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(en) Greece, APO: Pro-Abortion Rally & Against Church Sermon | Free Women/Black&Red (ca, de, it, pt, tr)[machine translation]

Date Wed, 14 Sep 2022 10:59:01 +0300

MOTHERHOOD IS A RIGHT AND A CHOICE - NOT STATE & CHURCH POLITICS ---- Gathering in favor of abortion & against the church sermon ---- This morning, Metropolitan Dodonis, on a morning show on SKAI, talking about the nationwide sermon of the coming Anti-abortion Sunday, has engaged in a dangerous cesspool of obscurantism about almost all issues concerning women & female sexuality. In summary, he stated that no woman "sits down to be raped if she doesn't want to" and of course she cannot get pregnant from rape because to get pregnant "the participation of the woman is also needed". He pointed out that the prospect of an abortion is up for discussion in the event that the child's life (not the woman's) is at risk, but always with the advice & consent of the church and he added that contraception should be prohibited except in some cases involving health reasons "and not to make love for love's sake." At the altar of television viewing and projection, the channels invited - not by chance - the specific metropolitan to reopen the debate on the issue of abortions. The reactions from the regime do not move us, as we know very well that they are not interested in life (see refugees in Evros with the death of the child). The result is that in one way or another it opens up a reconciliation of opinions about something that should be self-evident. The fact that they invited him, while a few days ago it was published that the Holy Synod itself invites them to talk about abortions in their sermons, is a typical example of the prevailing situation. The only reason they condemn his statements is because he deviated from what they approve of so as not to create much of a backlash. This, combined with the movements in the USA and Poland recently, create a tension and a visibility, as they know that they always find supporters.

In October 2021, the Polish Government proceeded with an almost total ban on abortion, banning abortion even in case of severe malformation of the fetus arguing that it was against the constitution, something that had already been attempted since 2016 and finally succeeded within the lockdown period and of the bans due to the spread of covid-19. Eventually almost all abortions were banned - with exceptions only in cases of rape, incest, or where the mother's health was at risk. Immediately, a large number of male and female protesters took to the streets and clashes with the police were inevitable. In fact, anarchist women in Poznan symbolically occupied an old hospital and called it an "abortion clinic". In response, the state proceeded to break up the gathering and make arrests, and for many days afterwards, demonstrations & clashes with the police forces were a daily occurrence. Just a few months ago in the U.S. the Supreme Court overturned the landmark federal abortion law that established a constitutional right to abortion in 1973. Since it was overturned, about half of the states are expected to outlaw or severely restrict abortion in some other individuals and companies that provide contraception can be prosecuted.

In a time where the state-capitalist-patriarchal system attacks with all means and in every field of social life, in a daily life where we count every day murdered, abused, raped women, acquittals of rapists & child rapists, trafficking rings with cover-up and help the cops, innocent torturers & murderers. The judicial mechanisms of "justice", a class and patriarchal justice, that are there to prosecute and imprison every fighter and fighter, that condemn thousands of the poor and marginalized to imprisonment in prison graves, are part of a system that promotes social cannibalism , patriarchal and in general authoritarian violence, protecting the powerful and their crimes, terrorizing and throwing into the fire of cannibalism all who dare to resist.

The right to abortion is contested in the midst of a universal effort to restructure the state-capitalist system that struggles to maintain its power by promoting conservatism and disciplining at all levels of social life with the aim of returning to the basic principles of the system: the nuclear family and national homogeneity. The nuclear family as a structure adopted by this system, on the contrary and through the dissolution of collective and community life, is a useful tool for it, as for its very existence and also for its perpetuation it is constantly looking for new workers and at the same time it is fed by the shrinking of social bonds of solidarity. Abortion is the enemy of capitalism and militarism. The narrative about the "morality" of abortions as well as the access itself mainly concerns women of the plebeian strata, for whom behind the glorification of women's role as mothers, their return to the private sphere and their transformation into reproductive machines, with the primary purpose of creating workers and soldiers to serve the needs of the state-capitalist system. The church only as a helper could function in this effort, and its medieval obscurantism again spreads like a threat and a curse over women and society struggling for freedom.

Patriarchy and the roles it imposes are an integral part of the hierarchical organization of society by the state and capital. In modern conditions it is also part of the social cannibalism that promotes the political and economic bosses to remain the same in the fireproof: a war of all against all, in which the mutual slaughter of the poor is promoted and at the same time fascist, nationalist, intolerant reserves of the system are built, targeting whoever is considered "weak" based on the imposed social and class hierarchy. If the discussion was about abortion and women's safety, then we should include sex education from an early age, contraception, free access to care and health for all of us and of course the cultivation of consciousness in the direction of conscious and healthy motherhood , which only appears as an option. The purpose of all these measures is the conservatization of social life resulting in a return to the basic principles of the state capitalist system: the nuclear family and national homogeneity. Thus, the moral warfare and disciplining of women is a structure with purely political stakes, which not only degrades a woman's life on an individual level, but uses women as harbingers of an extreme subjugation to conservative ideologies.

We as anarchists and women activists consider the right to safe abortions indisputable. We fight for a free and conscious motherhood, because we want to have children if we wish, whenever we choose and under whatever conditions we decide, refusing to surrender our bodies to the parliaments of any government or religion. We organize and collectivize as women against all that oppresses us, aiming to spread the questioning of the limits placed on the role of women and the ideas of those who oppose the patriarchy and the control of our bodies, so that we can strike another blow in the world of power, defining our very lives.



Free Women / Collective for social anarchism "Black & Red",
member of the Anarchist Political Organization - Federation of Collectivities

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