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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 06/01/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Sun, 1 Jun 2003 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) [Infoshop News] The New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books - New Issue Online
Chuck0 - chuck@mutualaid.org
Sun Jun 01 20:30:59 GMT 2003

&gt; From: &lt;cwmorse@newyorknet.net&gt;<br>
This note is to inform you that the full text of the spring 2003 issue<br>
of the New Formulation: An Anti-Authoritarian Review of Books is now<br>
available online at <A HREF="http://flag.blackened.net/nf/index.htm";>http://flag.blackened.net/nf/index.htm</A><br>
It includes the following articles: Volume Two, Number One --- February 2003<br>
* Program<br>
* The State in Hyper-Drive: the Post-September 11th U.S. by Paul Glavin<br>
Review of ...

(ca) Se realizan dos manifestaciones contra el G8
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 19:23:10 GMT 2003

de cgt.es<br>
Unas 100.000 personas, según los organizadores, se han manifestado en la<br>
frontera entreonfluido las dos columnas de la manifestación<br>
antiglobalización en protesta por la reunión del G8.Ginebra y Annemasse (este de Francia) han sido los dos puntos de origen de<br>
la movilización, que se ha desarrollado sin apenas inicidentes.<br>
¿Resistencia sin límite¿ era el estribillo más repetido por los gritos de<br>
los manifestantes y los carteles hacían referencia a ¿lo...

(tr) Uşaklı Anarşistlerin Beraatine ilişkin resmi Yargıtay İlamı
- kapkarakedi
Sun Jun 01 18:51:44 GMT 2003

[Uşak Anarşist Otonomu adlı &quot;yasadışı&quot; örgütün üyesi oldukları iddiasıyla<br>
yargılanan ve beraat eden anarşistlerle ilgili olarak DGM savcısının<br>
yaptığı temyiz başvurusuna yargıtayın verdiği yanıt]<br>
Uşaklı Anarşistlerin Beraatine ilişkin resmi Yargıtay İlamı<br>
&quot;Yargıtay ilamı 'aynen' aktarılmıştır.&quot;<br>
YARGITAY İLAMI Esas No : 2003/434<br>
Karar No : 2003/601<br>
Tebliğname No : 9/148737<br>

(pt) Anti-g8: Polícia despeja acampamento em Lausanne
a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 17:59:42 GMT 2003

Por indymedia conrta o g8 01/06/2003 às 14:32<br>
Tradução de:<br>
<A HREF="http://barcelona.indymedia.org/front.php?article_id=44255&amp;group=webcast";>http://barcelona.indymedia.org/front.php?article_id=44255&amp;group=webcast</A><br>
A polícia tem rodeado o acampamento anti-g8 em lausanne e está entrando<br>
para despejar. Tem pleo menos 50 pessoas detidas que são transportadas em<br>
caminhões militares para lausanne.<br>

(it) ANTI-G8: La situazione ad Annemasse (fr,en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sun Jun 01 15:03:46 GMT 2003

[Il centro media VAAAG non è in operazione causea difficoltà con<br>
il cablaggio. Il seguente è una serie di report da personale<br>
VAAAG su paris.indymedia]<br>
Annemasse/St Cergues, già feriti<br>
(per telefono e irc)<br>
7h56 st cergues<br>
Da una collina vicina si vede chiaramente che ogni strada è<br>
controllato da un contingente di sbirri che lanciano lacrimogeni<br>
a tutto spiano.<br>
Alcuni giornalisti ollandesi danno la conferma che il G8 è in<br...

(en) US, Portland, Oregon, I.W.W. Retail Workers Unite! Regular meetings of retail and general distribution workers in Portland, OR
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 14:47:07 GMT 2003

We are pleased to announce the formation of an Industrial<br>
Organizing Committee of retail and general distribution workers,<br>
with the Industrial Workers of the World, Portland, Oregon. We are<br>
representatives from several retail environments, working together<br>
to develop industry standards that we feel all owners of retail<br>
should adhere to when dealing with labor. These include, but are<br>
not limited to: developing a living wage campaign for all retail<br>
workers, secur...

