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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 06/29/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Sun, 29 Jun 2003 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(nl) Griekenland, Thessaloniki; Demonstraties eindigen in zware repressie (tr,en)
Rob Visser - rvisser@antenna.nl
Sun Jun 29 20:51:14 GMT 2003

Solidariteitsbijeenkomst op zondag om 16.00 buiten de Centrale<br>
De bijeenkomst uit solidariteit met degenen die zijn gearresteerd,<br>
waartoe werd opgeroepen door anarchisten/antiautoritairen, is<br>
aangevallen door speciale eenheden van de politie.<br>
De mensen die zijn gearresteerd zouden vandaag rond 5 uur 's<br>
middags naar de Centrale Rechtbanken van Thessaloniki worden<br>
gebracht. Alle ooggetuigen doen verslag van zware repressie, het slaan<br>
van - en ve...

(en) Spain, Barcelona, III Conference on Alternative European Trade Unionism (ca,fr)
CGT Internacional y Formación - sp-f.internacional@cgt.es
Sun Jun 29 20:23:02 GMT 2003

This is to continuos with the step up the pace of conference preparation, in<br>
its various organizational aspects.<br>
We need to begin with the contributions and comments on subjects touched on<br>
below as well as those left out.<br>
I look forward to hearing your impressions.<br>
In Solidarity,<br>
Ángel Bosqued,<br>
CGT – International Relations<br>
Place: Barcelona, CGT offices<br>
Date: 3.4 and 5 of october, 2003<br>
Schedule: Friday 3 and Saturday 4: from 10:00 to 14:00 ...

(ca) 4ª Carta de Convocatoria de las III JORNADAS DE SINDICALISMO ALTERNATIVO EUROPEO (fr,en)
sp-f.internacional@cgt.es</em -
Sun Jun 29 19:01:28 GMT 2003

Barcelona, 29 de junio de 2003.<br>
Seguimos profundizando en la preparación de las Jornadas, en sus diversos<br>
aspectos organizativos.<br>
Hay que empezar a recoger aportaciones sobre todo lo que contempla y lo que<br>
se haya quedado fuera del papel.<br>
Espero vuestros comentarios.<br>
Ángel Bosqued.<br>
CGT – Relaciones Internacionales.<br>
Lugar: Barcelona, sede de CGT<br>

(fr) Anti-OMC Montréal (Mise-à-jour)
Resiste l'OMC!/Resist the WTO! - resisteomc@resist.ca
Sun Jun 29 16:37:24 GMT 2003

[1) Le lieu et les dates sont confirmés, 2) Horaire des évènements - du<br>
26 au 30 juillet 2003, 3) Conseils des délégués et zones vertes, 4)<br>
Consulta et conseil des délégués anti-OMC, 5) Informations logistiques,<br>
Principes de base, 7) Pour garder contact, 8) Assemblées<br>
organisationnelles à venir, 9) Pour plus d'information .]<br>

(pt) ALMADA, PORTUGAL: Centro de Cultura Libertária: Programa Julho 2003
Centro de Cultura Libertária - ateneu2000@yahoo.com
Sun Jun 29 14:06:23 GMT 2003

Programa Julho 2003<br>
Dia 5 - SIDA e controlo demográfico - debate- 16h<br>
Dia 12 - Videoassalti (em italiano) - documentário das<br>
manifestações de Praga, Davos, Nápoles e Génova - 16h<br>
Dia 19 - Publix theatre caravan.mov (legendado em<br>
inglês) - docimentário sobre a &quot;VoixTheatreKarawane&quot; e<br>
a sua viagem através da Europa em accções contra<br>
adeportação de imigrantes e pela liberdade de<br>
movimentos. Seguido de debate. - 16h<br>
Dia 25 a 27...

(pt) Londres, Apoio Aqueles que Foram Presos na Grécia (en)
Harry Roberts - classwaruk@hotmail.com
Sun Jun 29 10:55:30 GMT 2003

Panfleto que foi distribuido na manif em frente da embaixada da Grécia em<br>
Londres, ontém.Dá alguma informação sobre o contexto de fundo ao caso e sobre formas de<br>
como podemos todos ajudar Simon e outros presos.<br>
Class War PO Box 467 London E8 3QX www.londonclasswar.org<br>
Unidade de Classe, Orgulho de Classe<br>
Guerra de Classe<br>
–As imagens não estão nesta mensagem – desculpem<br>
Esta foto captura os momentos de...

