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(en) Russia, update on Aleksei Cherepanov case 4th of November 2004

From Worker <a-infos-en@ainfos.ca>
Date Tue, 9 Nov 2004 11:24:57 +0100 (CET)

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1) Current situation
2) A letter from Aleksei Cherepanov (31st of August, 2004)
3) A letter from regional administration of Gosnarkokontrol of Kuban
area to Aleksei Cherepanov (20th of September, 2004)
5) A fax you may send to help Aleksei Cherepanov
1) Very recently we heard, that Sovetsky district court of Krasnodar
will be looking case of Cherepanov already 11th of November!
In September, appeal court of Krasnodar area overturned decision
of Sovetsky district court which cleared Cherepanov from all charges after
appeal of the prosecutor, in a very dubious and illegal manner. Now
district court is looking the case again, even although appeal against
of the appeal court is still pending. We must react quickly!
In end of this letter, you will see a sample fax which you may
send to Sovetsky district court of Krasnodar in order to support
2) A letter from Aleksei Cherepanov (31st of August, 2004)
Hello comrades!
BIG thank you once again to all of you for support and care!
Right now it is alreay for sure, that everything what happened was a
provocation of FSB in order to open a criminal case against me and Dima
(Ryabinin - ed.) according to statue 280 of Criminal Codex of Russian
Federation, "A call to overthrow constitutional order", Avtonom being the
main target. From the first day, 12th of May, when I was planted grass on
way to military call-up centre, everything was made according to demands
the FSB. Feces (Fekaly is a popular in Russia nick for secret service
agents - ed.) gave oral orders to Gosnarkokontrol (GNK) to plant the drugs
and to have be locked up. In unofficial personal chat with my lawyer, one
of the
chiefs of GNK in Krasnodar admitted, that during search of my home 19th of
May drugs were not planted by his group, but by FSB. And investigator of
Bessonov said to my lawyer, that drugs were planted to back up their
He also said, that they wanted to open criminal case according to statue
280 -
that is why I was locked up to FSB remand prison. But they had to forget
the case, since they learned that I wrote and defended my diplom work
radical publications - historical and typological characteristics" with
references to this literature.
They were moronic enough to pass my diplom work to criminal expertise in
order to find "extremist calls" from it! So that damn diplom work which
saved me! According to words of this fece, they checked up my
friends and made a conclusion that I am an anarchist, involved
in subversive extremist activities, but they also found out that I am
doing scientifical work as well. According to his words: "We made a
mistake and picked up something that we should not had to, and now all
complaints and faxes from Moscow tie our hands". When my lawyer asked if
they understood what they were doing in the first place, Bessonov answered
"So you want to say that our officers are pissheads? You don't have to, I
know it myself."
Bessonov was also talking about fanzine Krolik, which I publish, and said
that whatever, it is will not be a fair business with me since I am a
Problems with Dima (Ryabinin - ed.) in prior to his liberation were also
anything but a coincidence. He was passed from low-security colony of
Dvubratska to Ust-Labinsk, where FSB should have
picked him up according to chief of Dvubratska. It seems like FSB wanted
have both me and Dima accused as an extremist group according to 280,
"publishing subversive literature with call to overthrow existing order".
Feces withdrew from their plans 2nd of July, when my advocate had passed
them testimony
from my institute that I was indeed writing a diplom work using the
confiscated press.
Feces sticked to me, since lately issues of Avtonom* have been stored in my
place, and 20th issue was also stapled there.
I suppose FSB learned this from informer Zhenya Hatkin, who gave testimony
against Dima on his case, and who for
sure still cooperates with feces. I am sure, that Zhenya would have been
witness in case they opened a case
according to 280. By the way, criminal expertise made a conclusion that
press confiscated from me was indeed of extremist character, but since I
not publishing but studying this literature, they decided not to open the
case. This was thanks to my diplom work.
Differently from Dima's case, feces were not putting pressure to court
during myh case, according to their words "they had no quarrel with me".
an unimportant fece was monitoring court sessions all
the time. And GNK found itself deep in the arse, since they made untidy
expecting FSB to make the job in which
drugs will go by without too much attention. But FSB refused from the
and GNK was alone with its stupid statue 228
and unproved accusations about drug possession.
Coincidentally, my lawyer heard one of the high-rank officers of the GNK
talking to a fece in the corridoor of the courthouse:"You bitches fucked
up!", to which fece answered calmly "And what are you guys licking our
after oral orders only?". And indeed, formally FSB has nothing to do with
