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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 12/02/04

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Thu, 2 Dec 2004 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(pt) [Brasil] Evento Anarquista (Santos/SP)
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Dec 02 21:04:50 GMT 2004

por RLBS<br>
- Exibição do vídeo “Ácratas”;<br>
- Lançamento da Agenda 2005 da Rede Libertária da Baixada Santista;<br>
- Lançamento do livro “Anarquistas Expropriadores”;<br>
- Lançamento do livro “Rebeldias”<br>
04/12/2004 (sábado) às 19h na Cinemateca de Santos (R. Xavier de Toledo,<br>
42, Campo Grande, Santos/SP)<br>
****** Serviço de Notícias A-Infos *****<br>
Notícias sobre e de interesse para anarquistas<br>

(pt) [Brasil] I Encontro de estudantes libertários-RJ
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Dec 02 21:02:33 GMT 2004

por Comissão pró-MEL<br>
Dominado e fortemente enfraquecido pelas táticas sujas e oportunistas dos<br>
partidos políticos que buscam controlar as entidades e dirigir as lutas<br>
para seus próprios fins e interesses , assim como pela lógica<br>
concorrencial do sistema capitalista que transforma as pessoas em seres<br>
humanos egoístas e individualistas que pensam apenas nos seus interesses<br>
pessoais, o movimento estudantil hoje enfrenta enormes pro...

(en) Canada, Ottawa, The Anti-Bush Demo - US UK How Many Kids Did You Kill Today'
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Dec 02 19:48:14 GMT 2004

Ottawa-November 30th George W Bush paid a presidential visit to Ottawa. He<br>
was met with a massive anti war demonstration. One of the most prominent<br>
participant groups was the People's Global Action (GPA). Demonstrators did<br>
have some short lived success in claiming their right to peacefully<br>
protest on streets close to Bush's various rendezvous spots with Canadian<br>
officials as they were able to move passed two police barricades.<br>
What is the inspiration in political pr...

(pt) Crônicas de Ação Direta Popular II por Federação Anarquista Gaúcha
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Dec 02 19:35:38 GMT 2004

A dor e a humilhação não dobram a espinha da vontade do povo e sua<br>
solidariedade incansável.“A propaganda está para democracia assim como a repressão está para<br>
ditadura” denunciou N. Chomsky em uma de suas críticas ao sistema<br>
capitalista dos nossos dias. Nessa estruturação, democracia e comunicação<br>
não estão necessariamente articulados pelo conceito de liberdade. Quando<br>
se contesta o oligopólio das comunicações e a engenharia do consenso é<br>
violada, a democracia burg...

(en) Britain, Calling all temp workers, wage slaves, job seekers, new dealers....
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Dec 02 19:29:34 GMT 2004

PRECARITY* Discussion Day &gt;&gt; IDEAS &amp; ACTIONS &gt;&gt; DEC. 11th. 2004<br>
1&gt; Experience &amp; Infosharing<br>
Open discussion on the impacts and effects of flexible labour<br>
contracts, temp agencies and causalisation on our lives.<br>
Attempting to form a collective analysis on how and why this<br>
change in the world of work has occurred.<br>
2&gt; Collective Resistance<br>
Screening: P2P Fightinsharing &quot;Precarity&quot; DVD<br>
Struggles in Korea, Barcelona, Paris<b...

(it) Israele/Palestina: Un villaggio si difende i suoi diritti - disobbedienza a Budrus (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Thu Dec 02 14:28:55 GMT 2004

In quest'ultimo anno, migliaia di palestinesi nei villaggi hanno<br>
manifestato contro i lavori sul Muro che circondano i loro villaggi,<br>
confiscano le loro terre e fonti di reddito, trasformandoli in<br>
prigionieri rinchiusi nelle proprie case. Le loro manifestazioni e i loro<br>
tentativi di bloccare le ruspe con i propri corpi incontrano violenze da<br>
parte dell'esercito e le guardie di frontiera. Verosimilmente, il peggior<br>
incubo del governo israeliano è lo sviluppo di un mo...

