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(en) France, SOCIALISME LIBERTAIRE: ISRAEL, PALESTINE, LET'S END IT! (ca, de, fr, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 28 Nov 2023 09:28:37 +0200

"The international media and politicians from various political camps all have diverse and varied positions regarding the current war between the State of Israel and the Gaza Strip (proto-state or state, in practice, it is little of difference). ---- Let's be clear! If these are conflicts between states, then that is not our problem. If states could all self-destruct, that would be a very good thing. Except that that's never what it's about: wars between states are above all a project with and against populations. It is also the war of the capitalists with and against the workers. They are using us against us. Our ignorance is their strength.
The populations and workers of Gaza and Israel are subject, as elsewhere, to capitalist exploitation and the domination of these states.

We want to annihilate capital and States, and not perpetuate them with capitalist or statist solutions. The solution to these problems is social.

It is obvious that neither of the two protagonists is a social movement, nor an emancipatory movement. So we do not support Israel or Gaza. We support working people, wherever they are, against states and capital. Obviously, states or proto-states will surround themselves with various identity themes in order to create "unity" behind them. Nationalism or theism are the identity tools of the two belligerents in order to justify their actions.

Both claim to be legitimate regarding the territories defended. Both believe themselves to be the chosen ones of "God". It is obvious to us that those who live in a territory have every legitimacy to live there without being forced by others. It is also obvious that as long as capitalism and statism exist within these territories, no life can be lived in peace. It is therefore obvious that the two belligerents do not want peace for their populations. They in fact clearly want to participate in the warlike competition between capital and States to defend "their" territory to the detriment of the populations.

As for their "God"... murders, massacres and repression against humans... their "God" allows everything to be justified... but as Bakunin said: "If there is God, man is a slave; but man can and must be free, therefore God does not exist. I challenge anyone to break out of this circle; and now let's choose. "

The practices of the State of Israel and the (proto-) State of Gaza do not respect the populations under their yoke. Only their authority counts. Just look at the current government of Israel which imposes a dictatorial policy, represses/ignores opposition movements within civil society and in the occupied territories of the West Bank or the Gaza Strip. We can see the imposition by Hamas of political rules within Gaza and the repression against the population, including murders against opponents. It is of course understood that the Israeli State is generally the authority which made it possible to create this lamentable situation (nakba, etc.), this with the help of blind Palestinians who do not want to hear anything.

But, let's talk concrete. The Palestinian Authority obtains billions of funding from local companies, Iran, Europe, Qatar and the USA. The Israeli authority obtains billions of funding from local companies and elsewhere. Capitalism works well in the occupied or Israeli territories. The workers are well exploited, the bosses have extorted well. There is a Palestinian and Israeli stock exchange, large companies are well listed. The money that states collect through taxes is used variously to manage the territories over which they have authority. They have their armies, their militias, their police to maintain "order" within their territories.

But what do the two authorities do with this type of tool? Unsurprisingly, in fact, they threaten, they repress, they kill, inside or outside the so-called legitimate "territory". Colonialism and expansionism is a State practice of contempt for annexed populations. As with the rest, this is not restricted to these two belligerent states. This has been unacceptable for a long time and in many places.

We are all colonized by capitalism and statism, we are on planet earth and some want their capitalism and statism. We want the abolition of capitalist and statist colonization!

Those who refuse these annexations are considered "terrorists" by the expansionists/settlers. And as "resisters" by those who are subject to annexation. In fact, there is a bit of everything in those who refuse these annexations, and we know that overall they are supporters of a state. And who says "State", says "terrorism". Anarchists defend social revolution and not political revolution. They defend social resistance and not political (and therefore State) resistance.

Those who "resist" in Gaza are generally religious politicians who use the "resistance" for political ends. In Israel, the politicians in power are considered "terrorists" by part of the Palestinian population and elsewhere. While others consider them to be "resisters" to the oppression of "Palestinian" nationalists. Behind this dialectic there is a truth. The politicians/military on both sides are contextually "terrorists", because they carry state practices.

The only resistance with value is the Palestinian and Israeli populations who have met regularly for years to denounce this sectarianism. We will notably name "the anarchists against the wall" and many companions on both sides who help each other and do not fall into this territorial sectarianism.

What do we notice about politics? it is the identitarians who are in power on both sides, both having fascist practices.
Does this mean that if it had been the progressive left it would have been better? If we take, for example, France and Germany in 1914, we can say that no, state practice makes you stupid.

As a quick aside, the recent assassinations of a professor in France or of sports tourists in Belgium are also fascist acts. They want the identitarians (right or left) to come to power, because they are their friends in practice. The identitarians are satisfied that there is so much hatred and nauseating acts. It is indeed a muddy ground on which they strengthen themselves. The liberal republicans who have subsidies for associations defending secularism, and who repeat the word "republic" to us all over the place, should ask themselves the question of knowing which side they are working for, when they divert from the money.

Anarchist federalism, and anarchist communism, is obviously the answer to the problem of cohabitation on common territories and common needs. But sometimes tradition is to perpetuate what hasn't worked for millennia and start again and again. States follow one another and do not change in any way the authoritarian practices for the populations living there and surrounding them.

Let's abolish the colonization of our lives by states and capitalism! Let's organize anarchy against the filthy massacres caused by supporters of the State and their capitalism!»


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