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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 02/28/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Fri, 28 Feb 2003 23:59:01 +0100 (CET)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) Support anarchists arrested in Spain
- Chris R
Fri Feb 28 13:34:13 GMT 2003

In support of the anarchists arrested under the anti-terrorist law in
Barcelona and elsewhere. A joint letter to the editors of different Spanish
&gt;From Indymedia-Madrid: <A HREF="http://acp.sindominio.net";>http://acp.sindominio.net</A>
Send your name, nationality and passport number to casapueblos@nodo50.org
Dear Editor:
Facing the recent wave of arrests of young libertarians in Valencia,
Barcelona and Almeria and that, according to police sources, will continue
in the fu...

(en) The syndical movement of Europe says no to war
- Chris R
Fri Feb 28 13:32:34 GMT 2003

C.G.T. (Spain), C.N.T. (France), C.U.B. (Italy), COBAS (Italy), C.S.C.
Transcom, (Belgium), Ecole Emancipée (France), E.S.K. (Euskadi), F.S.U.
(France), OR.SA. (Italy), PAME (Greece), R.M.T. (UK), S.A.C. (Sweden),
S.in.COBAS (Italy), Si Puo (Italy), G10-Solidaires (France), SUD Aériens
(France), SUD ANPE (France), SUD Education (France), SUD PTT (France), SUD
Rail (France), S.U.I. (France), T.I.E. (Germany), T.I.E. (Netherlands),
U.C.S. (Italy), UNICOBAS (Italy)
The objective of the Unite...

(it) correzione: Le merde di base autonoma vogliono manifestare aRoma nel quartiere Aventino
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Fri Feb 28 13:09:51 GMT 2003

Da: Meletta &lt;meletta@aconet.it&gt;
Correzione: Il quartiere dove le merde vogliono manifestare non è
l'Aventino, ma l'Esquilino.

(it) Le merde di base autonoma vogliono manifestare a Roma nelquartiere Aventino
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Fri Feb 28 13:07:00 GMT 2003

Da: Meletta &lt;meletta@aconet.it&gt;
Per Roma sono apparsi manifesti delle merde di base autonoma che indicono
una manifestazione a Roma al quartiere Aventino per sabato 1° marzo.
Impediamo la provocazione fascista nel quartiere più multiculturale di
Roma Antifascismo sempre

(en) Aufheben #11 &quot;Picket and Pot-Banger Together: Class Re-Composition in Argentina?&quot; IV (4/4)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 12:59:01 GMT 2003

&gt; 8. The ?middle classes? and the neighbourhood assemblies
The French group Mouvement Communist warn of the
dangers of the alliance between proletariat and the middle
classes in Argentina: ?History shows the exploited have little
to expect from these sectors of society, always ready, in the
last instance, to save their own skins by allying themselves
with the dominant class to the detriment of the
working class.? Time will tell if this turns out, again, to be the
case. But this view i...

(en) Aufheben #11 &quot;Picket and Pot-Banger Together: Class Re-Composition in Argentina?&quot; III (3/4)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 12:57:34 GMT 2003

&gt; 6. The Piqueteros.
The new forms of organisation which emerged drew some of
their very strength from the drastic nature of this
?neo-liberal? restructuring. Whilst the economic experts were
accusing Argentina?s political class of implementing the
changes too slowly, the bourgeoisie in fact created a new
problem for itself by having implementing them too
quickly. When a large number of closures and redundancies
hit almost overnight, the workers laid off en mass found
themselves with...

(en) Aufheben #11 &quot;Picket and Pot-Banger Together: Class Re-Composition in Argentina?&quot; II (2/4)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 12:55:48 GMT 2003

&gt; 3. The end of the import-substitution economy
By the end of the 1940s, import substitution-led
industrialization was reaching its limits. Concessions for the
working class and the its institutionalized strength
restricted the rate of exploitation and hinder profits. The
State apparatus necessary to Peronist patronage, with its
army of white collar workers employed in the unions,
hospitals, schools, etc, was a growing burden on the realization
of surplus value at national level. Arge...

(en) Aufheben #11 &quot;Picket and Pot-Banger Together: Class Re-Composition in Argentina?&quot; I (1/4)
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 12:54:08 GMT 2003

A Nation Implodes?
Following years of 'neo-liberal' restructuring in
Argentina, and with thousands of private and state
workers not having been paid in the last half of 2001,
by the end of that year the social situation was
deteriorating fast. The collapse of a heavily indebted
economy threatened ever wider social sectors with
the loss of their livelihoods. This situation was not
going uncontested, however. There were twelve
general strikes in 2001 alone. On just one day in
August of t...

