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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 11/24/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:59:02 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 17:24:02 GMT 2003

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E<br>
News about and of interest to anarchists<br>
<A HREF="http://ainfos.ca/";>http://ainfos.ca/</A> <A HREF="http://ainfos.ca/index24.html";>http://ainfos.ca/index24.html</A><br>
From: &quot;EYGENIA MONOGIOY&quot; &lt;emonog-A-senate.uoa.gr&gt;<br>
According to information from the lawyers, and as the mainstream<br>
radios alreday broadcast, the prosecutor suggested that the legal...

(it) USA/Miami: resoconto di medici di strada anarchici alle manifestazioni contro l'ALCA (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Nov 24 16:26:13 GMT 2003

Da: mofiba -A- riseup.net<br>
Il team medico StreetMedics che si occupa di fornire assistenza durante<br>
le proteste per l'ALCA (Area di Libero Commercio delle Americhe)<br>
denuncia la violenta repressione poliziesca messa in atto giovedì. Il<br>
StreetMedics che seguiva i manifestanti sul Biscayne Boulevard, vicino a<br>
Flagler, e altrove in centro, ha dovuto assistere numerosi attivisti<br>
feriti. Centinaia di questi sono stati disintossicati dagli effetti di<br>

(en) US, Modesto CA, Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA) Collective and Homeless Reclaim Modesto Park Against Police Harassment, Celebrate New Shelter
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 16:24:48 GMT 2003

On Nov. 23rd, Direct Action Anti-Authoritarians (DAAA), and it's<br>
collectives Food Not Bombs and Mutual Aid of Modesto, and between<br>
300-400 homeless people reclaimed Tower Park in downtown for 8<br>
hours with music, banners, food, and mutual aid.<br>
The day started out at 10am, when about 200-250+ homeless people<br>
and concerned community members gathered in Tower Park for the<br>
breakfast feed. Vegan pancakes, sandwiches, chili and other foods<br>
were fed, and organize...

(it) USA/Miami: Comunicato stampa e appello APOC (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Nov 24 16:22:53 GMT 2003

Comunicato stampa e appello all'azione del collettivo<br>
Autonomia POC, che rappresenta le persone di colore<br>
antiautoritarie autonome alle manifestazioni contro la ZLEA<br>
Traduzione libera (ripresa da CMAQ)<br>
Durante la settimana di manifestazioni contro la ZLEA, i<br>
manifestanti hanno dovuto fronteggiare un gigantesco<br>
spettacolo di repressione statale, finanziato con 8,5 milioni<br>
di dollari di fondi federali.<br>
Il commissario di polizia di Miami, Jo...

(en) Greece, Athens, Thesaloniki 7 - hungerstrike, solidarity, etc. Day 5 of occupation
alter-ee@lists.most.org.pl</em -
Mon Nov 24 12:37:23 GMT 2003

Other comrades are writing regulary from here, but situation is on the<br>
very verge of ... something, so i decided to write, even if there is in<br>
moment no particulary fresh news. Actually, we expect decision of the<br>
state to release hungerstrikers or not (what would mean basically<br>
forced-feeding, so...) in these days, but no any valuable estimation<br>
concerning this can and should be done. Today, Monday is starting 5th day<br>
of our occupation of Administration of Universit...

(en) IAS Perspectives on Anarchist Theory Vol. 7, No. 2 - What's Happening: Books and Events - by Chuck Morse
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 12:27:17 GMT 2003

It is important to understand that the super-aggressive U.S.<br>
imperialism now transforming the planet is not only a frightening,<br>
“bad” development, but also a shift in elite strategies that will<br>
create new opportunities for resistance at the base. Anarchists should<br>
focus on the contradictory nature of current circumstances by both<br>
denouncing the new terrors and articulating the new possibilities<br>
disclosed by recent changes in world affairs.<br>
The barbarism of the ...

(en) El Libertario - The Venezuelan anti-terrorist law penalizes “anarchy” with 1 to 3 years in prison
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 12:25:05 GMT 2003

(A draft of the domestic Anti-terrorist law, proposed by groups<br>
connected with the Chavist government, was approved in its first<br>
discussion before the National Assembly- it has to be debated on<br>
three occasions before being put into effect. At our request, the<br>
current version - available at www.asambleanacional.gov.ve - of the<br>
draft is analyzed by a lawyer and social activist from Caracas, who has found<br>
interesting connections between the discourses of Washington and...

(fr) Petite contribution au débat sur l'école
CNT AIT - cnt.ait@wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 24 10:28:07 GMT 2003

Un txete du syndicat éducation CNT AIT du gard :<br>
&quot;une société sans école&quot; d'Yvan ILLICH.<br>
&quot;II est vrai que le problème pédagogique ou scolaire n'a plus son lieu de<br>
solution dans l'école car il pose le problème de l'organisation sociale<br>
dont il dépend. Je n'énumérerais pas ici les lieux de résistance, mais il<br>
est au moins curieux de les trouver là où on espérait une politique plus<br>

(fr) Le Mouton fiévreux # 10
le mouton fiévreux - le.mouton.fievreux@wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 24 10:25:20 GMT 2003

Au sommaire :<br>
Dossier : L'affichage publicitaire, comment s'en débarrasser - actions<br>
légales et un peu moins<br>
- la gratuité des transports contre le service public !<br>
- secret défense : circulez y'a plus rien à voir<br>
- paysans, disparition programmée<br>
- des militants jugés à agen pour avoir mis hors service l'incinérateur<br>
de fumel<br>
- faut-il brûler les incinérateurs de déchets ?<br>
- paro...

