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From root@ainfos.ca (root)
Date Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:00:02 -0400 (EDT)

a multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists

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(en) WAR! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? - leaflet handed out on yesterday's demo in London by the group NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR*
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Mon Sep 30 00:56:38 GMT 2002

War is good for forging national unity. War helps to both create new
nation states and submerge class and other conflicts in an existing
nation-state. Nationalism always tries to make the dispossesed and
exploited, who make up most of the population, identify with their
exploiters and so perpetuates this miserable society. War is good for
national liberation rackets who can use a war situation as a way of
bargaining with world powers in conflict with the local ruling powers
and each other. War is good for polarising arbitrary groups of human
beings into enemy camps, which allows various gangs of rulers to
exploit them more effectively. War is thus a boon for nationalist,

(pt) (Brasil) Manifesto_Anarquista_-_Zine: Saudações libertárias!
"Philipe Ribeiro" - philipe_ribeiro@hotmail.com
Sun Sep 29 21:48:10 GMT 2002

M A N I F E S T O A N A R Q U I S T A - Z I N E

Aí vão as atualizações do Manifesto Anarquista - Zine.
- Uma nova Colaboradora, Carol Punk Rock, com o texto:
Herança do Silêncio!
- Mais um texto do Garsa, Não Vote!
- Outra nova colaboradora, Iuska Volkis, com 12 textos:

(it) Comunicato Stampa CUB Scuola sullo sciopero del 18 ottobre nella scuola
"Edoardo Borgese" - ciscarinzi@tiscali.it
Sun Sep 29 16:11:45 GMT 2002

Comunicato Stampa
LA COMMISSIONE DI GARANZIA per l'esercizio del diritto di
sciopero nei pubblici servizi DICHIARA ILLEGITTIMO PER LA SCUOLA

La CUB Scuola fa ricorso contro questa misura liberticida

Con la nota prot. 11295 la Commissione di Garanzia sul diritto
di sciopero ha inviato a CUB, CGIL, Cobas, Slai-Cobas, Unicobas,
USI (tutte le OO.SS. che hanno indetto lo sciopero del 18

(it) Umanità Nova n.30 - Nazi Logo: Zyklon come marchio
Worker - a-infos-it@ainfos.ca
Sun Sep 29 16:10:28 GMT 2002

Da "Umanità Nova" n. 30 del 22 settembre 2002
Nazi Logo
Zyklon B, il gas usato nei lager, adottato come marchio
Prima vi è stata la ditta inglese Umbro, produttrice di
abbigliamento sportivo, a dare il nome Zyklon B a delle scarpe
d'allenamento, costretta a fare marcia indietro e a balbettare
le proprie scuse in seguito ad un'ondata di proteste per
l'utilizzo per fini commerciali del tristemente noto nome della
sostanza chimica - un acido cianidrico allo stato solido
cristallino - impiegato nelle camere a gas dei lager, in

(it) Gruppo
"Gruppo Tierra y Libertad" - g.tierraylibertad@libero.it
Sun Sep 29 16:10:24 GMT 2002

Care compagne e cari compagni,
scriviamo perché vorremmo presentarvi in breve il nostro gruppo e i progetti
che portiamo avanti. Ci muoviamo su linee guida di tipo libertario, lavorando
con alcune comunita' zapatiste del Chiapas (in particolare nel municipio
autonomo di San Manuel), aiutandole nella realizzazione di opere che
permettano loro di essere sempre più autonome dal governo centrale.
Molti componenti del gruppo sono già stati nelle comunità per periodi di
tempo variabili da uno a sei mesi e alcuni partiranno prossimamente per
portare avanti progetti già iniziati riguardanti, fra l'altro, l'agricoltura e la sanità.
Inoltre collaboriamo con il coordinamento "Il cerchio" per la costruzione di

(en) Canada, Toronto, Media, Michele Landsberg on the squat
- nicolasphebus@yahoo.com
Sun Sep 29 14:22:24 GMT 2002

> Received: from martin.laurentides.net
On the first blessedly cool evening of the fall, as the welcome rain came
sluicing down, I drew the curtains and thought of the Pope Squat, where the
rain would be bouncing off the newly repaired roof and watering the Swiss
chard, tomatoes, lettuce and marigolds now thriving in the front yard.
Toronto loves to puff itself as "world-class", but nothing could be more
inept, blinkered and junior than the way our city and provincial
governments have handled the issue of homeless protesters. Just look at the

(tr) Derin tabelalar
..::fleXin:@ainfos.ca:.. - flexin@gmx.com.tr
Sun Sep 29 10:48:13 GMT 2002

Nitimur in Vetitum
<A HREF="http://nitimur.roots.gen.tr/html/mutfak/tabela.htm";>http://nitimur.roots.gen.tr/html/mutfak/tabela.htm</A>
Derin tabelalar
Mustafa Konur
John Carpenter, 1988 yılında çektiği They Live (Yaşıyorlar) isimli filminde,
ilginç bir alegori kurar: Filmin kahramanı Nada, salaş bir dükkandan aldığı
sıradan güneş gözlüğünü taktığında, neye uğradığını şaşırır. Kerameti meçhul
bu gözlük, insanların bir kısmını garip yaratıklar olarak gösterir.
Çevresindeki tabelalara bakar; bambaşka yazılar vardır. Coca-Cola reklamı
bulunan tabelaya o güneş gözlüğüyle baktığında "İtaat et!" cümlesini okur.

