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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 04/22/04

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

Latest Headlines:

(en) Turkey, contribution for the festival's* introduction (tr)
IAMI (Istanbul Antimilitarist Initiative) - iami@savaskarsitlari.org
Thu Apr 22 19:04:14 GMT 2004

We have prepared a banner for individuals and organizations seeking to<br>
introduce &quot;Militourism Festival&quot; in their own web site. You can reach<br>
required info from the following link.. Even if you don't have any<br>
opportunity to announce it please take a look, it is a nice thing.<br>
<A HREF="http://www.savaskarsitlari.org/destek.asp";>http://www.savaskarsitlari.org/destek.asp</A><br>
* [please check previous declaration about &quot;Militourism Festival&quot; on<br>
<A HRE...

(en) Turkey, Liberter periodical (tr)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 18:32:37 GMT 2004

Libertarian socialists' periodical, &quot;liberter&quot; is now in ankara, dzce and adana [after istanbul].<br>
Articles in this issue;<br>
-on organizing<br>
-being anti-capitalist means believing in class struggle<br>
-libertarian organization<br>
-on nationalism<br>
-bolshevik experience: freedom and revolution (translation)<br>
for communication: liberter@resist.ca<br>

(fr) Regards croises sur la 'Queer theory'
worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 17:03:18 GMT 2004

Texte de lintervention prononce par Elisa Jandon dans le cadre de la<br>
session dducation citoyenne et fministe Fminismes, Philosophie,<br>
Queer qui a eu lieu du 24 janvier au 10 mars 2004 lASBL 29 rue<br>
Blanche Mouvements de Femmes Bruxelles.<br>
1 Avant-propos<br>
Le projet dorigine tait de raliser un montage audio partir<br>
dentretiens. Il faut donc lire ce texte comme un ensemble de collage de<br>
phrases dont les auteur-e-s sont :<br>

(fr) Rassemblement antirepression et proces - Geneve 26-28/06/04
worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 16:57:06 GMT 2004

** L'action du pont d'Aubonne<br>
Le groupe de soutien d'Aubonne a t cr pour soutenir les activistes<br>
qui ont mis en place un blocage d'une autoroute contre le sommet du G8 <br>
Evian, l't 2003. Deux grimpeurs s'taient suspendus aux extrmits<br>
d'une corde bloquant la route aux dlgations officielles sur le chemin<br>
du sommet du G8. La corde fut coupe par un policier suisse. Martin Shaw<br>
(militant anglais) a fait une chute de 20 mtres, lui causant de<br>
multiples ...

(en) World in Common group try to unite the antiauthoritarian left
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 16:45:59 GMT 2004

Who are we? <A HREF="http://www.worldincommon.org/";>http://www.worldincommon.org/</A><br>
We are a network of people committed to inspiring a vision of an<br>
alternative way of living where all the world's resources are owned in<br>
common and democratically controlled by communities on an ecologically<br>
sustainable and socially harmonious basis. We believe such a society will<br>
no longer require money, markets or states and can only be established<br>
democratically from the bottom ...

(ru) , 20 : -
0_leg - a-infos-ru@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 13:29:09 GMT 2004

: &quot; 6- <br>
. <br>
, . <br>
&quot;. -<br>
, - . <br>
, . <br>
- ...

(ru) , 19 :
0_leg - a-infos-ru@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 13:28:20 GMT 2004

- <br>
( <br>
) . , <br>
, <br>
Panasonic. 18 <br>
(20 8 ) : !,...

(ru) , 17 :
0_leg - a-infos-ru@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 13:26:36 GMT 2004

( 15-20 15-20 ) <br>
- () - <br>
. <br>
. ,<br>
. .,<br>
, ...

(tr) Fransa, IFA Kongresi konusunda dahas, 9-12 Nisan, Besanon (en)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 13:17:08 GMT 2004

X: Anarist federasyonlar enternasyonalinin<br>
kongresi, Paskalya haftasonu srasnda Fransa'da<br>
yapld. Delege ve gzlemcilerden oluan 150 kadar<br>
kii katld, Fransa (FA), talya (FAIt), Almanya (?),<br>
Britanya/rlanda (AF, Freedom), ek/Slovakya (CSAF),<br>
spanya/Portekiz (FAI - evet FAI), Venezella (CRA),<br>
Arjantin (FLA), Beyaz Rusya (FAB), Rusya (ADA)<br>
ve dierleri. Seyahat gerekten gzeldi. Etkilendim,<br>
beklediimden ok daha iyiydi. Herkes gerekten dost<b...

