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(en) Spaine, CNT #431: Capitalism invades Ukraine (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Fri, 16 Sep 2022 09:09:20 +0300

In times of war, propaganda is very simple: the enemy is very bad, he wants to invade and kill us all, there are no other factors behind it. The pandemic has accustomed us to this type of propaganda and it seems that it has permeated that upper middle class that chews, swallows and digests the institutional message that the bourgeois media repeat like parrots. ---- The reality is that wars arise, either because of artificially created nationalisms, or because of the conquest of resources and trade routes. And in the case of Russia and Ukraine, two nations united by historical and ethnic ties, both factors exist. ---- Ukraine has been pampered for years by its neighbors, both to the west by the European Union at the behest of its American master, and to the east by Russia. From the west they were offered the European dream, the same one that the Spanish State has been living since the mid-1980s and that we already know only means little coverage for the most disadvantaged and more wealth for those of always. From the east, Russia promised the resources and security of a great nuclear-armed nation. A third option as a neutral nation seems obvious, but the great economic war that has been waged between the two great powers, the United States and China, is intensifying by leaps and bounds, and the future planet that will be divided in two will not admit neutrality, at least in the countries that have been unlucky enough to be right in the middle. What is becoming increasingly clear is the side that Russia has chosen.

Wars arise, either because of artificially created nationalisms, or because of the conquest of resources and trade routes

In this situation, Ukraine first decided at the beginning of 2014 to break ties with Europe and enter the Russian orbit with the then president Viktor Yanukovych, in a decision with the whiff of a bought politician. The American, in his role as champion of the free world, does not sit idly by and organizes one of his well-known spontaneous popular revolutions, the so-called Euromaidan, this time led by armed Nazis to the point of being able to stand up to the repressive forces state, and even using snipers who shoot protesters and police without distinction to hasten the fall of Yanukovych, with a whiff of the CIA increasingly demonstrated.

The first thing the new government decided was to eliminate minority languages, including Russian, and to ban communist parties. The Russians, for their part, have intervened militarily in the Crimea region and have controlled its government ever since. This region, mostly Russian-speaking, is a peninsula south of Ukraine where Russia has a naval base of great military importance as it provides an outlet to the Black Sea and therefore to the Mediterranean. For its part, in the east, in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk, the so-called Donbas, there is a reaction to Euromaidan in which pro-Russian militias declare the People's Republic of Donbas, to which the Ukrainian government responds, unleashing a war that It has been extended since then despite the attempts at a truce in the Minsk Agreements. These government troops include a large part of battalions of openly Nazi ideology, which in the Western media we will hear with the euphemism of ultranationalists.

Earlier this year, the United States announces that it has detected Russian troop movements near Ukraine and events break loose. Despite the fact that Russian troops are carrying out maneuvers already planned and announced for six months, the violations of the Minsk agreements multiply and on February 21, in a surprising operation, Donetsk and Lugansk declare their independence and Russia decides to invade Ukraine. The basic argument includes the denazification of the country and its neutrality with respect to NATO and the EU. But although on March 15 President Zelensky acknowledges that they will never join NATO, Russia continues its attacks.

The EU, in an unprecedented decision, opens its doors to Ukrainian refugees, in contrast to what happens with Africans or Syrians.

The EU, in an unprecedented decision, opens its doors to Ukrainian refugees, in contrast to what happens with Africans or Syrians. The media machinery starts up, recalling stale misgivings against the Russian enemy, worthy of a cold war spy novel. The propaganda of fear is encouraged, there is talk of a third world war, it is highlighted that areas near NATO territory or nuclear power plants are being bombed.

Meanwhile, in Poland -side of the good guys-, the journalist Pablo González, with Spanish nationality but born in Russia, is accused of espionage and arrested without the possibility of speaking even with his lawyers. It would seem that it has not been chance that has led to the rise of fascism throughout Europe in recent years and that it will be so useful in these years of cold war 2.0 that lie ahead. This is the case in Poland, where the president and prime minister belong to the far-right Law and Justice party. As on the side of the bad guys, Amnesty International has denounced in its 2020 report undermining the independence of the judiciary, restrictions on the rights of the LGTBI group, access to abortion and those of demonstration, assembly and expression.

In the world of economics, speculators rub their hands. As embargo measures are put in place against Russia, Wall Street snaps up cheap Russian corporate debt. The US Federal Reserve begins a policy of increasing interest rates. Inflation has been triggered for some time by an accommodating economic policy, that is, getting involved in producing fictitious money as if there were no tomorrow to promote a full occupation of the productive factors. It's time to tighten your belt once again and the fault clearly lies with the bad guys. Stock markets have had time to cover their positions and wait for the end of the war to buy again and for the value to rise. The war drags on but nothing happens, the more it destroys, the more it will have to rebuild later.

Major gas pipelines through Ukraine, linking West Siberian gas fields with Western European countries. / Rianovosti
Difficult times are ahead for the planet, with the two great powers China and the United States looking down on the pieces of a great chessboard. Europe is making it increasingly difficult for the Asian giant to be its demand market, but it will take time to become independent precisely because of its great dependence. Globalization has gone wrong for us. So China looks for new markets and looks to Africa, on the way to becoming its second world. And there we do have to be right in the middle, so Spain pampers its Moroccan neighbor by giving it a wide berth in its conflict with the Saharawi people, but at the same time angering its Algerian neighbor, its main gas supplier.

The only way out of this bleak future is to change all the paradigms. Forget the utopian dream of the welfare state and get out of this capitalist maelstrom that will lead us nowhere. Unfortunately, the citizen protests have led to a concise No to war, when they could have gone further in their analysis and given the importance that other factors have in the background of this situation. In the first place, open the debate on the manufacture of weapons, which create jobs in one area so that people die in others. Think about what it really means for the Spanish State to be the seventh largest arms exporter in the world. Secondly, the membership and even the existence of NATO, an organization that lost its reason for being thirty years ago but continues to leave a trail of wars and coups - Western euphemism democratization - throughout the world. Thirdly, the economic system that perpetuates a few at the top of the world at the expense of the overexploitation of natural resources, the misery of many and the creation of geopolitical contexts that can have no other end than a war. And finally, forget the borders, the races, the separation of the human race for reasons unworthy of the 21st century, the supposed cultural and social superiority of the West, the hatred for what is far away. We are all the same. We're all human beings.

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