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(en) Statement from Sutikalh at Melvin Creek

From tintin <tintin@tao.ca>
Date Thu, 17 May 2001 15:07:12 -0400 (EDT)

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

On May 2nd, 2000, grassroot traditionalists within the St=B9at=B9imc Nation
began reoccupying a piece of their traditional territory at Sutikalh or
Melvin Creek (approximately 4 hours north of Vancouver, Coast Salish
Territory "british columbia, kanada").  Sutikalh was started by St=B9at=B9imc
women, and they have been guiding the community over the past year.  Band
council chiefs (who receive their authority from the kanadian government)
were not involved with Sutikalh, until the people forced them to support it
and take a stand for St=B9at=B9imc sovereignty.  The settlement stands in the
way of a $55 million ski resort that is planned for the area, by Nancy
Greene Raine (an olympic gold medalist) and her husband Al Raine, through
the permission of the "bc" government.  In August 2000, environmental
assessment approval gave the final stamp to the development, but the
machines have been halted by Sutikalh.  The people at Sutikalh have remaine=
strong in their stand and continue to resist the genocidal kanadian
government.  They need help in spreading the word about Sutikalh and
informing the International community.  International attention must focus
on Sutikalh now, before the situation errupts into another Oka or Gustafsen
Lake (two recent police/military assaults against Native people in kanada).
Below is a declaration from the Sutikalh community.

Greetings from Sutikalh, St=B9at=B9imc Territory

May 10th, 2001, May 10, 1911 Declaration

We the people of the St=B9at=B9imc Nation resettled our original land base here=
at Sutikalh (Melvin Creek) on May 2nd, 2000.  Due to our living conditions
on reserves, we felt this action was necessary for the survival of our
people as a nation.  Not only is it legally and morally correct, it is also
our birthright to sustain ourselves on our lands of our choosing.  This
pristine area, we call home, is also home to Grizzly Bears, Mountain Goats,
edible and medicinal plants and all life.  The ski resort, that Nancy Green=
Raine, Al Raine and the governments are planning, is once again an anti-lif=
policy of genocide against our people and our lands.

The environmental assesments and following studies were not complete and
honest.  The process was structured so that the corporations would gain
approval and that Native people would once again be sacrificed, at any cost=
We are making this stand for all people that want to live in peace.  Lookin=
back at our oral history, we know that our land is our only hope of
surviving the coming storm.  We encourage all people of like mind to return
to their lands, or help people that are in the process of doing so.  Here a=
Sutikalh, we believe that our action is the only way we can help others
believe in their birthright to their lands.  Our position challenges the
assumed jurisdiction of the "province of bc".  The "province of bc" is in
the process of stealing more of our lands and, possibly, assaulting our
settlement.  The change of government (from a centrist leftist [NDP] to a
right wing government [BC Liberals]) on May 16th, surely means aggression
will be directed at us.  We are prepared to do what ever it takes to defend
our position.  We need people to be aware of what we are up against and
aware of what exactly is being done against us daily.

The support we need is endless.  We do not have financial support from
anybody.  We need building materials and things to help us sustain
ourselves.  We need help letter writing and with paper work.  But most of
all we need people to spread our word.  We forsee all kinds of negative
thoughts and actions taken against us.

We will remain here on our lands, forever, like our ancestors.  We will hol=
our position as long as people can support us being here.  People can help
by keeping informed at all times or by dropping in to visit the community a=
any time.  We welcome dialogue of all kinds with all people.

In the spirit of life
Sutikalh Community Members

For more information contact or to donate to Sutikalh:
Rosalin: (604)894-2400, Fax: (604)894-6841,
Box 309, Mt. Currie, Lil=B9Wat Territory, "bc, kanada" V0N 2K0

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