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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 04/08/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Tue, 8 Apr 2003 23:59:01 +0200 (CEST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(it) Spagna: Hack-attack al sito web della CGT (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Tue Apr 08 17:43:37 GMT 2003

Da: &quot;Chris R&quot; &lt;christopher@nodo50.org&gt;<br>
La campagna GUERRA NO e lo sciopero generale di 24 ore del 10<br>
aprile contro la guerra erano coordinati dal sito web della CGT,<br>
che è stato vittime di un attacco.<br>
La CGT vuole protestare questo attacco sulla libertà della<br>
parola che è avvenuto proprio durante l'organizzazione dello<br>
Sciopero Generale.<br>
Mentre lavoriamo per rimediare la situazione, il seguente URL<br>
prenderà il posto del ve...

(it) Serbia: Nuovo sito anarchico (en)
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Tue Apr 08 17:26:50 GMT 2003

Da: &quot;Rebel Mouse&quot; &lt;anarchy-serbia@bastardi.net&gt;<br>
Vorrei informarvi che il sito anarchico in lingua serba &quot;Anarchy<br>
Serbia&quot; è ora disponibile anche in versione inglese.<br>
Il sito contiene notizie, testi, links e un forum.<br>
Saluti anarchici dall'Europa dell'Est<br>

(en) Slovenia, Ljubljana, 8-4-2003 statement from balkan bookfair
SAF info - saf.info@email.si
Tue Apr 08 16:28:40 GMT 2003

The statement from the First Annual Balkan Anarchist Bookfair<br>
&quot;From the Local Struggle to International Resistance&quot;<br>
Anarchists from numerous groups and organizations <br>
from eight Balkan, Eastern and Central European <br>
countries gathered at the end of March in Ljubljana, <br>
Slovenia for the International Anarchist Gathering and <br>
the First Balkan Anarchist Bookfair. The purpose of <br>
the meeting was first and foremost to create a space <br>
for dialogue amon...

(de) Irak, Öl und US-Welthegemonie
Worker - a-infos-de@ainfos.ca
Tue Apr 08 16:26:50 GMT 2003

&gt; (II) - IAA-Sekretariat<br>
Irak, Öl und US-Welthegemonie (II)<br>
Die Grundlage der US-Welthegemonie ist militärische und<br>
irtschaftliche Macht.<br>
Indem sie den Irak angreifen, können die USA ihr Ziel <br>
erreichen, den ganzen Mittleren Osten zu kontrollieren.<br>
Aber das Ergebnis hängt davon ab, wie der Krieg aus-<br>
geht. Das Ziel der USA ist offensichtlich ein &quot;schneller<br>
Sieg&quot; innerhalb von nur ein bis zwei Monaten.<br>
Daher ist es notwendig den Irak an mi...

(en) Serbia, Anarchist website with english also
- Rebel Mouse
Tue Apr 08 16:07:09 GMT 2003

I don't want to be boring, but I would like to inform all anarchists that<br>
serbian anarcho-website:<br>
or short URL:<br>
<A HREF="http://www.inventati.org/anarchy-serbia/engleska_verzija/vesti_trenutne.php";>http://www.inventati.org/anarchy-serbia/engleska_verzija/vesti_trenutne.php</A><br>
has now and english section with news and with texts.<br>
Serbian version has anarcho-forum in serbo-croatian language...

(en) Re: [abc-net] Please read: FBI seeking info on ABC
- Lorenzo Ervin
Tue Apr 08 15:34:31 GMT 2003

&gt; Comrades:<br>
I have known for quite sometime that elements of the government were <br>
investigating the ABC. A few years ago, when I was one of the Chattanooga 3, <br>
[that was a case of anti-police brutality activists who were being <br>
prosecuted for a protest at city hall in 1998, put on criminal trial in <br>
2001], they sought to conduct an in-court investigation. At one routine <br>
court session, the judge in the case suddenly began to openly question me in <br>
court abou...

