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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 12/20/04

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Dec 20 20:19:34 GMT 2004

Evento libertário no RJ<br>
&quot;Sem Fronteira, Nem Bandeira&quot;<br>
Este evento será realizado no Complexo Da Maré, contando com o apoio e<br>
participação de locais.Acrescentando que haverá uma palestra/troca de idéias com o pessoal da<br>
banda HellShock, sobre a movimentação anarquista/anarcopunk em Portland.Aos coletivos/indivíduos que queiram expor material libertário,<br>
esclarecemos que, de acordo com a carta de princípios da CICAP, estes só<br>
poderão ser vendidos caso, clara...

(en) Poland, Warsawa, Against Rent Liberalization
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 20 19:23:51 GMT 2004

Here is an English version of our leaflet. A demo is being held in Warsaw<br>
which we will participate in.<br>
The authorities are leaning heavily towards rent liberalization, a move that<br>
will throw hundreds of thousands of people into further poverty. It is a<br>
well-known fact that most working people in Poland have just enough money to<br>
pay their bills and many not even that. Rent liberalization will mean that<br>
basic housing will bec...

(ca) Rusia: la situación social en las ciudades mineras. Huelgas y represión
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Dec 20 19:22:39 GMT 2004

Desde el punto de vista social, las ciudades mineras de la cuenca hullera<br>
del Donbas son las mas agitadas en el region de Rostov. Han pasado ya<br>
sobre 15 anos desde el momento en que el sistema sovietico fracasó y<br>
empezaron las reformas economicas pero la situacion alli solo empeora<br>
cada ano. Segun los datos estadisticos el nivel de paro y delincuencia<br>
en esta zona es el mas alto en region.Durante el tiempo de reformas la<br>
gran parte de las minas fueron cerradas ...

(ca) Cuba Libertaria: boletin del GALSIC
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Dec 20 19:00:05 GMT 2004

Coincidiendo con su endurecimiento represivo en el interior de Cuba y con<br>
un respaldo exterior que de más en más le falta, el régimen castrista<br>
intenta, también fuera de la isla, acallar o neutralizar por todos los<br>
medios las voces de la disidencia.<br>
Sobre la “Revolución cubana” hoy<br>
Coincidiendo con su endurecimiento represivo en el interior de Cuba y con<br>
un respaldo exterior que de más en más le falta, el régimen castrista<br>
intenta, tambié...

(nl) Palestina-Israel, Update – over de dagelijkse strijd tegen de Apartheid muur: de demo in Budrus op 28 september (it, en)
Rob Visser - rvisser@antenna.nl
Mon Dec 20 16:19:02 GMT 2004

Ongeveer 20 kameraden werden gearresteerd tijdens een demo in Budrus waartoe de<br>
radicale anti-bezetting mensen – waaronder het Anarchisten Tegen de Muur<br>
initiatief - het initiatief hadden genomen. We kwamen rond 12.30 uur aan bij<br>
het dorp en begonnen rond 13.00 uur te lopen. Wij waren ongeveer 150<br>
palestijnen en 50 israeliërs en internationalen. We stonden op de heuvel, en<br>
deden geen poging om naar de soldaten te lopen, gedurende iets meer dan een<br>
uur. We riepen leu...

(en) Ireland, Workers Solidarity #83 - That's Capitalism: Politicians Enjoy Another Work-Free Day in the Pub &amp; 'Part-ner-ship' at work &amp; Bare Breasts Can Seriously Damage Your Health &amp; War Does Pay - For Some!
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 20 10:31:26 GMT 2004

--- Politicians Enjoy Another Work-Free Day in the Pub<br>
Cork City Council certainly knew how to mark European Car Free Day.<br>
Last year they did nothing at all. This year they have hired a coach to<br>
transport councillors a mere 200 metres from City Hall to attend a nearby<br>
function (or 'boozing session' to be more accurate).<br>
--- Bare Breasts Can Seriously Damage Your Health<br>
A law has been passed by the American congress, which was initiated after<br>
the Janet Jackson S...

(en) France, Wildcat No. 71, The Experience of the Paris Solidarity Collectives - A New Stage - Thoughts on the strikes at Pizza Hut, McDonalds and Frog Pub
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 20 10:12:55 GMT 2004

The article was published in the first issue of the new French revue La<br>
Question Social - Revue Libertaire de Re flexion et de Combat (The<br>
Social Question - Libertarian Journal for Reflection and Struggle).<br>
The following is the part of the text dealing with the strikes at Frog Pub, a<br>
strike that was less internationally known than the McDonalds strike.<br>
After the successful strikes in 2001/2002 the Paris solidarity collectives<br>
had already dissolved themselves when ne...

(en) US, Philadelphia, defenestrator* # 31 Starbucks Workers Escalate Fight - by Jack Jackson
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 20 10:12:16 GMT 2004

For the past half century, unionized jobs in America have been outsourced in favor<br>
of cheaper and more subservient labor markets. With both major party presidential<br>
candidates strongly favoring free trade at nearly any cost, some Starbuck's workers<br>
in New York City are seeing the potential for unions to remedy the oppressive<br>
working conditions of a sector that can't be outsourced: retail.<br>
The battle to unionize Starbucks became public on May 17, 2004 when<br>
employees ...

(en) New Zealand, Dissident Voice* #7 - Assholes, Politicians, Economists &amp; Cops…
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 20 10:11:47 GMT 2004

In mid-November the Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) held<br>
its annual meeting in Santiago, Chile. Large protests were held during the<br>
week of the summit. Thousands of concerned citizens mobilized to bring<br>
attention to a range of issues to do with APEC, e.g. human rights,<br>
workers' rights, the environment and the US war on Iraq. Only one<br>
march was authorized by the authorities but other unauthorized<br>
demonstrations were held.<br>
A crowd of at least 25,0...

(en) US, Palmdale, Antelope Valley, reminder: radical network meeting mon D20
Autonomous Valley Collective - autonomousvalley@yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 10:09:25 GMT 2004

On Monday, December 20th, there will be an informal meeting on the<br>
purposed idea of a radical network in the Antelope Valley at McAdam's<br>
Park in Palmdale at 5PM. Bring ideas to throw around for discussion!<br>
There has been an ongoing discussion of having a radical network,<br>
consisting of many different and ongoing projects, in the Antelope<br>
Valley. Based on anarchist principals of organizing, and with a radical<br>
approach to politics, this network will exist to extend kno...

(en) US, Chicago, Midwest Unrest* is pleased to declare a partial victory
Midwest Unrest - midwest_unrest@riseup.net
Mon Dec 20 08:20:04 GMT 2004

CHICAGO TRANSIT FARE STRIKE: So far So Good - just one day after our call for<br>
a fare strike had begun. The CTA had been threatening the implementation of<br>
their &quot;Doomsday&quot; (aka &quot;Gridlock&quot;) budget, beginning January 2nd 2005. It would<br>
have included a 20% cut to services and them termination of 1250 jobs. After<br>
repeated delays, a final decision to pass the budget was to be made at their<br>
monthly board meeting on December 16th 2004. Earlier this fall, th...