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Frequently Asked Questions about the A-Infos project
A-Infos FAQ Version 21.10.06 en 21/10/06

What is A-Infos? | How to subscribe | How to send news | How to help

Areas covered

1. What is A-Infos?

2. How can I subscribe to A-Infos?

. .. 2.1 I'm getting too much mail. What can I do?

. .. 2.2 a-infos@ainfos.ca

........... 2.2.1 a-infos-index24@ainfos.ca

. .. 2.5 The a-infos language lists

........... 2.5.1 In July 2003 the language lists were...

. .. 2.8 The web site

. .. 2.9 Future plans

3. How do I unsubscribe (or suspend e-mail delivery)?

...... 3.1 I'm having problems unsubscribing

...... 3.2 How do I find out which list(s) I am subscribed to?

4. I'd like to see an A-Infos article translated; can you help?

5. How do I comment on an article?

6. How is news selected?

7. Who runs A-Infos?

8. Should I forward news from A-Infos or print it out?

9. How can I help with A-Infos?

...... 9.1 How do I write for A-Infos?

............ 9.1.1 Some formatting hints

...... 9.2 My group would like to send articles to A-Infos, is this OK?

...... 9.3 A note on Language

...... 9.4 A note on Format

...... 9.5 A note on MIME

...... 9.6 I've got some news for you; where do I send it?

...... 9.7 How do I help to translate articles?

10. Summary of our lists

11. How do I send commands to the computer?

Appendix 1 Historical and non-Internet details of the A-Infos project
Appendix 2. Language tags for use on a-infos

1. What is A-Infos?

A-Infos is a collection of mailing lists and web pages aiming to provide news "about and of interest to anarchists" **. These lists are managed by the people who subscribe to the a-infos-org list (below). For an explanation of the origins of A-Infos and of current A-Infos work outside the Internet see the appendix of this FAQ and the web page. A-Infos is not a commercial project. All the time and services which make A-Infos possible are donated by volunteers from several countries.

2. How can I subscribe to A-Infos?

One way of managing your subscription to A-Infos mailing lists is by mailman, which is a customised version of a common software program for running such tasks. If you have had contact with a mailing list in the past, there's a good chance that it was operated by a variation of the same program. To subscribe to any of these options just click here, and follow the instructions.

2.1 I'm getting too much mail. What can I do?

Because we distribute many news items every day and some people can only receive a little e-mail we distribute the messages in a variety of different ways. If you find you currently get too much mail from us try changing the way you are reading it. First, check which lists you are currently subscribed to - The procedure for doing this is in section 3.2. Use the following table to help you decide which list(s) may be more suitable for your requirements:

If you are currently subscribed to... Do you want multiple languages? Then try subscribing to...
a-infos@ainfos.ca Yes 24-hour digest , or part of the Language lists or menu digest
Few a-infos mailing lists Yes Be more selective or use 24-hour digests
One Language list Yes 24-hour digest
Any list Yes menu of previous day's posts

2.2 a-infos@ainfos.ca

If you are subscribed to a-infos you receive every mail item approved by the A-Infos collective regardless of language. This could be a good option if you speak many languages, to be sure you miss no relevant posts. However, there are other options.

2.2.1 a-infos-index24@ainfos.ca

If you are subscribed to this you will receive one mail per day containing the headlines and first few lines of every post distributed on A-Infos with links to the full articles on the web archive.

2.3 a-infos@ainfos.ca - Digest

If you are subscribed to this list, you receive all the message sent to the a-infos list, but rather than getting them as they are approved, you get one mail message every 24 hours containing all the messages for that day. (The change from and to the digest mode is done by themailman on line form - third link in the footer of each post.)

2.5 The A-Infos language lists

At the beginning of 1998 we started to introduce lists for posts in one language only. If you are on any of these lists you receive the posts distributed by A-Infos in that language. The posts on the language lists are not only specific to the countries where those languages are spoken. We try when possible to provide translations of posts to several languages so that people can get a feel of the international movement. Ideally we would like all posts sent to A-Infos to appear in all our language lists.

We strongly encourage the use of languages apart from English on A-Infos. We hope that this language split will encourage subscribers who only read the less common languages on a-infos to get others to subscribe and to post more news items in their language.

The lists below were chosen because we had received regular posts in each of these languages (and have an a-infos collective member who can edit them...). When we start to receive regular posts in additional languages we will create new lists for these.

