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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 12/22/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2003 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(ca) Aragon-Info 19-12-2003
- Radio Topo
Mon Dec 22 18:43:16 GMT 2003

Nueva huelga de hambre en la prisión de Zuera<br>
Un preso de la prisión de Zuera se puso en huelga de hambre el pasado día<br>
8 de diciembre, ya que no le concedían los permisos de salida que le<br>
Andrés Fernández Ayuso, se encuentra preso en el Centro Penitenciario de<br>
Zuera (Zaragoza), esta en huelga de hambre desde el día 8 de diciembre de<br>
2.003, que comunico su decisión al Juzgado de Vigilancia<br>
Penitenciaria, por la negativa tanto del centro penitencia...

(it) Contropotere n.18 - Dicembre 2003 - anno 2
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Dec 22 16:44:21 GMT 2003

Il nuovo numero di &quot;Contropotere - giornale anarchico&quot; è disponibile al<br>
sito web: www.ecn.org/contropotere/press/<br>
Visitando il sito potete anche scaricare &quot;Contropotere&quot; in versione<br>
stampabile (.pdf). [Riproduci, fotocopia, diffondi]<br>
Numero 18 - Dicembre 2003 - Anno 2<br>
- Quando tutto si ferma<br>
- Le vittime di Nassiriya<br>
- Avvelenati dallo Stato<br>
- Il lavoro della morte<br>
- Contrastare la repressione<br>
- ...Dal carcere, Massimo.....

Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 15:20:12 GMT 2003

&gt; posted by NJ ARA/NJ NEFAC<br>
Come hear first hand reports of what really happened in Miami<br>
from people who were there. December 21st (Sunday) - 2pm<br>
Demarest Hall, Main Lounge 125 College Ave, New Brunswick, NJ.<br>
Speakers include:<br>
Marc from the Miami Activist Defense legal collective who was doing legal<br>
work during the protests and who was also arrested during the protests.<br>
Emilie who worked as a member of Anarchist People of Color in Miami, currently<br>
an ...

(en) Canada, Toronto, Media, (Anarchists sell papetrs?} Noam Chomsky on Selective Memory and a Dishonest Doctrine
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 13:56:37 GMT 2003

All people who have any concern for human rights, justice and integrity should be<br>
overjoyed by the capture of Saddam Hussein, and should be awaiting a fair trial<br>
for him by an international tribunal.<br>
An indictment of Saddam's atrocities would include not only his slaughter<br>
and gassing of Kurds in 1988 but also, rather crucially, his massacre of<br>
the Shiite rebels who might have overthrown him in 1991.<br>
At the time, Washington and its allies held the &quot;strikingly<b...

(en) US, California, Berkeley, A conference between anarchists and anti-state communists
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 13:27:36 GMT 2003

The anarchist study group (ASG)1 at the Long Haul had been<br>
paying attention to the rise of intelligent commentary both<br>
critical of the modern anarchist milieu and engaged in a<br>
parallel criticism of the system as a whole. This is exemplified<br>
by publications like Aufheben (UK) and Against Sleep and<br>
Nightmare (US) that aspire to deepen the struggle against the<br>
current order. Locally there has been a tradition of<br>
collaboration and fracture between Anti-State Commun...

(fr) Noire-Atlantique #1
Worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 12:39:43 GMT 2003

ça y est. le premier numéro du petit journal de Convergence libertaire<br>
vient de sortir. Il sera prochainement disponible dans divers lieux sur<br>
Nantes et Saint-Nazaire.<br>
- C'est la guerre contre les pauvres<br>
- Autour du livre de Sérénade Chafik<br>
- Les antipubs attaquent la ville<br>
- Lendemain de fête à la fac<br>
- La poudrière : un nouveau squat à Nantes<br>
- Prisonniers politiques bretons<br>
- Notre Dame des Landes : l...

(fr) Quelle démocratie syndicale pour quel syndicalisme ?
Worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 12:38:12 GMT 2003

Le récent mouvement de mai-juin sur les retraites et ses prolongements<br>
ont reposé de nouveau et de manière explicite la question de la<br>
démocratie syndicale.<br>
Cette question est, en tant qu'anarcho syndicalistes, au centre de nos<br>
Mais qu'entendons nous par démocratie syndicale ?<br>
Eclaircir cette question est d'importance, tant ce slogan est également<br>
souvent le leitmotiv de différents groupes trotskystes, qui pour agir en<br>
tant que fracti...

(fr) Infos luttes sociales # 68
Danielle Rétorré - danielle.retorre@free.fr
Mon Dec 22 12:36:29 GMT 2003

Infos luttes sociales - Bulletin n° 68 - 19/12/03<br>
Comité de soutien aux salariés et précaires en lutte de McDo, Frog,<br>
Arcade, FNAC, Disney, Virgin, Pizza Hut, etc.<br>
Pour tout contact : CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris (en précisant<br>
bien le nom du comité) - Chèques à l'ordre de ADC avec mention &quot;soutien<br>
aux grévistes de McDo&quot; ou &quot;soutien aux grévistes de Frog&quot;, à adresser à<br>
ADC c/o Maison des associations 35-37 av. de la Rés...

(en) Red &amp; Black Revolution #7 - Open Borders: The case against immigration controls by Teresa Hayter (Pluto Press 2000) reviewed by Conor McLoughlin
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Dec 22 11:37:45 GMT 2003

&quot;Excellencies, gentlemen - members and those responsible in Europe.<br>
It is to your solidarity and generosity that we appeal for your Help in<br>
Africa. If you see that we have sacrificed ourselves and lost our lives<br>
it is because we suffer so much in Africa and need your help to<br>
struggle against poverty and war - Please excuse us very much for<br>
daring to write this letter&quot;<br>
Note found on the body of one of two teenagers from Guinea who were<br>
found in the lan...

(it) Ponte: Sulla situazione in Irak
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Dec 22 09:29:17 GMT 2003

Da: ponte &lt;ponte@ecn.org&gt;<br>
Sul sito del Circolo Anarchico Ponte della Ghisolfa, trovate due nuovi<br>
articoli sulla situazione Irakena. Il primo è di Noam Chomsky ed è stato<br>
scritto dopo la cattura di Saddam Hussein, il secondo è di Herbert Docena<br>
e riguarda la ricostruzione dell'Irak.<br>
****** A-Infos News Service *****<br>

[no subject]
- Centro de Cultura Libertária
Mon Dec 22 02:43:25 GMT 2003

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