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Joining the A-infos Collective
(or helping without becoming a member)
Welcome! So you like the service so much, you've decided to join and help run it. (Or you think we're makin' a mess, and you can help clean it up ;) Excellent.

A-Infos is run by the A-Infos Collective. The collective makes all decisions through its direct-democratic decision-making process and discussion on the collective's e-mail list: a-infos-org. It is essential that you read the decision-making policy and the other policies linked here, as agreeing with them is one of the conditions for joining the A-Infos Collective, and also to let you know where we are coming from, what goes on here and where we are going!

Discussion on the a-infos-org list is in English. All A-Infos Collective members need to contribute work in one or more of the following areas: choosing and editing posts for distribution and maintaining contacts with news sources, searching for news items to distribute, translating posts from one language list to others, maintaining the website and system administration.

As a diverse and international collective, we have come to a few basic commonalites through much trial and error. They are summarized in our policies and in the A-Infos Vision. Read them carefully, and ONLY if you agree with them, fill out the form at the bottom, and jump right in to our work!

As the Vision and the policies are not yet translated into all the main languages, if in need, ask for help BEFORE claiming that you agree with them.

Please note that it is not necessary to join the A-Infos Collective in order to contribute to its work. You can help by, for example, translating posts from one language to another. In this case it is better that you contact the Collective at a-infos-org@ainfos.ca in order to coordinate your translations with the editors of the language lists concerned. Another way to contribute is to send news articles for distribution - that is open to anyone, as long as the articles are within our spectrum.

If the following is true:

  1. I describe myself as an anarchist ** (or anti-state socialist sympathetic to anarchism) and actively promote a classless libertarian society.

  2. I subscribe to the libertarian principles of non-authoritarian self-governance, free association and mutual aid. I do not promote ideas or activities that are incompatible with anarchism and I do not behave in an authoritarian manner.

  3. I agree that any work which I do within the context of the A-Infos project will become communally owned/operated. (That is, if I decide to leave I will not attempt to interfere with the A-Infos project's continued use of the work I contributed.)

  4. In my work with A-Infos, I agree to abide by the collective decisions which I have read and agree with. I know that I can participate in the creation and amendment of these decisions in accordance with the direct-democratic decision-making process established by the collective, using the a-infos-org communication channel.

  5. I have read the following policies texts:
    1. Editing Policy
    2. Decision-making Policy
    3. Delegation Policy
    4. A-Infos Vision

For joining or just helping send a post to a-infos-org-A-ainfos.ca
(Replace the '-A-' with '@')

In the subject of post print "Helping or Joining"

Copy to the beginning of the body of the post the following:
"I have read the policy texts and agree with the conditions of membership, and I want:"
and add one of the two:
1) 'to join the A-Infos Collective'
2) 'to help A-Infos without joining.

Then introduce yourself

It is essential that you introduce yourself with a detailed and interesting enough text. In your introduction, write a few lines about your opinion on each of the policy texts above. You also need to indicate that you will be able to contribute work daily (or nearly every day) and which type of work you would like to contribute (or which task you wish to be delegated).

If you are, or have been, a member of any collectives and/or organizations, you need to include information about this in your introduction.

Updated 21-10-06