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(en) France, UCL AL #334 - International, Kurdistan: Bringing the Revolution to life, thwarting the Turkish trap (ca, de, it, fr, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Mon, 30 Jan 2023 08:44:35 +0200

The revolution underway in Rojava is the target of the totalitarian regimes of Erdogan in Turkey and the mullahs in Iran. The same hatred in them of freedom and emancipation. And while the West looks the other way, the repression escalates. ---- As we go to press, the Iran of the Ayatollahs has just arrested Taraneh Alidoosti, a famous actress, as well as the lawyer Mohammad Ali Kamfirouzi, defender of journalists imprisoned by the regime. The relationship with Kurdistan? That of the collusion of tyrannies who are not mistaken when it comes to questioning their authority. That again of the convergence of dictatorships against the Kurds, who nevertheless never tire of giving the "the" of a self-managing, feminist, multi-ethnic emancipation. There is no error either on the side of the protest which takes up the slogan Jîn, Jiyan, Azadî, programmatic since 2006 in the ranks of Kurdish militancy and its allies.

Tehran invokes "incitement to chaos" as a charge against Iranian actress Taraneh Alidoosti. The Iranian state is doing this against the backdrop of the huge protest movement following the assassination of young Kurdish Mahsa Amini, which has shown no signs of slowing down since September 16. The mullahs know well the strength of the Kurdish movement. It is therefore no geopolitical coincidence that they consciously contribute to playing a role of lock in the device of encirclement put in place by the Turks for a year, which puts the Kurdish revolution in immense danger.

Quasi permanent state of siege
In the aftermath of Daesh's defeat in 2019, Erdogan was staging a low-intensity war to stifle Kurdish resistance wherever he could find ways to circumvent or even disregard international law, including outside his own borders. Its logic: to besiege Kurdistan from Syria to Iraq, to erode Kurdish morale, to normalize the continual war.

The siege of the Kurdish positions is first organized in the west, in Syria. Since 2020 the pressure on Rojava has not ceased.
CC BY 2.0 Kurdishstruggle
Today, the pretext of the November 13 attack in Istanbul[1]is gaining ground for anti-Kurdish sentiment beyond the most reactionary Turkish fringe.

Two contextual elements dictate Erdogan's murderous timetable. First, the presidential election scheduled for June 2023, which will be the last run by the sultan in power for twenty years. Its challenges are to make people forget a lamentable economic management (84% inflation), to justify the regime's incessant violence against not only the Kurdish and Alevi minorities, but also against all the opposition, which inevitably ends up in prison, or worse.

The other deadline is that of the end of validity of the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), which theoretically gives back the possibility to the populations victims of the division of the Ottoman Empire to be able to decide their fate independently. If the game is obviously far from won, the end of the treaty renews the question of the borders of Kurdistan.

The siege of the Kurdish positions is first organized in the west, in Syria. Since 2020 the pressure on Rojava has not ceased. Erdogan had reactivated Daesh sleeper cells, unleashing them on villages in the region. Since April 2023, this tactic has been supplemented by drone attacks, targeted assassinations of Kurdish leaders, arrests of journalists - an all-out intensification.

State Terror as structural policy
Turkey obviously designates the PKK as responsible for the Istanbul attack[2]. And although the predominant feeling is that of an atrocious Turkish intox, on November 20 it launches 70 planes and drones which bombard schools, oil wells, grain silos, hospitals, not only in Rojava, but also on the front of the is, in Basur (Iraqi Kurdistan), causing about fifteen deaths and as many injuries[3].

To carry out these airstrikes, it is necessary to pass through Russian and American airspace. Erdogan necessarily benefited from the green light of the latter.

The whole arsenal of state terror goes into it: psychological warfare attacks the great symbols of resistance (Kobane), leaves the militias of Islamic State fanatics and Syrian auxiliaries to inspire horror (corps of militants charred, tortured). Not to mention the chemical weapon: if the proof is not yet formal, the suspicion of the experts seems almost proven[4]. Not to mention the diversion of the course of the Euphrates to make the people of Rojava thirsty and commit what a US general describes as "ethnic cleansing"[5].

Not so disinterested helpers

Still in Basur, the Turkish army entered more than 50 km inside the Iraqi borders, in complete defiance of protests from Baghdad[6], establishing more than 36 bases there! It besieges the Qandil mountains, a traditional stronghold of the Kurdish resistance. Ankara further spoils the situation by largely financing the commercial development of the region controlled by its straw man, Massoud Barzani.

So if the people of Rojava are notoriously united and determined to defend their territory, they know what to expect since the attack in Istanbul. The Turkish strategy has affected Kurdish morale, especially among the youngest, who have many desires to leave the country.

CC BY-SA 2.0 Max Gerlach
Meanwhile, Iran is attacking Kurdish bases also in Iraq. The hour is particularly dark. The lockdown seems total.

And yet: the impact of the war in Ukraine will undoubtedly have pushed Biden to want to take advantage of the situation and play his own geopolitical card. Indeed, the delivery of heavy US artillery to Rojava in early December can be interpreted as a way of regaining a foothold in the region abandoned under the Trump mandate, to face both Putin and Erdogan.

Comments collected from a correspondent of the Kurdish diaspora in Europe are not mistaken: "America is helping us militarily... but our satisfaction is not based on this support intended to fight against Daesh. We have not asked permission to defend ourselves from anyone, we are fighting to establish democratic confederalism. How can we believe these countries that tore us to pieces (in 1920)? we do not trust the United States but have hopes: as long as we have weapons to fight against the Turkish state. We only trust democratic confederalism and the peoples of the region."

More than ever, the Kurdish struggle needs our support, our commitment, here or there, so that this revolution, which looks so much like our projects for a libertarian, self-managing society, freed from patriarchy and capital, does more than survive. , but flourish !

Biji berxwedana Kurdistan !

Comments by anonymous Kurdish internationalists collected by Cuervo (UCL Aix-en-Provence)

To validate

[1]On November 13, the unclaimed attack killed 6 people and injured 80 on Istiqlal Street in Istanbul.

[2]The PKK has formally denied this and its strategy never includes attacks of this type.

[3]See rojavainformationcenter.com

[4]See "Chemical weapons in Kurdistan : Questions serious enough to justify an investigation" on Humanite.fr.

[5]"Colonel Caggins: Turkey is committing ethnic cleansing in northern Syria" on kurdistan-au-feminin.fr

[6]Read our press release of June 16, 2021, "Against the war in Iraqi Kurdistan, against the treachery of the PDK"

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