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(en) France, Work longer? It's dead! On strike on January 19! (ca, de, it, fr, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 25 Jan 2023 09:32:24 +0200

The government and its "economists" under orders will hammer the opposite in vain, the reality of this new "reform" of pensions is simple: make the poor work, protect the rich.
The CNT-FTE calls for a strike from January 19 and to join all colleagues and workers in the strike in defense of a fair and united retirement system. ---- The appeal of the CNT is here. https://www.cnt-f.org/fte/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/2023.01-cel-cnt-fte.pdf ---- The appointments for this first day of mobilization are here. https://www.cnt-f.org/fte/2023/01/15/mobilisation-retraites/ ---- The tools to organize and argue are there. https://www.cnt-f.org/fte/2023/01/15/retraites-les-outils/ ---- The CNT-FTE calls on all National Education staff to meet in a general assembly to decide on the terms of the strike and organize its renewal to obtain the abandonment of this bill and the improvement for all of our salaries and our pensions.
The CNT-FTE supports all initiatives to set up strike funds, because solidarity is the most effective weapon for the precarious (who are also the "essentials") to join the fight.
See you soon in the fight!
National Confederation of Labor - Federation of Education
Workers fede-educ@cnt-f.org | BP 30 423 - 35 004 Rennes Cedex

Working longer is dead!
The CNT calls to join the January 19 strike massively
and to build a lasting and determined movement to

Macron, Borne and others spend their time leading us on
by saying that to save our pensions, we should work longer
. With each regressive reform, the arguments are the same.
Balancing the accounts, pragmatism, social justice, defense of the pay- as-you-
go system: nothing is true in government propaganda. Macronist
power hates social justice, solidarity, class
worker and when he brandishes the "value of work" it is to make
others work and exonerate the bourgeoisie from any contribution to the
collective effort. Hearing about our pensions only from the angle of
accounting considerations and technocratic jargon is unbearable,
it is also a method of diversion to prevent us from getting involved
in our own affairs. Because to attack our pensions or the
financing of public services by lowering "social charges" or
"the cost of labor", is to attack our salaries, our rights,
everyone knows it now .
We are not accounting variables or stocks of hand
work to thank you. When we talk about our pensions we
mean our health, our lives, our work, our well-being.
Working longer is impossible to bear physically and
morally. The work is tiring. So who can last longer?
No one! And who wants to work longer? No one!
The bosses have understood this well: they hire few or no
seniors, or even transfer a good part of them. More and more seniors are
unemployed or receive the
minimum old age while waiting to obtain a deserved retirement. Raising
the retirement age to 64 or 65 means increasing the misery of
elders that we will all become, unless we die before
(nearly a quarter of the poorest do not reach 65)!
It is not our pensions that Macron and his henchmen want to save but
corporate profits and shareholder dividends!
Since the beginning of his 1st term, Macron has never stopped giving
gifts to rich capitalists by abolishing the ISF, by setting up
the flat tax, by lowering corporate taxes in the name of
"competitiveness" ( several tens of billions), etc., while
also making us pay for them by cutting public services and
collective solidarity (social security, unemployment insurance, pensions,
social contributions). Dividends paid to shareholders are all
money not paid to employees and social security funds.
All this costs money, which Macron would like to take from our
pensions, so make us work longer to finance his

Retirement is a political choice for sharing wealth, social justice and
working conditions. The CNT demands:
? The increase in pensions
? The increase in wages to cope with inflation and finance our pensions through contributions
? The lowering of the legal retirement age to enjoy life
? The end exemptions from social security contributions for employers.
? The management of solidarity and social protection funds by
organized workers.
Don't let the capitalists run our lives.
We contribute, we decide!
The CNT Education calls on all National Education staff to meet in a
general assembly to decide on the terms of the strike and organize its renewal to obtain the abandonment
of this bill and the improvement for all of our salaries and pensions.
The CNT Education supports all initiatives to set up strike funds, because
solidarity is the most effective weapon so that the precarious (who are also the "essentials")
join the fight.

