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(en) France, CNT-AIT, Anarchosyndicalisme #179: The class struggle is a real fight to the death (ca, de, it, fr, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 21 Jan 2023 09:58:07 +0200

From now on, when there is a strike in France, it is necessarily led by privileged people, who only think of their navels. Thus the BFMtv, the Cnews, the newspaper "Le Monde", and other more or less mediocre editorialists... have stated without laughing that the workers of the TOTAL and EXXON oil refineries earn around 5000E/month! ---- Damn, there are indeed well-paid jobs, what are we waiting for, to send our CVs! ---- And by the way, how come so few people apply? It's elementary my dear, people, especially among workers (of whom a good number of unemployed people usually work as workers) are just lazy people who don't want to work, but rather stay ad vitam æternam at Pôle Emploi, to receive unemployment benefits, which are necessarily expensive for the community; "What a lack of civility on the part of these people, it's scandalous! "As an average journalist of these news channels would say.

Joking aside, it is true that refinery workers earn a higher than average salary, but certainly not 5000E/month, and to find out, you should especially take a look at the hourly rate that these people earn, by avoiding including the various bonuses to which they are entitled, and which all the same "distort" the salary a little. Contrary to what the newspaper "Le Monde" claims. Because when we find ourselves unemployed or retired, the administrative services rely mainly on the hourly rate that we had during our work period. And in general, the trades of workers, where one earns "a good living", are almost always dangerous jobs, where one risks one's life every day, often harmful to health, with a life expectancy reduced because of exposure, often continuous, to various chemicals and other crap causing various and varied cancers... It is in a way a "deal" that the State imposes between the worker and the boss.

Normally, according to the law (i.e. the rules of the game dictated by the bourgeoisie), companies are required to take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of their employees ( written in black on white on the INSEE website).

In many trades in industry, workers are often exposed to dangerous products, jobs that combine physical constraints, pace, pressure, staggered hours, fatigue, these trades are often physically hard, most workers in industry, when they are advancing in age, necessarily have mental or physical health problems. The manual trades are frequently the hardest and the worst paid, and the least considered, and for which you pay more or less, at the end of your career.
Also according to INSEE, in the north of France, 35% of workers are exposed to chemical agents and 13% to carcinogenic chemicals. These risks are inherent in many professions in industry, but also in cleaning, agriculture, even health.

And then, in the meantime, the bourgeois left would like to take advantage of this to "restore the icing", and is probably taking advantage of these social conflicts to go fishing for voters. This Sunday, October 16, 2022, the left of capital (ATTAC, LFI, PS, EELV, NPA, PCF, POI, etc....), offered us the usual fair against "expensive life", with two "DJs" to warm up the crowd. Make no mistake about it, they may say that they agree with us on the subject of bourgeois society and capitalist exploitation, they will hasten to say that it is also a question of claiming rights and freedoms within the society in which we live. In particular the right to strike, to unionize, to associate all that in the name of course of the working class and democracy. By forgetting to say that these so-called "rights" are only granted under certain conditions, such as legality, even loyalty vis-à-vis justice (bourgeois, always the same), and without annoying the Employers too much if possible, and that any of these "rights" can be challenged overnight.

The reality is that daily, we exhaust ourselves producing value in the service of capital By leaving our health, our strength, our energy, our brain, sweat, blood, disease, sometimes death. That if the bourgeoisie gives us the right to discuss, to unionize and to send our so-called representatives to negotiate the price of our work, we are still not equal in this society with our employers and leaders of the country, the heads of big banks, shareholders of the CAC 40. When these bourgeois deplore that there are too many strikes in the France region, it is that unofficially, we are not equal before their laws and their justice. Unions like F.O or the CFDT advocate dialogue, discussion with employers, in order to be able to obtain "social advantages", but if we were so equal, we would not be obliged to strike often, since the discussions and dialogues only function on the condition of being on an equal footing with the propertied classes in society.

It is nevertheless obvious that even for the Employers, our demands, for wage increases and the improvement of working conditions, against massive layoffs, are all the same considered legitimate (well, almost all of them...), but for this Employers, it seems just as legitimate to "protect" their private property that is their business, whether industrial, agricultural or tertiary, the situation is the same. Even if it means having the DGSI intervene against strikers (indeed, the management of RTE, to put down a strike, called on the anti-terrorist cops. Sources "BLAST" and "Regard" on "youtube"), put them down, even push them to the suicide (always the same sources "BLAST" and "Regard" on youtube). So things are clear, those who command are those who have the economic power, and who can put you back to work by force if necessary.

Faced with a real proletarian organization which would fight for a real reduction in working time and a real increase in wages, capital would have no interest in recognizing the right of association of employees, of assembly, of the press, of unionization because that these would inevitably damage the rate of profit and their sacrosanct national economy. And an all-democratic society that it likes to claim, will release its claws through repression, like any state in the world, with all its cops, its justice, but also the police auxiliaries like the unions and social services.

In a lot of workplaces people are physically broken, in factories, how many people are there in aerospace or automotive contractors, who have health issues related to conditions of work they have endured for years? In a box like Mecachrome, an aeronautics subcontractor, which we have talked about in our previous issues, most of the workers who work there have health problems, with shitty working conditions, staggered hours, psychological pressure; these so-called wealthy people have derisory salaries, I doubt that a "star" scribbler from the great Parisian print media like the "Monde" will come there to realize it himself.

The fight of worker and revolutionary anarchism, beyond the immediate demands for higher wages or working conditions, is a fight for the abolition of wage labor and the advent of anarchist-communism on earth. In the meantime, let us fight step by step daily at work, in our neighborhoods, being wary of the state and its brood, which have no interest in us taking our lives in hand.

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