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(en) Anarchomedia (Irish Anarchist News Site) Launched

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Thu, 9 Oct 2003 09:54:49 +0200 (CEST)

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> From: "Brian Durney" <durneys-A-gofree.indigo.ie>
Announcing the launch of a new anarchist/anti-authoritarian news
and resources site for anarcho's & the general public in Ireland.
What is Anarchomedia?
Anarchomedia provides a common, interactive platform for
anarchists in Ireland to post reports and to facilitate
publication from anarcho's who don't have the ability to publish
themselves, e.g. without the necessary skills/time for websites,
the copier access for newsletters, or the collective strength of
organisation on the struggle towards an anarchist society and
against the current forms of oppression; capitalism, gender
isolation, racism and environmental degredation. Not to
concentrate solely on the negative, Anarchomedia also carries
reports on what is being done by anarchists and ordinary people
to bring an end to this system of exploitation. Reports on
Anarchomedia cover a wide range of issues and topics - from
community organising to international mobilisations against
capital, from anti-war activism to environmental activism.

The Workings of Anarchomedia

The content on Anarchomedia is created by a collective going
under the guise of the Anarchomedia Collective. Unlike
Indymedia, Anarchomedia does not operate an "open publishing"
newswire but a moderated newswire where the content is posted by
the collective of editors. While not wanting to be critical of
the concept of "open publishing" we want a media where a certain
level of reporting can always be expected by our readers. By
having a closed newswire we can also effectively rule out the
presence of trolls and spamming of the newswire. Readers can
post comments on the articles posted to the site allowing for
open debate on the newswire.

Other Services

Anarchomedia also offers other services to the anarchist &
activist community in Ireland. As well as anarchist news,
Anarchomedia features forum's to move debate from the newswire.
The forums exist to allow for debate between anarchists and
anyone else who wishes to visit the site. The newswire also
features notifications for upcoming events. Organisers of events
should contact the collective and we will publicise the event on
the site.

While all of the above are now ready for visitors and
participation (only a few articles are online at the moment, be
patient more will come) we are now working on putting together
several sections that will have an abundance of information on
anarchism and the anarchist scene in Ireland. Anarchomedia will
supply its visitors with a directory of publications by
anarchists/anti-authoritarian individuals or groups, a list of
active anarchist/anti-authoritarian/grassroots groups, an
introduction to anarchism and information on book shops and
autonomous/radical zone's around the island.

Getting Involved

Anarchomedia needs more editors as we don't yet have a full
house. If you think you have what it takes to be an anarchomedia
editor and agree to the editorial policy (see the end of this
press statement) then email us, tell us all about yourself, who
you are, where you're from, why you wanna get involved,
organisations, groups or campaigns your involved in and whatever
else you can think we might need/want to know.

If you're interested, here's a little bit of info on the

- The Anarchomedia collective work on a non-hierarchical basis
- We reject all systems of domination and discrimination and
come from varying anarchist tendencies (and no problems!).
- Anarchomedia has been given its webspace by comrades in the
Anarchist Federation but remains independent from that and any
other organisations
- We understand that by lobbying there will be no radical
change. As a collective our attitude is assertive, and where
necessary confrontational.
- Recruit, recruit, and recruit!!!
- In order to join the collective you must either meet with one
of the members of the collective in your area or know one of us.

If you don't want to join the collective but have an article you
think should be on Anarchomedia then you can use the Submit
article form on the website to take part.

Anarchomedia is now live and can be found at the following

You can email the collective at anarchomedia@yahoo.co.uk


On behalf of the Anarchomedia Collective,

We look forward to growing with the anarchist & activist
community, so take a minute and take a peek.

One of the Anarchomedia Editor's


As promised, the Anarchomedia Editorial Policy

Purpose of anarchoMEDIA

anarchoMEDIA exist as a tool for all anarchists and other
anti-authoritarian activists in Ireland to promote anarchism and
anti-authoritarianism as a viable alternative to the corrupt
global capitalist system in place today and as an alternative to
the false promises of Leninist organisations. Anarchomedia
exists as an ecumenical online resource for the anarchist
movement, which aims to promote all forms of anti-capitalist
anarchism to the greater public.

Editorial Policy

This is the first version of the anarchoMEDIA Editorial Policy.
Further changes should and will be done to this document as this
website grows.

1) anarchoMEDIA is NOT an open newswire. People are welcome to
submit news to the editors, but there is no expectation that
every item will be approved. This is mainly because of resource
limitations, but also because of content and other issues.

2) We try to keep the number of posts per day below 15 so as to
allow readers to keep up with the news. On busy days, such as
days of major activities this limit may be exceeded.

3) First priority on the newswire is given to articles and news
written by or about anarchists/anti authoritarians. On slow news
days, the newswire will include a variety of articles and news
of interest to readers, as well as radical articles that would
be of interest to the general public.

4) anarchoMEDIA will often include articles from other sources
other than anarchists, such as corporate media, socialist
websites and other sources not specifically anarchist. The
reason for this is to allow anarchists to discuss other topics.

5) News stories and opinion should be newsworthy and current.

6) Articles and excerpts from magazines and zines should be
submitted by people associated with the publication. For this
reason if you have a publication please contact anarchoMEDIA and
we will give you access rights to post articles and excerpts
from your publications.

Policy on Comments

Comments that break the following 'rules' will be deleted:
1. Duplicate Comments.
2. Articles posted as a comment.
3. Any comments with racist, xenophobic or fascist viewpoints.
4. Insults or slurs (keep it mature).
5. Misuse of a nom de guerre.
6. Mimicking the Editorial Collective.
7. Disruptive posts designed to interfere with the operation
of the website.
8. Trolling of any kind will not be accepted

Comments that break the following 'rules' will be monitored
closely by the collective and may be deleted:
1. Off topic comments
2. Posting inaccurate information.
3. Continuation of discussions from other websites or email
lists not associated with AnarchoMedia

[copied from irishanarchism list]

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