(en) Freedom 6318 21st Sep. 2002 - A mixed bunch
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Sun Sep 29 09:37:08 GMT 2002

Between two and three hundred people assembled in
Whitehall on 14th September, before proceeding to the
Imperial War Museum. There were protesting against
the government's Mental Health Bill, which includes
powers to detain people with 'dangerous personality
disorders' indefinitely. It was a mixed bunch of nutters
and concerned carers (in the past I've been brushed off
as a nutter when I've desperately been seeking help).
I was very impressed by a demonstrator who had a
globe with miniature cymbals that tingled. I also spotted

(ca) Pilar Disidente 2002 (Zaragoza)
"Worker" - a-infos-ca@ainfos.ca
Sun Sep 29 04:29:04 GMT 2002

Pilar Disidente 2002 (Zaragoza)
Del 8 al 13 de Octubre en el Centro Social Anarquista La revuerta:
Día 8 - Martes:
19:00 H - VIDEO - "Ecosabotajes contra el desarrollo".
Día 9 - Miercoles:
19:00 H - PELICULA - "El club de la lucha".
Día 10 - Jueves:
19:00 H - PELICULA - "Amelie".
Día 11 - Viernes:

(ca) Manifestantes bloquean acceso al Banco Mundial en DC
La Haine - lahaine_red@yahoo.es
Sun Sep 29 04:29:04 GMT 2002

:: Minuto a minuto desde DC:: Movilizaciones contra el
FMI y BM en Washington DC. 28s - Dia 2 de las
protestas. Sección especial en La Haine:: Siga las
novedades en inglés en IMC DC:: Están bloqueando los
accesos al Banco Mundial!!::
19:15 - Bloqueo al BM, calle 21 con H: Tres autobuses
de la policía, muchos agentes en bicicleta y grupos de
manifestantes corren hacia GW, Auditorio Lisner, donde
parece haber incidentes. Parece que la policía va a

(en) Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library May 2002 ~ No. 30
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Sep 29 03:42:37 GMT 2002

"Freedom" and Freedom in 1945
Black Flag
Anarchy in Sheffield?
Argentina: Severino di Giovanni
How to lose friends?
New Publication
New KSL Website
"Freedom" and Freedom in 1945
After the Trial

(en) Workers solidarity, 72 Sep. 2002 - Why does the US want war with Iraq?
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Sep 29 03:41:42 GMT 2002

Saddam is certainly a nasty shit. His regime is
brutal. He has used biological and chemical
weapons against his own people. He allows no
opposition, and uses murder and torture to
remain in power. The thought that he might have
nuclear weapons is a frightening one. Yet it is
naive in the extreme to think the Bush
administration is motivated by these issues alone.
The most common reason for war, cited by both
Democrat and Republican members of Congress is

(en) Workers solidarity, 72 Sep. 2002 -
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sun Sep 29 03:41:01 GMT 2002

Frank Fernández first gives a detailed and well
documented account of how libertarian ideas first
took hold in Cuba. During the1850s, mass Spanish
immigration to Cuba brought with it new
revolutionary ideas. These ideas interacted with the
misery of the super-exploited Cuban workers, slaves
and campesinos.
As early as 1857 anarchist ideas took root with the
creation of workers' mutual aid associations, regional
centres and secular schools. By the 1880s there were

(en) USA, Batavia IL Sit-In Against Speaker of the House
"Joe R. Golowka" - joeg@ieee.org
Sun Sep 29 02:45:09 GMT 2002

On Thursday, September 26th, a rally an sit-in was held against Dennis
Hasert's office in Batavia opposing the war against Iraq and delay in
the Resolution giving President Bush carte blanc to attack Iraq.
Denniss Hastert is a member of the U.S. house of representatives and
Speaker of the House; the third most powerfull person in the US
government. About 150 people showed up for the rally from all across
Illinois and 11 people were part of the sit-in. Most present were white
liberal reformists, but there were also more radical participants
(including anarchists). Those who sat-in met with the staff to explain
our position, with one eventually leaving voluntarily and 10 forcibly