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(en) Greece, protaanka: Don't vote - Don't get caught fooling yourself again (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Tue, 24 Jan 2023 09:50:38 +0200

The following text is being shared hand in hand in the context of anti-election activities in the western districts---- The 2023 election is getting closer and understandably, party staffs are on high alert. Promises and lies, expectations and delusions, all are currently playing their part to convince the electorate and trap them on party ballots. Every detail makes a difference, which is why would-be rulers from across the political spectrum try to take advantage of every opportunity to increase their voter turnout at the polls, exploiting their mechanisms and smearing their party members from edge to edge. tip. ---- Pre-election recipes are traditional and tested. On the one hand, the parties in power are trying to convince of their differences, to forget their criminal deeds and to present one government perspective as better than the other. The potential rulers of the neoliberal and social democratic wings, contrasting each other's scandals, not of course to see who is more honest, but who is the least corrupt, compete in political dirt. Old art sieve of the urban political system, which over decades of alternating governance between ND. and PASOK has always defined the stakes for the winner in this way. Now that SYRIZA has also governed and, as expected, proved that it is no different in dirt, the exchange of "arguments" for the promotion of the less dirty has been enriched and since the parties with a governing past have become three, the content of the arguments for the next popular deception being richer, it became even dirtier.

On the other side of the political spectrum, the bankrupt forces of the communist left seek patronage to resurrect the dead dictatorships of the proletariat, which where they have prevailed, have confirmed that they are the other sides of the same coin. The remaining nostalgics of the red junta build a rampart against popular anti-systemic radicalization by trying to strengthen their mechanisms and increase their electoral percentages, either by proposing disciplined trust in the leadership and waiting until the party captures the state in the second presence (KKE) or by proposing "transitional programs" supposedly "anti-capitalist" within the bourgeois state (ANTARSYA) actually championing SYRIZA and PASOK as water carriers of social democratic assimilation.

Somewhere in between, all sorts of fascists and far-rights are trying to stick their noses in to get back into the political spotlight and inject their poison into the testing society. Their constant goal is to defend with rage and wash the system of the social ills it causes, shifting all the problems to the "foreigners", to the "different", to each "other". Fascists are re-emerging to play their historic role as systemic backups, sowing hatred in society and the working class, cannibalistically dividing the social body to turn against each other, to christen each other as enemy people who cannot be divided nothing, because of origin, gender, sexual preferences, other social characteristics, etc.

With what we have experienced in recent years and knowing all of them, popular experience should be able to recognize the tricks and party lies, the exploiters of the popular anxieties and not get caught up in the politicking of the candidate dynasties of social life. Still, it seems we have a long way to go as self-deception holds up well. How else can it be explained that in the year 2023 the people-killing New Democracy is in government and the scumbags of the social democracy SYRIZA and PASOK appear as its counterweight? How else to interpret the considerable power that the systemic Stalinists of the KKE maintain within the labor and student movement if not as self-deception of the popular masses? How else to translate the existence of far-right and Nazi formations if not as social amnesia for the crimes and dark ideas of these misanthropes?

We should finally understand that the government of a state is nothing more than the administrator of a predatory, unjust, oppressive economic and political system. The debate about who is the most suitable is not about the working class and the social majority. The government that will be formed will be the helmsman of the system that daily drains you, snatches the fruit of your labor and consigns you more and more to poverty and destitution. There is no government that will be your ally if you are employed, unemployed, if you do not belong to the parasitic minorities who reap the wealth, who have the power and the positions. All governments are your enemy and you must understand this before it is too late, before you lose your home, your job and everything else you have left after so many years of crisis.

How much crap does one have to eat to get into these polls? Right-wing and left-wing governments, "special purpose" governments with technocrat prime ministers (see Papadimos), self-sufficient single-party governments and multi-party cooperation governments have been formed since the beginning of the global economic crisis and from the submission to the memorandums. All different government variations were tried. But what has changed in our lives? Many, but all for the worse, whichever sector we look at. How did all these governments differ from each other? Let's leave our subjective beliefs and look objectively at our salaries, pensions, social benefits, labor and social rights, health, education and there we will find all the answers. The differences concern the names, the recipes, the ways, the methods and not the substance.

In the upcoming elections, the mass popular abstention should be the one that will dominate, with much larger percentages this time, in order to send a message to the political and economic system, to the political personnel and the institutions of capitalism and the state, that so far! In order not to legitimize with our vote the new powers to plunder our income and lives for "our good" and the "good of the economy". To refrain en masse, consciously, participating in the social and class struggles to strengthen the perspective of the overthrow, the rupture with the system and its institutions, so that the idea of Social Revolution is born within the bosom of society.

A vote for the parties in power is a wasted vote

A vote to the left is a doubly lost vote

Let's not be fooled again. ABSTENTION


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