(en) New issue of Direkt Aktion out now (sv)
Mikael Altemark - altemark@home.se
Tue Apr 08 15:26:53 GMT 2003

In connection to the coming of spring and a new season of activism issue 34 of<br>
Direkt Aktion has been released. The work has as usual been done on voluntary<br>
basis we have many to thank for the existence of the paper. The biggest thanks<br>
of course goes to our readers who show interest in a radical and freedom-seeking<br>
voice in the otherwise so noisy media landscape. The paper also has a new<br>
homepage (only in Swedish language unfortutanely) where one can read some chosen<br>...

(sv) Direkt Aktion nr 34, nytt nummer, ny hemsida
Mikael Altemark - altemark@home.se
Tue Apr 08 15:18:47 GMT 2003

I samband med vårens antågande och en ny säsong av aktivism släpps så nummer 34<br>
av Direkt Aktion. Arbetet har som vanligt skett på ideell basis och var i har<br>
många att tacka för att tidningen finns. Men det största tacket går givetvis<br>
till er läsare som visar intresse för en radikal och frihetssökande röst i det<br>
annars så brusiga och bullrande mediesamhället.<br>
Dessutom har Direkt Aktion också fått en ny hemsida - www.suf.cc/da/ - där man<br>
kan läsa några utvalda ...

(en) CGT website hacked
- Chris R
Tue Apr 08 12:11:24 GMT 2003

The GUERRA NO campaign and the 10th April 24 hour <br>
General Strike against the war were being coordinated <br>
and developed from the CGT website. <br>
The CGT wants to shows its protest against this attack <br>
on freedom of speech that has taken place precisely <br>
during the the process of organising the General Strike. <br>
While we are fixing the connection, the following URL <br>
as a specific page for the General Strike and the <br>
pursuit of mobilizations an...

(ca) Cambio de direccion
- cntvalencia@tutopia.com
Tue Apr 08 11:12:25 GMT 2003

¡Salud, compañeros!<br>
Os enviamos este mensaje para comunicaros nuestra<br>
nueva dirección electrónica: &lt;cntvalencia@tutopia.com&gt;<br>
A partir de ahora, os atenderemos en esta dirección.<br>
Sin más, recibid un saludo libertario.<br>
CNT-Valencia, S.O.V.<br>
****** Servicio de noticias A-INFOS *****<br>
Noticias de, y de interés para, anarquistas<br>
-SUSCRIPCIONES: lists@ainfos.ca<br>
-RESPONDER: a-info...

(pt) MANIFESTO_ANTI-GUERRA_IMPERIALISTA proposta_para_discussão_e_adesões
- profosp
Tue Apr 08 11:01:36 GMT 2003

Os americanos mentem descaradamente nas notícias<br>
da frente de guerra, nos seus bombardeios que não<br>
atingem civis, nas desculpas para a invasão. O fato é<br>
que se morre as centenas, de lado a lado; nenhuma cidade<br>
importante foi tomada; os invasores dominam 80 % do<br>
território iraquiano, mas até agora não acharam nenhuma<br>
arma de destruição em massa; a invasão imperialista<br>
enfrenta uma resistência maior a cada dia...

(en) Spain: Declaration from UGT and CGT on General Strike
- Chris R
Tue Apr 08 10:13:18 GMT 2003

&gt; Meeting between UGT-CGT on the 10th April General Strike <br>
On Friday April 4, in the Confederal Headquarters of<br>
the UGT, a meeting was held between the Strike<br>
Committee representatives of UGT and CGT. <br>
The reason of the meeting was to analyse the situation<br>
created by the war against Iraq and the Spanish<br>
Government's responsibility that has placed our<br>
country in an unjust and immoral war that violates<br>
international legality, justice and legitimacy, i...

