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(en) UK, class war 86 - Merchandi-se

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Sat, 3 Apr 2004 16:30:29 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
News about and of interest to anarchists
http://ainfos.ca/ http://ainfos.ca/index24.html

The most up to date list of Class War Merchandi-se can always be
found at www.londonclasswar.org
Our 2004 calendar commemorates the great miners strike of
1984-5. Action photographs straight from the picket line. &3.
All Power To The Imagination by Dave Douglass (&5)
Class struggle, trade unions, the miners' strike, and all for a fiver!
A pic of Dave Douglass book, and an amusing write up about it
can be found here Class War are not responsible for the picture of
Dave Douglass, with mullet, pointing at one of our posters!

Anarchist by Ian Bone (&3)
Hard hitting debut novel from Class War founder member Ian

The Rich At Play published by RPM (&4)
A serious look at The Countryside Alliance, fox hunting and land
ownership in the UK. Articles by activists from Class War,
Corporate Watch and RPM. Essential reading if you hate the
people who "own" this green and pleasant land!

Unfinished Business - The Politics of Class War (&4.50)
The Class War Federation's most complete statement of its
politics to date.

Turning Up The Heat - MI5 After The Cold War - Larry O'Hara
Yet more superb work by the overweight researcher in a suit

Pamphlets and Magazines

21st Century Class War: Introduction To The Fed (&1)
Manifesto into the new millennium.

Bash The Fash: Anti-Fascist Recollections 1984-93 by K
Bullstreet (&2)
The first in a series of recollections from active anti-fascists.

Class War back issues (&0.20 each or 3 for &0.50)
Are you missing copies of your favourite newspaper? Most back
issues going back to the late 80s available.

London Calling – Send 6 SAEs for a subscription
to our news bulletin.

Notes from the Borderland, Issue 5 (&3.50)
The winter 2003-4 issue, articles on the new head of MI5 and her
royal connections, the BBC's "True Spies" programme, plus an
important article on the BNP. Most significant of all is startling
new evidence about the 1999 London nail bombings. Essential
reading for all anti-fascists.

Australia Class War Pamphlets

Their Worst Fucking Nightmare - 36 page pamphlet packed with
action ahead of theory. If you like reading dull theoretical texts
written by men with food in their beards, avoid this pamphlet like
the plague! 50 pence.

Interviews With The Class Warriors - Conversation with some of
the young men and women involved with Class War in Australia.
50 pence

War on the Streets - The third and final Aussie CW pamphlet.
Details who we are fighting, why, and how we intend to take the
battle to the bastards. 50 pence


Insurrection - Incitement to Riot 3 (57 minutes) &7
New Class War video featuring the best of street protest and action
from around the world! Taking in Seattle, Prague, Genoa,
Woodstock the second, London plus the odd sighting of Homer
Simpson and Harold Bishop(!). Remember everybody's got to
keep fucking everybody else until we are all the same colour!

Hardcore Riot Porno Volume 1- &7
Warning this video may cause offence to liberals!. Featuring the
ring of free trade, footage from the protests against the EU summit
in Thessaloniki, the video of Carlo Guiliani by Conflict, plus two
romantic duets by George Bush and Tony Blair. All proceeds to
those still imprisoned in Thessaloniki.

Class War Clothing

Class War - Probably The Best War In The World
Bottle Green Carlsberg style shirts available in small, medium,
large and fat bastard sizes. &8.

Women's Stretch Tops are available with the following prints...

Crass - Wealth Is A Ghetto
Dead Kennedys - Logo
Conform - The Official Way of Life
Class War - CW design and slogan

&6 each.

Band Shirts

Black Flag - XL only - &5
Dead Kennedys - Red logo on a white shirt XL only - &7

General Shirts - all &7 each

Bin Laden - God Is My Co-Pilot - XL only
Conform Obey Consume - Large, Extra Large
Conform - The Official Way of Life - Large, Extra Large
Dead Bored? Life's Easy With Heroin! Large, Extra Large
Green Piece (White shirt, Green gun) XL only
McGarbage Will Pollute You - Large, Extra Large
Mind Control - In the Comfort of Your Home XL only
Officer Friendly? Medium or XL
The Price of Petrol Is Murder (George Bush at the petrol pump!)
XL only
World Domination Goes Better With Coke Xl only
Carjack the Rich - Black shirt with picture of a car jacking

Class War T Shirts - all &7 each

ACAB - Blue anti-cop shirt - XL only
Anti-Pauline Hanson - Medium only
Class War Half Mesh shirts with CW print Medium, Large, Extra
Large, Sumo size
Class War "Top People - We'll Give 'Em A Rise!" - Large only
Class War Against Authority - XL or Medium only
Class War grey colourless shirt

Girls stretch tops - all with Class War logo
Purple tops in small, medium and large
Sky Blue tops in medium only

Hooded Tops

Blue Hooded Tops, all with Class War print - Small and Medium
only - &10
Black Hooded Tops, all with Class War print - Large and XXL
only - &10

Badges, Stickers, Patches, Lighters

Stickers (50 for &1)

13 different but equally offensive designs
1 Bigots, Nobodies, Perverts (BNP)
2 Bollocks To The Countryside Alliance
3 Capitalism Is Killing Football
4 Class War logo
5 Pound Or Euro? - Who Gives A Shit
6 Buy From The Black Market
7 Why Not Hang A Fascist From This Lampost
8 No To Heroin
9 No Muggers Or Burglars
10 No War But The Class War
11 Fuck The Police
12 Tony Blair - Bastard Son Of Margaret Thatcher
13 New Home For The Rich - German Version


Small metal badge of Class War logo (&1.50)

Cuntryside Alliance, Tony Blair - Wanker!, Anti-Rich League,
Class War - Just Do It!, CW logo and Harry Roberts. Buy all 6 for
&2, or 40 pence each

Class War Cigarette Lighters - Burn the Rich! &1
Patches - CW logo 50 pence

Class War Records

Out of Order psc - Advance Australia Where? Hardcore punk
from down under - &5

Mayhem 2003 - 18 Australian bands for Class War. Includes
Thought Crime, A.V.O, Charter
77, Bulldog Spirit and many more. - &8

Class War Spoken Word Series
We are pleased to launch 3 new CDs, courtesy of our group down

1. "Street Corner Rants - Class War Poets From The Housing
Estates" (&4)
Something old, something new but definitely nothing blue!

2. "Bash The Rich"
Informed political opinion over a driving drum and bass
soundtrack. Keep it hardcore!

3. "Class War On The Streets"
More drum and bass, this time with a new commentary on the
world we live in, with a special emphasis on the rich and powerful.

More information on Class War Records to come! Keep an eye on

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