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(en) Brazil, FOB: 60 years of a Dictatorship that has not ended (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sun, 14 Apr 2024 11:12:31 +0300

Six decades have passed since the coup that established the military corporate dictatorship in Brazil in 1964. Its beginning can be marked between March 31st and April 1st, but its end in 1985 does not imply that we live in a democracy for the people . The military did not leave power, on the contrary, they became even more entrenched within this regime where democracy only exists for a powerful minority, while the exploited majority still experiences torture and killing in their daily lives. ---- Lula and the Military: Accomplices in the same misfortune ---- President Lula with military commanders Marcos Olsen, Tomás Paiva, Marcelo Damasceno, as well as the Minister of Defense, José Múcio. Photo: Ricardo Stuckert.
At the beginning of March this year, President Lula ordered the cancellation of an entire program of the Ministry of Human Rights in memory of the 60th anniversary of the military coup and said that he is not interested in dwelling on the past, that the important thing is to move Brazil forward. . This omission by Lula echoes the stance of his minister André Singer, who in 2004 made the same statement during the Lula 1st government.

Therefore, a statement like this should not surprise us. It is consistent with the policy that Lula has pursued since the beginning of his journey. In fact, his 3rd term goes hand in hand with the military. The choice of José Múcio to be his Minister of Defense was praised by Hamilton Mourão (REPUBLICANS), who celebrates the 1964 coup as a salvation for the nation and also denies the reports of those tortured. Bolsonaro (PL), of whom Mourão was vice-president during the presidential term, has already declared his passion for the minister appointed by Lula.

It is through José Múcio that many of Lula's complicities with the military are established. Be it the renaming and promotion of military personnel, allocation of 5.6 billion to the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces in the 2024 budget, or maintaining them as interveners in the State's actions towards the Yanomami people, which continued with an increase in deaths in 2023. Not least, Despite its actions, the Lula Government continues to have commercial and military relations with the Israeli government, providing million-dollar contracts for the sale of Brazilian Air Force Drones for the genocide of the Palestinian people.

It is also undeniable that the military today promotes the militarization of the entire society. We have this with the military police's repression of poor communities and favelas, driven by the approval of the PM's Organic Law in the Lula 3 government. Civic-military schools are used as a magic formula to guarantee order within this system of death. Although discontinued by federal power, many state governments maintain proposals for the development of these schools, such as the government of the State of Santa Catarina.

In this sense, it is necessary to repudiate any political coup by the military, but we must also have no commitment to this democracy that bathes the people in blood and delivers gold to the powerful in this country and to the imperialists.

To those who fell with rifles, we owe a lifetime of fighting!

National Liberation Action (ALN) poster.
Marginalized by the right and erased by the left, the group of workers who joined the armed struggle against the military dictatorship should not be treated as two sides of the same coin with the military torturers. In fact, even with possible questions about their strategy, these guerrillas were on the side of the workers, defending the overcoming of this capitalist system of exploitation.

In this sense, it is the role of today's fighters to defend the memory of those who fell in the armed struggle against the Brazilian military dictatorship. The illusion of seeing this without connection to the present, led the left to understand that the fight for liberation takes place at the polls of this cachectic democracy, something that makes the people just run in circles. The present time, however, does not call for the development of a guerrilla focus, but rather the development of a revolutionary syndicalist federation that can mobilize the people in their places of study, work and housing and organize their self-defense to create a new world in the shell of the old outside the State.

Massacre of students, workers and peasants
The idea that the military dictatorship only persecuted and tortured militants who fought for the armed resistance is equally erroneous. Peasants, for example, were the first to be repressed by the military coup. The peasant leagues had a very strong insertion in rural areas and were advancing in the self-defense of the class, but they were surrounded by the military right from the beginning, without general support from the city, the main leaders were tortured and murdered.

According to Gilney Viana, researcher at UNB, former member of Ação Libertadora Nacional (ALN), 1,654 deaths and disappearances of peasants can be counted during the Brazilian military dictatorship until 1988. The political persecution of peasants, together with the military's alliance with the field colonels, provoked a series of violence that we will never have the full extent of due to the erasures.

Krenak indigenous people in a concentration camp, in Minas Gerais, established by the military during the dictatorship. National Archives.
There were more than 8,350 deaths of indigenous people caused by the Brazilian military dictatorship, according to the final text of the National Truth Commission (Vol. 2). People like the Krenak had immense lands stolen by the military because of their developmental project, in addition to the creation of prisons called reformatories where the indigenous people went through hell on earth.

The workers, having their class organizations criminalized, suffered absurdly in the workplace from the tyranny of bosses and military governments. In the construction of the Itaipu Plant alone, from 1978 to 1984, there were more than 100 deaths from work accidents and more than 40 thousand accidents on construction sites in total.

Students burning the flag of the United States on Bloody Friday, Rio de Janeiro, June 21, 1968. Photography by Evandro Teixeira, Colorized by artificial intelligence.
Students, like Ísis Dias, were a great force in armed resistance during the dictatorship. Mobilizing own fronts in the study locations to confront the military. His boldness avenged deaths such as that of Edson Luiz, a high school student murdered on March 28, 1968 in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, RECC (Rede Estudantil Classista e Combativa), federated to FOB, keeps the memory of Edson Luiz's martyrdom alive every year, making this date the day of classist and combative students.

Turning the memory of the military dictatorship into gasoline for the struggles of the present
The past does not serve us to dwell on, but rather to connect us with those who fell on the paths of struggle. It is the people's duty to take care of their memory, as governments and employers will do everything to erase and distort the marks of resistance. That in these 60 years of the military business coup we can deepen our commitment to overcoming this system that exploits and oppresses. In strengthening the organization of the people, their self-defense and their sovereignty against those who want to sell fantasized illusions of freedom.


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