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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 08/30/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Sat, 30 Aug 2003 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) UK, Palestine Report from young anarchists in the Occupied Territories - Apartheid Walls
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Aug 30 15:20:06 GMT 2003

&gt; From the homepage of the Anarchist Youth Network: Britain &amp; Ireland<br>
On Thursday and Friday there were two actions called by the ISM in Qulquilya and<br>
Tulkarm. These were to highlight the way these towns have been walled off from<br>
their land. The fences and walls across the West Bank are near completion, the<br>
land has been grabbed and the seperation of the Palestinians from the rest of<br>
the world made more complete.<br>
In Qulquilya a demonstration dominated by the...

(tr) [anarsistbakis] Yenilemeler 15 - 29 Ağustos 2003
zamane divane - anarsistbakis@yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 30 13:46:23 GMT 2003

YENİLEMELER - 015 / 29-Ağustos-2003 [Anarşist Bakış web sitesi<br>
yenilendi] &quot;Makaleler&quot; kısmına eklemeler yapıldı (Aşağıda):<br>
<A HREF="http://uk.geocities.com/anarsistbakis/anarchy_articles.html";>http://uk.geocities.com/anarsistbakis/anarchy_articles.html</A><br>
&quot;Aylık İstatistikler&quot; yenilendi:<br>
<A HREF="http://uk.geocities.com/anarsistbakis/aylik_istatistik.html";>http://uk.geocities.com/anarsistbakis/aylik_istatistik.html</A><br>
&quot;Türkiye Solu&quot; say...

(en) Mark Barnsley Speaking Tour: Netherlands, Germany and Belgium Dates. Sept.03
Justice for Mark Barnsley (UK abc) - barnsleycampaign@hotmail.com
Sat Aug 30 12:40:53 GMT 2003

Following a number of succesful events around Britian, Mark Barnsley will be<br>
speaking in several cities in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. The tour<br>
will take place from the 13th to the 27th of September 2003.<br>
This will be Mark's first time abroad since being released from prison last<br>
June. He will be speaking about his continuing struggle for justice,<br>
prisoner support and the prison struggle. Having spent the previous 8 years<br>
in most of Britains' top sec...

(en) US, The Second Annual New Orleans Bookfair 25.10.2003 08:00 - 22:00
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Aug 30 11:10:16 GMT 2003

The Second Annual New Orleans Bookfair is going down on October 25, 2003 in the<br>
heart of old New Orleans at the Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp Street).<br>
Participating publishers include Verso, AK Press, Last Gasp, Autonomedia, City<br>
Lights and Soft Skull Press. Tables are only $7.00!!! And the fair is free and<br>
open to the public. There will be readings, drinking, cookouts and concerts all<br>
weekend long. This is turning into one of the largest alternative/anarchist<br>

(en) UK, London Anarchist Bookfair 25.10.2003 08:00 - 22:00
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Aug 30 11:05:33 GMT 2003

The very first Anarchist Bookfair was in 1983. It's happened every year since,<br>
getting bigger and better each time. This is our 22nd Anarchist Bookfair and it<br>
is the largest and most important regular gathering of Anarchists in the world.<br>
It reflects the full range of Anarchist groups, publishers and activity. Alongside<br>
the day length Bookfair, where you can get the latest books, pamphlets, magazines<br>
and all the other stuff, there are continual meetings and discussions o...

Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Aug 30 09:50:07 GMT 2003

In Association With Norwich Class War<br>
Sick of Guy Fawkes' victimisation over the years? Although<br>
we may not agree with his politics, we do agree with<br>
blowing up politicians.<br>
This Bonfire night, we urge the people of Britain to rescue<br>
the Guy from imminent doom and replace him with a<br>
politician(s) of your choice (preferably alive). Make<br>
persistent calls to your local politicians to discover their<br>
whereabouts (you don't want it to fuck up on the night ...

(en) Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, American Embassador Pied by member of Bakers Without Borders
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Aug 30 07:45:37 GMT 2003

On August 28, an anti-FTAA activist pied American Embassador Peter Allgeier,<br>
co-president of the FTAA, during a press conference in Rio de Janeiro,<br>
Brazil. The activist, a member of Bakers Without Borders,<br>
released a note protesting the negotiations of the FTAA. The FTAA will<br>
concentrate wealth, increase poverty, and destroy labor, consumer and<br>
enviromental rights, said the note.<br>
The protest also focused attention on the disregard Brazil's government has<br>
shown ...

(en) Australia, Sydney, Rebel Worker, Vol.22 (182) Aug.-Sept. 2003 - Re-igniting the Flames of Workers' Control Conference
dr.woooo - dr.woooo@nomasters.org
Sat Aug 30 06:58:13 GMT 2003

&gt; From: Jura Books &lt;spajura@chaos.apana.org.au&gt;<br>
From Paper of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Network PO Box 92 Broadway 2007 NSW Australia,<br>
Subs. $25 pa (Aus.) by Air, $20 pa(Aus.)sea mail, $12pa in Australia.<br>
Commencing on Friday evening, October 1Oth, 2003, and running through to<br>
the evening of Sunday, October 12th, a Conference on Workers' Control will<br>
be held at the Haymarket campus of the University of Technology, Sydney<br>
(UTS), for further details contact...

(tr) Meksika, chiapas, DTÖ Cancun zirvesi - Zapatista &quot;isyan ve
worker-a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sat Aug 30 06:16:46 GMT 2003

A - I N F O S H A B E R S E R V İ S İ<br>
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<A HREF="http://ainfos.ca/index24.html";>http://ainfos.ca/index24.html</A><br>
Edinburgh-Chiapas Dayanışma Grubu tarafından yayıldı,<br>
Dünya Ticaret Örgütü'nün Cancun, Meksika zirvesi<br>
yaklaştıkça, Comandante Zebedeo ve Za...