(en) Canada, Montreal, G20 Trial Update: Jury is selected; Crown excludes Blacks and students
montreal - montreal@dojo.tao.ca
Tue Apr 08 10:08:48 GMT 2003

[NOTE: If you live in the Montreal-area, your support in court at the<br>
trial of Jonathan, Christina and Jaggi is much appreciated. A strong<br>
courtroom presence is essential, especially in front of a jury. The trial<br>
is taking place from Tuesday, April 8 for three weeks, at the Palais de<br>
Justice - near metros Champ de Mars or Place d.Armes, at Notre-Dame and<br>
St-Laurent - in courtroom 3,11 between 9:30am to 4:30pm. Please come<br>
support Jonathan, Christina and Jaggi who ar...

(en) Spain: more on General Strike
- Chris R
Tue Apr 08 09:50:54 GMT 2003

On 8th April, the Confederacion General del Trabajo (CGT), Confederacion<br>
Nacional del Trabajo (CNT), and Solidaridad Obrera (SO), will give a press<br>
conference at 12.30 p.m., to explain the reasons for calling a 24 hour<br>
General Strike against the war on April 10th.<br>
During the conference, details will be given of the collectives,<br>
organisations and companies which support the 24-hour strike.<br>
The Secretary Generals and other national representatives of the CGT, CNT y<br...

(tr) kara mecmuA #9-Türkiye'nin AB macerası
kara mecmu-A - kara@mecmu-a.org
Tue Apr 08 09:47:34 GMT 2003

Kara MecmuA dergisinin Nisan-Mayıs 2003 sayısında da yayınlanan aşağıdaki<br>
yazı, Almanya'da aylık olarak yayınlanan anarşist gazete<br>
Graswurzelrevolution (Otkökü Devrimi) için yazılmıştır.<br>
(Batur Özdinç)<br>
Türkiye'nin AB macerası<br>
Geçenlerde biri İngiltere'de diğeri Türkiye'de yaşayan iki anarşistin AB<br>
konusunda tartışmasına tanık oldum. Londra'dan gelen Türkiye kökenli<br>
yoldaşımız klasik anarşist argümanla AB karşı...

(tr) İtalya; taban sendikalarının genel grevi 4/3/03 (en)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Tue Apr 08 09:35:55 GMT 2003

2 Nisan 2003 Çarşamba günü aşağıdaki &quot;taban sendikaları&quot; [otkökü, radikal<br>
sendikalar] bir Genel Grev çağrısı yapmışlardı: CUB, COBAS, SIN COBAS,<br>
USI-AIT ve SLAI COBAS. Bütün bu sendikalar yaklaşık bir milyon kişinin greve<br>
ve 250 bin kişinin ise ülke genelindeki gösteri ve yürüyüşlere katılmasından<br>
fazlasıyla memnun oldu.<br>
Genel Grev, halkın büyük bir çoğunluğu tarafından reddedilmesine rağmen<br>
İtalyan hükümetince bütüyle desteklenen Britanya ve ABD'ni...

(en) Announcing A Google-like Search Engine for Activists!
resist admin - resist@resist.ca
Tue Apr 08 09:27:46 GMT 2003

The Resist! Collective would like to announce a new search tool for<br>
activists at <A HREF="http://search.resist.ca";>http://search.resist.ca</A> - Search most of the major activist<br>
web sites, plus many other progressive resources, all from one place!<br>
This unique project provides a fast and comprehensive research tool<br>
focused on activism and radical politics. Finally, there is a search<br>
engine that allows you to find alternative news, analysis, contacts,<br>
events, ...

(en) The Northeastern Anarchist: Anti-War Supplementary out now!
Northeastern Anarchist - northeastern_anarchist@yahoo.com
Tue Apr 08 09:23:59 GMT 2003

The Northeastern Anarchist: <br>
Special Anti-War Supplementary Issue out now!<br>
In response to US-led imperial conquest currently<br>
taking place in Iraq (which, in sick irony has been<br>
dubbed &quot;Operation Iraqi Freedom&quot;) those of us from the<br>
Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC)<br>
have published a special anti-war edition of 'The<br>
Northeastern Anarchist'. <br>
Included is anarchist analysis of the current war in<br>
Iraq * Oil and imper...

