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From root@ainfos.ca (root)
Date Sat, 28 Sep 2002 00:00:03 -0400 (EDT)

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(en) Workers solidarity, 72 Sep. 2002 - Dunboyne Sacking - Union Failed To Act
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Sat Sep 28 03:31:35 GMT 2002

At the end of July, the principal teacher of
Gaelscoil Thulach na nOg in Dunboyne, Co.
Meath was sacked by the school's patron body,
An Foras Patrunachta [*] after a dispute about
the teaching of religion. The sacking was a
victory for bigotry and intolerance and a defeat
for democracy, diversity and - most worryingly
of all - the concept of trade union collective
action. 'An injury to one' was not taken on as 'an
injury to all' and the position of all teachers is

(en) Freedom 6318 21st Sep. 2002 - Can't see the wood for the planks
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Sat Sep 28 03:26:42 GMT 2002

Police have been accused of a "massive and costly
over-response" to a peaceful event staged by Titnore Woods
campaigners in Durrington on Sunday 1st September. Fifty
people who gathered to hand a symbolic scroll to the
landowner who's selling the land were amazed to find a huge
police operation had been launched.
Sussex Police riot vans were parked in every layby for miles
along the A27 road, 'evidence-gatherers' wielding video
cameras were hiding in roadside bushes and metal
barricades had been erected around the pub where protesters

(en) Freedom 6318 21st Sep. 2002 - Picnic and protest on moor
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Sat Sep 28 03:23:00 GMT 2002

With the heather in full bloom at the end of last
month, we fancied a walk on the North York Moors.
But we chose our route carefully on 24th August to
combine it with a protest against the US government's
warmongering. "If you're not with us ...", George
Bush has said, and we certainly weren't. So, to
Fylingdales Moor we went, a motley collection of
some thirty people, with ages ranging from 8 to 80.
We went to picnic and protest inside the US military
base, in the shadow of the immense 32-metre high

(en) US, Washington, [Infoshop News] Quick Update from Washington, DC
Chuck Munson - chuck@tao.ca
Sat Sep 28 02:28:41 GMT 2002

I'm working on a longer article which I will post on Infoshop News website
and will update throughout the day.
The shutdown organized in Washington, DC by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence
was wildly successful this morning. Downtown streets were almost deserted by
the fact that most workers had stayed home. Those who did go to work, did so
late in the morning, if they hadn't been delayed by the mass civil
disobedience in the streets this morning.
It was very encouraging to see and hear about so many actions that were
organized by affinity groups.
The police did their part in disrupting traffic with their over-the-top

(en) US, Washington, CKUT Radio: Confronting the World Bank &amp; IMF
stefan christoff - christoff@dojo.tao.ca
Sat Sep 28 02:17:03 GMT 2002

As the World Bank and International Monetary Fund hold their annual
general meetings in Washington DC, people from throughout North America
have converged in the US Capital to oppose and confront them. September
27th marks the Peoples Strike an action organized by the Anti-Capitalist
The IMF &amp; World Bank represent a vision of the world in which bankers
write the rules of the global economy and put profits ahead of local
communities, workers, the environment, human rights, justice and future
generations. For many a rejection of the world bank and IMF is a rejection
of capitalism, a idea defined by the Anti-Capitalist Convergence of

(en) Canada, TENT CITY - an international call for solidarity
Mick - mickblack47@yahoo.com
Sat Sep 28 02:12:32 GMT 2002

&gt; From: tdrc@on.aibn.com
On Tuesday, September 24, 2002, Home Depot Canada sent a small army of
private security guards backed by a small army of Toronto police to
forcibly evict about 125 people from a homeless encampment on their unused
property in downtown Toronto, Canada. Home Depot needs to be held in
account for its actions. Due to the urgency and seriousness of this
matter, please respond immediately to our international call for
solidarity and action against Home Depot.
Please find below, an action pack that includes:
1. Background guide (includes info on our demands and what you can do)

(en) Canada, Vancouver, Legal fund for 'Woodward's 58'
Gordon Flett - gflett1@shaw.ca
Sat Sep 28 02:04:43 GMT 2002

In the early morning hours of Saturday, September 22, 2002, the
Vancouver Police Department Riot Squad stormed into the Woodward's squat
which homeless people and their supporters had been occupying since the
previous Saturday. 58 people were arrested and charged with violating a
Supreme Court injunction.
The squatters and their supporters have to return to court November 7,
2002 to face civil contempt charges. The two lawyers who have so far
represented us cannot possibly handle all of our cases themselves.

