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(en) Italy, Ponte de La Chisolfe / FAI: 6 April 2024 MOBILIZATION for the closure of all CPRs (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 12 Apr 2024 10:27:16 +0300

The legalized torture of state concentration camps is now an undeniable certainty documented by hundreds of photos, videos, dossiers and testimonies, which have also reached the courtrooms, revealing the shame that has been kept hidden until now. ---- The truth of over 25 years of abuse, violence and oppression behind the bars of places of administrative detention to the detriment of people who, in hidden cages in our cities, are deprived of personal freedom not for a crime, but for a administrative offense that they cannot help but commit: that of not possessing a residence permit which the law does not actually allow them to have.

This hateful example of institutional racism (there is no administrative detention for an Italian citizen) is the tail end of the same monster who rests his head and bloody hands on the borders of Fortress Europe, at the entrance to which our country carries out his infamous task as a trusty watchdog.

Among its bitterest fruits:

* the memorandum signed by Minniti which, extended, still finances the Libyan concentration camps and the coast guard which brings those who have escaped back to hell;

* the Italy-Tunisia treaty signed by Lamorgese and renewed by Meloni, which behind the cover of commercial exchanges favors the deportation of thousands of Tunisian citizens who have fled their country, in the hands of a xenophobic and starving dictator;

* the progressive spread of administrative detention even at the borders, which no longer imprisons and criminalizes not only those labeled as "economic migrants" but also the asylum seekers themselves protected by the Constitution.

All this while the violence at the gates of the EU is preparing to be even more subtle and sophisticated through the use of preventive filing and biometric scanners to steal the identity and freedom of movement from anyone over the age of six.

Then, the fate of those who dare to cross the threshold, surviving the crossings and the Balkan "games", however, is the same as always: the blackmail of clandestinity and total invisibility, under the constant threat of deportation, which adds violence to violence, physical and psychological.

In the middle, the threat of administrative detention, which institutionalizes that systematic violation of fundamental rights which opens up dangerous chasms in our cities. Gray areas in which the law is suspended and everything is permitted, creating a setback of rights which constitutes a serious precedent not only for those who care about solidarity with migrant people, but for everyone.

It is in fact the testing ground for the advance of the arbitrariness of the State, which wields the club of the combination "security - immigration" to the sound of liberticidal decrees poised on the fiction of a perennial emergency and on the prospect of a constant danger for our "values". This, in order to legitimize the use of violence and generalized repression, from truncheons in the squares, to small and large daily abuses.

And a scandalous example of this repressive advance that skilfully surfs on the emotional wave was the obscene and paradoxical spectacle of tough-faced ministers who, at the foot of a still warm wreck on a Calabrian coast, usurped the name of yet another massacre of state, of sea, precisely to make the Minnitian prospects of 2017 a concrete reality. With, among other things, doubling the number of CPRs and extending the maximum detention times six times. To then arrive at the aberration of the project to relocate this system to Albanian territory, like any call center, in order to continue even more undisturbed and unpunished in the action of humiliating the human dignity of those who are guilty of not having that piece of paper that you don't want to give him.

Well, now that the repressive tools - refined over the years also by a certain left, in the right's devastating game of catch-up in the name of security, decorum and legality - are in the hands of one of the most fascist governments of our Republic, endangering everyone, there is no longer even time to search for and address the faults, which remain transversal and very evident.

Instead, it is time to demand and obtain with a broad front a reversal of direction, the end of legalized violence, which sees the tip of the iceberg and the most striking and symbolic example in the detention centers for repatriation.

Furthermore, the facts now speak clearer than ever: there is no "Milan case", there is no "Ousmane Sylla case"; it is administrative detention itself that is desired and conceived as a place of psychophysical torture and death, as a perennial warning for future entries, and as a muscle test in favor of the camera in election times.

And if to the fairy tale of the CPR model advocated by some "democrats" - one in which rights are monitored and respected - we have never believed, we will not believe it now that the most recent events of the CPR in Milan demonstrate its unfeasibility: placed under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor's Office, it remains the same concentration camp as ever, featuring the same atrocities that have been repeated for decades in all the CPRs, in all cities and regardless of the operator: they are precisely conceived that way.

We cannot therefore stand by and watch the multiplication of these places of repression and slow psychophysical torture, nor their forced removal from the view of civil society: everyone's rights are at stake.

* It is the duty and interest of each and every one to mobilize so that they are closed, starting with the CPR in Milan, which was already closed about ten years ago: it is not just us and the approximately 1850 people who remained entangled among the its bars, but a mountain of unequivocal evidence, even on the tables of various prosecutors, in front of which it is no longer possible to pretend not to know.




* Appointment in Milan,
Saturday 6 April 2024 at 3pm
in Piazza Tricolore

* For collective membership: noaicpr@gmail.com

* To finance the mobilization: shorturl.at/fhMY8

Here is the membership list being updated

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
National procession No CPR 6 April 2024 Milan
Without states or borders no one is clandestine

The Repatriation Permanence Centers (CPR) are a form of administrative detention in which the State incarcerates, in Italy or Albania - for a period of up to 18 months - those who do not have the required documents - even without having committed any crime - in waiting to deport them to their countries of origin. Real prisons were created starting in 1997 (then they were called C.P.T. Temporary Permanence Centres) by the then centre-left ministers Turco and Napolitano. Since then we have been told that these centers are fundamental for defending Italy from the migratory invasion of the so-called third world. In reality the CPRs are a fundamental part of the perverse mechanism of division and control of the oppressed classes, to select, with the threat of expulsion and imprisonment, an enormous mass of people who are forced to emigrate to escape wars, social and environmental devastation, caused from the neo-colonialism of European, North American, Russia and China states and their multinationals, which in fact continue to rob the resources (environmental and human) of the continents from which they come.

This multitude is forced to sell their work at low cost and under the constant blackmail of legislation which leads to the loss of the residence permit and finally to the CPR, if one remains unemployed*.

Tens of thousands of human lives drowned in the Mediterranean sea, cynically left to die without any help, as in Cutro, matter little. Respect for life and human dignity is even less important in CPRs where suicides, mistreatment and violence have occurred several times among those locked up there. The social landfill of the CPR, together with that of the prison, must function to keep the mechanism of exploitation and domination well oiled. A mechanism that is increasingly fueled by the arms trade in favor of genocides such as the one underway by the colonialist state of Israel against the Palestinian people or wars such as those in Eastern Europe, in Congo, in Sudan and elsewhere.

Over the years, the struggles and revolts in the CPR have been constant and have often led to the disuse and sometimes to the demolition of the concentration camps by those imprisoned there*.

In addition to supporting these struggles and promptly denouncing violations of human freedoms and dignity, it is necessary to defeat government policy and overturn the media narrative on migration which for decades has aimed to fuel the war between the poor. It is only by building the unity and protagonism of all the exploited men and women from below, regardless of their origins and genders, that we can change the state of things for a world of equals without exploitation and without borders.

The divisions serve the profit of the bosses and the survival of capitalism

Borders serve states, for their wars of capture and conquest, for the division of the international proletariat!

National procession Saturday 6 April 2024, 3.00 pm

departing from Piazza Tricolore, Milan


Libertarian University - Anarchist Federation

Milan, Viale Monza 255

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