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(en) Brazil, Lota FOB: No to PLP 12/2024! Organize the base with autonomy and achieve real gains for application workers (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 16 Apr 2024 08:25:24 +0300

At the beginning of March, the Lula government sent a Complementary Bill (PLP) to Congress that regulates the work of app drivers who transport people with 4-wheel vehicles. PLP 12/2024 is a farce, as it is being presented as an achievement for workers without being so. It is a setback for the category and also a cruel laboratory in which governments and employers are experimenting with new ways to further exploit the entire working class. To overcome this, there is no point in exchanging politician A for politician B, but building a process of organizing the category at the base. Direct action by workers can defeat any attack on their rights and achieve real gains.

Why is PLP 12/2024 bad?
The PLP places app drivers in a new category: platformed autonomous. This is an aberration that places more duties on the worker, does not guarantee relevant rights and also protects platforms from labor lawsuits.

The minimum wage is the first to die in this story. Under the project, the worker will be able to work up to 12 hours per application and will receive 32 reais per hour. But be careful, they will only count the hours you are running. The waiting time during which the worker is available will not be counted. Imagine if the supermarket paid the cashiers only for the hours they were serving the customer, imagine if the gas station attendants were only paid for the time they were filling up the cars. It would be absurd. However, that is what is stated.

Of the 32 reais, only 8 will be allocated to the worker's direct remuneration, while the rest will be allocated to vehicle maintenance and fuel costs. Contradictorily, what was supposed to be the salary floor will be the salary ceiling per account that will allow platforms to keep the value of races as close as possible to these numbers through their algorithm.

Even the calculation for this remuneration should be linked to fuel prices, but this is not what we have. The main input for drivers can rise so much that there will be no correspondence with their remuneration. In other words, if the cost rises suddenly, as is common with changes in fuel prices, the worker may have to pay to work.

If many workers questioned the CLT, the business was much more precarious here. It's the worst of both worlds. Neither CLT nor informal: work until you feel sick.

Marked cards, it couldn't be any different.
A corn seed makes a corn stalk. A seat of beans will make a beanstalk. A Tripartite Working Group of bosses (UBER/99), government (Lula) and sold trade unions will not do anything good for the worker. In other words, this PLP was created and designed to defend the interests of those who exploit and not those who work. Those who were there lying that they represented the interests of workers are nothing more than trade unions that represent the interests of governments and employers! Let's name it: Central dos Sindicatos Brasileiros (CSB), Central dos Trabalhadores do Brasil (CTB), Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT), Força Sindical (FS), Nova Central Sindical de Trabalhadores (NCST) and the General Union of Workers (UGT).

Not surprisingly, the bill regulates the category's official union representation. Something that without a doubt between these centrals is being fought tooth and nail behind the union charter to guarantee their bureaucratic structure.

Now, we can't throw out the bath water with the boy in it. The union is nothing more or less than organized workers fighting for their rights. We often have it by other names: Associations, Union, League, Organization. The problem is that since 1931, the Brazilian people have suffered from a model of unionism controlled by the State, where it is the Ministry of Labor that recognizes which union will represent which category on which territorial basis. This is called union unity, something that only exists in a few countries in the world. That's why unions are increasingly bureaucratized and trapped in their ivory tower.

Therefore, we agree with the workers' revolt against these official unions, generally affiliated with the National Federation of Application Drivers' Unions (FENASMAPP). However, we affirm without a doubt that another unionism is possible and that whether it is under the name of an association, union or union, we must organize ourselves in our workplace with autonomy and in alliance with the entire working class.

Overcoming the project from both political sides
In response to the terrible PLP 12/2024, parliamentarians such as: Daniel Agrobom - PL/GO, Silvia Waiãpi - PL/AP, Dayany Bittencourt - UNIÃO/CE, Captain Alden - PL/BA, Delegado Caveira - PL/PA, Felipe Saliba - PRD/MG, proposed PL 536/2024.

Proposing a better PLP than that of the Lula government should not be a criterion, as this is very easy. This is just the classic opposition dynamic of politicians in their game of musical chairs.

Instead of proposing regulations per hour worked, this PLP proposes per km driven and active minutes after acceptance of the ride, but without a minimum fare for rides. The problem of the time that workers are available waiting for a race continues. Furthermore, the minimum remuneration of 1.80 per km driven and 0.40 per minute running is not enough to guarantee dignity for the category.

This political side suffers from the same problem as the other side: its interests come first than the interests of workers. Don't doubt that this is like a Beetle engine, which only has a starter. After all, it is not in the path of these parliamentarians to be alongside workers in their confrontations, strikes, blockades and stoppages. Their participation is always selective and strategic to guarantee their power projects. So much so that the Union party, which signed this project, received positions from the Lula government. And the PL always puts on an opposition show, but when it enters the government it reproduces the same practices as the colonels.

Stop PLP 12/2024 and build another regulation from the ground up!
It is the duty of the working class to participate in the national mobilization on April 2nd for the end of PLP 12/2024. However, we cannot give a platform to opportunist politicians, such as the PL, UNIÃO and PRD groups, who have never been on the side of the workers and want more than anything to project themselves.

It is important that these mobilizations produce another way for the category to organize itself autonomously and move towards a major general strike of transport workers. It is only when it reaches into their pockets that the employer class and the government will give up the rights of the people they are stealing from.

Therefore, we claim:

Real earnings for application workers.
Hold companies responsible for costs that are solely on the shoulders of drivers.
Security for workers against the arbitrary control of platforms that disconnect them without even the right to defend themselves.
Guarantee of a decent working day that does not harm your health, social life or put your life at risk.
Quality pension security.
End of union unity through the free association of workers without State supervision.
Unite all workers in the transport sector in a federation of autonomous unions!
To combat opportunists on the left and right, we call on app drivers to organize at the FOB to build autonomous unions in the transport sector throughout Brazil. Without depending on party politicians or businesspeople. Without depending on even 1 cent of union tax or union charter from the government.

These unions must organize themselves in the localities, at the base, building a process from the bottom up. Until we reach the point of building an Autonomous Federation of Transport Workers in Brazil. Involving not only app drivers, but all workers who transport people and goods in this country, whether by motorcycle, car or truck.

Without making cabinet agreements, this movement will force negotiations through direct action by the category, bringing much more tangible results than these ghost federations.

Access and fill out the form at strugglefob.org/organize-se! We have a big job to do.

BAR THE PLP 12/2024!



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