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(sup) (en) couple of thoughts

From Worker <a-infos-sup@ainfos.ca>,bubotic.net@ainfos.ca (From: ben-A-)
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 10:01:23 +0200 (CEST)

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

A lot of the time, it seems like we’re fighting an uphill battle. There’s so
much bad shit in the world, and it seems like we always need more people than
we have to fight it.

We hold the trump card. We are going to fucking trounce the opposition.

In our hearts, we know this from the first moment we understand what anarchism
is. This is the problem. We know it, but the millions and billions throughout
the world, born and raised into a system of brutalisation and enslavement which
arrests and attempts to supress their human sensory capabilities, don’t.

Not really.

A lot of the time we don’t really know it ourselves.

There are problems in the anarchist movement. Sometimes some of us think like
anarchists, but behave with the narrow-minded barbarity of a brutalised slave,
a brutalised wage-slave. We treat each other like absolute shit. For the first
time in our lives, anarchism gives us a vague sense of self-respect, and what
do some do with their newfound strength, knowledge and agency? They use it to
kick someone in the head. They use it to make themselves feel better at someone
else’s expense. They cut their losses in the big poker game of life and kick a
homeless person on the way home to make themselves feel better.

It’s a really shitty thing to do, but it happens.

They get to thinking that the revolution is never going to come and that all
they have left to do with themselves is play silly games with each other or go
off and forget everything they ever learnt and go and stick their heads in the

I could count myself amongst the worst examples of this sort of behaviour.

We need a revolution within a revolution.

We need an anarchism for the heart.

Anyone who thinks this sounds ‘gay’ or ‘feminine’ is a slave. Anyone who this
sounds crazy to is a fucking slave.

We all know that a lot of ‘men’ need everything spelt out to them, so let’s
spell this out. Bakunin said once that, for a revolution to be truly
successful, the seeds of the new society had to be planted within the shell of
the old.

Authoritarian breeding conditions us not to feel. The authoritarian world must
drive feeling from us so that we can more easily fuck each other over. The
soldier who doesn’t feel has less difficulty committing murder in the name of
his masters than the one who does. The wage slave who doesn’t feel is less
frustrated by the absurd routines of the daily grind than the one who does.

The man who doesn’t feel—the man who doesn’t love—is less upset by his own
living death than the one who does, or tries to.

The man without the courage to allow himself to feel scared is less prepared to
walk through the Valley of Death by Public Ridicule for what he believes.

The more we are in touch with what we feel—our shame, our anxiety, our fear—the
more confident we will be as individuals. The more we share these feelings with
companions within the movement who we feel we can trust, the tighter and
stronger shall the anarchist movement become.

Nationalism always tries to impose a false idea of fraternity based on an
arbitrary ideological abstraction. Anarcho-humanists must turn themselves
inside out, shake themselves loose of their conditioning, and then do the same
to the rest of the world. We wish to turn the world upside down because we wish
to protect the happiness and physical, intellectual, emotional and
psychological well-being of ourselves, and by extension everyone else. We wish
to enable the creation, maintenance and self-protection of a healthy human
being, capable of accepting her or himself as well as those around them in
every imaginable way. We want to create one from none, to borrow a line from

If we understand this, we also understand that we are the third and the sublime
revolution. Those who self-consciously choose to examine themselves, and if
necessary jettison anti-social character traits on the basis of a consciously
articulated set of philosophical principles like anarchism will form the very
epicentre of the anarchist revolution. They will become the firestorm that
stirs with a quickening pace but silently underneath the surface.

Revolution must be completely organic—completely organic.

If we make the process organic enough, it will come, in time.

We must be relaxed and meditate on our feelings. We must do whatever it takes
to build the bridge between the conscious, logically-driven mind and the
unconscious, emotionally-driven mind.

We must feel, but we must not be dominated by our emotions, just as we must not
be dominated by wayward parents, bosses, bureaucrats, church officials or
tyrants, parliamentary or otherwise. We must not allow our emotions to control
us, just as we must not allow wayward parents, bosses, bureaucrats, church
officials or tyrants, parliamentary or otherwise, to control us.

We must not allow our emotions to think for us. We must think for ourselves.
There is a cop and an egomaniac inside every one of us, and we must seek them
out and annihilate them. If we are ego-driven, then we must expect to go
through the trauma of ego-death.

Once we can truly think for ourselves, wading into the cesspool of our fears,
shames and anxieties, not just thinking we know what’s right, but also feeling
strongly that we know what is right (but never knowing we know what’s right),
then, only then will we be absolutely unstoppable. We will be unstoppable
because we will be, if not completely, mostly resolved. Our sense of confidence
in ourselves will derive from our trust and our faith in ourselves, not out of
the sense of power that arises from swallowing vastly oversimplified ideas
lock, stock and barrel.

We must have patience. Many of those who find their way into the anarchist
movement are those who have been dealt the worst hand by the world around them,
and are justifiably confused and upset. We must expect this, and we must be
prepared to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes to relieve them of
their confusion and unhappiness. If we must look at the situation in terms of
benefits to the anarchist movement and not simply as a perfectly natural
exercise in human compassion, we might consider for a moment the benefits a
much more recovered but still severely pissed off refugee from authoritarianism

Now, more than ever, we need to take good care of each other. For some of us,
the idea is so strange as to sound a little like . . . hey, wouldn’t it be nice
to live without a state?

So obvious, but no one seems to have written it down anywhere yet. Why is that?

I wrote this the other night. Sorry if this isn't regular fare for a-infos.

With anarchist greetings,

Ben Debney
site maintainer, www.anarchosyndicalism.net


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