2.5.1 In July 2003 the language-specific lists were...

a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Spanish
a-infos-ct@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Catalan
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Dutch
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in English
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in German
a-infos-fi@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Finnish
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in French
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Italian
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Portuguese
a-infos-ru@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Russian
a-infos-sv@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Swedish, Norwegian & Danish
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Turkish

But now, 2006, we have only:
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Spanish
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in German
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in English
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in French
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Italian
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Dutch
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Portuguese
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Turkish

2.8 The A-Infos web site

It is also possible to read news sent to A-Infos without subscribing to any of the lists by visiting the web pages at:

The posts are archived in 2 different ways:

  • Short Form (Subject, Sender & Date of Posts)
  • Long Form (Subject, Sender, Date & First few lines of Posts)
Short Form: Long Form: Other features of the A-Infos website are:

2.9 Future plans

We hope to add further options to this list including the possibility of a list where you receive a daily menu of articles and then specify which ones you wish to receive in your mail-box. A long term ambition is to allow people to define areas they are interested in and then devise a way to send them whatever articles are in these areas.

3. How do I unsubscribe (or suspend e-mail delivery)?

3.1 I'm having problems unsubscribing

Most problems with unsubscribing are caused by one of the following situations:
  • Are you actually subscribed to the list you are trying to unsubscribe from? Because we offer many different lists for different configurations of A-Infos news, it is easy for forget exactly which lists you are subscribed to. You can check which lists you are subscribed to by following the instructions in section 3
  • Did you originally subscribe from a different e-mail address than your current address? If so, you will have to wait for a short period while your request is dealt with by a member of a-infos-org. This is done to prevent malicious subscription and unsubscription requests.
  • Are you receiving a lot of jumbled text as a reply? If so, check that your unsubscription message was sent as plain text - The Flow lists server does not understand HTML or similar mail. When composing your message, make sure the message format is set in plain text.

3.2 How do I find out which list(s) I am subscribed to?

If you can't remember which lists you subscribed to, you can find out which ones you are on by looking at the 'From: line in the posts headers or using the mailman interface.

4. I'd like to see an A-Infos article translated; can you help?

We ask people with translation skills to help by translating articles from one A-Infos list into another language. If you'd like an article on A-Infos to be translated mail a request to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca and if you are lucky someone will translate it. Please note though A-Infos editors and translators are volunteers.

So, if you want to translate an article, go right ahead. When you've finished, send it to the appropriate language list. For example, if you translated an article from French to English, send your translation to a-infos-en@ainfos.ca . Remember to put the language tag of the original article at the end of the "Subject" line, like this:

Subject: Report on demonstration in Paris (fr)

Remember also to put the original subject at the bottom of the translation with a link to it in the A-Infos archive of old posts.

In order to better coordinate the work of translation of articles, it would be best to contact the A-Infos Collective first (but not essential). Write to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca

5. How do I comment on an article?

If you wish to share your oppinions with the a-infos editor of a list or with the a-infos collective - send a post with appropriate and clear subject to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca

6. How is news selected?

Anyone can send a news item to our news service. Posts sent to any of our addresses are forwarded to an appropriate archive waiting there for an editor to edit them if appropriate. Providing the post is of news "about or of interest to anarchists" (as interpreted by our guidelines for contributing posts to A-Infos) and is correctly formatted it is then approved for posting to the A-Infos lists.

Detailed guidelines for contributors and editors (and our interpretation of the term "about or of interest to anarchists" are in the editing policy that can be found here.

Approved posts find their electronic way into the following:

  1. the multilingual lists:
    * on a-infos@ainfos.
    * on a-infos-index24.
  2. on the appropriate a-infos language-specific lists and (their digests.
  3. on the various web archives of A-Infos accessible using a number of different indexes and summaries. The links for the posts are in two formats - a short one (with the subjects of posts, date and contributor) and a longer one (which include also the first few lines of each post).
    1. The links for the last 40 posts (of all languages):
      http://www.ainfos.ca/index.html Short format
    2. The links for the posts of the last 24 hours (of all languages):
      http://www.ainfos.ca/index24.html Long format
    3. The links for the posts of last two weeks (of all languages):
      http://www.ainfos.ca/A-Infos/index.html (short format only)
    4. For the posts of the various languages:
      1. For the last 100 posts in English: http://www.ainfos.ca/en/index.html Short format.
        (For the other languages replace the 'en' with the tag of the other language list - with 'ca' for Castellano, 'de' for Deutsch, 'fr' for France, 'it' for Italian, 'nl' for Duch, 'pt' for Portuguese, and 'tr' for Turkish). .)
      2. For the last 10 posts in English: http://www.ainfos.ca/en/indiez.html Long format.
        (For the other languages replace the 'en' with the tag of the other language list.)

