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(en) Brazil, OSL: Marielle Franco: murdered by the power game of the State and capitalism (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 13 Apr 2024 10:06:07 +0300

About 6 years ago, councilor Marielle Franco, a black and popular leader based in the Maré favela complex, was brutally murdered in Rio de Janeiro. This week, three suspects were presented by the police as the masterminds and organizers of the murder. In addition to Chiquinho and his brother, Domingos Brazão (both from União Brasil), the former head of the civil police, who coordinated the case, Rivaldo Barbosa, was also arrested. ---- It is necessary to remember the political context of Marielle's murder. Marielle was murdered in 2018, after a legal-parliamentary coup that overthrew Dilma's government and placed her deputy, Michel Temer, in power. Temer approached the already active uniformed party as a way of supporting his fragile coup and neoliberal government. It was Temer who appointed members of the Armed Forces to the Ministry of Defense and Public Security and decreed a Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) operation in February 2018, which determined a military mission throughout the national territory.

This mission was coordinated by General Sergio Etchegoyen, minister of the Institutional Security Cabinet (GSI) - (recently "recreated" by Temer) -, an excrescence that is a legacy of the dictatorship and aims to monitor popular movements and qualify the apparatus of state repression . This coup, reactionary and neoliberal government placed the state of Rio de Janeiro under federal intervention, the first since the end of the military dictatorship in Brazil. The military intervention in Rio de Janeiro was carried out by General Braga Netto, future minister in the Bolsonaro government.

Marielle, who was one of the public figures most critical of federal intervention, was murdered on March 14, 2018, just 15 days into federal intervention. An intervention that was organized by the most reactionary military sector, which would articulate the candidacy of Bolsonaro, elected president in October 2018. It was this sector that appointed Rivaldo Barbosa as head of the Civil Police.

Solving crime is political, not just "criminal"

Since 2015, there has been an offensive by the ruling class - which began under the Dilma/Temer Government - in an attempt to consolidate a reactionary political bloc, which would advance neoliberal counter-reforms and prevent any minimally progressive or reformist policies. This advance imposed on Rio de Janeiro, in 2017, a neoliberal adjustment called "Fiscal Recovery Regime", which imposed harsh cuts in social services, while at the same time, encouraging the increase in the apparatus of state repression.

This reactionary and neoliberal bloc counts not only on extreme right-wing political organizations, but on the uniformed party, agribusiness, neo-Pentecostal leaders and the most reactionary sector of the industrial bourgeoisie. The broad relationships and affinities already proven between the Bolsonaro family (electoral representatives of this bloc) and the militia demonstrate that they are part of the same political group and integrate the same circle of relationships.

The militia apparatus, strongly embedded within state institutions, is part of this broader neoliberal and reactionary offensive that authorizes the assassination of left-wing leaders. It also organizes political assassinations and pistol-whipping, such as that of the political leader Nega Pataxó, murdered on January 21st of this year in the context of the 'Zero Invasion' - an action organized by large Bahian farmers. And the MST activist, José Roberto da Rocha, who was found on March 24th, inside his charred car, in the Orlando Bernadino settlement, in the municipality of Alhandra (state of Paraíba).

The Bolsonaro government armed these sectors, with the multiplication of shooting clubs, weapons diverted to paramilitaries and the formation of small agribusiness "militias". The militias also began to advance within urban territories and gain more strength institutionally.

In Marielle's murder, we have, at least, four institutions involved directly or indirectly in her murder: the civil police (Nivaldo Barbosa), the military police (Ronnie Lessa), the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Brazão brothers) and the Armed Forces (Braga Netto), which coordinated the intervention in Rio de Janeiro and militarily supported the neoliberal adjustment.

Such a network demonstrates that the militias are not a parallel State, but are part of the State itself and its institutions. Because, they act politically through relationships and symbiosis with the uniformed party (which includes the armed forces and police forces) and all the forces mentioned above to advance their political and economic interests in the country (mainly land grabbing and territorial domination). .

These relationships also create electoral corrals controlled by militiamen who are "taken advantage of" by various political forces. The election of Domingos Brazão as advisor to the Court of Auditors was approved with 66 votes, 61 of which were in favor, including votes from PT, PMDB, PR (current PL) and PP. Chiquinho Brazão was Eduardo Paes' secretary, occupying the Community Action Secretariat. The Brazão family continued to have influence in state governments in Rio de Janeiro, including the Cláudio Castro government, a staunch ally of Bolsonaro.

Marielle's brutal murder is part of this offensive by the ruling class, which began more clearly in 2015 and this offensive cannot be stopped by the institutional system (corrupt to the core or complicit in these actions) or by the elections. Either the left awakens from the republican illusion, which believes that these forces will disappear in the next elections, or we will pay a very high price, in terms of more popular representatives and leaders being murdered by this reactionary political bloc.

Only in a long-term construction of mass social movements, territorially articulated, in the countryside and in the city, based on an organizational process that uses varied forms and levels of struggle, can we defeat this reactionary political bloc and its murderous tentacles. .

There are still many unanswered questions in the Marielle case, it is the duty of social movements and the popular struggle to continue pushing so that these political relations within the reactionary bloc become more evident.

Marielle lives!

Libertarian Socialist Organization (OSL), March 27, 2024

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