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(en) IFA Congress, 9-12 April, Besançon, France (it)

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 1 Apr 2004 14:07:58 +0200 (CEST)

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The climate of "enduring, permanent" war has become a permanent
presence in our daily lives, with all that it entails (manipulation of
information, propaganda, lies, repression, psychological conditioning,
etc.). The experts in high- and low-intensity war, on all fronts, are
at work in an attempt to restrict our political and labour freedom, at
times openly, at times not. In the "western" world the "struggle
against terrorism" has become the pretext for a crucial and determined
attack on all crisis points, on all those obstacles which lie in the
path of the interests of the system of international power which is
centred on the government of the USA, before others acquire the
strength to place that supremacy in question.

On a worldwide level, the war of aggression on Iraq and the endless
massacre in the Middle East continue to remain in the spotlight, though
other possible theatres of conflict are opening up and the "hidden"
wars go on as before (from Sudan to the Central African Republic, from
Chechnya to Colombia, from Burundi to the Democratic Republic of Congo,
from Colombia to the Ivory Coast, to Chiapas, and so on). The wave of
terrorist violence that has recently swept over Istanbul, Casablanca,
Madrid - fed by the mythical reactionary project of pan-Islamic
nationalism and by the inability of the various components of the Arab
bourgeoisie to get out of the corral where the imperialist powers
placed them, be it in Iraq or Palestine - serves more and more simply
to set up a situation of progressive barbarism where the exploited and
oppressed classes are forced to pay the price.

The euphoria which, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, characterized
the "magnificent progression" in economic globalization, praised from
high heaven by the glorious neo-liberalism, is gradually dying down as
a result of the present phase of recession which is marked by a
contraction in trade, the limitation of financial movements and
extremely conservative estimates for development. It is a re-sizing
which is forcing the ruling classes to set in motion policies of
"public" (i.e. State) intervention in order to be able to cope both
with the demands of their war policies and with the process of
re-structuring, with the backdrop of war being the inevitable outcome
of the crisis in international relations.

However, this is happening in a context where the military strength of
the US is so great that it suggests a new phase in the globalization
process: a sort of imperial policy which forces all other States into a
subordinate role, where the current system of integration is combined
with one of competition. Bush's warning - you're either with us or
against us - is evidence of the USA's desire to impose itself, at all
times and in all places, on a world which has become more complex
because of the process of economic globalization and because of its (at
times) impossible intrigues. Intrigues which have, on more than one
occasion in the recent past, conditioned the development of such a
will, but which, since the attack on the Twin Towers, no longer appear
to be capable.

While economic globalization had become a gigantic curtain which hid
the continuing re-definition of the powers and the hierarchy of powers,
September 11 tore the curtain to shreds, revealing the plan for
totalitarian control of the world by the American ruling groups whose
actions cannot and must not be subject to judgement of any sort.

In this situation, the movement against economic globalization, against
the multinationals and their organs, against war, has been forced to
re-define its aims and practices. It can no longer be limited to
generic pacifism, or to protesting against the economic bodies without
taking into consideration what and who is supporting them and what
policies they are enacting. We must go a step further and back up,
politically and socially, our proposals, our anger, our indignation. We
must revive revolutionary proposals for the breaking down of economic
and political power and spread the idea of self-management.

In the climate of "civil war" which has been artfully created in order
to camouflage the real responsibility and plans, so that we all attack
each other, workers and peoples, young people and movements, we need to
see clearly and work out what are the dangers and traps ahead of us,
for example the ever-present danger of restricting ourselves on a
regional, national, ethnic or religious basis, thereby falling prey to
the nationalist logic.

We need to encourage internationalism. This has been one of the driving
forces of the current period of struggles. It has been the most
determined and the brightest light of the most radical and libertarian
social elements.

There needs to be a link between the movement, wherever they may be.
There needs to be dialogue between the various political and
ideological cultures which are part of these movements. There needs to
be full-scale debate between the various actos in the movements. These
are and must continue to be the tools of any action which seeks to
oppose the barbarism of war, which seeks to bury war and the system
that produces it once and for all. But we must guard against falling
into the old trap of reformism, the illusions of social democracy,
which are represented in the ritual celebrations of Porto Alegre and

It makes no sense to have internationalism which does not at least have
a solid base born from the struggles in "our own" States, against "our
own" power systems. This, in fact, is the best way to measure the
effective desire for social transformation of the various movements. In
the phase which we are at present living through, characterized (as it
is clear to see) by an acceleration in policies of cutting or removing
social "guarantees", it will depend on how well, how intelligently or
how energetically we can present our ideas for the development and
direction of the movement. The movement must be able to by-pass the
crossroads of surface opposition and gather round it all those who are
no longer willing to put up with the daily violence of the system of
power, all those who truly believe that another world is not only
possible, but also absolutely essential.

Anarchists the world over are providing their own contribution in terms
of activity and effectiveness in this process, re-paving the red and
black road of solidarity, organization and struggle. It is a road which
the International of Anarchist Federations (IFA), born in 1968, intends
to continue along by strengthening the ties between the member
organizations and stimulating a joint initiative with the entire
anarchist movement, in the full acknowledgement of the richness and
peculiarity of all involved and in the hope that there can develop
debates, projects and options with a common basis and common aims. The
Seventh Congress of the international which will be held in Besançon
from 10-12 April, will represent an important part of this process. It
will be an occasion to meet, to exchange information and analyses, to
discuss the evolution of the system which oppresses us, to provide an
opportunity to debate our strategies and to build common practices.

At present, the following organizations are participating members of
the IFA: the Francophone Federation (France and Belgium), the
German-speaking Forum (Germany), the Iberian Federation (Spain and
Portugal), the Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, the Argentine
Libertarian Federation, the Czech and Slovak Federation, the Bulgarian
Federation and the Italian Federation. The Association of Movements in
Russia has requested to join the IFA. Apart from the federated
organizations, the following organizations have to date confirmed that
they will be present at the Congress: the Commission of Anarchist
Relations (CRA) from Venezuela, the Belarussian Federation and the
Federation of Internationalist Anarchists from Serbia. Greetings and
messages of support have been received from the Workers Solidarity
Alliance of New York and the Poznan Anarchist Group from Poland.

Documents, position papers and the statutes of the IFA are available on
the website at http://www.iaf-ifa.org.

Secretariate of the IFA

Article publish in Umanità Nova, N°.11 - 28 March 2004

translation by nmcn/ainfos

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