(tr) 1 Şubat 2003 - Finlandiya'daki politik tutsaklar (en)
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 10:57:47 GMT 2003

Şubat ayının başında Finlandiya'da 30 kişi total ret nedeniyle hapse
atıldı; bunlardan aşağıda isim ve adresleri bulunan 12'si destek mektupları
almak istiyor. Bu kez bildiğimiz kadarıyla aralarında anarşist bulunmuyor.
2002 yılında devlet 70 total retçiye karşı adli işlem başlattı, ki bu sayı
Yehova şahitlerinin (askeri) hizmetten muaf bırakıldığı 1987 yılından bu
yana en büyük rakamı oluşturuyor.
Pekka Kauhanen
Oskar Lindman
Markus Mattsson

(fi) The REALLY Big Blockade Skotlannissa 22.4.03
ere - ere@tao.ca
Fri Feb 28 10:14:37 GMT 2003

The REALLY Big Blockade
Trident Ploughshares ja Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
järjestävät 22.4.2003 The REALLY Big Blockade -tapahtuman Faslanen
ydinasetukikohdassa Skotlannissa. Kyseessä on jo viides tukikohdan toimintaa
häiritsevä blokkaus viimeisten kolmen vuoden aikana. Viime vuonna tukikohdan
sisäänkäynnit onnistuttiin tukkimaan avoimen ja väkivallattoman
tottelemattomuuden keinoin usean tunnin ajaksi. Tänä vuonna tapahtumaan
odotetaan vielä edellisvuotista enemmän osalli...

(en) Turkey-Ankara (1st of March); Black Block growing
anki anarki - ank_aa@yahoo.com
Fri Feb 28 10:05:20 GMT 2003

We will form &quot;Black Block&quot; on 1st March anti-war demo
in Ankara with participation of anarchist and
anti-authoritarian groups and individuals coming from
Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Usak, Eskisehir,
Bolu, Sakarya and some other places.
Black Block growing
inside us a revolution is growing
we are becoming revolution
streets are being taken over
people walking to freedom with their black flags
<A HREF="http://g...

(en) March 5th Student Strike/National Moratorium Media Opportunity
stevphen shukaitis - stevphen@mutualaid.org
Fri Feb 28 09:36:02 GMT 2003

On March 5th WBAI 99.5 FM in New York in conjunction with the Free Radio
Youth collective (producers of ?Student Voices for Peace,? a youth
produced social justice radio show) will be providing extensive and live
coverage of the student strike and national moratorium. The broadcast is
planned for between 3 and 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, with several carts
being made before hand to promote the event, as well as several spots on
various shows.
In order to involve the widest mul...

(en) Political prisoners in Finland 1st of February 2003
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 09:31:17 GMT 2003

In the beginning of February, 30 persons were jailed
in Finland for total objection, among them the following
12 would like to receive support mail. No known
anarchists among them this time. During 2002 state began process
against 70 sued for total objection, which is the biggest number
ever since Jehoviah's witnesses were freed from service 1987.
Pekka Kauhanen
Oskar Lindman
Markus Mattsson
Otto Miettinen

(fr) Infos luttes sociales #44 - Fin de grève et victoire des grévistes
Danielle Rétorré - danielle.retorre@free.fr
Fri Feb 28 09:30:13 GMT 2003

Infos luttes sociales
Bulletin n° 44
Comité de soutien aux salariés et précaires en lutte d'Arcade, McDo,
FNAC, Disney, Virgin, etc.
Pour tout contact : CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire, 75011 Paris (en précisant
bien le mon du comité) - Chèques à l'ordre de ADC.
Contact e-mail : arcadesolidarite@hotmail.com
Informations et documentations sur la grève et les initiatives en cours :
<A HREF="http://www.ac.eu.org/actu-docs/arcade/arcade.htm";>http://www.ac.eu.org/actu-docs/arcade/...

(en) an interesting news page - http://slash.autonomedia.org
dr.woooo@nomasters.org</em -
Fri Feb 28 09:29:34 GMT 2003

On <A HREF="http://slash.interactivist.net/";>http://slash.interactivist.net/</A>
This site is a cooperative effort of: Autonomedia,
ABC No Rio, The Interactivist Network, and Nomad Media
ABC No Rio
ABC No Rio is a collectively-run center for art and activism.
We are known internationally as a venue for oppositional
culture. ABC No Rio was founded in 1980 by artists committed
to political and social engagement and we retain these values
to the present.
We seek to facilitate ...

(fr) Comment payer le travail carcéral ?
CNT AIT - cnt.ait@wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 28 09:26:53 GMT 2003

Prison. Le mot est à la mode. Pas un jour ne se passe sans qu'un
politicien, plus ou moins véreux, n'en claironne les éloges.
Alors, puisqu'ils veulent qu'on en parle, parlons-en. Pour dire la
vérité. Pour dénoncer la machine à broyer.
Dans notre dernier numéro, c'est de Benoît qu'il s'est agi. Benoît,
éjecté de sa cellule juste pour qu'il ait le temps de mourir &quot;dehors&quot;. Un
cas pas du tout exceptionnel. Encore moins exceptionnel est le
quasi-esclavage auquel sont réduits les pr...