The permanent multilingual archive, organized by month and year (short only) is at:
The longer version of links for the multilingual posts:
of past 30 days | of 2002 | of 2003 | of 2004 | of 2005 | of 2006

7. Who runs A-Infos?

The A-Infos Collective

The project is managed by a collective of people who are subscribed to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca.

People who would like to help in the running of the news service in some way, and who are anarchists (or equivalents, i.e. who want to promote a classless libertarian society), are welcome to join the collective. See Join the collective or just help to do the project.

We expect that all members of the A-Infos Collective subscribe to anarchist principles of non-authoritarian self-governance, free association and mutual aid. We take for granted that members accept responsibility for themselves as well as for the collective as a whole, i.e. that they try to be constructive for themselves and for the common goal as much as possible. In the realm of the project, members may not promote ideas or activities which are incompatible with anarchism, let alone opposed to it.

Furthermore, to maintain the working atmosphere on the list, we expect that during the first week after joining the list, subscribers to a-infos-org will post a longer introduction than the short one they printed in the application to join the collective.

Posts to a-infos-org generally concern the technical side of running the list, a certain amount of chit chat and long running debates on how the lists should be structured. Because of all this, being on a-infos-org means getting quite a lot of e-mail and a commitment to doing work for the A-Infos news service, but if you're willing to accept all this we not only welcome you, we beg you to join and give us a hand. (You can access the relevant updated texts and send us (to a-infos-org@ainfos.ca) your answer the questions in the form here).

People not subscribed to a-infos-org should write to this list in the event they wish to contact the project organisers. It is not an address to use to submit articles, advertisements, silly requests, etc. It is a list of real people, not an automated address. The working language on -org is English, but if you prefer to write to us in other languages, we will cope.

8. Should I forward news from A-Infos or print it out?


We encourage people to distribute the news they get from A-Infos to other people both on but particularly off the net. On the net please include the little A-Infos footer so that more people can subscribe. In printed material off the net please include at least the web page address which is: http://www.ainfos.ca/ and the general e-mail: a-infos@ainfos.ca

In particular we encourage anarchist, and related, media projects to use news from our news service for re-publication or on which to base their own articles/reports/news items.

In fact, it is also now possible to syndicate A-Infos to other web sites. To see how, read the guide to Syndicating A-Infos.

To encourage contributors, if you reprint an article it is a nice idea to e-mail them telling them you have done so.

9. How can I help with A-Infos?

We want all the A-Infos subscribers to become involved in A-Infos even if this involvement is as little as occasionally forwarding interesting articles to friends or another mailing list. But in particular what we need most is material to distribute, so if you are part of a group or collective, send us reports and articles regularly. If you can translate articles from one language to another, do so and send us the translations for distibution.

9.1 How do I write for A-Infos

Posts that are discussing articles are usually out of a-infos spectrum (unless they are articles of anarchist journals). These should not be posted to a-infos as they won't be approved.

However we encourage you to write articles for a-infos about events that you have a knowledge of either because you live near where they are happening or you have some expertise. Some of the finest posts to A-Infos have been "eyewitness" accounts of events that reveal aspects that the international media have chosen to ignore. Other excellent posts have been about events like anarchist gatherings that the media never cover.

Subscribers to A-Infos lists are interested in anarchist and anarchist-related arguments. We do not, therefore, welcome articles that contradict this fundamental position.

In order for people to be more informed about what they are reading we request that people sending news to A-Infos include some or all of the following information, where appropriate:

  1. Source - where the information comes from.
  2. A postal address.
  3. An e-mail address or URL.
  4. If the message is a collective statement from a particular organisation, then a brief statement of the aims and objectives of that organisation.
  5. If you are sending information from a source that many anarchists would consider authoritarian, please say why it could still be considered of interest to anarchists.
  6. You should remember that anything sent to our lists should be considered to be in the public domain - free for other subscribers to use in any way they wish.
  7. You need to include a language tag in the subject of your post. (See point 9.3)