(en) UK, Cambridge Mayday...and more! - The Nameless Collective :-)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 13:11:58 GMT 2004

An excellent meeting took place in Cambridge yesterday to discuss<br>
the possibilities of setting some kind of new collective in the city.<br>
It was surprisingly well attended given the short notice and less<br>
than perfect advertising and it seems that quite a few of us have<br>
been wanting something like this to emerge for a while.<br>
Grafton Centre - Mayday fun for all the family!<br>
All it needed was for some people to get the ball rolling...which<br>
we've now done :-) Those wh...

(en) UK, Bradford, May Day 2004 at 1 in 12 Club
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Thu Apr 22 13:01:24 GMT 2004

Since 1997, the 1in12 Club in Bradford has been reclaiming May<br>
Day in solidarity with and in celebration of International Workers<br>
Day on May 1st. In solidarity with celebrations &amp; protests around<br>
the world &amp; inspired by a visit to Barcelona, the 1in12 Club has<br>
brought the spirit of May Day to Bradford through theatre, film,<br>
football, debate, dancing, music, marches and more.<br>
This year with May 1st falling on a Saturday, a weekend of events<br>
is in t...

(en) Ireland: Police harassment of Mayday protest leafleting continues
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 11:08:55 GMT 2004

Over the last week the Gardai [Irish police -ed.] have repeatedly turned up<br>
on occasions where the Dublin Grassroots Network has been attempting to<br>
inform the public about the Mayday protests. On each occasion they have<br>
demanded the names of the people there in what can only be a crude attempt<br>
to intimidate the protest organiser and reduce their ability to inform the<br>
public about the protesrs. What are they afraid of you finding out?<br>
Last night Dublin Grassroots Net...

(it) Pordenone: Per un 25 Aprile resistente!
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Thu Apr 22 10:40:54 GMT 2004

dalle ore 9.00 PRESIDIO con Sound System e microfono aperto<br>
Contro la guerra e il razzismo. Contro nuovi e vecchi fascismi<br>
Il 25 aprile si festeggia la liberazione dellItalia dalloccupazione<br>
nazi-fascista. Ma la lotta antifascista per diversi uomini e donne inizi<br>
molti anni prima di questa data. Una moltitudine fatta di<br>
lavoratori, contadini e studenti che non sacrific la propria ...

(it) Comunismo Libertario No.58
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Thu Apr 22 10:40:16 GMT 2004

E' uscito il n 58 di Comunismo Libertario<br>
In questo numero:<br>
* La guerra arrivata in Europa - La Redazione<br>
* Oltre lo spettro di Berlusconi, il nostro antiparlamentarismo -<br>
Claudio Strambi<br>
* Scuola:contro la riforma Moratti - Cosimo Scarinzi<br>
* Lavoro precario e nuovo contratto degli enti locali - Edo<br>
* Dalle lotte nei trasporti ad una nuova intercategorialit - Valentina<br>
* Argertina: sangue, sudore, lacrime e ... - Giordano Cotichelli<br>...

(pt) Frana: Mais do Congresso da IFA, 9-12 abril, Besanon (en)
- cldvulg
Thu Apr 22 08:41:44 GMT 2004

X: O Congresso da Internacional de Federaes<br>
Anarquistas (IFA) aconteceu no fim de semana da Pscoa<br>
na Frana. Aproximadamente 150 delegados assistentes e<br>
observadores, da Frana (FA), Itlia (FAIt), Alemanha<br>
(?), a Gr-Bretanha Irlanda (AF, Liberdade),<br>
Czechia/Eslovquia (CSAF), Espanha/Portugal (FAI - sim<br>
o FAI), Venezuela (CRA), Argentina (FLA), Belarus<br>
(FAB), Rssia (ADA) e outros. A viagem foi realmente<br>
boa. Fui impressionado, foi muito melhor que ti...

(ca) [Mexico, Chiapas] Solidaridad Zinacantan
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Thu Apr 22 08:36:27 GMT 2004

Como es de su conocimiento, los hechos violentos del da 10 y 11 de abril<br>
perpetrados por militantes del PRD en contra de bases de apoyo zapatistas<br>
provoc el desplazamiento de alrededor de 125 familias quienes an no han<br>
regresado a sus comunidades de origen.<br>
En este momento es urgente poder a proporcionar a stas 125 familias a la<br>
Maz 2.5 toneladas<br>
Frijol 1,932 kilogramos<br>
Sal 77 kilogra...

