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(en) Italy, UCDI #183 - The tiredness of hope (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 16 Apr 2024 08:24:59 +0300

Everything is going well and it couldn't be going better: the centre-right government is celebrating the spread at historic lows, employment growing, unemployment decreasing, but, who knows why the real country is worse off, healthcare is a disaster, people are giving up to be treated, wages are low, rates for the purchase of properties are skyrocketing. Yet this is the government of full, poor employment, where according to the statistical institute, working one hour a week, for an "indefinite" period, does not constitute a condemnation to the deepest poverty but means being employed, where a monthly salary that does not exceeds 500 or 600 euros is the ordinary administration for many and many workers.
The government has signed a stability plan that provides for immense sacrifices for the next few years, there are practically no resources at all and the government is launching a tax reform that will make the responsibility of supporting that little burden even more on employees and pensioners of public spending which remains to be allocated to pharaonic projects such as the Messina bridge, destined to fatten a specific number of companies, while on both sides of the strait rail and road transport languishes and it takes hours and hours to connect one location to another, facing the strait that will be crossed in a matter of minutes, of course always assuming that the bridge can be built.
The only certain thing is that most of the resources will be absorbed by rearmament because Italy, like other European countries, is preparing for war, strengthening war production, allocating ever greater resources to rearmament, equipping itself with an army of reservists to complement the professional one. The prospect is to help demographic decline with an abundant number of deaths in war, injuries, destruction so that capitalist accumulation can be relaunched with the classic method of destruction through war and subsequent reconstruction. It so happens, however, that the calculation is a bit wrong due to the variable constituted by the possible degeneration of the war into a nuclear clash which, with its immense destruction, would leave no room for any reconstruction, but we know selfish capital and from the look I take and lives on immediate profits and not on long-term future prospects: it is enough to earn enough and accumulate for the space of a lifetime and then if humanity dies, it's the business of those who remain.
This is why the political class of the country, like that of Europe, has got lost in the Ukrainian plains, allowing itself to be bewitched by crazy nationalists and the oligarchs of Ukraine, allies of the multinationals, who have nothing to send to the Russian oligarchs who fight, convincing themselves to let an illiberal country enter Europe
and dictatorial like Ukraine, completely mirroring the political regime of the one it is fighting, namely the Russian one, with the sole result of transforming two peoples, the Ukrainian one and the Russian one, into sacrificial victims and condemning the European peoples to degradation, poverty, to economic recession, to a future war that will be destructive and overwhelming.
It's time to stop letting ourselves be fooled by the parable of the aggressor country and the attacked country: when two criminals fight each other the problem is not solved by asking who started arguing and hitting first, but by simply forcing them to stop!
The government of the country that is preparing to manage the G7 with great fanfare is moving towards these goals undaunted, dragging the unaware population further and further towards ruin. Accomplices, the parties of the reformist left, prisoners of the warmongering trap, do not understand that to regain the trust of their voters they must recover their characteristic genetic traits which are those of the search for peace, the rejection of war, the search for social justice, equality, equal rights and allow themselves to be duped by a narrative that confuses the interests of economic and oligarchic groups with the ideals of equality and democratic participation, passing them off as the defense of democracy, in the useless defense of a liberal democracy reduced to the ghost of herself.

Today we can only do one thing against this drift: explain when it happens in a clear and rational way, ensuring that those who have good will and are in good faith understand and react. It is only the collective awareness of the state of things that can allow populations to resist and avoid disaster and the class struggle to restart thanks to a careful analysis of the new relationships between classes, of the impact of technological development on productive and social relations, of the effects of the global dimension of the exploitation of man on man.

The Editorial Team

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