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(en) US, San Francisco, Update on CA Occupied Territory Gathering

From DAAA <modanarcho@yahoo.com>
Date Sat, 3 Apr 2004 23:22:39 +0200 (CEST)

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Occupied Territory is coming up fast, and we hope to see you there in June.
Below is info on where to meet, time, etc. We are expanding the scope of
the gathering is be completely participatory, so please bring ideas for
discussions, skills to share, and topics to speak on/workshops etc. Here
is the info, please forward widely. See you in June!
For a Destruction of Conferences - And a Reconnection to Anarchy
Open the Communiqué Doors: Occupied Territory is no longer just a conference,
we as the organizing collective have decided to take the final step, and make
the gathering the most interactive and self-managed event we could think of.

Early this year we put out calls on infoshop, on Indymedias, and on sites
across the state and got a huge response. But instead of creating another
conference that would revolve around trying to get the usual band of well
known speakers that make the rounds at all the conferences, we have decided
to make you the participant decide what the direction of the gathering will
be. On Friday June 18th, we will meet you in Fresno, and that night we will
decide what the gathering will grow into be. This gathering, like the future,
is up to us.

How to Plug Into the Gathering: Please visit the Occupied Territory
website at: www.occupiedterritory.net, and check out the various
discussions on rides, food, and water. We need people to hook up with
others in their collectives and groups for rides and materials. We need
people who have discussions or workshops present them to the group
on opening night of the gathering, so we can decide and talk about what
we shall do with the days ahead of us. We also greatly need: 1.) Food:
Bulk vegan food is probably the best choice. If people can bring bulk
foods, there will be a kitchen collective started at the gathering, but we
are in great need of bulk quantities of food for the gathering. 2.) Water:
Although there will be bathrooms, and water outlets at the gathering,
please bring water, and water jugs for yourself and to share. These
things are being discussed at the website right now, so please join in on
the discussion.

Your Thoughts, Discussions, Workshops Needed! How many times
have we sat in workshops and waited for a speaker to hit the points that
we ourselves want to be discussed? Workshops are great, but at most
conferences, isn’t some of the best aspect simply the open
networking and connecting with others involved in struggles? Open
discussions are also largely helpful, and selfdom in mass gatherings we
get to discuss on a large group level different feelings about directions
we think that the movement should go in. Instead of the standard
speaker/workshop model, we will have an open councils of anarchists
and anti-authoritarians bring up issues to discuss in open forums,
workshops and skill shares to facilitate among ourselves. This will
create fluid, spontaneous, and highly participatory work groups to create
our autonomous community, and to maximize involvement with each
other. To help out with workshops and discussions. 1.) Think of issues
to discuss with a bigger group. What! are the issues important to us
today? Tactics, theory, networking, campaigns, organization? 2.)
Workshops. Have a workshop that you want to do? Bring the idea, and
your supplies. 3.) Skillshares. Have a skill? Bring your ideas, and
knowledge with you to share with others.

Building an Autonomous Zone: Occupied Territory will work to create,
sustain, and build a autonomous community during the conference. We
will work to organize and freely associate ourselves into different
working groups to complete tasks, and work on different projects within
the campsite. Instead of just talking about overcoming the constructs of
hierarchal society; instead, let’s grease up our hands and exist in
the structures that we want to exist in. Let’s face it, “come the
revolution” it (hopefully) won’t be all black blocs, organizing for
your local union, or trying to get John Zerzan to come and speak in your
town. It will be; however, cooking, teaching, loving, working, enjoying,
and existing in a society without the coercion and illegitimate force of
the old. Bring for the autonomous village: 1.) Tents and Structures. For
yourself and your loved ones and others. We are going to create an
autonomous village, so we are going to have to have the building blocks
to ! create it. 2.) Tarps, sleeping bags, and pillows. Bring what you need
to sleep and be comfortable.

In Conclusion: There are major issues we need to confront as anarchists
and anti-authoritarians as we watch the growth of our movement,
especially here in California. With the anti-war, and anti-globalization
movement fading, and with the election year threatening to steal away
some of our revolutionary fire, we need to be more focused and ready to
strike as ever. Come with us and build the world we dream about, and
work so hard towards. Think with us, and talk about the issues facing
your community, and our movement. Create with us, and share your
skills and knowledge. Un-build the spectacle, dismantle the empire,
smash the state, and un-learn hierarchy once and for all.

See You in Fresno: Please continue to use and check the
www.occupiedterritory.net website, and use it to network with other
people for the gathering. By posting on the forums you can keep people
up to date with ideas, and materials you plan to bring with you. Plan on
meeting in Fresno on Friday, June 18th at 1pm-5pm, at Courthouse
Park in Downtown Fresno (more info on location to come, keep
checking site). Fresno Food Not Bombs will be doing a special feed
there, and from that point, we will move on to the larger gathering. For
further info, please consult the follow.

On Fresno Logistics: soymilk@riseup.net Soymilk, CVAC (Central
Valley Anarchist Collective) - Fresno

On Workshop Logistics: modanarcho@yahoo.com Crudocrust, DAAA
(Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians) - Modesto

Website/Web Logistics: freemind@riseup.net lu-n&-sE, Free Mind
Media Collective - Santa Rosa

Email Collective at: occupiedterritory@riseup.net

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