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A-Infos-Index24 <----> 02/08/03

From ainfos@ainfos.ca (A-Infos)
Date Sat, 8 Feb 2003 23:59:01 -0500 (EST)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(it) Umanità Nova n. 4 - Ombre vaticane
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sat Feb 08 22:45:53 GMT 2003

Da &quot;Umanità Nova&quot; n. 4 del 2 febbraio 2003
Ombre vaticane
Costituzione europea: grandi manovre clericali
Rendo volentieri omaggio alle parole dell'editorialista della Stampa
Gian Enrico Rusconi, quando afferma che &quot;è tempo che i laici escano
dall'imbarazzo davanti all'offensiva vaticana e neo-democristiana
per la menzione di Dio e delle radici cristiane nella Costituzione
europea&quot;. E rendo omaggio non certo perché mi interessi più di tanto
l'esito di quel documento so...

(it) 15.02: Giornata contro carcere e repressione
worker-a-infos-it@ainfos.ca (Flow System)</em -
Sat Feb 08 22:42:04 GMT 2003

Da: &lt;bhurp@paranoici.org&gt;
S A B A T O 1 5 F E B B R A I O 2 0 0 3
Dalle 18:00: - presentazione del nuovo bollettino
- assemblea aperta sull'attuale situazione
repressiva: (montatura
Marini,dopoG8-Genova,lotte nelle
carceri,tecno-controllo sociale...)
Partecipano: ...

(en) Venezuela: International Call for Help
Nelson Mendez - mendezn@camelot.rect.ucv.ve
Sat Feb 08 22:07:26 GMT 2003

Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) is a collective in
Caracas, Venezuela that has been active for since 1995 and
is very committed to teaching others about the anarchist
perspective and spreading a message of self organization,
truly direct democracy and mutual aid. They consider
themselves to basically be a media collective that
specializes in disseminating information in an attempt to
strengthen the movement. They do this mainly through the
newspaper, El Libertario, which they pu...

(en) US, NY, 2/15 Main Convergence site announced
- Victor Chernov
Sat Feb 08 21:51:16 GMT 2003

NOTE: Red &amp; Black Contingent to meet by main labor grouping. Look for the
red &amp; black flags!
Here's the latest info we received from the united for justice &amp; peace
Saturday, February 15th
Assemble at noon
First Avenue from 49th Street north
New York City
We have secured an assembly point for the protest on February 15. The New
York City Police Department has offered a permit for a rally at the First
Avenue location, which is within sight of the United Na...

(ca) Apoyo a los maquinistas de Gran Bretaña
- a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca
Sat Feb 08 18:41:35 GMT 2003

por red-libertaria.net
AIT:Solidarity Federation, PO Box 469, Preston,
Los conductores de ferrocarril de ASLEF para Inglaterra, Gales y
Escocia (EWS – por sus siglas en Inglés) de Motherwell están
rechazando transportar armas y municiones. El gobierno había
planeado transportar armamento por ferrocarril para enviarlo al
Golfo. Esta acción está apoyada por 15 conductores que están
decididos a no transportar carga alguna que pueda ser utilizada
contra el pueblo Iraquí.
Los conductores de ...

(pt) flyers anti-guerra em português
Worker - a-infos-pt@ainfos.ca
Sat Feb 08 17:58:25 GMT 2003

Estão disponíveis flyers anti-guerra e de convocação para as
manif. anti-guerra em Lisboa e no Porto, dia 15 de Fev. nos URL
<A HREF="http://www.azine.org/index.php?centro=corpo_noticias.php&amp;nr=000012239";>http://www.azine.org/index.php?centro=corpo_noticias.php&amp;nr=000012239</A>
<A HREF="http://www.azine.org/index.php?centro=corpo_noticias.php&amp;nr=000012491&amp;inicio=0&amp;fim=20";>http://www.azine.org/index.php?centro=corpo_noticias.php&amp;nr=000012491&amp;inicio=0&a...