(tr) BK, ngiltere, Bristol, Dayanma Federasyonu (en)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 08:34:12 GMT 2004

Dayanma Bristol [Solidarity Bristol], iilerin<br>
z-ynetimi ve toplumsal deiim iin rgtlenen<br>
sendikalist bir ii ve talepkar kollektifidir.<br>
Dayanma Federasyonu'nun Bristol Yereli -<br>
Uluslararas i Birlii'nin ngiliz seksiyonu<br>
SelfEd Kollektifi<br>
<A HREF="http://www.solfed.force9.co.uk/SelfEd/whoisselfed.htm";>http://www.solfed.force9.co.uk/SelfEd/whoisselfed.htm</A><br>
SelfEd [zE] Kollektifi, Dayanma Federasyonu<br>
ierisinde farkl bir yelpazedeki...

CNT Fuenlabrada - cnt-fuenlabrada@lycos.es
Thu Apr 22 08:32:35 GMT 2004

1 de Mayo:<br>
12.00 Manifestacin del 1 de Mayo de la CNT-AIT.<br>
Salida de Valdeacederas.<br>
15.00 Comida libertaria.<br>
Men vegno consistente en primer y segundo plato, postre y caf o<br>
20.00 Concierto Desde la autogestin, por la anarquia<br>
con Raskatripas + grupo invitado.<br>
2 de Mayo:<br>
19.30 - Iglesia, religin y fundamentalismo,<br>

(tr) Nestor Makhno Arivi gncelleme (en, it)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 07:06:05 GMT 2004

Rus-dilindeki Makhno biyografisinin de<br>
aralarnda bulunduu baz yeni dokmanlarn<br>
eklenmesiyle gncellendi. Her zamanki gibi,<br>
arive dahil edilmesi iin gnderilen<br>
dokmanlar, neriler vb. her eit<br>
katk minnettarlkla kabul edildi.<br>
Nestor McNab<br>
* Devrimci Ukrayna, Morpheus<br>
* Nestor Machno (1889-1936): Der Anarchismus ist freies Leben<br>

(tr) Rusya: Bakunin mezarnda rock yapyor! (en, it)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 07:04:49 GMT 2004

yldnmn kutlamak amacyla, Tver'deki<br>
&quot;Mir Kinoteatr&quot; adl toplumsal merkezde bir<br>
rock festivali dzenlendi. Konserlere<br>
ounluu ayn zamanda rock mzisyeni de olan<br>
pek ok anarist ve bakalar katld.<br>
Festival, tabii ki Tver anarist hareketi<br>
yararna dzenlenmiti: yoldalar birbirlerini<br>
tanmak, dostlar kazanmak ve gelecee ilikin<br>
planlardan sz etmek iin harika bir frsat<br>
yakaladlar. Yani, son Natalie Pirumova'nn<br>
da dedii...

(en) US, Modesto DAAA* Collective and Earth (First!) Day
DAAA - modanarcho@yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 07:03:14 GMT 2004

Earth (First!) Day happened in Modesto on April 17th, put on by the DAAA<br>
Collective, and was a large success, and lasting from 10am-5pm. After<br>
about 10 minutes from our arrival on the location of the park, we were<br>
told by a security guard that we had to leave since we did not have a<br>
permit to have a booth at the park. Several collective members stated<br>
several times that we were not there to sell anything, and we pointed<br>
out how it was hypocritical that corporations ...

(en) Canada, Montreal, Reminder: March for Immigrant and Refugee Rights: SOLIDARITY ACROSS BORDERS (Saturday, April 24, 1pm)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Thu Apr 22 06:09:53 GMT 2004

[Final reminder: A very important public demonstration and march for<br>
immigrant and refugee rights -- organized by many of the groups' directly<br>
affected by anti-immigrant and security laws and policies -- will take<br>
place in Montreal this Saturday, April 24 at 1pm.<br>
The demo will begin at metro Atwater and march along Ste-Catherine Street<br>
to the Complexe Guy-Favreau (headquarters of the Immigration and Refugee<br>
Please help promote the demonstrat...

(en) UK, Sixth Manchester Radical Bookfair Saturday 5th June 2004
Manchester Radical Bookfair - info@radicalbookfair.org.uk
Thu Apr 22 05:43:10 GMT 2004

Hello all, I'm sending you this email because I think you might be<br>
interested in the sixth Manchester Radical Bookfair which will take<br>
place on Saturday 5th June 2004 from 11.00am until 5.00pm at Bridge 5<br>
Mill, 22A Beswick Street, Ancoats, Manchester.<br>
The bookfair covers anarchism, peace, direct action and social change.<br>
There will be books, stalls, ideas, discussions and workshops.<br>
Please Note: The fair aims to promote and celebrate grassroots, non<br>