and had permanent residence in Slovenia before
1992. The erasure means that you have no documents and that you loose all
social rights - the right to work, the right to an apartment, the right for
education, social and health security. The erasure means that you are a
stranger in your own country. The hypothesis of the movie is that erasure
was a Slovene variant of ethnical cleansing in the framework of conflicts in
the former Yugoslavia. Ten years after the erasure the erased organized
themselves in the Association of the Erased Inhabitants of Slovenia. As a
result of their fight the Slovene Constitutional Court declared the erasure
as an unconstitutional act and demanded that all erased should get back
their permanent residence from the day of the erasure onwards. Meanwhile the
question of the erased became not only a legal but also a political problem.
The Slovene nationalistic right started a xenophobe campaign against the
erased and the so called left has proven once again that their only interest
is only power and not rights. So in the pre-election year the erased have
become an object of a game between parties. The decision of the
Constitutional Court has not been taken into practice and the political
parties are doing everything to prevent the actualisation of the decision.
The activists of the Dostje! network are convinced that the problem of the
erased is indicating the necessity of the constitution of a new political
space beyond political parties, a solidarity network. Dostje! group is a new
political subjectivity that arose from the movement for a different
globalization. They define the erased as an paradigmatic example of
explotation in the era of neoliberal globalization. They argue that all
ethnical cleansings and aggressive nationalisms in the 1990s have supported
the neoliberal economic and social project. For the movements for a
different globalization the fight against nationalism is the primary task.

The director of the movie Dimitar Anakiev is an autonomous movie author and
has been erased himself. The original title of the movie is »Rubbed Out«, it
lasts 45 minutes and is mainly in Serbian language with English subtitles.
The main protagonist is Aleksandar Todorovic, the president of the
association of the erased. Trough the testimony of one of the erased the
movie is presenting the microphysics of power trough which we can read the
whole complex of relations in contemporary society.

Dostje! is an informal network, a communicative and activists project that
explores the structures of power and the forms of resistance in the period
of globalization.

about the movie: www.kdzvezda.orgo
about dostje: www.dostje.org

Student Cultural Centre
Kralja Milana 48, Beograd
Thursday 29th of July 2004 from 18h to 24h

Peoples` Global Action
Visibility day of the 3rd European conference of the Peoples` Global Action
(PGA) network in Belgrade:

Peoples Global Action is a global network of local struggles, worldwide
network that works towards a durable political, social, borderless and
directly democratic alternative to capitalism and all systems of
oppression, far away from the logic of parties , states and ideological
aparatuses of the state (etatized trade unions, NGO's and so on and so
forth). It is a place where anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist
initiatives meet. Drugaciji Svet je Moguc! ( Another World is Possible!)
coalition is the European convener of this PGA conference. It is a group of
groups, collective of collectives based in Belgrade, striving to create a
new political space unaffiliated with political parties or the so-called
non-governmental sector. The earliest European convenors were "Reclaim the
Streets", a group with its roots in radical ecology and road protests that
had helped renew anti-capitalist direct action techniques, notably through
the use of street parties as blockades and by establishing connections with
workers' organisations such as the Liverpool dockers or London Underground
workers. In Asia, convenership work has been done by organisations like
KRRS, an Indian farmers' union with a membership of several million,
best-known for setting fire to Monsanto GM crop fields, and the National
Alliance of Peoples' Movements, a national platform of grassroots movements
from the whole country (which includes Narmada Bachao Andolan, the National
Fisherfolk Forum, the Union of Landless Labourers of Andhra Pradesh, etc).
The current Asian convenor is the Krishok Federation (the landless or
otherwise marginalised peasant movement) from Bangladesh. In Latin America,
PGA has gathered very diverse cultures and backgrounds, from CONFEUNASCC, a
small-scale farmers' union in Ecuador, Movimiento de la Juventud Kuna, the
Bolivian cocalero movement in Chapare, to the Colombian Process of Black
1: Big space
18h-20h- Presentation of the PGA (Peoples' Global Action): speakers from
India, Bangladesh, USA, Brazil, Venezuela, Australia, Europe. Topics:
history of global movements from 1994, seven reasons why to confront the
European Union, against privatization, on ecology, on gender equality, on
how to sabotage capitalism while having fun.

2: Small space
18h-24h- "20 stories of direct actions around the world" ( Undercurrents
video collective)

3: Garden
22h- 24h -...h Peoples Global Party - how to sabotage capitalism while
having fun.

PGA: www.nadir.org/nadir/initiativ/agp/
Conference site: www.pgaconference.org/
Undercurrents: www.undercurrents.org

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