(en) Israel-Palestine, A Village Stands for their Rights: Civil Disobedience in Budrus
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Dec 02 14:04:22 GMT 2004

Over the last year, thousands of Palestinian villagers have been<br>
demonstrating against the fencing works that are closing in on<br>
their villages, confiscating their lands and livelihood, and<br>
threatening to turn them into prisoners in their own home. Their<br>
demonstrations and attempts to stop the bulldozers with their<br>
body are encountering brutal violence from the army and the<br>
Frontiers Patrol. Apparently, what frightens the Israeli government<br>
the most is the devel...

(en) US, Baltimore, Media: Anarchists Rally for Red Emma's - Collective hopes a new bookstore will thrive
Dan Clore - clore@columbia-center.org
Thu Dec 02 11:03:59 GMT 2004

On a recent Sunday night, three men sat at Red Emma's Bookstore and<br>
Coffeehouse, Baltimore's newest anarchist infoshop. They were there<br>
to see a screening of several films produced by the Independent Media Center.<br>
The organizer of the evening's activities, John Duda, seemed<br>
disappointed with the turnout.<br>
&quot;Was anything else going on tonight?&quot; he asked.<br>
One customer, with a mop of brown hair, volunteered a reason<br>
why so few comrades-in-arms turned out f...

(en) Italy: Alternativa Libertaria 16-30 Nov.04 - &quot;Dies IRE&quot;/FdCA labour platform (it)
Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici - internazionale@fdca.it
Thu Dec 02 10:53:18 GMT 2004

The tax reform will be complete with the introduction of IRE in place of IRPEF.<br>
The final aim of IRE is for only 2 tax rates: 23% up to €10,000 and 33% over<br>
that. This will replace the current 5 rates where the minimum rate of 23%<br>
applies up to €15,000 and the maximum rate of 45% applies to incomes over<br>
€70,000. But the muddled proposals of recent days foresee a transitional period<br>
with 3 tax rates.<br>
In any event, though we do not yet know the exact terms of the expe...

(en) Anarchist Age Weekly Review No. 621 29th November-5th December 2004
weekly - weekly@anarchistmedia.org
Thu Dec 02 10:46:17 GMT 2004

The incidents that contributed to the rebellion on Palm Island last week are<br>
eerily familiar to the events that unfolded in Ballarat 150 years ago this<br>
week. Both rebellions occurred as a result of governments that long ceased<br>
to listen to the people they ruled, both rebellions occurred as a result of<br>
the extremely poor relationship between the disciplinary arm of the State,<br>
the police and the people they control, administer and order on behalf of...

(it) Uranio impoverito alimenti a rischio?
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Thu Dec 02 10:19:27 GMT 2004

Sul sito del circolo anarchico ponte della ghisolfa trovate un<br>
interessante articolo sulle contaminazioni da uranio impoverito.<br>
Ricordiamo che, sempre sul nostro sito, potete trovare il dossier &quot;Uranio<br>
<A HREF="http://www.pontedellaghisolfa.org";>http://www.pontedellaghisolfa.org</A><br>
<A HREF="http://www.ecn.org/ponte";>http://www.ecn.org/ponte</A><br>
Da: ponte@ecn.org<br>

(en) France: Statement by Fédération Anarchiste on the arrest of 2 FAF militants (fr,pt)
Fédération Anarchiste - relations-exterieures@federation-anarchiste.org
Thu Dec 02 08:45:51 GMT 2004

On the morning of Tuesday 30th November 2004, Thyde Rosell and Jean-Marc<br>
Raynaud were arrested by the Poitiers SRPJ on the orders of the national<br>
anti-terrorism division (DNAT) as part of an enquiry into complicity with a<br>
terrorist organization. Thyde Rosell and Jean-Marc Raynaud have been members of<br>
the Fédération Anarchiste for nearly 30 years and for several years have run<br>
the Bonaventure libertarian educational centre on the island of Oléron.<br>
At their personal e...