(it) Polizia spara sulla manifestazione contro la guerra ad Oakland.
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Tue Apr 08 09:20:28 GMT 2003

Da: &quot;Bellaciao I&quot; &lt;bellaciaoinfo@yahoo.fr&gt;<br>
Lunedì mattina 7 aprile, la polizia americana apre il fuoco sulla<br>
manifestazione contro la guerra al Porto d'Oakland in California e<br>
ferisce 9 manifestanti.<br>
Più di 600 persone hanno espresso la loro opposizione alla guerra, alla<br>
fine della manifestazione mentre si scioglieva la polizia ha sparato con<br>
dei proiettili di gomma.<br>
Avevano deciso di protestare davanti alla società &quot;Ameri...

(en) Workers Solidarity #75 - The March 1st action at Shannon
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Tue Apr 08 09:03:58 GMT 2003

If you were anywhere in Ireland in the last<br>
week of February you can't have missed the<br>
hype ahead of the March 1st direct action<br>
called at Shannon by the Grassroots<br>
Network Against the War (GNAW).<br>
Suddenly every politician, reporter and<br>
even bishop in the country was joining the<br>
queue to denounce the planned 'violent'<br>
protest. The morning before the protest<br>
irony died on its feet when Sinn Fein<br>
announce it was pulling out of the<br>
unrelated Ir...

(en) Freedom 6405 8 Mar, 2003 - Anti-war news
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Tue Apr 08 09:03:29 GMT 2003

Up to 500 people forced an entry to the American <br>
airforce base at Fairford on 23rd February. These <br>
included activists from the Wombles and the <br>
Anarchist Youth Network, who formed an anarchist <br>
bloc under the banner 'Disobedience against war'. <br>
Several of them said they'd been responsible for <br>
starting the breach in the main gate. &quot;People started <br>
shaking it, first symbolically, then realising it moved, <br>
more forcibly&quot;, sai...

(en) US, Oakland, MEDIA + alt. media - Police Attack Direct Action to Stop the War and dockers who joined them
dr.woooo@nomasters.org</em -
Tue Apr 08 08:37:26 GMT 2003

&gt; 1) Media, Police Attack California Anti-War Protesters<br>
Rubber bullets fired at demonstrators. <br>
Longshoremen hit.<br>
OAKLAND, Calif. - Police open fired Monday morning with<br>
non-lethal bullets at an anti-war protest at the Port of<br>
Oakland, injuring several longshoremen standing nearby. <br>
Police were trying to clear protesters from an <br>
entrance to the docks when they<br>
opened fire and the longshoremen apparently <br>
were caught in the line of fire. <br>

(ca) 10 de abril
- Pascual
Tue Apr 08 02:15:24 GMT 2003

Hola compas.<br>
Entre otros asuntos, en la reunión de los sindicatos convocantes de la<br>
Huelga General de 24 horas (CNT, CGT y SOLIDARIDAD OBRERA), celebrada hoy<br>
lunes en la Fundación Aurora Intermitente, se acordó establecer tres<br>
puntos públicos, donde todo el mundo que quiera pueda contactar, formando<br>
piquetes móviles. Será a las 7 de la mañana en Cuatro Caminos, Legazpi y<br>
Vallecas (frente al campo del Rayo). A las 11 de la mañana, se intentará<br>
estar ...

Tue Apr 08 01:19:15 GMT 2003

Numero 213 – Abril 5/12 de 2003<br>
1- Los candidatos de Menen<br>
2- Gatillo fácil en Jujuy<br>
3- Agresión a asambleísta<br>
4- Incidente con Mabel Maidana<br>
5- Gatillo fácil de la Federal<br>
6- Asamblea piquetera<br>
7- Interrogante<br>
8- Próximas Actividades<br>
Ya en números anteriores del Boletín hicimos referencia a algunos<br>
candidatos del P.J. línea ...