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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 06/30/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2003 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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- Francisco Trindade
Mon Jun 30 20:55:13 GMT 2003

Francisco Trindade new book, exclusively distributed in electronic format<br>
through the site <A HREF="http://www.franciscotrindade.com";>http://www.franciscotrindade.com</A> (portuguse)<br>
If you are interested in obtaining the book you will have to fill a form<br>
(which is inside <A HREF="http://www.franciscotrindade.com";>http://www.franciscotrindade.com</A>) with the name or nick-name, and , most<br>
importantly, the reason or reasons why you are asking for a copy of the<br>

(pt) A ESTRUTURA DO TÍTULO/DA GLOBALIZAÇÃO À AUTOGESTÃO A nova obra de Francisco Trindade distribuída exclusivamente em formato digital através do site http//:www.franciscotrindade.com
- Francisco Trindade
Mon Jun 30 18:42:57 GMT 2003

Se estiver interessado em adquirir a obra A Estrutura do Título terá que<br>
preencher um formulário (que se encontra em<br>
indicando nome ou alcunha e o mais importante, o motivo ou as razões que o<br>
levam a pedir uma cópia do livro.<br>
Os motivos apresentados terão que ser bem fundamentados.<br>
Se as razões não forem consideradas pertinentes o pedido será indeferido.<br>
Preço da obra A Estrutura do Título: 0 euros.<br>

(pt) Portugal: reportagem &quot;UTOPIA&quot; 4º feira dia 2 de Julho às 18h, com repetição às 01:00, na Antena1 (rádio estatal)
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Mon Jun 30 18:30:32 GMT 2003

de pt.indymedia.org<br>
louise michel em 2003-06-30<br>
a rádio «antena1» vai transmitir uma reportagem denominada de &quot;Utopia&quot;,<br>
onde (segundo anunciam) pretendem abordar o meio libertário e o seu<br>
percurso até aos nossos dias.<br>
a ouvir com curiosidade...;)<br>
4ºfeira | 18h00 | 1h00(repetição)<br>
****** Serviço de Notícias A-Infos *****<br>
Notícias sobre e d...

worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Jun 30 17:13:12 GMT 2003

Da: usiait1@virgilio.it<br>
SEDE NAZIONALE: VIA ISIDE 12 ROMA – TEL. 06/70451981 –<br>
FAX 06/77201444<br>
Siamo in un momento di difficoltà per il movimento<br>
antagonista nel suo complesso; dai no global al<br>
sindacalismo alternativo, dalle forze politiche “non<br>
liberiste” alle associazioni “anti” è evidente un<br>
comportamento di stasi...

(en) Poland, Warszawa, &lt;alter-ee&gt; Anarchists demonstrate against borders Police global apartheid
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Jun 30 14:31:53 GMT 2003

&gt; WARSZAWA, 30 June 2003 -- A spirited crowd of local anarchists and radicals<br>
from throughout Eastern Europe and beyond held an unpermitted march today<br>
protesting borders and deportations.<br>
Poland, which voted to join the European Union this month, is poised to<br>
move from a country of people excluded from Fortress Europe to the frontline<br>
of deportations and enforcement against peoples from the East, Asia and<br>
Africa. Tomorrow was the original date (since postponed)...

(it) Resoconto iniziativa contro le carceri a Viterbo
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Mon Jun 30 12:51:46 GMT 2003

Da: autorganizzati-vt &lt;autorganizzati-vt@libero.it&gt;<br>
Sabato 21 giugno, all´interno della &quot;settimana del prigioniero<br>
politico&quot;, nella convinzione che la detenzione sociale è detenzione<br>
politica, un centinaio di compagni si radunavano davanti alla casa<br>
circondariale di Mammagialla a Viterbo per una giornata di lotta.<br>
Letture di comunicati e musica per rompere il silenzio della pace<br>
sociale, fuori e dentro il carcere, per un momento di riavvi...

(en) US, NY, Bike Critical Mass* Kicks off NYC BikeSummer '03 Pedal. Sweat. Pedal. Sweat.
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Jun 30 08:06:26 GMT 2003

An attendance record that broke all NYC Critical Mass events was<br>
established on Friday, June 27 with a whopping 800 as the fifth annual<br>
BikeSummer was kicked off.<br>
BikeSummer was started in San Francisco in 1999 by bike advocates<br>
from all over the spectrum, intended to be a month-long series of<br>
events to promote bicycle culture and leave behind a legacy of action<br>
for all who took part, including city planners and other folks who are<br>
affected by (the lack of) bic...

Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Jun 30 06:51:14 GMT 2003

These are a few ideas which are open to being added to, changed,<br>
and adapted to reflect the needs of particular communities.<br>
Despite the efforts of politicians and professionals to lump<br>
together working class communities as problem areas to be<br>
policed, those of us who live in these communities often see things<br>
differently. For us the problems we encounter daily are often not of<br>
our own making. Poverty, inadequate housing and crime are<br>
problems that come with th...

(en) zabalaza #4 - Latin American Voices: LENY OLIVERA (Tinku Youth, Network of Autonomous Groups, Cochabamba, Bolivia) Speaking during the Anarchist Days 2 meeting at Porto Alegre, Brazil, 27 January 2003.
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Jun 30 06:50:32 GMT 2003

I identify as Quechua because my father speaks Quechua [one of<br>
Bolivia's three major indigenous languages]. I work in a cultural<br>
group, but it's not just cultural: we also work with social topics. I<br>
like to work there because in our group we do a variety of things:<br>
we work in ecology; problems in our society; the music that<br>
revitalises our culture. I continue working there because I think it<br>
should be very integral, because at school I never learned why<br>

(en) Turkey, Ankara, An Open Letter for Greek Brothers and Sisters
Ankara Anarsi Inisiyatifi - ank_aa@yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 05:39:42 GMT 2003

An Open Letter for Greek Brothers and Sisters,<br>
As Anarchists in Ankara we salute your heroic struggle<br>
against the brutality of the State. Once again you<br>
have shown the only union that Anarchists recognize:<br>
the Union of our hearts, the Union of our songs and<br>
the Union of our fingers as we clench them for a<br>
strong fist. Comrades the sea that separates us is<br>
named after a king who drowned while traveling alone<br>
to meet his son, today that sea is nothing but a ...

(en) Australia, Melbourne, noii banner for cancun
- dr.woooo
Mon Jun 30 04:32:48 GMT 2003

&gt; From: Peter Cahill &lt;cahillp@melbpc.org.au&gt;<br>
Hi all - the baxter-sydney-cancun banner is about to start its journey.<br>
for those who haven't seen it, or have forgotten what it looked like, there is a<br>
rough stitched-up image at <A HREF="http://www.antimedia.net/nooneisillegal/banner.html";>http://www.antimedia.net/nooneisillegal/banner.html</A> - not<br>
accessible except via this link. the banner is quite large - about 4m x 2.4 high.<br>
hard to photograph indoors ...<br...