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(en) Italy, Galatea FAI: Migrant issue: Mohammed on hunger strike + Situation from the Polish-Belarusian border - from the "No Borders Team" (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 18 Jan 2023 08:31:15 +0200

Mohammed, a 26-year-old Iraqi, has been on hunger strike for more than a week at the Surveillance Center for Foreigners in Przemysl. ---- "Freedom or death!" wrote about his motivations. ---- This is his request. Tomorrow[December 25, 2022]he will probably be moved to solitary confinement. ---- Mohammed has been in detention for seventeen months. Recently the court, at the request of the border guard, extended his sentence by another month.[Mohammed]was subjected to violence in his home country, then on the Lithuanian border, where he was pushed back by Polish law enforcement. Mohammed is still imprisoned after being taken in August 2021 ---- We invite you to write a letter to the border guard commander in charge of the prison and ask for justice for Mohammed (ID219): komendant.biosg@strazgraniczna.pl or call them at +48 16 673 20 00
Mohammad has received two refusals for his refugee status. In such situations, the border guard wants to effectively ensure the fulfillment of the obligation to return, for example by deporting the person.
In the case of Iraq however, this is impossible because the country does not accept forced deportations. So what is the point of further detaining Mohammed and other Iraqi people in the supervised prison centers for foreigners in Przemysl and Lesznowola?
It appears that this is violence in its purest form, violation of fundamental rights and torture, although irregular border crossing is not a crime, just a misdemeanor. The punishment of many months in prison is inadequate and incompatible with the standards of a human rights-based Europe. It is also worth noting that Iraqi people are a particularly discriminated group in Poland and subject to excessive detention lasting more than a year.
No more detentions!
Freedom for Mohammed and all * prisoners *!

- Yet another death at the border

On December 28, we received information about another border victim.
It appears that a 30-year-old woman from Syria died on December 27th.
We will never fully know the circumstances of her death, because like all people who come to the borders of the European Union, she was an instrument in the propaganda war of the states, and even now she is being used in this sense.
The Belarusian services have already produced a propaganda video for their benefit, the Polish services are shrugging off responsibility by writing that they had informed the Belarusian side about a person who died at the border.
Meanwhile, Belarusians and Poles have been bouncing sick and weak people, women, men and children across the border for several months. They throw them into frozen rivers, beat defenseless people and destroy their cell phones, which are often the only way out of the forest.
In doing so, both sides have led to the deaths of dozens of people, hundreds of people missing or sustained permanent damage to health, thousands of people left traumatized by having to fight for their lives as they were thrown through the barbed wire most and over and over.
We will never know the details of the deaths of many of the people who lost their lives at the border.
But we know the truth about their fate: they were killed by Belarusian and Polish officials, by the racist policies of the European Union and by warlords from neighboring countries. The European Union has taught[these countries]how to use[migrant people]as a means of pressure, paying them for years to protect their borders and taking advantage of the fact that human rights are not respected in these countries.
We will not forget the victims of borders. Nor will we forget who killed them.

-Update on Mohammed
Yesterday[January 2]Mohammed, on hunger strike for 21 days, was transferred to solitary confinement in the Supervised Center for Foreigners in Przemysl.
Four Iraqi people are on hunger strike in SOC in Lesznowola. They fight for their dignity, their freedom and their lives. Let's show them that they are not alone in this fight.
In Mohammaed's case, he calls the Bieszczady Border Guard unit and asks about his health and when he will be released from the centre.
Phone +48 16 673 20 00

-More hunger strikes and pickets outside SOC

Today, January 7, is another day of hunger strike in the Polish detention center in Lesznowola, where four Iraqi people have been refusing food for 5 days.
Mohammed, a prisoner in Przemysl, has been on hunger strike for twenty days. He broke off[the strike]when the border guards put him in solitary confinement.

These people, like those before them, use this form of protest to draw attention to the inhuman conditions in which they are held, the lack of information on their legal cases, the impossibility of knowing the length of their stay in the so-called for foreigners (in Polish, SOC).
Some of them have been there for 17 months...
Activists who have long fought for the rights and freedom of migrant people protested outside both[detention]centers today. There were spontaneous demonstrations of solidarity in front of the SOC in Przemysl and the closed center in Lesznowola
Solidarity is our weapon; the following is the content of the speech a few hours ago in Przemysl and the response behind the walls of the detention center.
"When we were * here last time we promised to return. And here we are.
Another person imprisoned and held in the camp and is on hunger strike. For some, this might seem like a drastic or incomprehensible decision. But under these conditions - conditions of isolation, confusion, uncertainty about the future, aggression and violence by border guards - this is the only way.
And even if it doesn't produce immediate results, it shows that people are not passive and that they use whatever means of resistance they have left.
We are here for the people on hunger strike; for those who are struggling; for those who are losing strength; for those who have tried to commit suicide; for those who support each other; for those who oppose the guards; for those in detention and solitary confinement; for those who come from Iraq, Syria, India, Congo or Tajikistan. We are here for everyone *, because no one should have to stay one more day in this center that looks like a prison, never again!
No more detention centres, no more borders, freedom of movement for all*!"

-Protests on January 7 in front of the center for foreigners in Lesznowola, Poland

"We need you, activists, to tell about us in the media. We come from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria. We just want peace for everyone. (...) We just want to have a good life. We want freedom!"
It is an excerpt from the appeal of one of the people behind the walls of the closed center of Lesznowola, heard on January 7, when in solidarity with all the detained and hunger strikers, activists organized a demonstration outside from the structure.
Even before the demonstration one of the strikers had to be hospitalized and last night (8 January, ndt) another lost consciousness. The guards didn't seem to care and told him to only drink water.... However, the activists called an ambulance twice, which the guards refused to let in, and one of the callers was fined for unjustified duty call.
At two in the morning today (January 9, ndt) all the strikers were taken to solitary confinement.
The Polish Border Guard is obviously taking revenge on the protesters; it is also possible that they will move them to another SOC. There are also well-founded fears that they will withhold visits to supporters as an additional form of punishment.
All this shows how inhumane and out of control centers for Polish foreigners are; but we will not stop supporting those who are unjustly imprisoned.
Solidarity is still our weapon!

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