(pt) Reunião para discutir protestos em São Paulo
S26 - s26@ig.com.br
Sat Sep 28 00:58:11 GMT 2002

&gt; Andre Takahashi &lt;criativoesp@yahoo.com.br&gt;
O grupo Ação Local por Justiça Global convida todos os grupos e individuos
identificados com os principios da Ação Global dos Povos (AGP) em São
Paulo para um encontro, no dia 28 DE SETEMBRO, sábado, ás 14:00 horas,
para discutir propostas conjuntas de ação contra a ALCA.
Local: Ação Educativa : RUA GENERAL JARDIM, 660, Vila Buarque. Próximo ao
metrô Santa Cecília e ao Mackenzie.
PS. Quem quiser receber jornais da campanha contra a ALCA mande um pedido
através da lista para que levemos o material para a reunião. REPASSEM ESSE
CHAMADO!!!!! www.alcaralho.org

"cldvulg" - cldvulg@bol.com.br
Sat Sep 28 00:53:18 GMT 2002

A trupe de humoristas libertários "CASSETA &amp;
PLANETA", formada na década de 80, quando editava um
jornal de humor iconoclasta e anti-políticos cuja edição
foi comprometida pela prática terrorista da extrema
direita - que na época explodia as bancas de jornal que
vendessem tablóides de "esquerda" (problema que também
afetou na época o jornal anarquista "O INIMIGO DO REI"),
realizou na manhã de hoje um comício na Praça da
República, em favor de um anti-candidato a presidente por
eles lançado: o sr. Creyson(son,son,son - agora com

ITA - ita_gr@yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 27 23:02:17 GMT 2002

El pasado 9 de septiembre comenzo a juzgarse el
luchador social Avraam Lesperoglou, que fue jusgado y
declarado inocente de la acusacion de 'participar en
un groupo terorista' y tratar de matar a un agente de
policia' durante un atraco. Pero el estado detuvo de
nuevo a A. Lesperoglou con la excusa de que los
jurados no habian seguido los procedimientos
burocraticos correctos despues del primer juicio.
El hecho que los jueces jusgan y vuelvan a juzgar a

(tr) Yunanistan'dan haberler - web sayfasý (en)
anki anarki - ank_aa@yahoo.com
Fri Sep 27 21:30:01 GMT 2002

no 17, Atina-Exarchia, Eylül '02 -
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/a_deltio/en/deltio17.htm";>http://www.geocities.com/a_deltio/en/deltio17.htm</A>
- Devlet terörizminin son operasyonlarý hakkýnda (17
Kasým örgütü davasý):
"Kante kati gamo to stanio sas!" CIA þefi, G. Tenet
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/a_deltio/en/d17_ter.htm";>http://www.geocities.com/a_deltio/en/d17_ter.htm</A>
- Kýbrýs: Anarþist Giorgos Karakasian, Filistin
halkýyla dayanýþma eylemi

(en) US, FLorida_A, New anti-authoritarian organization - check it out!
"Robert Augman" - mvcot@hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 18:12:30 GMT 2002

Hey folks,
I'm sending out this email to announce the founding of an organization that
Amber and I have been involved in for the past year. We just had our
founding conference a few weeks ago and have now "gone public." We're a
continental confederation of anti-authoritarians working in each of our
local communities to build a free, non-hierarchical, communal, directly
democratic, and ecological society from the bottom up. We've got high
aspirations and look forward to working to achieve them. Please check out
our founding document at www.afadd.org or email me to chat about it. Oh
yeah, we're called the Alliance for Freedom and Direct Democracy (AFADD).

(en) US, Washington, MEDIA: Even More World Bank/IMF Protests
Dan Clore - clore@columbia-center.org
Fri Sep 27 18:08:09 GMT 2002

[Some major flak in some of these.--DC]
Small Problems Plague Protesters
Associated Press Writer
September 26, 2002, 5:34 PM EDT
WASHINGTON -- Many of the protesters swamping Washington for
the world finance meetings have little use for the material
world, but they've got a mountain of practical matters to
look after before they can raise their banners high.
Locating "anti-authoritarian" child care is one priority. So

(ca) Represión en Washington DC
La Haine - lahaine_red@yahoo.es
Fri Sep 27 13:39:18 GMT 2002

Traducción de IMC DC - 6 horas menos de diferencia
horaria. Siga el desarrollo de las movilizaciones en
La Haine.
<A HREF="http://www.lahaine.org/";>http://www.lahaine.org/</A>
Primeras horas de la mañana del 27s en Washington DC:
"Un día de desobediencia y resistencia". Acciones
autónomas en distintos puntos de la ciudad. Convocado
por Convergencia Anti-Capitalista.
7:00 - "Marcha para Ahogar la Avaricia Capitalista".

