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POLICY: Membership of a-infos-org
(Last amendment - December 1999)

Part 1: To be sent to people who wish to join a-infos-org

People who would like to help in the running of the news service in some way, and who agree with the conditions of membership (below), are welcome to subscribe to a-infos-org

--- a-infos-org conditions of membership ---

1.I describe myself as an anarchist
** (or an anti-state socialist sympathetic to anarchism) and promote a classless libertarian society.

2.I subscribe to libertarian principles of non-authoritarian self- governance, free association and mutual aid. I don't promote ideas or activities that are incompatible with or in opposition to anarchism and don't behave in an authoritarian manner.

3. I agree that any work I do on a-infos-org will become the property of a-infos (that is if I decide to leave I will not attempt to stop a-infos continuing to use any of the work I did in running a-infos)

4. In my work on a-infos-org I agree to work according to the collective decisions that are and have been made on a-infos-org. I know that I can try to change this decisions with the democratic decision making procedures on this list.

--- end of a-infos-org conditions of membership ---

If you have any questions about these mail them to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca

To be admitted to -org please email a-infos-org with a message saying 'I agree with the a-infos- org conditions of membership'. Please also include a brief introduction about yourself and an indication of any areas you have a particular interest in helping out in. If you don't yet know how you can help don't worry, just mail the first two parts and we'll help you when you join us.

Part 2 Procedure for admitting people

As soon as a person becomes a full member of a-infos-org, they must be provided with the current a-infos-org password. Anyone who changes the a-infos-org password at any time must inform all members of the a-infos-org collective of the up to date password"

Where an existing member of -org feels they should not be made a member they must post their objection to the list within the two days.

If any members provides clear evidence that the person is a fascist or represents a physical threat to anyone on -org, they can call an immediate vote based on that evidence to prevent the person being subscribed. This will be carried out over the following 48 hours (excluding weekends) using the procedure described below. If more than 2/3 of those voting vote to prevent the subscription to -org, the person concerned will not be subscribed.

In all other cases the person must be subscribed at the end of the two day period but as yet will not be given any passwords, posting rights etc. They may answer the accusations made against them on -org over the next two weeks.

At the end of the two weeks all those on -org can vote excluding the applicant member. Voting takes place over the next 48 hours(excluding weekends) by posting the statement:

'X should be a member of ainfos-org'


'X should not be a member of ainfos-org'

to a-infos-org.

If at the end of this period 2/3 of those voting support the applicant members membership they are made a full member. If more then 1/3 vote against them they are unsubscribed from the list and cannot re-apply for membership for six months.