it, there is no any written proof whatsoever that they were in the
from the beginning. Confiscated literature was passed to GNK in accordance
with statue 155 of theCriminal Codex of the Russian Federation (a
"Passing materials to
a separate investigation: If during investigation information about
crime, which is not connected with the currently investigated crime,
appears, investigator separates materials that may containt testimony
the new case from
materials of the current investigation.")
I am still surprised, that during all time of my imprisonement feces did
came to visit me. No question, I would not have had any chat with them,
they would have put me in front of a choice - have a talk or we will give
you a
ride with the drugs and ammunition charges with a full program.
By the way, before all these problems began, feces were pretty much
interested about me, asking questions from teachers of the institute and a
couple of times they came to my home when I was not around. So in case FSB
is specially interested about somebody, one may wait provocations against
this comrade to come up soon. As a conclusion, one should not
relax but be prepared to new provocations.
Struggle continues! FSB is enemy of the people!
Once again HUGE thanks to everybody!
Aleksei Cherepanov
3) A letter from regional administration of Gosnarkokontrol of Kuban
area to Aleksei Cherepanov
We announce, that circumstances around Your punishment for a misdemeanour
and consecutive arrest have been throughouthly investigated with respect
all their aspects. During this investigation we have uncovered violations
from side of the officers of the administration under my governance. Those
guilty of misdemeanour have been punished. I beg you pardon for actions of
my subordinates.
Chief of Administration M.M. Krapivniy 20th of September 2004
4) A fax you may send to help Aleksei Cherepanov
You may fax this appeal to Sovetski district court of Krasnodar.
However, it will propably me more effective, if
instead of this English version you send the Russian version
from russia.indymedia.org (right colon on the top, if they have
delays in publishing check after few hours)
According to Russian laws, appeals which contain your full name, home
address, profession and signature MUST be given an official answer. So if
you all
send Russian version of the fax and add all this information, your faxes
Sovetski district court of of Krasnodar area to remember Cherepanov case
Sovetski district court of Krasnodar does not have a direct fax, but you
fax to number +7-8612 62 52 56 every day from 10 AM to 4 PM local
time (from 7 AM to 1 PM GMT), and say that fax is for Cherepanov.
Òî district court of Sovetski of Krasnodar
to judge Yuri Alekseyevich Lapkin
350058, Krasnodar, Stavropolskaya street 207
Dear Yuri Alekseyevich
19th of August 2004 judge of Sovetski district court of Krasnodar V.G.
Khraban cleared Aleksei Aleksandrovich Cherepanov from all charges given
according to statue 228 of Criminal Codex of Russian Federation. However,
representative of prosecutor of the area T.N. Zvereva appealed decision of
court to Court of Appeal, pleaing to overturn sentence and to pass case to
new investigation.
22nd of September court collegium on criminal cases of Court of Appeal
looked appeal and passed criminal case against Aleksei Cherepanov to a new
investigation, without any justification whatsoever!
Judges did not paid attention to number of violations, which officers of
Gosnarkokontrol had committed during investigation and which were
in sentence of
the district court. Judges also did not paid attention to number of
violations of both
Constitution of Russian Federation and Criminal Process Code in the appeal
For example, appeal admits that search in the room where Cherepanov was
living was done in contradiction with laws since not he, nor his wife were
although both were in the city at the moment and officers of
Gosnarkokontrol knew
about their whereabouts. It is also proven that 16th of April 2004 an
group, consisting of five officers of Gosnarkokontrol, was founded to work
on Cherepanov - although he is claimed to have been arrested for a
charge only 12th of May. Chief of Administratio of Gosnarkokontrol in
area M.M. Krapiviy has begged pardon from Cherepanov in a written for for
illegal actions of his subordinates. We suppose, that judges were under
pressure from side of representatives of
the prosecutor of the area. Fact that prosecutor of the area was leading
such an unimportant case is evidence for our assumption. It was prosecutor
of the area who demanded remand imprisonement of Cherepanov, although he
has no previous criminal history, has not been avoiding
investigation and has a permanent residence in Krasnodar, in these
conditions persons accused with such charges are seldom put to remand
We are sure, that Aleksei Cherepanov has not committed this crime. We are
aware of political
activities of Aleksei Cherepanov, and we are sure that this case has a
political aspect.
We ask you to take into account all these facts when looking for the case,
and make a just decision.
* "avtonom" refers to the Russian anarchist journal

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