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(en) Sicilia Libertaria: URNS ARE DISCOVERED, THE DEAD RISE - Elections. No more carrots, just sticks. (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Sat, 17 Sep 2022 07:11:20 +0300

If it weren't for the fact that they represent a great hoax, we wouldn't care about the elections. The majority of Italians don't even go to vote; among those who do, many vote out of inertia. Every result does not change the fact that the bosses always govern, understood as the big capitalists, banks, finance, military-industrial lobbies, the church, the mafia; a consolidated power bloc, strong in its international ties; an orgy of intertwined and associated figures under whose dependencies the parties act, without even the mask of a different DNA, linked by the liberal verb, perhaps conjugated with different languages but perfectly similar in substance. ---- We anarchists have always maintained that all parties are equal; this provokes us with accusations of indifference, while in reality it is raw realism, the same manifested by many people, first of all proletarians, who have tried it on their own flesh. And that they are all similar, their common statism and their identical hierarchical and authoritarian organizational methods demonstrate it, even in those who profess the opposite. Only anarchists give as much importance to form as to substance, defining the container (the party), a means that spoils even a positive content and derails all claims in the muddy maze of authoritarianism, without any possibility of reaching the end.

If the shape unites them, even the contents have now almost completely flattened: the substance is identical; left and right are more and more provisions of seats in parliament and less and less political and ideological positions.

The right-wingers wallow in the liberal bedlam, the most consistent from this point of view being servants of the masters by constitution, and the former left, increasingly right-wing in disguise, who chase the "adversaries" on their own ground, and when they go to the government they manage to do all kinds of filth that their competitors have not been able to do, perhaps because the squares in protest have prevented them.

But what program?

Having made this necessary premise, we would have liked to delve into the electoral program of the individual parties but we realized that there is no program, but a general caciara in which they pretend to stand out. Everyone is claiming the action of the Draghi government (except the fake opposition of the Brothers of Italy, which would have gladly done worse, and while it claims its alleged virginity it has already secured the support of a large part of the entrepreneurs in the North); everyone is competing in claiming PNRR funds by firing proposals that do not differ from the one thing that is certain: the money will end up in the hands of the sharks of industry and major works, the rich North, the banks; everyone is pushing their shoulders to prove themselves atlantists of the first hour, faithful servants of NATO, guardians of the militarization of our territory, arms shippers to Ukraine and supporters of the increase in military spending. All are distinguished by the lack of ideas about the climate crisis caused by the system they defend and on which they depend; all peel their hands in applauding Pope Francis and in supporting the church's conservative privileges and positions in matters of civil and social rights. Everyone fills their mouths with words such as "young people", "environment", "work", but the disaster of a young world without prospects, precarious, forced to flee abroad; the chasm with no return of the environmental situation, which continue to increase with the crazy choices in energy matters; rampant unemployment, illegal work, fixed-term contracts of a few days or weeks, are the result of their policies.

This scum: the Berlusconi gang, the Salvini gang, the Melonian fascist gang, the pentastellati gang, the Letta gang, is in power, who have always been who recently, and their actions have always been directed against the mass of workers, against minorities, against the territories devastated by destructive works and extractive projects that enrich big capital. Even when they tried to "eliminate poverty" with the citizenship income, all their inconsistency and inability to go through with it emerged, taken as they were by the urgency to become adults and responsible, that is Christian Democrats. Everyone now wants nuclear power, considered an ecological alternative, and in the meantime they defend the fossil, indeed they go to look for it in distant shores (Horn of Africa, Mozambique) and lower their horns towards the US blackmail that imposes liquefied gas and US oil. All supported the police management of the pandemic, the repressive laws, the discrimination and speculation that characterized it.

What they don't say

If we had wanted to find something with respect to the social question, to the needs of ordinary people, of the working people attacked by the high cost of living; if we wanted to find something with respect to the rights of those who produce the goods that society consumes; towards an equitable distribution of wealth, to the detriment of large profits; if we wanted to find something about real and decent wage increases and pensions, or towards a guaranteed wage for those who do not work, or towards free education, or a reduction in working hours to make room for the unemployed, or taxation in the towards the rich to reinvest in goods and utilities towards the increasingly poor masses, or a housing policy that crushes real estate speculation and grants housing to millions of homeless people, or towards immigrants, increasingly exploited, marginalized, reviled. If we had wanted to find something of this type in the electoral propaganda, we would have struggled in vain, because there is nothing, only smoke and fine words that hide the substance of a subservience to capitalist interests. The far left argue that if the bosses do well, the exploited will also receive crumbs of well-being. All the others argue that the bosses have to do well, and that's it.

Someone will object: "but there are Leu, the Greens, Pap and others who tell you these things". We will answer with Totò's phrase: "But please me!". Fighting power as a salary from power and making profit idiots in Parliament is a farce at best.

Voting hunt in Sicily

We also vote in Sicily. The ranks of the parties are at work; the unpresentables are all there: Castiglione, Cuffaro and ugly company; the right, which aspires to confirmation in the government, candied the unpresentable of the unpresentables, Renato Schifani, an iron Berlusconian, formerly an iron Christian Democrat. The left-victim candid Giuseppina Chinnici, another inconsistent Christian Democrat. Salvini descended on the island with Meloni, promising, together with Berlusconi, that this time the bridge over the Strait will be built. Even the 5 Stars and the PD want the bridge, but "after serious studies". But what do the Sicilians care about the bridge? In a territory subject to the robbery of its resources and labor-arms; turned upside down by the most destructive industrialization that a developmental perversion has ever been able to create; depopulated with individuals, trees, productive activities essential to social life and without infrastructures worthy of the name; militarized and thrown into the fray of all the wars of the 21st century; deprived of its water, its land, its present and its future: who do you want the Messina bridge to be interested in if not the capitalists and speculators of great works, the mafia, international bankers?

With the usual ass-faces, Salvini, Meloni, Schifani, Cuffaro, Lombardo, come to rake in support in Sicily while supporting differentiated autonomy, that is, the federalism of the rich, more and more money and resources in the North; while they support the wage cages, ie lower wages in the South, "both life and less"; while they have worked to reduce to a flicker the same PNRR funds destined for Southern Europe, originally 60% of the sums lent to Italy, then triumphantly reduced to 40%, and in fact now downsized to 14%. And in this the left-left has put a hand, with its liberal and Christian Democrat voracity. After all, these parties are all in the pay of the same entrepreneurs and bosses.

Don't vote

There is not a single reason to go to vote; not a single reason to be duped by the promises of people who have always speculated on our lives. There is no argument in favor of electoral participation: a mystification of the naïve and unwary; a mass distraction operation for a change that will not change a thing, but will continue to undermine popular needs, moreover in the name of the "will of the majority of Italians".

Not voting is a gesture of dignity; it is a choice with respect to voter indifference and electoral corruption and more; it is a way of distancing oneself from a political class responsible for the most serious problems of society. It can represent a first act of resistance, a moment of reflection to start looking elsewhere, at the many possibilities that by acting from below and united, struggles, projects, activities, actions can be put in place to try to really change conditions for the better. of life of those who have been and are victims of this liberticidal system.

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