(fr) Critique féministe du nationalisme
Worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 10:24:15 GMT 2003

[ tedxte repris du site internet mondialisme.org :<br>
<A HREF="http://www.mondialisme.org/article.php?id_article=368";>http://www.mondialisme.org/article.php?id_article=368</A> ]<br>
Le nationalisme est en train de progresser dans les milieux de la gauche<br>
radicale. Le mouvement altermondialiste a joué un rôle important dans<br>
cette évolution, parce qu'il a commencé à partir d'une perspective<br>
purement nationaliste. Le nationalisme part de la lutte entre les «...

(fr) Procès du 15 mars 2002, la suite... - Montréal
cobp_15mars2002@yahoo.fr</em -
Mon Nov 24 10:23:10 GMT 2003

PROCÈS DU 15 MARS 2002 :<br>
Le premier procès va se tenir les 24, 25 et 27 nov<br>
MONTRÉAL, le 23 novembre 2003. Huit accusés représentés par deux avocats<br>
vont subir leur procès pour &quot; attroupement illégal &quot; à compter du lundi<br>
24 novembre 2003.<br>
Le procès de deux jours et demi va entièrement se dérouler à la salle<br>
1.60 de la cour municipale de Montréal, le lundi, mardi et jeudi de cette<br>
Les huit accusés font partie...

(fr) Liberté pour les prisonniers de Thessalonique
darker@hotpop.com</em -
Mon Nov 24 10:22:25 GMT 2003

Rassemblement devant l'ambassade de Grèce en solidarité avec les 7<br>
prisonniers de Thessalonique<br>
RDV à 16h le 28 novembre 2003 sur la Place de l'Uruguay (Paris - 16e -<br>
Métro Kleber)<br>
Tract d'appel :<br>
Les manifestations qui se sont produites en juin dernier pendant le<br>
Sommet Européen à Thessalonique (Grèce), ont abouti à des arrestations<br>
massives, aux procès de 29 personnes et à la m...

(fr) Le Trouble : show bénéfice et lancement du numéro 21
Le Trouble - letrouble@yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 24 10:19:35 GMT 2003

Supportez votre journal anarchiste local [ Montréal ] LE TROUBLE!<br>
pour fêter sa troisième année de publication!<br>
Vendredi 28 novembre à 20h00<br>
Café de la Petite Gaule, 2525 rue Centre<br>
Métro Charlevoix<br>
Entrée : 5$<br>
Nous vous promettons une soirée merveilleuse avec<br>
des prestations musicales exceptionnelles!<br>
** AU MENU ** :<br>
NORMAN NAWROCKI: acteur, musicien et activiste de<br>...

(it) Russia: Azioni per il 7 novembre a Mosca e Murmansk (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Nov 24 10:04:11 GMT 2003

Gli anarchici di Azione Autonoma e i Guardiani<br>
dell'Arcobaleno insieme alle individualità anarchiche e<br>
sostenitori dell'Unione Radicale degli artisti hanno<br>
organizzato una festa di tre giorni per festeggiare il 155°<br>
anniversario della nascita di Nestor Makhno. Purtroppo il<br>
tentativo di organizzare un concerto non è andato a buon<br>
fine, ma tutto sommato la festa è stato il più grande<br>
successo degli anarchici a Mosca da molti anni.<br>
La m...

(tr) ABD, Miami'de Irkçýlýk ve Baský: Anarþist Renkli Ýnsanlar
worker-a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Nov 24 09:36:52 GMT 2003

A - I N F O S H A B E R S E R V Ý S Ý<br>
<A HREF="http://www.ainfos.ca/";>http://www.ainfos.ca/</A><br>
<A HREF="http://ainfos.ca/index24.html";>http://ainfos.ca/index24.html</A><br>
Hapishanede þiddet vakalarý ve ýrkçý taktikler.<br>
(Kusura bakmayýn fazla detay yok, bir arkadaþ<br>
Miami'den aradý ve bu bilgiyi iletmemi istedi)<br>
1:50 p.m. Miami'...

(en) US. Miami, an anarchist street medic report
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 07:46:35 GMT 2003

From: mofiba-A-riseup.net<br>
November 20, 2003. The street medic and clinician team providing<br>
medical support in conjunction with the Free Trade Area of the Americas<br>
(FTAA) protests decries the violent police tactics employed Thursday,<br>
StreetMedics covering protests on Biscayne Boulevard near Flagler and<br>
elsewhere downtown assisted numerous injured activists. Hundreds were<br>
decontaminated and treated for the effects of pepper spray or tear gas,<br>
either on the stree...

(en) US, Miami, &quot;Running On Injuries - The tale of one protester struck by a rubber bullet&quot;
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Nov 24 07:37:03 GMT 2003

From: mick &lt;mick-A-nefac.net&gt; <A HREF="http://www.ftaaimc.org/en/2003/11/1975.shtml";>http://www.ftaaimc.org/en/2003/11/1975.shtml</A><br>
Nine, an activist from the NorthEast Federation of Anarcho-Communists,<br>
traveled to Miami to protest the FTAA. He left with a pronounced limp,<br>
injured by the rubber bullets fired by the police, an injury that was<br>
exacerbated his running over 30 blocks away from the police before he<br>
could find a safe space to receive medical treatment...

(en) Aotearoa, (New Zeland), The Anarchist Teaparty - Nation Symposium 2003
YudA - kjnis@yahoo.co.nz
Mon Nov 24 06:53:04 GMT 2003

[E.N: After a year's absence the national anarchist meeting is back and will be held at<br>
Marama-iti, a rural collective near Wanganui, from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7 December.]<br>
For those who hadnt noticed, the Anarchist tea party website<br>
(<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/anarchistteaparty";>http://www.geocities.com/anarchistteaparty</A>) has been updated<br>
with more details on the timetable and events. (reproduced below).<br>
Its certainly looking far better than the first timeta...