(it) Solidarietà ai compagni d Correggio
Segreteria USI-AIT - usi-ait@ecn.org
Fri Sep 27 10:55:22 GMT 2002

* Alla Sezione USI-AIT di Correggio
* Alla FAI di Correggio (Gruppo Fabbri)
* Alla Cassa di Solidarietà Libertaria Reggiana
La Segreteria dell'USI-AIT, venuta a conoscenza del tentativo di
dimezzare gli spazi che ospitano (in già insufficenti locali) la
locale sezione USI-AIT di Correggio, il gruppo FAI (L. Fabbri) e
la Cassa di Solidarietà Libertaria Reggiana, esprime tutta la
sua solidarietà ai compagni e la sua disapprovazione per
l'assurdo decretro comunale.

(it) Indetto unitariamente dai Sindacati di Base lo sciopero del 18 Ottobre
Segreteria USI-AIT - usi-ait@ecn.org
Fri Sep 27 10:55:19 GMT 2002

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E
<A HREF="http://www.ainfos.ca/";>http://www.ainfos.ca/</A>
<A HREF="http://ainfos.ca/index24.html";>http://ainfos.ca/index24.html</A>
Alle Sezioni e ai compagni dell'USI-AIT:
A tutti i lavoratori e le strutture di Base interessate:
Sabato 21.9.02 i Sindacati di Base (Cub-RdB, Cobas, SlaiCobas,
Sincobas, USI-AIT), rappresentati da loro delregati, riuniti a
Firenze hanno trovato un'unità d'azione per proclamare insieme

(it) teatro al ponte
ponte - ponte@ecn.org
Fri Sep 27 10:55:19 GMT 2002

spettacolo teatrale liberamente tratto da
di Bernard Marie Koltes
collaborazione artistica:

(it) Umanità Nova n.30 - Dibattito: L'autunno caldo dell'immigrazione
Worker - a-infos-it@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 10:06:25 GMT 2002

Da "Umanità Nova" n. 30 del 22 settembre 2002
L'autunno caldo dell'immigrazione
Quest'articolo, una sorta di bilancio dell'ultimo anno di lotta
contro la Bossi-Fini, può costituire un primo momento di
confronto per l'apertura di un dibattito sul movimento
antirazzista nel nostro paese. È un terreno sul quale oggi più
che mai è indispensabile allargare il confronto e le occasioni
di intervento. Un intervento la cui urgenza è testimoniata dalle
continue stragi sui mari, di cui quella consumatasi al largo di

(it) Umanità Nova n.30 - Cofferati e
Worker - a-infos-it@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 10:06:21 GMT 2002

Da "Umanità Nova" n. 30 del 22 settembre 2002
Cofferati e "La cognizione del dolore"
Verso lo sciopero generale
E allora sì, alla fine deve confessarlo. Ragazzi, via, "certo
che tutto questo, affetto e speranze, è gratificante". Però
calma, ci sono duemila ragioni per cui è anche rischioso, e
insomma "io spero che non mi travolga, è una responsabilità
pesante da portare".
Tanto per non dimenticarsene, sul treno da Roma Cofferati si era
portato Gadda e "La cognizione del dolore". Adesso, cena veloce

(fr) Boycott des produits israéliens
Worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 08:03:43 GMT 2002

[tract repris du site d'Alternative libertaire <A HREF="http://alternativelibertaire.org/";>http://alternativelibertaire.org/</A>]
Non à la colonisation, non à l'apartheid
Pour une Palestine libre, laïque, démocratique

Boycott des produits "made in Israël" jusqu'au retrait total de l'armée
israélienne des territoires occupés depuis 1967, et au démantèlement des
Depuis le début de la seconde Intifada, l'occupation israélienne devient
chaque jour plus insupportable pour les Palestinien(ne)s. La "communauté
internationale" si rapide à s'indigner dans d'autres cas, laisse les mains

