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(en) Russia, Patriot Blood: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 88 (January 15) (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 25 Jan 2023 09:31:53 +0200

Here are the highlights on the agenda for the past week. ---- Who loves Russia ---- Olivier basins are eaten, the first working week is over. Certainty in the life of Russians has not increased: it is impossible to make plans for the next six months or a year. For almost 11 months of the war, the inefficiency of the state system of the Russian Federation has become obvious to everyone: the authorities are not able to provide the army of invaders not only with modern weapons, but even with high-quality bulletproof vests. Total corruption, inefficient hierarchy built on eyewash from the lowest to the highest ranks. Leaders are not held accountable for their failures, but move from one high position to another.
It is not clear whether the system will break down literally in the coming weeks, or whether all this will drag on for a year or two or three. And most importantly, what will happen next. The option is quite real that the new regime will be even crazier, in the spirit of Kadyrov-Prigozhin. Or, at least to some extent, democratization and restoration of relations with the rest of the world will begin.

Against the backdrop of political instability, the hysteria is growing that anyone who publicly does not support military aggression, and even more so dares not only to set fire to the military registration and enlistment office, but to make a post for peace on social networks or leave mobilization, is a traitor to the Motherland. This is repeated so often that even we begin to believe.

Nothing like this. Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Medvedev are not defending birches, Gzhel and World War II veterans. Hand in hand with the bloody meat grinder that the Wagner PMC is doing in Africa, Syria and Ukraine, the interests of Prigozhin's business are being promoted. The film "He is not Dimon to you" has been hanging on YouTube for five years and has been forgotten a little. Review it and remember what palaces, yachts and vineyards the former President of the Russian Federation Medvedev is fighting for in his telegram channel.

Kadyrov not only threatens the United States with nuclear war, but also brings champions of the American Mixed Martial Arts League UFC to the 15th anniversary of his son. Ksenia Shoigu, the daughter of the Russian Defense Minister, spends the New Year holidays in the United Arab Emirates, a US ally.

Turchak, Khinshtein - you don't poke at anyone, you can google for 10 minutes and it becomes clear that they are fighting for their wealth, and not the interests of Russia. They are not patriots. They are dirty scum who have turned Russia into the world's scarecrow.

In my opinion, real patriots are those who want Russia to develop in the interests of its people, and not according to the logic of the phantom pains of a dead empire. For many years, at the risk of criminal prosecution, we have been working for changes in our country. Russian society is a society of talented IT people, excellent writers and musicians, hardworking farmers and workers, and many other good people. Although now we cannot express our point of view inside the Russian Federation, and many of us are in exile, but sooner or later we will return and rebuild Russia in the interests of its people. And this restructuring cannot but be based on radical democracy and the pursuit of social justice.

Borders of Ukraine
Do we want the defeat of the Russian army? Yes, we wish. If it doesn't happen now, the next generations of Russians will go to occupy Moldova, the Baltic countries, Finland, Poland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia. Imperial militarism can only be killed through military defeat. We are for the war to end immediately. Of course, we urge the Russians not to join the army at all, and if they ended up at the front due to a misunderstanding, to abandon their positions at the first opportunity.

Zelensky declares that Ukraine intends to restore its 1991 borders. That is, to take control of the Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk. This looks like a very realistic plan. How do we treat it? This is where things are not so clear.

From the point of view of international law, Zelensky is absolutely right. Virtually no one in the world supported the annexation of Crimea and the Donbas pro-Russian separatism of 2014. Because the seizure of the lands of a neighboring state by military force is not the method of the 21st century. And the world community absolutely rightly severely condemns this. Mobilization in the DPR and LPR took place in February-March 2022. And it was even more monstrous than the autumn one in the Russian Federation: they also recruited all the men who had a head, two legs and arms, gave out Soviet helmets, antediluvian machine guns, and so on. But they did not go over to the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On the contrary, the military formations recruited in Donetsk and Lugansk are, according to a number of Russian analysts, the most motivated at the front.

Are the Donbass people really like this - "stupid quilted jackets" who need to be "reprogrammed" into "correct Ukrainians"? Unlikely. It is more honest to admit that there are hundreds of thousands of people in Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk who are not ready to live in Ukraine. Because they are not ready to speak Ukrainian, or their relatives and friends died under the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

If Crimea and Donbass remain Russian, hundreds of thousands of local residents will be outlawed. If Crimea and Donbass go to Ukraine, other hundreds of thousands of local residents will be outlawed. In any case, it's a tragedy, none of these scenarios are correct.

Ideally, there should be international control, some kind of transitional social structure. Neither the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, nor the imperial ambitions of the Russian Federation are an adequate reason for the death of civilians under shelling. The interests of local communities, and not of any states, should be paramount.

Repression and emigration
For the second time in a row we quote "Masyanya" in our podcast, what to do if the quotes are good: "It's always such a disaster with dictators. First you kill everyone who is against you. Then those who are slightly against you. Then those who wanted to remain silent. Then all those who are not loud enough champing, kissing the ass. Here, you know, it's impossible to stop."

Especially against the backdrop of an incomprehensible political situation, repressions in the Russian Federation are not going to stop. Sentences of nine years to Ilya Yashin and Daria Polyudova, bullying of Alexei Navalny in the ShIZO, torture of anarchists in Tyumen.

Every day there is new information about increasingly violent political criminal cases. To prevent citizens from raising their heads at a difficult moment for the authorities. Emigration is one of the most common responses to what is happening. Finding yourself in Western countries, you experience a culture shock from the fact that you can write on the Internet, talk on the street, stand with a poster, almost anything you want. And in order for you to strain the local cops with this, you have to try very hard.

Just recently we had the same thing in Russia. At the turn of the 1990s and 2000s, it was the norm at protests to block the railway or tear the national flag from the roof of the district administration building. For this, even administrative punishment usually did not follow.

But we must understand that any social change is always the sum of the actions of a large number of people. Yes, emigrants have one hundred and five hundred everyday problems. But if nothing is done, freedom of speech, assembly and conscience will not return to Russia.

Simply sitting out the Kremlin's madness, doing nothing to change the situation in the Motherland, will not work. Then it is better to forget about Russia and become citizens of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Germany, Argentina, Israel - who ran where.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, follow the program of the festival "Santa Claus against Putin", subscribe to the e-mail newsletter!

Issue prepared by Leaves

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