(en) UK, London, Anarchist Youth Network Gathering 25-27 July
- dr.woooo
Sun Jun 29 09:36:31 GMT 2003

Coming up is the annual AYN Summer Gathering!<br>
This year it is taking place from Friday evening, 25th to Sunday morning 27th July.<br>
Hosted by London Anarchist Youth it will take place near central London and<br>
will consist of a bunch of social events, organising meetings, discussion,<br>
workshops, filmshowings etc.<br>
If you're interested in anarchism or the AYN, feel free to some along!<br>
If you're coming to the gathering from outside London we can get you dirt cheap<br>

(en) UK, London, Supporting Those Arrested in Greece
Harry Roberts - classwaruk@hotmail.com
Sun Jun 29 08:48:02 GMT 2003

The leaflet that was given out at the demo outside the Greek<br>
Embassey in London yesterday.<br>
It gives some background to the case, and ways we can all help Simon and<br>
others arrested.<br>
Class War PO Box 467 London E8 3QX www.londonclasswar.org Class Unity Class Pride<br>
Class War<br>
CAPTURED ... ON FILM ! - pictures not in this post - sorry<br>
This photograph captures the<br>
terrifying moments as UK activist<br>
Simon Chapman is attacked by Police<br...

(en) Canada, A celebration of resistance on the streets of Montreal: SUNDAY, JULY 27th, 1PM No One Is Illegal! (July 27, 1pm)
No One Is Illegal! - resisteomc@resist.ca
Sun Jun 29 07:47:41 GMT 2003

In opposition to the WTO ... Against war and occupation in Iraq,<br>
Palestine and everywhere ...<br>
In solidarity with the frontline struggles of indigenous peoples ...<br>
In support of all struggles for self-determination, justice and dignity ...<br>
--- NO ONE IS ILLEGAL! --- A march and celebration of resistance in the streets of Montreal<br>
Gathering Point: Norman Bethune Statue, corner of Guy and de Maisonneuve (metro Guy-Concordia)<br>
Speakers, Music, Poetry and Spoken Word!<...

(en) zabalaza #4 - A Workers Party: What For?
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 29 07:25:06 GMT 2003

With growing disillusionment and anger at the ANC, talks have<br>
once more started about forming a new workers party. Is this the<br>
way to go? Can a new workers party provide us with a decent<br>
standard of living? Can it give us control of our lives at work or in<br>
the communities? We think not.<br>
&gt; Lets Have A Look<br>
In Belgium, the workers recently found it necessary to take to the<br>
streets in a general strike to protest plans by the coalition<br>
Socialist-Social Ch...

(en) zabalaza #4 - WE REVOLT AGAINST THE TYRANTS! - A Report from the Ivory Coast
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 29 07:24:12 GMT 2003

Since the death of the dictator Felix Houphouet-Boigny, the<br>
pretenders to the throne of the Ivory Coast are legion and use all<br>
the stratagems and dubious ideologies to seize power:<br>
republicanism, ivoirity (national preference), or death squads,<br>
With the attempt at a coup d'etat on the 19 September, 2002, one<br>
can think that Gbagbo (the new despot, elected official with<br>
difficulty in October 2000) would not today be in power without the<br>

(en) The Female Species Zine - interview with Bill Brown of NOT BORED! about the strong Situationist influence in his work and his views on the Anarchist movement
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 29 07:16:35 GMT 2003

Bill, Publisher of Not Bored!talks about the strong<br>
Situationist influence in his work and his views on<br>
the Anarchist movement, art, and protesting.<br>
TFS: Briefly describe who you are, what your zine is.<br>
BB: Bill Brown aka Bill Not Bored. I am the publisher of NOT BORED!<br>
TFS: What inspired you to begin making your zine and how long have<br>
you been making it?<br>
BB: I started publishing in July 1983 because I was writing things<br>
(about the politics of rock music) ...