(fr) Geneve : le mouvement libertaire genevois renait de ses cendres
Worker - a-infos-fr@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 08:03:40 GMT 2002

[Extrait du sympathique site <A HREF="http://www.republique.ch";>http://www.republique.ch</A>]
Après la disparition du groupe Direct! cette année, on pouvait penser que ça en
était fini des anarchistes à Genève. Mais voilà que s'est formé un groupe
rattaché à l'Organisation Socialiste Libertaire (OSL).
Le Pen, salaud, les jeunes auront ta peau
Après le premier tour de l'élection présidentielle française, des jeunes ont
organisé spontanément une manif qui a rassemblé 500 personnes. Ces jeunes ont
ensuite pris contact avec l'OSL. Cette dernière les a mis en relation avec des
baroudeurs libertaires comme Alexandre B. ou Jérôme C. Petit à petit un groupe
dynamique et cohérent s'est mis en place : les jeunes apportant l'énergie

(fr) Nuit des TV associatives a Brest
"eric.le-lan" - eric.le-lan@wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 27 08:03:39 GMT 2002

Samedi 2 Novembre
début dans l'après midi
Au programme:
de quoi se réveiller les mirettes avec, en autre, des sujets de Canal Ti Zef (Brest), Tv Bocal (Paris), Canal sans fixe (Tours)...
de quoi se réveiller les oreilles avec les groupes200% copains (Brest), Adonis (Paris), et un autre groupe.
et bien sur des échanges, de discuter, de boire un godet avec des représentants de plusieurs télévisions associatives.
salle du CLOUS
(rue près de la fac de science)
l’entrée est prix libre

(en) Workers solidarity, 72 Sep. 2002 - That's capitalism
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 06:53:31 GMT 2002

According to the latest UN Human development report
more than 30,000 children die every day from preventable
diseases, 113 million children are not receiving schooling,
and there are 854 million illiterate adults. Meanwhile the
richest 5% in the world have incomes 114 times greater
than the poorest.
The same UN Human Development shows the 26 counties
having the highest level of poverty and the most unequal
society in the industrialised world after the USA. This

(en) Workers solidarity, 72 Sep. 2002 - Factory worker takes on SIPTU top brass
Worker - a-infos-en@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 06:52:19 GMT 2002

A radical shopfloor worker has put himself forward in
the election for general secretary of Ireland's biggest
union, SIPTU. Des Derwin, an assembly operative at the
Mouldpro plastics factory in Dublin, is a long-time
union activist and independent socialist. His two
opponents, Noel Dowling and Joe O'Flynn, are senior
full-time employees of the union who stand for
continuing union 'partnership' with the bosses and the
The rule book gives the ordinary members so little control

Leonardo - leonardo@softservice.com.br
Fri Sep 27 05:57:16 GMT 2002

Se passaram 10 anos e não vimos nada mudar, e ninguém responder pelas mortes.
Os responsáveis pelo massacre e outros assassinos, até hoje continuam
soltos por aí se envolvendo em outros casos.
Nós não esquecemos:
E estamos chamando toda a população e todos aqueles que se preocupam com a
causa da dignidade humana, para se concentrarem em frente à penitenciária
do Carandiru para protestarmos contra a brutalidade policial, e
denunciarmos a violência e o abuso de autoridade que ocorreu no complexo
penitenciário há 10 anos atrás.
Haverá cartazes, teatro, faixas, denúncias, malabaris e toda a sua

(pt) [Brasil] Criando uma biblioteca libertária
"Moésio_Rebouças" - mr.ana@terra.com.br
Fri Sep 27 05:52:22 GMT 2002

O Coletivo Socialismo Libertário conseguiu um espaço dentro da única
Biblioteca Pública da cidade do Gama (DF), que se resume, a
princípio, a duas estantes, para a criação de uma biblioteca
?Esta iniciativa faz parte de um esforço para se montar um espaço
cultural libertário para a nossa comunidade, a fim de que pessoas
simples tenham acesso à literatura, que de outra forma não teriam
como conseguir?.
O Coletivo Socialismo Libertário nasceu em meados de 1998, e passou
por diferentes formações na sua trajetória. E depois de alguns

(pt) Manifestantes querem parar trânsito de Washington na sexta
Leonardo - leonardo@softservice.com.br
Fri Sep 27 05:52:22 GMT 2002