(en) Ireland pamphlet by Subversion - Nationalism and Imperialism, the myths Exploded.
ManchesterOldham AF - anarchist_federation@yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jun 01 14:11:55 GMT 2003

New on the Manchester AF web site: Ireland,<br>
Nationalism and Imperialism, the myths Exploded. A<br>
pamphlet produced by the now defunct Subversion group.<br>
&gt; www.af-north.org/ireland2.htm<br>
Ireland, Nationalism and Imperialism, The Myths Exploded<br>
Written by the now defunct Subversion group, before the Good Friday<br>
Agreement, at a time when the 'armed struggle' was still part of daily<br>
life in Northern Ireland. Though inevitably somewhat dated, this<br>

(en) Anti-G8: Situation in Lausanne (it)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 14:04:49 GMT 2003

Hi. I don't know what news is arriving there, but the situation<br>
here is as follows. This morning (1 June) from 6am on there was<br>
some trouble caused by some small groups of BB (as usual left<br>
undisturbed by the police...) with a small amount of damage,<br>
just the usual bins on fire and the odd broken window. While it<br>
seems that the Geneva demo is going quite smoothly (although<br>
there were some indicents last night), the demo planned here for<br>
this afternoon has been ...

(en) ANTI-G8 Reports from Annemasse (fr, it)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 13:57:43 GMT 2003

[The VAAAG indy centre is not operational due to problems with<br>
the connections and cables. The following is a series of reports<br>
from vaaag people on paris.indymedia]<br>
Annemasse/St Cergues: some injuries already<br>
(report by phone and irc)<br>
7.56am st. cergues<br>
&gt;From a nearby hill you can clearly see that every road is<br>
controlled by a contingent of cops. Tear gas is being flung<br>
around like it was going out of fashion.<br>
7.59 am<br>
Some ...

(en) US, NY, &quot;Directory&quot; of anarchist and anti authoritarians from: http://www.anarco-nyc.net/frameset.html
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 13:55:45 GMT 2003

&gt; A few notes on anarchist groups in New York City:<br>
Many collectives and groups listed on this site are little more than a<br>
few dedicated individuals working toward common goals regarding<br>
their collective or group effort. Some groups go into &quot;hibernation&quot;,<br>
swinging between activity and inaction. We have meant this site to<br>
offer, not only real contacts of groups for people to involve<br>
themselves in, but also as examples of what NYC collectives have<br>

(it) Anti-G8: Situazione a Losanna (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sun Jun 01 13:40:21 GMT 2003

ciao. non so che notizie avete, qui la situazione è la seguente:<br>
stamattina dalle sei ci sono stati disordini causati da piccoli<br>
bolcchi di bb (come al solito lasciati agire indisturbati dalla<br>
polizia..) con qualche danno (poca roba: i soliti cassonetti e<br>
qualche vetrina). mentre la manifestazione a ginevra sembra<br>
andare tranquillamente (anche se stanotte ci sono stati diversi<br>
incidenti) qui la manifestazione prevista per oggi pomeriggio é<br>
stata vietata. è stat...

(fr) Barricades Annemasse
- cercle social
Sun Jun 01 12:59:35 GMT 2003

Infos publiées <A HREF="http://lille.indymedia.org/";>http://lille.indymedia.org/</A><br>
11:40 Il s'agit de la route par laquelle passait les traducteurs du<br>
sommet (ss doute nationale 5 d'après les post précédents, mon<br>
correspondant n'a pas indiqué de localisation précise).<br>
Il y a deux barricades principales et deux annexes, elles sont<br>
actuellement en flammes. Les flics sont tenus à distance, mais ils<br>
lancent régulièrement des grenades lacrymos ou son...

(fr) ANTI-G8: Pendant ce temps à Annemasse...
worker-a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 12:58:33 GMT 2003

[Toujours extraits de hns.samizdat.net]<br>
Annemasse : On va les bloquer !<br>
04h40 :<br>
Alors que le concert de l'aérodrome ne s'est terminé qu'une heure<br>
auparavant, et que peux d'entre nous n'a du dormir plus de trois heures,<br>
plus d'un millier de militants viennent de prendre le départ pour les<br>
lieux de blocage des délégations du G8.<br>
Stay tuned...<br>
A+ Jacques.<br>
Vous n'êtes pas bienvenus à Évian<br>
Le millier de manifestants venu d'Ann...