(fr) Manifs contre les brutalités policières et contre les expulsions
zanzara@squat.net</em -
Fri Feb 28 09:25:23 GMT 2003

A Paris, ce sera le samedi 15 mars 2003, à 12h, place de la République,
voir l'appel et l'affiche ici :
<A HREF="http://paris.indymedia.org/article.php?id_article=542";>http://paris.indymedia.org/article.php?id_article=542</A>
A Grenoble, ce sera le samedi 29 mars 2003, à 15h, place Félix Poulat,
dans le cadre du festival Fraka (avec dans la soirée une grande auberge
espagnole dans la traverse squattée des 400 couverts).

(en) SchNEWS Issue 394, Friday 28th February, 2003
Jo Makepeace - webmaster@schnews.org.uk
Fri Feb 28 07:44:49 GMT 2003

In the week that George W. presents his 'vision' for a post-war Iraq, a
vision that he has already refused to contribute to financially, SchNEWS
reckons it's appropriate to look at Afghanistan one year on. Just how has
bombing and killing civilians improved the situation for the Afghan people?
The Wanted posters that litter the country, dropped by US planes, give us a
clue. America's most wanted are Osama bin Laden, former Tali...

(tr) KAOS GL-Lezbiyen ve Geyler 1 Mart'ta Savaşa Karşı
Fri Feb 28 07:34:45 GMT 2003

Lezbiyen ve geyler olarak 1 Mart'ta Ankara'da düzenlenen yürüyüş ve
mitinge katılıyoruz.
Savaşa karşı sesimizi ortaklaştırmak ve hep birlikte haykırmak için tüm
eşcinselleri &quot;KAOS GL - Eşcinsellerin Sesi&quot; pankartının altına
1 Mart Cumartesi, saat 10:00'da Hipodrum'da buluşuyoruz.
Kaos Kültür Merkezi'nde Cumartesi Sohbetleri
1 Mart 2003 Cumartesi, 17:00-19:00
Militarizm; Savaş ve Eşcinseller
&quot;Eşcinseller neden savaşa karşı?&quot;

(tr) 1 Mart Ankara-Kara Blok büyüyor!
Worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Fri Feb 28 07:12:23 GMT 2003

Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Antalya, Uşak,
Eskişehir, Bolu, Sakarya vb. birçok kentten
gelen anarşist ve anti-otoriterlerin
katılımıyla 1 Mart'ta Ankara'daki
Savaş Karşıtı yürüyüşte Kara Blok olarak
kendi kortejimizi oluşturacağız.
Kara Blok büyüyor
bir devrim büyüyor içimizde
biz devrim oluyoruz
sonra sokaklar doluyor
insanlar kara bayraklarıyla özgürlüğe yürüyor
<A HREF="http://geocities.com/karadevrim/";>http://geocities.com/karadevrim/</A>

(tr) Ozgur Emekciler Savasa Karsi 1 Mart'ta Sendikalarda..
karakizil@ainfos.ca, karadokya@hotmail.com</em -
Fri Feb 28 02:52:14 GMT 2003

1 Mart Cumartesi gunu Ankara'da yapilacak Savas Karsiti Eylem, ayni gun
Tezkere Oylamasinin yapilacak olmasi dolayisiyla daha da önemli hale
gelmis bulunmaktadir.Savasa karsi cikmanin bugün icin en anlamli platformu olarak gordugumuz
emek cephesine sloganlarimızi dusuncelerimizi tasimak, savasa ve savasin
olasi sonuclarina karsi uyarici olmak uzere, orgutlu bulundugumuz
sendikalarla mitinge katilmak ve anarsist komunist bakis acimizi haykirmak
uzere 1 Mart'ta alandayiz.
Kahrolsun Emperyal...

(tr) Amerikan Anarsist Komunistlerin’den Aciklama
karakizil@ainfos.ca (karadokya@hotmail.com)</em -
Fri Feb 28 02:32:38 GMT 2003

Amerikan Anar&amp;#351;ist Komunistlerin’den Aç&amp;#305;klama
A&amp;#351;a&amp;#287;&amp;#305;daki doküman, sava&amp;#351;&amp;#305;n nedenlerini ve
sava&amp;#351;&amp;#305; durdurmak için gereken hareketin ne olmas&amp;#305;
gerekti&amp;#287;ini ortaya koymaktad&amp;#305;r.
Anar&amp;#351;istler sava&amp;#351;a ve sava&amp;#351;&amp;#305;n nedenlerine
Amerikan hükemeti Irak”a yönelik ba&amp;#351;lataca&amp;#287;&amp;#305;
sava&amp;#351;&amp;#305;n,11 ...