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(en) Russia, avtonom: Growing the Future: Trends in Order and Chaos Episode 70 (September 4) (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Thu, 15 Sep 2022 09:48:50 +0300

Hi all! Today is Sunday, September 4th and we continue our podcast "Trends of Order and Chaos". This is the 70th anniversary episode. Here are the highlights on the agenda for the past week. ---- Listen on SoundCloud ---- Visas will not be easy ---- In previous episodes of the podcast, we have already talked about discussions about stopping the issuance of Schengen visas to Russians as a "punishment" for the aggressive war unleashed by the Kremlin. ---- As a result, the European Union has already finally decided that it will suspend the issuance of visas to Russian citizens in a simplified manner. Maybe you didn't know, but in recent years, the inhabitants of the Russian Federation have been, in a sense, a privileged caste and received Schengen visas cheaper and faster than it should be according to the standard.

Now getting a European visa will become twice as expensive and longer, as well as fewer multiple-entry visas will be issued. Of course, we are in favor of the abolition of all national borders, but even without regard to this, the decision of the European Union is rather idiotic. It turns out that now it will be much more difficult for poor Russians who are not connected with the state to get into the EU. The families of oligarchs or agents of the Russian special services will not have any problems either with paying the fee or with waiting a little longer - they plan everything in advance. But ordinary residents of the Russian Federation will become much more cut off from the world for purely economic reasons: because they cannot afford to pay for a visa.

In a sense, a total visa ban would be even more effective. At the very least, it would create problems for those who are affiliated with the Kremlin regime, too, and most importantly, it would be some kind of loud statement that, they say, it's not about money, but we just don't want to see tourists from the aggressor country . And the way it is done now... Well, the average Russian will simply decide that the European Union wanted to earn extra money on the air. It is clear that European politicians are simply pleasing their voters and doing "something to support Ukraine." But in this case, it would really be better to do nothing at all.

Death of Gorbachev
On August 30, Mikhail Gorbachev, the first and last president of the USSR, died. Mikhail Sergeevich was a controversial personality, and we are far from elevating him to the rank of a saint, as many representatives of the so-called democratic opposition do. Yes, he played a certain role in the disintegration of the state-capitalist system of the Soviet Union - but at the same time he was the flesh of the flesh of this very system. Under Gorbachev, dissidents were imprisoned and special forces were sent to kill peaceful protesters in the squares.

Gorbachev began reforming the Soviet system not because he was some special righteous man or opponent of centralized quasi-socialism. It's just that the logic of historical development led the USSR to a simple choice: either reforms or catastrophic destruction. The reforms did not save him either, but that's another story. In general, Gorbachev's personal merits are extremely few here. He was not the devil in the flesh, of course, but not a harbinger of a brighter future either.

By the way, the anarchist newspaper Volya recalls in this connection how on May 1, 1990, the first street demonstration of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Confederation took place in Moscow. The demonstration marched along Red Square past Lenin's mausoleum. As was customary among the Soviet leaders, Gorbachev at that moment stood on the Mausoleum, like "welcoming the columns of workers." But as soon as he saw the black flags of the anarchists, he immediately ran away from this podium somewhere. May it continue to be so with all the so-called leaders of the so-called empires!

FSB against the army
As the journalists found out, back in June, in the parts of Ukraine occupied by Russia, military and FSB officers shot at each other. It happened in Kherson - in a cafe where these same military and FSB officers valiantly drank. They did this, of course, with weapons. Well, they didn't share anything. As a result of a shootout between two soldiers and four Chekists, two FSB officers and one soldier died on the spot, one FSB officer escaped somewhere, the rest ended up in the hospital with injuries.

Probably, the "heroic liberators" of the Russian world were simply nervous at the thought of the possible capture of Kherson by the Ukrainian army. All this, of course, resembles a joke about a toad and a viper, and we have no sympathy for either side. Only from a purely practical point of view it is interesting: it turns out that the soldiers of the Russian Federation in a shootout are much more effective than the FSB officers. Either this is due to the fact that they had a machine gun, or the "office" ones were completely lazy in their warm positions.

In any case, you need to follow the news: firstly, it's funny, and secondly, who knows what the lines of confrontation will be in the future and who will shoot whom.

What to do after the victory of Ukraine
By the way, about the future. With all these explosions in Crimea and the "counter-offensive of Ukraine" (which either began or not), I want to think about what is coming.

Most likely, Russia will not win a conventional (non-nuclear) war against the whole world. Let's assume that Putin does not dare to use nuclear weapons and the war in Ukraine does not develop into a world war. There is a chance that in this case, within a year, Ukrainian troops (and possibly some others) will be on the so-called ancestral territory of Russia. They will storm Moscow in the same way that in 1945 Soviet troops stormed Berlin.

What should anarchists do in this situation? Ukrainian troops in the role of attacker and invader, of course, will no longer look as attractive as in the role of defender of Ukrainian lands. Those anti-authoritarians who are now serving in the territorial defense - will they continue to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine when the Ukrainian artillery is in the Pskov region?

Will the Russian anarchist partisans continue to wage a rail war against the Russian Armed Forces when they dig trenches in the Moscow region, preparing for defense? Will it be possible to use this situation of the military collapse of the Kremlin regime to achieve at least some libertarian goals, to establish at least locally some self-governing schemes?

In Germany in 1945 this did not work out for many reasons. We do not have ready-made answers for Russia in 2022-2023 either, but it is definitely necessary to think about it, even if the described scenario is not the most probable one. Write to us in the comments what you think about the possible actions of Russian (and Belarusian) anarchists against the background of the military defeat of the Russian army and the potential occupation of part of the territory of the Russian Federation by Ukraine and its allies.

On August 31 and September 1 in Khabarovsk, in the 1st district military court, the trial of street artist, anarchist Maxim Smolnikov, nicknamed Hadad, continued. It is his work on the cover of this edition of our podcast. The trial will apparently last the whole of September. Recall that Maxim is accused under the article "Justification of terrorism" - of course, for a post about Mikhail Zhlobitsky. The FSB was so frightened of the incident in Arkhangelsk that it continues to remind the whole society of it, persecuting it for any mention of it. Well, we won't forget, don't worry.

Also in the Far East, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vladimir Zolotarev is in a pre-trial detention center. He set fire to the entrance to the National Guard building in protest against Russian aggression in Ukraine. Vladimir is interested in social anthropology and feminism, opposes cruelty to animals, and loves to read science fiction. Write him!

And in Moscow tomorrow they can request a term for actionist Pavel Krisevich, who last summer on Red Square imitated a shot in his head.

And finally, a funny thing: Russian cops are trying to find the administrators of Wikipedia.

In their opinion, the free encyclopedia distributes "illegal information". Well, probably, free knowledge will always be in conflict with the breeches of the state. The state is always happy, as Saltykov-Shchedrin wrote, "to enter the city on a white horse, burn the university and abolish science." It is good that the historical truth is on the side of freedom and knowledge, and not on the side of the cops.

We remind our listeners that if you edit Wikipedia, then do it as a registered editor, otherwise your ip-address will be saved in the edit history. Do not give extra trumps into the hands of the Russian state - most likely, it will not be long, but before death, these bloody hands can reach out to living people. However, the victory in any case will be ours.

Well, that's all for today! We remind you that in "Trends of Order and Chaos" the participants of "Autonomous Action" give anarchist assessments of current events. Listen to us on Youtube, SoundCloud and other platforms, visit our website avtonom.org, subscribe to the e-mail newsletter!

Issue No. 70 prepared by Mani

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