(pt) [música de capoeira-angola]
somaterapia@uol.com.br</em -
Sat Feb 08 17:19:07 GMT 2003

CD Faca de Ponta
F.A.C.A - Federação Anarquista de Capoeira Angola.
<A HREF="http://f-a-c-a.vilabol.uol.com.br";>http://f-a-c-a.vilabol.uol.com.br</A>
Lançamento em:
São Paulo, Curitiba e Belo Horizonte
Gravado em 17 de Novembro de 2002 e com encarte pronto dia 30 de
Dezembro de 2002.
São mais de 50 minutos dedicados a Capoeira Angola.
3 faixas representando o axé das rodas de capoeira angola e 2
faixas de toques musicais.

(en) New Venezuelan Anarchist Website in English
Nelson Mendez - mendezn@camelot.rect.ucv.ve
Sat Feb 08 16:43:10 GMT 2003

El Libertario website &lt;www.nodo50.org/ellibertario&gt; voice of
the Comisión de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA) of Venezuela,
has now a section in English language. It will allow those
who don't master the Spanish language to know the essence of
the proposals, analysis and activities of the Venezuelan
libertarian socialists. As for as we know, this is the first
time a Latin American anarchist group launches in the web an
initiative of this kind.
CRA was born 1995 and since then it...

(en) The Utopian #3 - Socialism from Above or Below - By WAYNE PRICE
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Feb 08 07:40:54 GMT 2003

&quot;Socialism's crisis today is a crisis in the meaning
of socialism.... Throughout the history of social-
ist movements and ideas, the fundamental divide
is between Socialism-from-Above and Socialism-
from-Below.... The history of socialism can be
read as a continual but largely unsuccessful effort
to free itself from the old tradition...of emanci-
pation-from-above.&quot; (Draper, 1992, pp. 3 &amp; 4)
&quot;the two souls of socialism&quot; revisited
The quotation at the right is fro...

(en) London, 'Disobedience Against War' Meeting: Tuesday 11th February, 7.30pm http://www.disobedience.org.uk/
dr.woooo@nomasters.org</em -
Sat Feb 08 06:49:35 GMT 2003

'Disobedience Against War' Meeting:
Tuesday 11th February, 7.30pm.
L.A.R.C., 52 Fieldgate St, London E1. Nearest tube: Whitechapel.
Get involved in direct action against the war, and our response
to the national march on February 15th...
At the Disobedience day school, which took place on Saturday
18th of November, it was decided to create an autonomous space
within the rally at Hyde Park on Feb 15th, with an open-mic PA
system, music and food; and also to produce a free newspaper for...

(en) Australia, Melbourne - URGETNT: action called for those refugees and activists in custody from the rece
dr.woooo@nomasters.org</em -
Sat Feb 08 06:39:45 GMT 2003

&gt;From &quot;look_behind_the_seens &lt;look_behind_the_seens@yahoo.com.au&gt;&quot;
URGETNT: action called for those refugees and activists in custody from the rece
there is a meeting happening tomorrow at 6pm, at irene to discuss
what we can do to help support those who have been caught. some of
the people caught are facing deportations, and some arn't even
refugees. please come one and come all to a meetng that is being
called to discuss what we can do when and how.
please come ...

(en) Australia, Melbourne, Anti Capitalist Anti State Bloc - Anti War Demo Fri 14th
dr.woooo@nomasters.org</em -
Sat Feb 08 06:36:28 GMT 2003

Anti Capitalist Anti State Bloc - Anti War Demo Fri 14th - melbourne
A message to all anti authoritarians:
Join us in showing our defiance to capitalism and the state, the cause of all
wars by converging together on Friday afternoon at 5 pm at the corner of Bowen
Lane RMIT and Latrobe st near the Statue. Look for the red and black flags.
Bring da Noise !!

(en) US, NY, We Will March
Chuck0 - chuck@mutualaid.org
Sat Feb 08 06:04:25 GMT 2003

We Will March by Brian Dominick (Z Mag.)
Today I called the office of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. I left
a short message for him, stating that I will be marching on the streets of
his town next Saturday, February 15, in protest of a renewed war on Iraq.
I added that I will do so whether a permit is granted for the
demonstration or not. I also mentioned that I intend to bring two or three
hundred of my neighbors with me on buses fellow organizers and I have
chartered. I made it...