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(en) Russia, AIT: Protests against mobilization in Ukraine (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 13 Apr 2024 10:06:21 +0300

An increasing number of people do not want to fight for the interests of the ruling classes. The actions of Ukrainian military commissars, who grab people right on the streets in order to send them to the front, cause growing hatred in society. Someone simply avoids mobilization, often with the help of others; others turn to open protests. ---- The exact number of draft dodgers throughout the country is unknown. In the Ivano-Frankivsk region alone, according to the authorities, about 40 thousand people are wanted as those who failed to appear at the TCC (military registration and enlistment offices) on a draft summons ( https://www.ukr.net/ru/news/details/criminal/103574462. html ). The authorities are reacting increasingly nervously to the refusal to go to the front. In 2023, 60 sentences with real terms were handed down across the country for this ( https://opendatabot.ua/analytics/avoiding-army-2023 )

Clashes between residents and military registration and enlistment office employees occur constantly. Some scenes are captured on video, which then circulates on social media. Thus, in Odessa, local public pages in February published a video of one of these conflicts: first, a woman tried to hit a military commissar with her backpack, but he dodged; then the man, trying to hide from the "mobilizer," grabbed a stone; The warrior blasted the rebel in the face with a gas canister, and then began beating him ( https://t.me/stranaua/145057 ).

At the beginning of March, a video from Zaporozhye was distributed, which shows how residents are fighting back against military commissars ( https://www.youtube.com/live/q3RROLq9XJ0?si=fZBXQUsxzgEJEGbu ). In the week leading up to the video's appearance, there were reportedly many clashes with police and TCC employees.

Residents of Ukraine say that people organize themselves and, in the event of an attack by military commissars, quickly call up, gather and fight back.

In some places the confrontation becomes more violent.

In Mukachevo on February 20, unknown persons beat up a military man (https://unn.ua/news/u-mukachevi-mistsevi-pobyly-viiskovoho-z-ttsk-politsiia-vidkryla-kryminalne-provadzhennia).

In the village of Ploska, Chernivtsi region, on March 7, two men, 43 and 28 years old, attacked military registration and enlistment office employees near the Gorlecha checkpoint. First, one of the attackers, sitting on a horse and holding an ax in his hand, came into conflict with the military. Then a car rushed towards the military commissars at high speed, trying to knock them down. The car turned around and another man with an ax jumped out. Both attacked the military commissars and began hitting them on the shoulder and forearm with the butt of the ax. The window of the military car was also broken. After getting into the car, the attackers drove away, but were later captured ( https://unn.ua/news/na-bukovyni-choloviky-z-sokyramy-napaly-na-pratsivnykiv-ttsk-politsiia-zatrymala-pidozriuvanykh).

In Novovolynsk (Volyn region), on March 21, a conscript attacked TCC employees with a knife, who came to ask why he did not come to the military registration and enlistment office on the summons. One of the military commissars was wounded in the stomach (https://24tv.ua/ru/volyni-muzhchina-napal-voennyh-nozhom-tck-rasskazali-podrobnosti_n2522728 ).

In Svetlovodsk (Kirovograd region), on March 24, around midnight, an unknown person threw two Molotov cocktails into the building of the Alexandria district military registration and enlistment office. The fire was quickly extinguished. If arrested, the protester faces up to 10 years in prison ( https://strana.news/news/461004-neizvestnyj-brosil-dva-koktejlja-molotova-v-ttsk-v-kirovohradskoj-oblasti.html).

In some places open protests break out. On March 1, in Buchach (Ternopil region), people came to the city council and demanded a meeting with the mayor and the military commissar. They were outraged by the death of a 49-year-old mobilized in the TCC. Most of those who gathered were residents of a village from the Chertkovsky district, where the deceased was from, but people from neighboring communities also joined ( https://t.me/te20hvylyn/21159 ). According to the official version, the man died from an epileptic attack. The protesters demanded an explanation of what happened. The sister of the deceased stated that her brother was taken to the TCC on February 25: "He called and said that he was taken to the military registration and enlistment office. That knows nothing, waits. I told him several times: whoever comes to you, tell him that you have epilepsy, you were in the hospital... My brother said that no one came to him or asked anything," the woman said. On February 27, the man's mother at the TCC was informed by phone that he was in intensive care. Relatives went to the hospital and found out that the man was in a coma. On February 29 he died. The sister of the deceased says that he was hospitalized twice due to epilepsy, which is supported by documents ( https://t.me/MediaKiller2021/11716 ).

In Transcarpathia, on March 25, people blocked roads in the Mukachevo region, protesting against mass mobilization in the region. Protesters go to pedestrian crossings so that there is no reason to punish them for violating traffic rules. However, the police tried to disperse the crowd. Reportedly, the announcement of the event was distributed on social networks: those who could not be mobilized were called upon to come to the protest: women, people over 60 years of age and citizens with many children. True, the initiators of the action have not yet decided to openly oppose mobilization as such: they only demand that subpoenas be served "only by a civilized and legal method" ( https://t.me/MediaKiller2021/12021 ). However, as fellow anarchists from Ukraine explained, "legally, we cannot have mobilization at all, because martial law cannot be extended so many times."

The commander of the Ukrainian ground forces, Pavlyuk, complained that persecution of TCC employees had begun in Ukraine. They are treated as enemies and called "ludolov". "We have reached the point of bullying the military from the TCC and moral support for evading the defense of Ukraine," he wrote in a post ( https://www.facebook.com/AFULFComm/posts/pfbid02f39phUbF8kexKNGAq7apxBEzrMxp5NCnffX6zPMfAL32sn8fNTLkpcreDb8CCPKgl?locale=uk_UA)


In Russia, a group of deputies and members of the Federation Council has prepared another bill that toughens penalties for evading mobilization. According to it, those who officially received a summons but did not appear at the recruiting station may be sentenced to a fine of up to 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to 5 years (https://www.forbes.ru/society/480546-v-gosdume-utocnili-ideu-ob-ugolovnoj-otvetstvennosti-za-uklonenie-ot-mobilizacii).

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