9.1.1 Some formatting hints

Here are some points you may use as a guide if you are unsure how to format an article for A-Anfos. You obviously do not have to follow these.
  1. Try to present an accurate picture of what is happening, avoid exaggerating numbers of the influence of anarchists (if any) in events.
  2. Remember though as an anarchist news service we are particularly interested in what local anarchists are doing/saying.
  3. Try to keep your sentences short and your account broken up into paragraphs of less then three sentences. Your first paragraph should summarise the important points of your story.
  4. Include your name (or pseudonym), the date the article was written and the geographical location (e.g. Joe Blogs, London, 4/5/97) at the top of the article, this is all information that is useful to people in judging how relevant your article is likely to be. People are more inclined to trust an article written by someone whose name they recognise who is at or near the event being described and where the article is written during or shortly after this event.
  5. If you're writing the article for A-Infos include the words "Written for A-Infos" under the article title. This will encourage other people to write articles for A-Infos.
  6. When you have written your article read it over (or better still get a friend to do so), and run a spell check on it. Things to look for include:
    a. Sentences or paragraphs that are too long.
    b. Quotes or facts that are unsourced (for instance its better to say "according to the Daily News, Gary said" or "at a rally on the 23/4/5 Gary said" than just "Gary said")
    c. Local terms or background that you need to explain, for instance the initials of a union or political party or some locally well-known background details that people in other parts of the world may be unaware of.
  7. Try to use a simple language. Due to the international nature of the project it's likely that non-native speakers of the language you're writing in will read your text. For these people it's easier to understand a language without unusual words.
  8. If your post to A-Infos contains more than one article or item, each of them will be treated on its own merits, and may be removed before the post is send to A-Infos. Whenever an article or item is removed from a post of a contributor, a label such as [EXCERPT] will be added to the subject of the distributed post. Only whole articles and items will be removed in this way. Please also note that we only accept articles in one language. If you wish to send an article in several languages, please do so, but do so in separate mails! People subscribed to the lists in Spanish are not interested in also reading your article in Azerbaijani.

9.2 My group would like to send articles to A-Infos, is this OK?

We encourage anarchist and related projects to send news to A-Infos, this was one of the primary ideas behind A-Infos, we distribute news rather then produce it. A-Infos prefers to concentrate on news but occasional historical and theoretical articles are also welcome. We will also accept news from non-anarchists that are "of interest to anarchists". If you sending an article please read the note on formatting below.

9.3 A note on language and location

We accept posts in any language to all the lists. The first part of the subject line of a post should indicate what language a post is in e.g. (en) for English. (See the appendix at the end for the complete list of languages), and Country (if relevant).See 9.6 about where to send your article.

Examples of tag use:
"(en) UK, Strike in London"
"(ca) Spain, Huelga en Madrid"

A-Infos language lists are not specific to the countries where the languages are spoken as it is an international news service. Ideally all news items would be available in all languages.

9.4 A note on format

Mail sent to A-Infos should be sent in a plain text (ASCII), with line length of about 60 to 80 characters (in files which have a return character/line break every 60 or so characters). Files sent in this format will appear on everyone's mailer more or less as you sent them. Otherwise mails that appear fine when sent from your e-mail program may appear, when read in another program, as a confusing jumble of text.

As an example you can format the posts so that each line is only about 60 characters long in MS Word by
  1. Do a "Select all"
  2. Change the font to 12 point Courier or any similar typewriter font
  3. Drag the page margin to 11cm so the text forms a long narrow column.
  4. Save as 'Text only with line breaks"

This will give you a column of text about 60 characters wide which is easy to read on all e-mail systems.

An easier method is to configure the line length of the mail program to 60 characters.

Leaving an empty line between paragraphs will also make your mail easier to read.

9.5 A note on MIME

You may send MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) messages, but we'll accept only messages formatted as readable text (Content-Type: text/plain). Please don't use HTML or quote printable, and please don't add any attachments. Please don't use multi-part messages.

Today most mailers accept 8-bit characters, so you may send your post in 8-bit format (Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit). It's easier to read than quoted-printable formats, and we won't accept any unreadable format (like base64).

9.6 I've got some news for you; where do I send it?

Send your news as an e-mail to one of the following addresses, according to what language it is in:

a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca for Spanish
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca for German
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca for English
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca for French
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca for Italian
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca for Dutch.
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca for Portuguese
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca for Turkish

Don't worry however, if all this confuses you. If you just send your article to a-infos@ainfos.ca, it's still OK; it's just that it creates work for us, because we then have to decide what language it is. If you have a piece of news in several languages, please send it in separate mails to the relevant lists.