Washington - Manifestantes estão prometendo fechar Washington na
sexta-feira. Eles querem "parar o trânsito e transmitir uma mensagem
simbólica" contra o capitalismo e a guerra. Os protestos são uma prévia de
demonstrações ainda maiores planejadas para o fim de semana durante as
reuniões do Banco Mundial e do Fundo Monetário Internacional. O FBI divulgou
um alerta esta semana de que hackers poderão promover "protestos
cibernéticos" durante as reuniões.
"Um pequeno grupo que pretende interromper as reuniões com ataques físicos
podem usar meios cibernéticos para aumentar os efeitos dessas ações ou para

(en) Freedom 6318 21st Sep. 2002 - Eyes and snouts out for the Met
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Fri Sep 27 04:21:10 GMT 2002

This is the first major demonstration against the
forthcoming war in Iraq, and is therefore very
important for the police in a number of ways.
They know the war is already unpopular and that
there'll be a lot of new faces out for this one. In
this situation, the cops have two aims. The first is
to discourage people from attending. They will
achieve this by being very heavy-handed and
forcing people into positions they don't want to be
in. As a result, they'll be able to pick out the more

(en) Freedom 6318 21st Sep. 2002 - What anarchism means to me
FreedomCopy@aol.com</em -
Fri Sep 27 04:18:09 GMT 2002

Being new to anarchism, I can only outline what it
has come to mean to me so far. I was introduced to
anarchist ideas through participation in this year's
Mayday events.
Talking to and interacting with anarchists made me
realise that anarchism was the channel through which
I could politicise what, until then, had been a vague
rebelliousness, an unwillingness to bow to authority
and a dissatisfaction with an increasingly material and
meaningless way of life.

(en) Aotearoa-NZ, PGA pacifika callout
"anarcho sando" - anarcho_sando@hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 03:57:23 GMT 2002

&gt; from and@antimedia.net
Aotearoa People's Global Action Convergence
November 8-10, Wellington, New Zealand.
Peoples Global Action is a worldwide network that works towards a durable,
peaceful, social, borderless and directly democratic alternative to
capitalism and all systems of oppression. The Wellington Anti Capitalist
All-sorts (for want of a better word to describe the informal Wellies

(en) Australia, call to Dacktion
"anarcho sando" - anarcho_sando@hotmail.com
Fri Sep 27 03:50:40 GMT 2002

Ahem... look at the the BlackShirts: a sullen bunch of lads who do
neo-fascist, defend-The-Family street theatre -- a high-camp version of
Neighbourhood Watch -- outside the Family Court in Melbourne and the homes
of single mothers, divorcees and abominable lesbians.
This is a CALLOUT FOR THE DACKING of the BlackShirts [BS]. We want to expose
to the elements the fascist underDacks of a neo-conservative Australia,
which daily imposes re-production for the National Economy with violence,
terror and tediously loud pestering.
A public dacking of the BS. Not to join with the calls for the strengthening

(en) SchNEWS 373, Friday 27th September, 2002
Jo Makepeace - webmaster@schnews.org.uk
Fri Sep 27 03:12:23 GMT 2002

"They know we own their country. We own their airspace... We dictate the
way they live and talk. And that's what's great about America right now.
It's a good thing, especially when there's a lot of oil out there we
need." - U.S. Brig. General William Looney (Interview Washington Post
"While the unresolved conflict with Iraq provides the immediate
justification, the need for a substantial American force presence in the
Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein." - Washington

(tr) aboneler için yeni bir seçenek - http://ainfos.ca/index24.html
worker - a-infos-tr@ainfos.ca
Fri Sep 27 03:01:16 GMT 2002

A-infos, posta kutularý aþýrý yüklenenler ve sýnýrlý web ulaþýmý olanlar
için YENÝ bir seçenek sunmakta ...!!
a-infos-index24@ainfos.ca adresine abone olun
Yaklaþýk 30 kýsa konu baþlýðý içeren o güne ait 'bir' posta (saat 04:00
GMT'de) alacaksýnýz - tüm A-infos dil listelerinden önceki 24 saatte
daðýtýlan her postanýn (web arþivimizdeki tam metne dair verilen doðrudan
linkle) yalnýzca baþlýðý ve ilk birkaç satýrýný içeren..
Þu an için linkler yalnýzca 14 gün için etkin olarak kalacak, bununla
birlikte bu süre sonrasýnda da postalar sürekli arþivimizden ziyaret
edilerek (ya da google.com taramasý [search] yapýlarak) ulaþýlabilir olacak.