2023: A good resolution? A good
New back to school, new year, and the school bag
is increasingly heavy to carry for colleagues and
our students from the working classes. Living and working conditions
are plagued by
capitalist austerity and inflation.
The inflation of food and
energy prices has shot down the New Year's Eve of the poor and the
"middle classes" (including us) are
inexorably joining them. The proof, the ministry is trumpeting a 6.5%
increase in the education budget for 2023 to convince us of the government's voluntarism in
management of the public education service. This
"increase" is less than inflation, it
will not even cover the promises of
10% increase in salaries which
already concerned only the beginnings of careers.
To complete the hope, the ministry plans 1,500
job cuts for the next school year
by hiding behind
demographic arguments. Strangely, we hadn't
noticed that our class numbers had been
reduced and that replacements were jostling
to allow true continuity of service.

Best wishes and good kisses from the ministry!
The "new missions" that will be for us
imposed within the framework of the "new pact", the
selective premiums to divide the personnel and
the permanent evaluation of the schools, the
establishments and the pupils will be, on
the other hand, well with go. While
school teachers are clearly those who put in the
longest hours and whose classes are the busiest
in the OECD countries (with one of
the lowest salaries), it is those
who minister "proposes" to work
more to earn crumbs by going
to college for two extra hours a week
in maths and French. If Blanquer was in
contempt, Ndiaye swims in full science fiction.
When a decree now allows teachers to
be bus drivers to supplement their
salaries, we sink into tragicomic.
Reform of the professional path: getting
children to work for free?
More seriously, the reform of the vocational path
will be put in place slyly according to the
good old method of the "experimental phase
" which will soon be "generalized"
after a short year of implementation in a
few establishments this year.
In addition to the sale to the cut of the high schools pros and
the colleagues who work there, this reform
proposes nothing less than to restore the work
of the children and to make them work gratos.
The CNT exaggerates with its irresponsible remarks
as usual? In fact, there will be
young 16-year-old women apprenticed
as beauticians who will depilate the inter-gluteal furrow
of a few pretty old bourgeois. We
can also have young people on internship in an
Ehpad who shower the "seniors" but, promised,
no return to the 19th century since the
coal mines are closed in France. A chance!