If you have any problems, just e-mail the A-Infos Collective (a-infos-org@ainfos.ca), and we will help. Please note, however, that a-infos-org@ainfos.ca is not the address to submit articles to.

9.7 How do I help to translate articles?

A-Infos is open to the posting to the News feeds of articles in any language. We'd like to encourage anyone who knows more than one language and has some time to spare, to translate articles received from A-Infos to additional languages and send these translations to A-Infos.

As most translations of articles are currently done by the editors of the various language lists, it would be best to contact the A-Infos Collective first in order to coordinate better the work of translation.

10. Summary of our lists

We operate many different lists, so here's a summary, to clear up any doubts you may have as to the purpose of each one.

a-infos@ainfos.ca - A-Infos News in all languages
a-infos-index24@ainfos.ca - The subject and first few lines only of the news in all languages with links to the full articles on the website
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Spanish
a-infos-en@ainfos.ca - A-Infos News in English
a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos News in French
a-infos-de@ainfos.ca - A-Infos News in German
a-infos-it@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Italian
a-infos-nl@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Dutch
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Portuguese
a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca - A-Infos news in Turkish
a-infos-org@ainfos.ca - The internal list of the A-Infos Collective - the project organisers

11. How do I send commands to the computer?

A-Infos uses the mailman mailing-list technology as many other groups that have mailing lists. To use it on line for the specific list you are subscribed to use the third link on the footer of each post.
For a-infos-en list: http://ainfos.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/a-infos-en

A-infos-en mailing list

You can also use the above URL to subscribe to the a-infos-en list. For other lists replace the 'en' with the specific language tag (ca de fr it nl pt tr index24) or just erse the '-en' for the multilingual list a-infos@ainfos.ca
Appendix 1 Historical and non-Internet details of the A-Infos project

Appendix 2. Language tags for use on A-Infos

aa Afar
ab Abkhazian
af Afrikaans
am Amharic
ar Arabic
as Assamese
ay Aymara
az Azerbaijani
ba Bashkir
be Byelorussian
bg Bulgarian
bh Bihari
bi Bislama
bn Bengali; Bangla
bo Tibetan
br Breton
ca Spanish/Castillian (elsewhere, sometimes known as ‘es’)
ct Catalan (elsewhere, sometimes known as ‘ca’)
co Corsican
cs Czech
cy Welsh
da Danish
de German
dz Bhutani
el Greek
en English
eo Esperanto
et Estonian
eu Basque
fa Persian
fi Finnish
fj Fiji
fo Faeroese
fr French
fy Frisian
ga Irish Gaelic
gd Scots Gaelic
gl Galician
gn Guarani
gu Gujarati
ha Hausa
hi Hindi
hr Croatian
hu Hungarian
hy Armenian
ia Interlingua
ie Interlingue
ik Inupiak
in Indonesian
is Icelandic
it Italian
iw Hebrew
ja Japanese
ji Yiddish
jw Javanese
ka Georgian
kk Kazakh
kl Greenlandic
km Cambodian
kn Kannada
ko Korean
ks Kashmiri
ku Kurdish
ky Kirghiz
la Latin
ln Lingala
lo Laothian
lt Lithuanian
lv Latvian, Lettish
mg Malagasy
mi Maori
mk Macedonian
ml Malayalam
mn Mongolian
mo Moldavian
mr Marathi
ms Malay
mt Maltese
my Burmese
na Nauru
ne Nepali
nl Dutch
no Norwegian
oc Occitan
om (Afan) Oromo
or Oriya
pa Punjabi
pl Polish
ps Pashto, Pushto
pt Portuguese
qu Quechua
rm Rhaeto-Romance, Romansch
rn Kirundi
ro Romanian
ru Russian
rw Kinyarwanda
sa Sanskrit
sd Sindhi
sg Sangro
sh Serbo-Croatian
si Singhalese
sk Slovak
sl Slovenian
sm Samoan
sn Shona
so Somali
sq Albanian
sr Serbian
ss Siswati
st Sesotho
su Sundanese
sv Swedish
sw Swahili/KiSwahili
ta Tamil
te Tegulu
tg Tajik
th Thai
ti Tigrinya
tk Turkmen
tl Tagálog
tn Setswana
to Tonga
tr Turkish
ts Tsonga
tt Tatar
tw Twi
uk Ukrainian
ur Urdu
uz Uzbek
vi Vietnamese
vo Volapuk
wo Wolof
xh Xhosa
yo Yoruba
zh Chinese
zu Zulu