(fr) ANTI-G8: Folle nuit et matinée agitée à Genève
worker-a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 12:48:11 GMT 2003

[Extraits de hns.samizdat.net sur la situation à Genève dans la nuit du<br>
31 au 1er et sur le matin du 1er juin.]<br>
Debut de nuit chaude a Geneve<br>
00h15 Quarante flics ont tente de penetrer dans l'usine, alors qu'un<br>
concert se deroulait, ils se sont fait raccompagner par les habitants du<br>
Le supermarche coop a proximite de la maison des associations n'a plus de<br>
vitrines, de nombreux riverains constatent les degats.<br>
Rue des bois : pa...

(it) ANTI-G8: sull'azione VAAAG contro il PS ad Annemasse (fr,en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sun Jun 01 12:36:41 GMT 2003

[Quello che segue è una serie di contributi sui siti<br>
hns.samizdat.net e paris.indymedia.org e rappresentano diverse<br>
versioni dello stesso avvenimento. Come si foste lì. La VAAAG è<br>
il Villaggio Alternativa Anticapitalista e Antiguerra ed è un<br>
accampamento libertaria. www.vaaag.org]<br>
[Samizdat] Annemasse: la polizia all'aiuto dei socialisti<br>
Stamattina una riunione ad Annemasse del Partito socialista (PS)<br>
in un centro culturale al Chateau Rouge. Il PS a...

(fr) ANTI-G8: Lausanne, matinée agitée et arrestations de masse
worker-a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 12:15:10 GMT 2003

[Compte-rendu de la matinée du 1er juin. Le tout est possible grace au<br>
news-wire de Samizdat (hns.samizdat.net) et à Pedro. Comme si vous y<br>
Lausanne à l'aube : le blocage des saigneurs de la guerre<br>
A l'aube : le blocage des saigneurs de la guerre<br>
6 h 30 - Lausanne - Cortège Pink part du point de convergence de<br>
Lausanne. Il y a environ 500 de personnes. Nous allons rejoindre un autre<br>
groupe à peu près aussi nombreux, pour aller ensuite ...

(sv) G8 Evian 2003: Indymedia nyheter, video, ljud (en)
Worker - a-infos-sv@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 10:21:44 GMT 2003

Under 1-3 juni kommer G8 statschefer att försöka träffas i Evian, Frankrike <br>
nära Geneve. Demonstranter samlas för att stänga ner G8. Protester, <br>
marscher och läger har redan börjat runt Evian och kommer att fortsätta <br>
fram till den 3 juni.<br>
<A HREF="http://www.geneva03.org/static/live.ram";>http://www.geneva03.org/static/live.ram</A><br>
<A HREF="http://radio.uk1.indymedia.org:8100/...

(ca) La Haine realiza cobertura informativa anti-G8 en coordinación con IMC
a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca</em -
Sun Jun 01 08:12:04 GMT 2003

La Haine realiza cobertura informativa anti-G8 en coordinación con IMC<br>
Argentina, IMC Suiza, IMC Euskal Herria, Poesía Salvaje y Assemblea de<br>
ciutadans/nes i moviments socials de TarragonaEspecial sobre las movilizaciones contra la Cumbre del G8 en Evian<br>
La gran manifestación antiG8 dará comienzo a las 10.00am, entretanto<br>
activistas ya han empezado a bloquear las carreteras de acceso a Evian.IMC UK - eng &gt;&gt; IMC Switzerland - fra, de &gt;&gt; IMC Italia - ita<br>

(en) US, NY, After The Fall - anarchist newspaper and collective - Domestic Violence and Social Work from an Anarchist Perspective by Inza
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Jun 01 07:10:19 GMT 2003

Katie was a physically fit 30yr old mother of two toddlers when she<br>
decided to leave her abusive partner of many years. Never having<br>
seeked help due to the isolation she faced in their rural lakeside<br>
cabin, she did not know that the most violent attacks from intimate<br>
partners are brought on by the victim's decision to separate (or,<br>
curiously, by the announcement of a pregnancy). As she loaded her<br>
children into their car, (she had made a secret set of keys the last<b...