Otherwise, we would have had to find a minister to
explain to us that pedagogical innovation involved
sending kids back to push
trucks 200 m underground.
To support this pragmatic transfer of
skills between National Education and
sloppy training under the aegis of the Medef towards
"jobs in tension", the government will
bear the training costs for
employers. These situations already exist, but
"work on the job" will be generalized in the professional route
. It is therefore the return of free
child labor, if we deign to call things by their
These young people will compete with
other employees. This guarantees low
wages for employees and a low
competitive "cost of labour" for bosses.
Dissatisfied people can always go
to unemployment.
The war on the poor intensifies and
begins at school
The number of people registered with Pôle Emploi is
still over 6 million people, or
20% of the working population. The government,
for its part, announces "7% unemployment", compensates
36% of registered voters (compared to 51% 15 years ago) and
boasts of its "full employment" policy.
The latest reform of unemployment insurance
will further reduce the rights of
800,000 unemployed people by condemning them,
quietly, to economic misery.
We will therefore always welcome more children
from the poor in our classes, with the
consequences for their health, their work and the
class climate that we know all too well. The
contracting of means with the reform
of the Rep, via the "local
support contracts" (Cla) still proposes to
put schools in competition in a
race for means "on file"
instead of the granting of systematic means for
the most difficult sectors.
The effects of the Blanquer reforms are now
fully measurable (national evaluations,
duplication, etc.). The hierarchy loves
evaluations except when it comes to judging their
own "performances". The high school reform
is a documented fiasco and little was known that the
levels of pupils entering year 6 (having
benefited from splitting in primary) have
fallen or that the inequalities between pupils
in priority education and the others have at
least been maintained. So school is still
just as hard on the poor. It turns out that the
Dgesco belies the figures to say the
opposite, of course. And it turns out that Jean
Michel Diaye does Pap N'Blanquer with a very
original soundtrack of January 12, 2023 which stutters a
"return to basics" (brandished since
2006), the vertical management of
teaching practices by the hierarchy (director included)
with national ratings everywhere (including
in CM1 now), an entry into the French math tunnel
from kindergarten,
reading fluency with a stopwatch in hand, and the return
of dictation-mental calculation... the more it sucks, the more we
continue. Oh and if not, Brigitte Macron is
in favor of school uniforms.
Shortage of means therefore rhymes with
competition, productivity rhymes with burnout,
management rhymes with constraint,
communication with lies, and for 2023?
The minister's plans for schools: equal
rights or equal opportunities?
It is with this clear awareness of the situation
that Pap Ndiaye's op-ed on 22
December in the press. Indeed, just before the
turkey, our minister delivered his roadmap
for the reform (another one) of the
education system. Following in the footsteps of Jean Zay,
martyr of the Republic, the Minister seeks to
square the circle between an "efficient" school
to feed the economic system in need of
labor and a "humanist" school to guarantee the
cohesion of the nation through
citizenship education. Jean Zay did not like
revolutionaries, he thought that the values of the
republic were compatible with a
capitalist economic system based, by nature, on
competition and inequality. If Pap's words
Ndiaye are those of a humanist, his actions
follow in the footsteps of a Blanquer.
In his column, the minister recognizes the drop
in the level, the widening of inequalities which
fuels the mistrust of the working classes
vis-à-vis the institution and the collapse in the
number of candidates for the teacher
recruitment competitions .
But he is part of the
macronist project by invoking "inclusive school"
with total silence on the status and salary of
AESH, the overhaul without means of
priority education, the new tasks required of
teachers (already overworked), the pursuit of
steering by numbers, liberal management
and its highly deleterious effects and the
reaffirmation of "equal opportunities".
Since his appointment, his ambition for the
public school lies in this achievement of "equal
opportunities" which is a choice of society
diametrically opposed to the pursuit of
equality. Equality is based on rights, not on
"opportunities". The equality that we are pursuing
can only be built on the conquest of
economic and social equality, by placing ourselves
in a collective and egalitarian perspective. On the
contrary, to claim a chance is to
place oneself in an individualistic and
competitive perspective.
The capitalist school will never be egalitarian,
there is no humanist and green capitalism
Also, the acceleration of austerity policies
"whatever the cost" favors the
ruling class which never ends hoarding
wealth to wallow in
consumerist obscenity when the queues of
students, the unemployed, the working
poor get longer for the soup kitchen.
When inequalities divide the social body in
such a caricatural way, no
"civic education" cure can hope to seal
the "national cohesion" around a
democratic community.
The school cannot sail serenely on this
ocean of misery and imagine finding a
normal functioning thanks to some
reforms and some bonuses for the personnel.
Teachers will have to fight alongside
the entire working class to impose other
political and economic choices. It's inevitable.
"Acting ethically and responsibly"...
means fighting and disobeying!
This is what some
teachers are doing, for example, who actively support the
recent school occupations to
shelter some of the 42,000 homeless children
with their families. While the elect make
discourse and that our hierarchy intimidates our
colleagues, they and they act alongside the
parents of mobilized students. These colleagues are
the honor of the profession. Combativeness, it
will be necessary especially to counter the despicable
pension reform that the government
presented to us on January 10 and which proposes to us either to
grow old poor, or to die at work,
especially if you are a woman. The CNT
is hoping for a massive strike on January 19. Above all,
the CNT reaffirms that it will be necessary to close the schools
during a determined strike, that is to say
renewable, and to participate in the blocking of the country
because only the frontal and assumed balance of power
will once again be able to repel this new
regressive attack on our
fundamental rights.
The guardians of the temple only watch over
the ruins
Opposite, during the last
professional elections, we have again seen
trade unions dangle the promise of
improvements to staff by promising them
that once elected, they would take care of everything and
that the strike and struggle belonged to
the antiques department. Colleagues who think that the
clientelist model of
personalized support for their small career plans,
the negotiations of a few bonuses at the ministry
and the constitution of legal recourses are
the future of trade unionism, delude themselves with illusions and
weaken the combativeness of the entire
profession. The time for social
democratic co-management is over, because
liberal capitalist governments turned
that page 20 years ago.
The time for negotiation is over because
economic and political power no
longer negotiates anything, it prefers to impose. This power no
longer even pretends to discuss, since, in
the class struggle, it is not a question of divergence
of points of view, but of divergence of interests.
If Pap Ndiaye had wanted to break with
arbitrariness, he would not have let Kai Terada mutate,
he would have reintegrated Hélene Careil, the colleagues from
the Pasteur school in Saint-Denis and the others!
The CNT Education will therefore approach this
new year, like the previous ones,
alongside students, families, colleagues,
our social camp with, right in front of us, our
class enemies and with, in our hearts, a
new world. Happy
revolutionary year!

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