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(en) [strugglenew] New pages on the Struggle site

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Mon, 7 Jul 2003 20:34:25 +0200 (CEST)

New pages on the Struggle site
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A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Hi folks,
below are the latest addition to the struggle site
including lots of PDF posters. Access via http://struggle.ws/new.html
Weapons of Mass Disappearance
Why the lack of concern about finding Iraq's WMD by the US is the best
evidence they did not exist.
Nice weather, shame about the demo
A report from the "offical" (trade union) 2003 May Day march.
>From the memory hole
Why attempts to downplay Iraq's WMD as the reason for war are rewriting history.
The power of morality
On the hypocrisy of the "moral" case for war.
>From the mouths of morons
A short discussion of the stupidity of Bush's attempt to blame African hunger
on European opposition to GMOs.
Meet the new boss...
On the obvious fact that being subject to an occupying power does not equate
to freedom. Particularly one which bans elections, censors the press and shots
Once more, with feeling...
A review of the nonsense on WMD used to justify the invasion of Iraq, and the
post-Saddam rewriting of history.
A rose by any other name...
More on Iraq, exposing some of the "telling evidence" Bush and Blair inflicted
on the world as a warning of the quality of what we can expect in future.
Back to the Future
Short article on the 2003 Scottish elections and why the Scottish Socialist
Party is just repeating past (socialist) mistakes.
And US Justice for all!
Short note on the hypocrisy of Bush's claim that he will bring those who kill
Americans to justice. Unless the American is a peace protestor and the killers
a US client state, of course.
The Anarchism of Jean Grave
A review of a disappointing book about the French Anarchist Jean Grave.
Instant Karma
Why this year's Eurovision result implies the necessity for anarchist revolution.
Even better than the real thing...
Britain under Blair has become even more unequal than under Thatcher. What a
George Orwell: A Life in Pictures
A review of BBC2's innovative documentary about Orwell's life and work.
Democracy in action?
A short discussion on US plans for Iraq, how it violates Bush's claims on
aiming for Iraqi freedom and why statism harms real freedom and the diversity
it needs and creates.
Who are the appeasers?
Did Bush invade Iraq in part to appease Bin Laden?

June 2003
PDF file of The revolutionary message of the Friends of Durruti
20 pages booklet on the Spanish anarchist group with introduction by Daniel Guerin

Iraq - the war continues; Shannon - the refuelling continues
As US forces continue to intern and kill in Iraq there is to be more
demonstrations in Shannon this Saturday
Workplace struggles and trade unions
Anarchist articles on the unions
Pages added to this site in 2002
A complete listing of the pages added to the site in 2002
Greek translations on the Struggle site
Articles on this site translated into Greek
Greek translation of the Organisational Platform of the Libertarian Communists
The 1st translation into Greek of this anarchist classic
Polish translation of Anarchist Platform statement
A translation of the international statement of common purpose into Polish
Space Aliens horrified by Earth Poster
PDF poster, the aliens are horrified by Earths inequality

Is Bill Gaters worth 14 million people
PDF poster - he earns as much as 14 million

A bosses Europe or an anarchist Europe?`
How our vision of unity differs

Millonaries go to war
PDF poster - Expect worlds workers to do the fighting for them

Our Globalisation - fighting global capitalism
Why we fight capitalism

PDF file of Irish anarchist stickers
16 sticker designs for you to print out and display

4 sample stickers

New global anarchist index

3000 + pages on anarchism, Ireland, Zapatistas
revolutionary history and struggles around globalisation

New pages on Struggle are accessable at

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